Lebedeva Tatyana

Saratov, Russia


Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a 

e-mail:  intersalon_v11@mail.ru

DOB: n/a


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From: "Tanya" < intersalon_v11@mail.ru>
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Sent: Monday, September 02, 2002 4:43 PM

> the regard my dear friend! I very pleased to get your letter . to me much
came short your letters.
> my expensive I heard about ticket , this much dearly and beside me to come
short money . but this possible buy there is tickets . before September 20
this coststs 760 dollars . visa costs 220 dollars . I can to buy the visa .
my angel itself you want that I to you has arrived?
> beside me all well , I much long for on you . beside us very hot . I
listen the music , walk;hike, and go in internet salon to write you.
> write me soon , your Tatiyana.
mailto: intersalon_v11@mail.ru

the regard my angel . I very pleased to get your letter . to me much
pleasantly that to write me on ?????? :) I in order . my ma to ask
about you all time . I all time to walk with ma in park I we speak
about you my angel . my address WesternUnion : Saratov . str. Cerise 121-41.
name : Tatiyana surname : Lebedeva patronymic name : Olegovna
than you concerned with time? I walked in park with ma and went in theatre .
this was much interesting.
write me soon.
your angel Tatiyana. mailto: intersalon_v11@mail.ru




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