Lipova Olga

(aka Liya, aka Gren Elena)

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a


DOB: n/a

I was curious about how fast this women was making things move. She hadn't asked for money yet (and I would never send it - just a rule with me). But I typed a sentence from her last letter into Google, and Bingo - haha. The exact same letter under a different name.

Anyway, you have Lila <> on your site. So I just wanted to update you. She has new pictures, new email, but same person.

She is now Olga <

Here is the letter she sent. You will find a copy already on your site.

A note to guys in here????? It is easy. Just DO NOT SEND MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After you meet them, give them your house, your car, your wallet (same as wives take here). But before you meet them??? You are an idiot to send money.

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