Heartafire (former Black Sea Singles) 

report #1

Odessa, Ukraine


Unethical Agency Dealings


I have seen your site.

The information on Black Sea Singles has been reported by others too. Now it is known as Heartafire and still connected with the woman known as Ludmila. I have just received an email from her in response to my long letter about her agency :

Hello Stan .
You do not trust in reality Natasha? From your long letters I have
understood only it. Or you try to accuse the agency of something.
The agency and I,are not responsible for feelings. My task
is to organize service in the best way possible. I have changed the
name of agency because I have bought it from my cousin. Is that a crime?

Yours faithfully Lyudmila.

Others report that the girls there are in fact working with Ludmila. The scam is simple. Low cost but lengthy correspondence with the girl chosen that ultimately leads no where. Incidentally, I received a response from the woman known as Natasha Kasyan who is on the gallery at Heartafire. She said that only business peole had bank accounts in the Ukraine and not indivduals and that people dealt with cash. Natasha is supposed to be an accountant by occupation. For you information, that's my profession too. I 'd appreciate your thoughts about this.
I'll forward you her picture and other correspondence shortly.


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