Kasyan Yana 

(possibly the same as Burak Tatyana)

Makeevka, Ukraine

Tel. - 3 8 - 0 6 2 - 3 3 0 - 5 1 - 2 9

Address: Tupoleva str. 4/2 Makeevka, Ukraine

e-mail: yana_anay@rambler.ru  

DOB: n/a

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The address
Tupoleva str. 4/2

is also know as scam address

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Yana 21-2

Hello K., ,
It was nice to hear from you. It is a pity but you haven't sent me your new letter, this one I have already read. Unfortunately you have forgotten to send me your photo so I think that didn't receive my first letter. I made up my mind to send it once more. I hope to get news from you.

Hello Stranger!
Thank you very much for your first letter.
I'm so happy to get a letter from you. I must tell you that I use Internet in search of my soul mate for the first time and I'm not experienced in this :)
Your letter show so much beauty in your heart that I am overwhelmed. There is such a trueness and honesty. And it is these qualities that I am attracted to.
Unfortunately I don't have a computer at home, so I have to use the help of the Internet cafe to write you. I hope it won't be an obstacle for our correspondence.
And now I want to tell you more about myself.
I am 23 now. I live in a nice and small town in the eastern part of Ukraine, called Makeevka. I live alone and work as a shop assistant in the large department store. I am an attractive woman with the kind and generous heart , and besides, I am very optimistic, energetic and positive. I can say that I'm happy and I have everything.
But there is a dream and I want it to come true.
I'm dreaming about a large house in the seashore. I'd like to have at least a couple of children and a loving husband.
I'll give all my heart to that man, I'll warm him with my smile and take care about him. So you have already guessed that I'm rather tender creature. I'm very sociable person and have a lot of friends, who share my interests. We often have fun together in the bar or at the disco.
Frankly speaking I'm eager to have a man nearby to me who will accept and share all the contradictions of my character.
Besides I like cooking very much and my friends and parents say that everything I cook is very tasty. I'm fond of inventing some new dishes and making delicious surprises for all the people around me.
My heart and soul are full of passion and romantic feelings. I'm eager to meet a man who will value all my qualities. I would like to see a tenderhearted, loving, reliable and very sociable man beside me. My love does not have any sense without the man and I'm too tired of
being lonely. I' sure that neither distance nor time won't be able to hamper our relations. I hope to find in you the man of my dream. I believe we'll find very much in common and walk together hand in hand on the rode of love.
Dear Stranger, please send me your photos and tell more about yourself. I hope we will be able to find good sides of each other.
I am anxious to get news from you soon.
Take care! 


Hello K., !
You have sent me a message but without your photo.
I'm working in a large department store, but I think that it's large for me, for our town, But if you manage to see, K., , I think it will seem a small one to you :)
I'm working as an assistant there and I sell toys. I like my work only because I have to communicate with kids in general. And I enjoy them very much, they are so cure and funny! They look at the toys with widely open eyes full of excitement. But sometimes I feel very sorry when a child comes to the department and look at the toys with greedy eyes, as he had never had such toys in his life. At such moments I wish to have a lot of money to give lots of toys to the kids they need them.
I like toys I must tell you, dear, especially those that are soft and big...
I work five days a week, dear, and I'm at my work from 10 am till 6 pm. I must tell that not a lot of people in Ukraine have a car and go to work by it. So, I usually walk or sometimes I take a bus to get there.
I would like to hear your voice very much!
Unfortunately I don't have a telephone at home, but you can call me at my work if you want. Here is the number for you:
3 8 - 0 6 2 - 3 3 0 - 5 1 - 2 9
But, please, don't forget about the time difference, dear K., .
waiting for your letter, call and photo5 maart

Afzender Yana < yana_anay@rambler.ru
Onderwerp Nice to hear from you
Datum 07/03/2003 17:52:43

Hello dear K., ,

Thank you for your letter, for your pictures, but why do you think that my first letter was standard for everybody???

It is a pity that you couldn't reach me over the phone, I can understand your great surprise, darling, not everybody can speak English, you see our secretary(the girl who can answer the phone) studied at the Institute of foreign languages. The name of our department store is "The Department Store" ;-), you see it is a big building but there are a lot of departments and all of them are independent.

My English is good enough just because I was a very hard working student!!! To tell the truth I have been studied English from my childhood, my mum wanted me to know English well so she has found a good teacher for me one day. I was at the camp for children (we named it as a pioneer camp) so there was a girl who was fond of English, she learnt some phrases from an English book, I was interested in it and we started to learn it together, when I got back home after the camp season I told my mother about my new hobby, told her that it would be great if I could study English and you know my mum was ready to help me so I became to learn English. At the University where I studied I tried to approve my knowledge of English, now I read books and magazines and newspapers in English and of course your letters help me not to forget it :-)I give you my full name and my address:
Yana Kasyan
Tupoleva str. 4/2
It is Donetsk region. Donetsk is not very far from my town, may be an hour by bus.

You ask me why am I looking for a sweetheart abroad, you see I'm a hardworking girl I have no time to meet with men & our Ukrainian men are a bit rude & self-conscious .

I'm looking for a sensitive and loving partner. I'm very tender creature at heart and I'm used to treat people the way I want to be treated.

I appreciate in people most of all such features as: sincerity, goodness, intelligence and generosity. I live with a motto: "Never judge from appearance". So, you can guess, that I'm
interested only in the beauty of the person's inner world, not in his face or figure beauty. But I must admit that you are a good-looking man.

To my mind correspondence is a slow and limited way to know someone. You never know how attracted you will be, until you meet the other person, and they will usually turn out to be different from what you imagine. Maybe better or maybe worse.

I hope we can be very frank and realistic about all this, to avoid disappointment.
I do not wish to see you hurt, if things do not work out, and if we are not a good match. But of course we should meet if we want to know if we are meant to be together, and it doesn't matter where it would be - in Ukraine or in your country.

Have a nice weekend,

Your Yana,

with warmest thoughts about you.


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