Bondarenko Elena

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a

e-mail: ,


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This woman 'Elena Bondarenko', aka banderenko at (new), (old), woman from Lugansk wants $100 per month to continue communicating. She often has no money and so she does this through a couple of people described below. She calls them her friends and, at times, Internet Cafe managers. This woman advertises by herself (I suspect) and even responds to e-mail but involves these people when it is time to start some serious business called communication. She appeared on under whitelily_2001 and golden_rose. I am glad removed all these Eastern Europe scammers from their advertising. Kudos to Currently she can be seen on under elena_bondarenko. She probably communicates with several people at the same time. I noticed this because I have had my e-mail kicked back because her inbox was full several times. She is a scammer because of the following reasons:
1. When called the same person picks up the phone and says Elena is not there or travelling or sick. I know the voice as I have been talking to her for a few months already. The same peson becomes Elena when she wants to talk. Unfortunately I don't know who Elena is. The only thing I can remember is her voice when I first called. She is supposed to be in her third year in the university.
2. She disappears for a few weeks and stages a  comeback with a new address and new ads with photos. Being a computer geek I am, it hardly took any time to find out all the web sites where she advertised.
3. We setup time to talk and she does not turn up sometimes. The place where the phone is located is her friend's place. In fact I recollect my conversations in the past, I often used to hear several people talking in the background. Now I question if it is a place where scamming is conducted from.
4. Advertises under different names, diffent hair colors, under different countries (says she belongs to France, Poland, and Ukraine)
5. Reasons for her absence: She had problems, her manager closed internet cafe, or her friend's grandma died
6. Recently I shared my fears with her about scammers from that part of the world. And, then I asked her to get rid of so called her managers if she expects any help from me. I also told her that her family needs to know about me among other things if she needs to travel to visit me. Guess what? The next time I called she picks up the phone, says hello and when asked for Elena suddenly turns the phone over to her friend. And, her friend says Elena fell from a horse and currently in the hospital. I could actually hear Elena prompting her friend from background 'the above sentence' because her friend could hardly speak English. 



We were supposed to 'somehow' meet in June'2002 during her summer vacation. I have planned most of my activities getting ready to face her including a lawyers consultation to sort things out if I were to make smart decision on my part and this is where I ended up. She is just looking for money or she is being used as a pawn in this scamming business by the following 2 people. My only damage is  a couple of hundred bucks I sent her last year during Christmas time.
'For $100 you can have unlimited communication with Elena' writes her scammer manager Yulia Harlamova. Her e-mail is "Yulia" <> (old), "Internet Pearl" <> (new). She does not respond to any queries you may have with Elena's account. She will only write to you about the money when Elena wants her to. Yulia's mailing address is
Vatutin Street 93/51,
Zip code 91040

I believe she sent it to me with a hope that I would send her a cheque for Elena in 2001.

Yulia is known to have closed her old internet business and opened her new internet business in a matter of days. Also, sometimes her computers catch virus and destroy all computers at the same time. That is the reason she quotes for delays in sending or receiving e-mail.
Her co-conspirator is Yelena logvinenko who operates the successful juggling of phones answering different customers. She has a person(s) stationed at the phone number 380-642-951054 in Ukraine.  Based on who is calling she will say Elena is not available and asks to write e-mail. She can hardly speak English so gets prompted by somebody who is answering the phones to say a few English words. She is also the primary recipient of money sent to Elena Bondarekno. I would like to disclose all other details of these people such as (address, bank details including bank phone numbers) for any investigation that would help stop these heartless scammers.
Finnaly, I suspect if Elena Bondarenko exists. Well, it probably takes a million dollars to figure that out. If anybody is interested please contact me for more info. Expose these scammers now... - Paul

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