Glushkova Svatlana

(aka Olga Nizovtseva from Samara, possibly aka Cherepanova Olga from Kazan)

Kazan, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: 443001, Kazan city, Maksimova street, home 15 apartment 49.

e-mail:   sveta-1112@mail.r

DOB: n/a

This girl goes by Svetlana Glushkova, with an address in Kazan, Russia. 

I figured she was a scam when she never answered even one of my questions. She kept ignoring them and not being responsive. Then she ket talking about going to ask her "mum and daddy" for permission to come visit me, and of course she now needs money sent to her. 

Her e-mails are  and and For some reason she used different e-mail addresses and kept sending me photos (all attractive). A couple of hewr photos are attached. 

Here is her last letter to me, in its entirety:

Dearest Randy!!!!! At me good news. I yesterday all day to go to receive the information concerning my documents. I have found out all that is required to me to arrive to you. I went to the transport company. I to carry with myself my mum. She speaks, that will help me in reception of my documents. My mum speaks, that problems with reception of the visa will not be. As she will involve a society of invalids of our city where the best girlfriend of my mum in the help works.

For my arrival it is required to legalize papers the following. The passport for travel abroad, the visa for the period of one month both medical and social information, my documents will be ready during three weeks after payment.

To me distances of the quotation in dollars USA. We in Russia basically have quotations in these monetary units. I do not know why. For this purpose it is required to me 285 dollars USA, my mum and daddy speaks, that at them is present 100 dollars USA, it is more at them is not present. It is necessary for me of 185 more dollars USA. I hope, that you to help me in it, that as we should operate together. To me have appointed reception in the transport company on Friday, by this day I should pay cost of my documents. Send me please 185 dollars USA today that I might pay my documents tomorrow. It will be more more convenient, that all to make in time. I to go to bank, to me have told that the fastest and reliable way to transfer money, it is system monetary transfer Western Union. You simply should go in the bank where are present Western Union and to do make translation of money resources. I to give you the address and the name of mine Western Union where you may transfer money quickly.



Russia, Kazan city,

Street, MARKSA 43,

(7) (843 2384492

Also to me to speak, that you may take advantage Internet of a site for a sending of money to not go to bank. 

The following information is necessary for this purpose for you:

my full name,

Svetlana Glushkova,

My home Adress:



Kazan city,

Maksimova street,

home 15 apartment 49.

You should as inform me the exact full name, the home address and the nearest airport where it is convenient for you to meet me. Ok? Excuse, now I should go on my work to prolong my holiday.

Very much I wait for the letter and ours with you of a meeting, it Is a lot of kisses and respect. Yours Svetlana.

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