Sevastopol, Ukraine

Hi Elena
I recenlty start corosponding with a woman I had found on an Internet dating site in Sevastopol Things seemed to be progressing nicely until about the 4th email when i was asked to help with the corospondence but no money figure was mentioned this also happened about email #7 also no money figure  also I was givin a phone # the I was givin the impression the it was the # to my lady freind. When I called this # there was someone on the other end who would speak in Russian only the would hang up
hen I sent an email mentioning this I recieved an email stating it was her answering machine although this could not be true as I could understand a word or two that were in responce to my questions this email was also sent to me as though it was from my lady freind. I then recieved an email that asked for 100$ for 2 months of corospondence. at this point I asked for help from an interpreter when this person called the phone # givin it was to the agency itself and surprisingly she gave the # to
my Lady's phone where it was discovered that all this business with the phone and money requests were done without her knowing. This all leaves me weary as to if this Agency is scamming their clients as well as the western men seeking a bride.


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