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Dear Elena,

As you may recall, I have my small ad at a respectable German agency. On Sunday, August 11, 2002 , I got the attached scam letter (1) from this omni-educated woman, which wants just business contacts in order to scam western men. The agency stopped and banned her after few hours and for emergency on Sunday afternoon. Obviously to she wrote into a few hours to around 80 customers the same letter. Just to know how psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers and criminal individuals like this woman think, argue and scam, I wrote her an artificial request (2) the same day. She did answer by letter (3) dd. 08.18.02

Pls. present these three letters on your site in order to warn other customers. This is complete scam with the tendency to get more than only a criminal touch.

Incidentally I have not seen any picture from this woman.


Kind regards





> -----Original Message-----
> From: Rolanda Sanders [mailto:Rolanda Sanders]
> Sent:
Sunday, August 11, 2002 1:10 PM
> To: XXXX
> Subject: cooperation
> Hello!
> My name is Anna. I'm a psychologist, psychoanalyst and teacher. I
> with teaching in the University and give lectures of  "Theory of
> conflicts", "skills in communications". Now I decide to do something
> I will explain you shortly my idea. I have the nice two-floor 200-sq.
> metr. small building in the center of Moscow with separated entrance.
> I'm organizing marriage agency on my territory for nice for me people.
> can help and organize for you to find a bride and to organize meeting
> the future. Besides you can stay in my cozy apartment. If you are
> interested in my propose and decide to stay, you will use all kinds of
> conveniences of my flat. Besides I could give additional services like
> cooking, driving, guide (it depends only on your intentions).  I just
> begin my business, so I'm ready to fix not high prices for you. I
> the  cost of  general services will be from 150 $ per day.
> My e-mail address is
> Regards,
> Anna



-----Original Message-----
From: XXXX
Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2002 2:37 PM
To: 'Rolanda Sanders'
Subject: Your offer of cooperation

Dear Anna,

Thank you for your offer. My name is A. and you know my data from my
basic profile to which you referred. I think your new idea of your
cooperation with western business men looking for her second half is
serious and efficient. I have 6-7 friends in the age around the fifties,
which got divorced recently and now are looking for her second half in
the age of approx. 28-39. I will contact them and explain your idea. In
order to give them a clear idea about your price and efficiency
structure, I could take around 3 weeks of holidays in order to stay with
you and we could discuss the further steps. Of course we must work and
discuss also on my benefits and conditions concerning the search of
further highly interested and solvent men from Western Europe. During
this time it would be a pleasure for me to know and to live for approx.
4 days each and physically very closed with 4-5 women according my
desires and specification as follows:    

Age: 28 - 39 years
Height: 158 - 172 cm
Weight: 46 - 61 kg
Eyes: blue, or green
Hairs: blonde and long
Figure: slim and attractive
Education: at least some high school
Languages: at least some basic knowledge of English
Various: romantic, tender, womanly
Topic: marriage in 2003

My date of arrival: September 7/8, 2002
My date of departure: End of September

Pls. investigate the time from now till the first week of September in
order to offer me the profiles including jpeg-pictures.
I will make a pre selection for me and later on we could extend this
system for my friends and grew up this business.

Pls. give me also some documentation and pls. let me know your detailed
price offer and pls. advice your latest discounts in order to forward
this information's to my friends. As a first step you should send the
profiles to my attention only.

Best regards





First of all I beg pardon for my late answer. I had a buisness trip and have seen your letter today. I'm very glad to have a new aquaintance and future cooperation.


I have cooperation with the big marriage agency which has many branches in all cities of Russia. It has its own periodicals, on-line site of marriage services, big date bases of off-line and on-line women. I'll help you and your friends to find a second half with a great pleasure, using these date bases and my own experience and knowledges as a psychologist. So you can directly advise my services to your friends. I will be glad to meet you in Moscow in the beginning of September and to place you in my apartment. Before your arriving I will assemble suitable date bases of Russian ladies. I 'm to deal with sellecting for you since today. In a couple of days I'll be able to send you profiles (I think I'll send them to you around 20-th of August). As we deal with real off-line women, the question  of organization of communication with you will be very actual. I'm going  to take this problem on me. Organization e-mail correspondence with one lady for one week costs 30 $. The price of living in my apartment is 100 $ per day (It includes light

breakfast) or 150-200 $ with fool meal (breakfast, lunch dinner, supper). Discount are available from 7-days staying -10% from basis sum, two weeks - 15$ or individually.


Metting in an airport costs 50$. VIP-service - from 500 $ (driving, secretary, guid etc) Regards Anna”



 Ihre Adress-Daten und ein Kurzprofil findest Du unter:


Rolanda Sanders ( 24 J.)
aus Moskau Russland
Kinder: Keine
Sprachen: Englisch (sehr gut)
Grösse: 153 cm
Gewicht: 39 kg

Diesen Partner sucht sie:
Alter: - J.
Grösse: - cm

Rolanda hat z.Zt. keine Kontaktanzeige in unserem Online-Katalog.


Adresse: Maroseyka,6-8
PLZ: 101000
Wohnort: Moskau

Tel: ( 007 ) 095 - 9285072 Familie

13:10 Uhr


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