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General information about dating scams in Russia, Ukraine, and nearby countries

I am looking for black lists or discussiom forums

I need  to find out if I am being contacted by a scammer

I need to verify a person

I need to verify  a passport

I need to talk to someone about a potential scam

I sent money to a scammer and I want to file a complaint

I want to read latest news on Russian police cases against scammers

I want to report a scammer

A brief intro to RDS (this site)

 RUSSIAN DATING SCAMS (RDS) is a site that was created in the Fall of 2011 by Elena Garrett from to help organize the growing body of general information about Russian and Ukrainian dating scams. Elena Garrett is one of the leading specialists on these types of scams, and she provides free publications, writes brochures, and runs Russian Detective agency to help Internet users obtain investigative services in Russia and Ukraine. more ....


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