Arkhangelsk, Russia

Phone: (38-0642)56-22-23

Address: Ukraine, 91000 Lugansk, Sovetskaya street, 14

e-mail: n/a

Principals: Lubov Perlifonova 

Possible scam: Money for correspondence

I would like to report to you about a scammer named Maria Brusnikina and also an non-existent agency called North-West Agency. Maria is from Arkhangelsk, is 23yo., DOB is Jan.3, 1980 and her e-mail is . After just one letter they want $50 for letter correspondence per month and or $20 for her address, talk about moving in quickly for the kill; Where is the foreplay? . This agency does not exist at all from the reports about them located at: 

Please add this North-West Agency and also Maria Brusnikina to your scammer list.



Subject: message from North-West Agency
From: <
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 13:17:12 +0300

Hello Ralf,

Welcome to North-West Agency - Russian Ladies Personals

Some days ago one of our girls Maria Brusnikina ID: 428 has brought a letter and photos for you. We are sending photos with this note. Please, read this message to continue correspondence with this lady.

Frequently our clients make a payment one time: after some letters man and girl agree about meeting or prefer to communicate on the phone or girl finds a place in our city, where it is possible to correspond per Email free of charge. After you made payment you will receive the postal address, phone number of the girl.

North-West Agency - Russian Ladies Personals is new introduction service dedicated to introducing you to the alluring and captivating women of Russia. Only most beautiful and educated girls becomes ours clients. We work as a travel agency during 2 years. But now we work at a creation of our company, new branch - Elite Dating agency. While we have not web site, but we work at creation. A professional photographer photographes each girl. In the future we can help you to organize a visit to Russia. While we have not generated finally rules of our work. We try different ways while. At this time we can offer you correspondence with your girl using our agency. $50 (USA dollars or equivalent in any currency) for 1 month membership (corresponding with Maria Brusnikina - unlimited quantity of the messages, photos and you will receive your lady address and phone number free of charge also) or $20 for her post address and phone number only. Manager will inform you of your account update. The amount transferred is refundable for other services - correspondence with another lady, tour, gift delivery: in case the girl or man stop correspondence for any reason, the man has the right to correspond free-of-charge with any other girl: in our agency now are about 150 very beautiful ladies. Your lady will not pay anything for our services also. If you agree with our offer, please, inform us and we shall send you information about how you can make a payment $50.

All of our clients - girls - have expressed interest in meeting foreign men for friendship and hopefully establishing lasting relationships. Each applicant has been carefully screened to insure her sincerity. New girls come to us each day. We personally communicate with each of them. Not long ago we have begun cooperation with several International dating agencies. In each agency there is a database of the men interested in acquaintance to the girl from Russia. The data of such men were sent to us that the new girl could choose. Probably your lady has chosen you.

As soon as you inform us, that have made payment we'll receive an individual Email address for your lady and inform you about this. We'll send Maria's letter for you as soon as you inform us, that have made payment. After that you can send another letter for she to her individual address. It will be more convenient and confidentially. Only Maria will have access to this Email address. Now she hasn't email address for the present as come to us recently.
Best Wishes
North-West Agency - Russian Ladies Personals

PS: Maria is one of the most beautiful our new girl, she is very purposeful. We offer our apology that information about the rules of how our agency works was not sent to you with the first letter from the girl. It has taken place because of our inattention.

Letter from Maria Brusnikina
From: <
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 11:52:00 +0300

Dear Michael

I'm glad to have an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Maria. I was born on January 3 1980 . I'm 22 years old. Soon will be 23 years old. Iím single, without children. I have long hair. My height 170 cm and weight 55 kg. I live in the city Arkhangelsk, it is in North West of Russia. I live with my parents. I am a student of the Medical University. I shall finish my training the next year. I prepare to become a children therapeutist. I love my occupation very much, and I dream to bring help to the people.

I spend my free time with my friends or parents. There are lot's of beautiful places in my city where I can relax or to be alone and think about anything. I always go to the gym. I like tennis, volleyball and swimming. I like to go to the cinema and theatre, museums, read books and listening music. I like cooking. I know how to prepare many tasty things and my parents and friends like to eat them. My favorite food is fish. I'm honest, kind, clever, affectionate and gentle. I love life. I try to enjoy every moment of it whatever it brings. I am an optimist and I believe that I can control my life. I want to find happiness and I am sure that I will. I have the easy-going character, I love to communicate with people and I feel that people enjoy the communication with me as well. I am kind-hearted and open, sometimes romantic and dreamer. People who don't know me well find me very mysterious lady, they say I have a special charm... . But I can't be judge here.

My purpose in writing to you is that I am seeking a loving and loyal lifelong partner. I seek for man who is trustworthy, intelligent and with the sense of humour, who is independent and feels confident in his life. Appearances is not of great importance for me, soul of the person is much more important. I think that the main thing that I want to see in my Man is having the same values in life that is happy family and children and warm relations with them. I like children. I want to find clever, kind, honest man, who will care of me. I want to make good, friendly and healthy family in future. I know that international marriage is special kind of marriage when the confluence of different cultures and languages is held. Itís rather sad to part with parents and friends. I know that on removing to another country I will have to change many outlooks and life style. I will close for now. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you will not leave it without any attention and will answer me. It will be interesting to me to find out more about your country, your family and your life. Write me letter to address ( for Maria Brusnikina ). Sometimes I shall call and to ask: whether there are letters for me.

I would like to find out much more about you. Please tell me more details about yourself and your family, and your interest. If you have a photo that you could send me I would enjoy seeing it very much. Also please ask me any questions you would like for me to answer. Hope to hear from you soon.

With impatience, best regards, Maria.

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