Ersulova Anna (report #5)

(uses the same letters as Smirnova Ekaterina from Kirov, Edeleva Natalya from Saratov, Julia Tanigina from Samara, Irina Egorova from Volgograd, Olesya Ivanova from Kazan, Lyudmila Kazantseva from Samara, Diana from Kazan, Veronika Vaseliva aka Anna Yarovikova from Volgograd, Darya Lebedeva from Volgograd)

Ussuriysk / Kirov, Russia

Tel: n/a

Address:  Ussuriysk 692500 street Soviet, the house 49 apartment 57 / Russia Kirov 61005Street Baumana, the house 73 apartment 12


DOB: 12/24/1974 

Submitted: 11/11/05


I just had an experience with "Anna Ersulova". The photos and letters were identical to those already posted. I was approached from a Yahoo personals ad. She was sad, her parents had died... and so on. I received fourteen photos over 4 weeks. I sent her $150 to defray the costs of the Internet Cafe, $175 for her passport and $500 for her train to Moscow and costs of her Visa. I was prepared to send another $1700 for her airfare, then "she" wanted to phone me on a Saturday morning.
The phone rang around 6am. The voice was female but had no Russian accent at all, her english was much better that displayed in her letters and .. she sounded to me, to be asian. If not for the phone call, most certainly I would have sent the $1700.
On Saturday eve, almost mindlessly I typed her name into Google.... saved me $1700. I copied the page and emailed it to "her", at first she protested that someone was playing a cruel joke. I told her to take her identification to the Ministry of Forestry in Moscow and ask for a certain person ( I used to do business in Russia) whom I know and produce her ID to him and I would email him her photos. Never heard from her again.....

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