From: Accord <manwomanaccord@narod.ru
To: articles@russian-detective.com

Date: 02/01/05
Subject: from International Marriage Agency "Accord" about scam

Hello, articles.

If you are the present fighter with a deceit of you, the American men, and our Russian women and if you are not afraid of the truth, you are obliged to publish our letter openly.

Director Mihail Macheret International Marriage Agency "Accord" communicates with you.

I accept a call. Yes, I have the site. I pay all taxes from incomes in treasury of Russia, my country. I have all contracts with girls and legally, agrees the Russian laws, обслуживаю them. All problem consists not, that cost of one Internet of hour is 1,3 $, and the Internet - cafe really are in the city of Novosibirsk. The problem consists in your lies and full ignorance the relation to women of Russia. Many American men are insincere people, they need psychologist, instead of presence of the wife and family especially is more likely necessary for them. Your feminist sights have intimidated the American men; they till some years have no contacts and sex with women. They deceive our women, when they have long correspondence and unwillingness to create family. My women clients appear in a role psychologist, convincing your men whom they are remarkable. Men invite my clients in travel. Women, knowing about deceits men, do not risk leaving for limits of Russia. They invite them to arrive for acquaintance to the city of Novosibirsk to parents. But it is seldom, who out off men came. The man throws correspondence and the woman remains again one. Other problem will consist in the following. Needy men write and get acquainted. You believe that, if you are American, that the Russian woman is simply obliged to agree on all conditions. You overlook, and style of letters of the American men confirms this fact that it is impossible to buy the Russian woman. If men are not ready to carry financial charges, stop; do not pay attention to Russian women. Russia has enough the irresponsible men too. Therefore they do not place the structures independently. They cannot select concrete responsible men. They have no opportunity to answer all the letters from the American men. 

Yes, under our contract with the client, we send two general letters which are nothing cost for American men. But we are not the charitable organization. Our women do not pay to us service of correspondence. If the man has chosen my woman-client, I suggest paying my services. Further all letters have private character. The woman starts to ask the man questions. We give consultation and we ask financial confirmation of incomes of the man before a meeting with the woman. To us there is no indifferent a destiny of the clients. 
You deceive to the American citizens of a head and incite against Russian Agencies. If you have official proofs of my wrong actions I ask to give the facts of my deceit. As you have all my coordinates, including number of a cellular telephone, I ask you to give the data about your and yours sites. I shall make the complaint to your actions. I ask to remove slander on my Agency or to put the data of those persons from which you have complaints that I could protect the advantage. 

You have quite good business and money from amount of visiting of your site. 

Olga & Mihail Macheret
International Marriage Agency "Accord"


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