Vladimir Vasilyev

Kostovo, Russia (actual location: Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)

Tel: not specified 

Address: Theatrical Street 4-8Kostovo, Russia 607650
Email: tyras@aydor.com 

DOB: APPX 1980

Submitted: 10/17/05

NAME: Vladimir Vasilyev
Bogus ADDRESS: Theatrical Street 4-8
Kostovo, Russia 607650

Where he picked up (4) Western Union $ Transfers: 
Yoshkar / Yoskar Ola Russia

E-MAIL: tyras@aydor.com 



1. Name: Ken 
2. He contacted me via Gay.com
3. His letters told of being an orphan in Ksotov Russia. Everything he told me (to get $ at the last minute) appeared valid via US Immigration Website.
4. $600 to go to Moscow to get Visa. 
$900 for Round Trip Air Fair 
$2,000 for $ required by US Embassy to travel abroad (see attached letter from Embassy telling of Scams doing exactly this.
$2,000 again -- claiming he was robbed.
5. He stopped sending e-mails once I contacted U.S. Embassy
6. I cannot locate contact information for authorities AND Ask that you 
forward this to them in Yoshkar Russia.


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-----Original Message-----
From: Consular3, Moscow On Behalf Of Consular0, Moscow
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 8:45 AM
Subject: FW: Please verify the validity of this Visa

Dear Mr. ,

I am sorry, but the visa you attached is fraudulent.

It appears that you have been targeted by a very common Russian Internet scam being used to defraud Americans. After a brief correspondence, these internet scammers ask the victim to wire them money to help pay their expenses. The perpetrators usually mislead the victim about travel expenses that do not exist and/or they inflate the cost of expenses that do exist.
They lure the American in with e-mails, pictures, phone calls, fake visas, and even e-mails from fake travel agencies in an attempt to prove their good intentions. These scammers often claim that a last-minute emergency prevents them from boarding the plane. For example, they may claim that they have been asked to show a large amount of cash by the border officials.
Alternatively, they may claim that they have been injured in an accident en route to the airport, and require assitance to pay their medical expenses.
Please know that we do not require applicants to show round-trip tickets, or to demonstrate that they will have sufficient money for their travels. 

The fee for applying for a U.S. visa is $100. If you would like to learn more about the process of applying for a visa, please visit the consular section web page on the U.S. Embassy website at www.usembassy.ru  Also, please feel free to visit our website ( http://www.usembassy.ru/consular/wwwhcads.html ) which provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions regarding internet dating scams. 

We hope this information has been helpful,

Consular Fraud Prevention Unit
Moscow, Russia

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