(uses pictures of another famous scammer Natalia Kuvshinova)

Komsomolsk, Ukraine

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Report on SCAMMER Lilia from Komsomolsk, Ukraine aka Elena Voltrina aka Natasha Kuvshinova (Ekaterinburg Russia)

I am a single white male and I would like to report to you about a very well known scammer who now has a profile posted at Free Russian Personals. This scammer is very, very well known and it is #29379 Lilia from Komsomolsk. The mailbox she is now using is and she is a big time scammer and has taken lots and lots of money from unsuspecting men ( See other reports about her ). This is a new photo that she is now using so men please beware! 

This one really need to be stopped as she has been making a way too comfortable living for too long doing this scamming stuff.

Sincerely, S.H.


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From:  lilia1975 <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 10:30:35 +0200

Hi Michael ! I am very glad that you have paid attention to my
photo. As you saw me a name Lilia, me 27 years, my birthday of
December, 1. my growth 170, my weight of 56 kg. You certainly will
want me to ask why I think to leave the city and to search for the
husband in other country. I have girlfriend which 3 years back has
left marriage. The first time at them all was good, but then all has
turned back in other party. The husband began to go for a walk, to
drink, to use drugs. From experience of the best girlfriend I have
understood, that it is very heavy to find in our country of the
husband, which can devote the life to present all love. I want to
leave marriage once, to have children. I always represented the
family life very happy, in the cosy house, with the favourite
husband, with children without which I do not see life happy. My
family lives in Kirovograd and I live in Komsomlsk, it is far from my
city and we very seldom see. A name the mother Anna, name the daddy
Kolya. My the mother works in a children's garden the nurse, my the
daddy works the driver of a taxi. I now do not work, I study in
institute and my future trade the economist. My parents always very
difficultly worked and know as hardly to earn money. I am very
grateful to the parents for that that they could bring up me in such
heavy time and give me such formation. I always dreamed to find such
husband which is able to appreciate family traditions, which will
love me to give flowers, which all free time will be with me and our
children. I very much love flowers and most mine favourite flowers a
rose. I have one lack, I did not learn foreign languages. Now I
understand that it for me necessarily and as far as possible I shall
be engaged in it. I hope that you have understood my letter, because
I go in the Internet of cafe and I use the program for translation.
Today I shall finish, I shall wait your letter and I hope that our
correspondence will develop in warmer attitudes. Bye Lilia