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RUSSIAN DATING SCAMS is a site that was created in the Fall of 2011 by Elena Garrett from to help to organize the growing body of information about Russian and Ukrainian dating scams. Elena Garrett is one of the leading specialists on these types of scams, and she provides free publications, writes brochures, and runs Russian Detective agency to help Internet users to obtain investigative services in Russia and Ukraine

If you feel that you may be a victim of a dating fraud, contact her for free consultation.






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Green Card Hunters - a dangerous breed

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10/20/2011. Our web site is growing!

Due to the large amount of scam-related information presented on our web site and the growing requests for non-scam related investigations, Elena Garrett, the owner of Integrative Global Solutions, LLC (Russian Detective), decided to split the material that she has accumulated into two sites: and web site will become more focused on providing an overview of all services that our company offers, including business due diligence research, search for lost family members, assistance with legal disputes in the FSU, etc. is a new web site that Elena created to focus exclusively on the subject of dating scams and their prosecution. It will provide a complete overview of the scams, and give the Internet users all the tool they need to identify and avoid Russian/Ukrainian dating scam artists. 

We are hoping the transition of all the scam-related materials from to will be smooth, but in case you detect some technical bugs (pages not loading, images not loading, broken links, ect), please kindly let Elena know! Will all questions and suggestions about the content of both web sites, you can contact her directly at



As the value of the US dollar continues to fluctuate, we are periodically revising our posted prices in order to keep up with the currency exchange rates.

01/04/2010 Our web site is being updated.

RD web site will be continuously updated for the period between January 3rd through 10th. We are adding more services and features, and we are improving some of the existing services. But the functionality and appearance of some of the pages may be affected by the continuous upgrades, so we are apologizing in advance to all our viewers, and thank them for their patience and understanding.

Holidays in Russia and Ukraine will continue until January 11th

Because Russian Orthodox Christmas is on January 7th, the two weeks between January 1st and January 8th are traditionally very slow in Russia, with most people taking time off work. Because January 8th happens to be a Friday, this year's first full work day is scheduled to be January 11th.

 08/14/09 Back to normal working schedule.

At long last, we are back to our normal working schedule. More updates are coming soon.

05/04/09 Our schedule for the month of May 2009

Month of May is difficult for our agency because everyone working here is currently also working on their degrees, and the end-of-the-semester pressures often interfere with our ability to serve our clients with the speed and attention that their cases deserve.

Consequently, to avoid providing unsatisfactory level of service, we will try to avoid any new cases for the period of 3 weeks in the month of May, from May 4th until May 20th. If your case is NOT an emergency, we advise you to wait with contacting us until May 20th.

Also, Elena Garrett, the agency's owner, will be traveling to Europe this month. Our current phone number (+1 469 371 4961) will be turned off because it does not work in Europe, and the main form of communication with our agency will be the email until she returns to the United States (we will post an update about this later).


01/12/09  Our sincere thanks to Elena Petrova (from Russian Brides Cyber Guide)

We are expressing our sincere thanks to Elena Petrova, the owner of Elena's Models and Russian Brides Cyber Guide, for her assistance in prosecution of Russian Dating scammers. 


We will be closed January 1st, 2009 for the holidays. 

08/08/08 Another price hike

Due to the falling dollar value, we have to adjust the prices again!!! Sorry about that!


Elena Garrett will be traveling to Europe this upcoming week. 

RD will be closed completely on May 14-16, and work short hours for the rest of that week.

The cell phone listed as her contact information may not be functional in Europe, so the email will be the primary contact method for now.

4/30/08 In May and June of 2008, RD will only take a small number of new cases.

Elena Garrett, RD's owner, plans to take a vacation in the months of May and June. During that time, all contacts with the new and existing clients would have to be maintained through email only

4/30/08 May Holidays Announcement

Russian and Ukraine will be celebrating May 1st (the International Labor Day) and May 9th (the anniversary of the victory over Germany in the WWII). Both holidays are among the most beloved and celebrated holidays among the people of the ex-Soviet Union. Because they coincide with the beginning of the dacha season, most people in those countries traditionally use their vacation days to take the whole week and a half off work. Most government agencies and business will be closed from April 30 till May 10th. Consequently, requests for new investigations in Russia and Ukraine will have to be postponed until May 10th.

04/04/08   "VOICE OF AMERICAN IMMIGRATION FRAUD VICTIMS" site launched earlier this year.

Better late than never, as they say. The site like this was long in planning, and, finally, it launched.

It is intended to help American citizens who are falsely accused of domestic or sexual violence by a foreign spouse. Green Card Hunters are becoming a very serious threat for Russian-American dating community.  Everyone considering a marriage to a foreign lady, please make sure that you are familiar with the main warning signs of this particularly serious scam.

03/30/08 Prices are up again

The dollar value drop is forcing us to raise the prices again. We are hoping that this raise is temporary.

11/23/07 Ukraine Investigations 

Once again, the political situation in Ukraine is becoming very unstable.

All investigations in Ukraine are expected to be delayed.

09/11/05  UAProfiler is a scam? reports that UAProfiler is a scam agency. We never heard any complaints about this agency before, but would like to pass that information along to you and let you decide whether it is safe to use their services.





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