Satanova Irina

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Tel: n/a

Address:  Bogorodskogo Street 3/1 Apartment #10 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 603122 Russia


DOB: n/a

Submitted: 04/19/05

This same girl got $1000.00 out of me a week ago. for visa & tickets & last Thursday I saw her on the news about american men she is scamming. 

she said all the right things & now the hole just keeps on getting deeper. the letters on here has some of the same things that she wrote to me. She started on me around the last day or so in February. so I wrote to her Last Friday about it. About what was going on & what I saw on news. She wrote back last Saturday & Told me to write her on new email address. Her girlfriend Elena wrote note for her cause she says she does not know to much about computers. 

The name That I see she is using mostly on here is Lena. The name she give me was Irina Satanova --- Bogorodskogo Street --- 3/1 Apartment #10 --- Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 603122. Her girlfriend say Irina beg me to write so she can write back & explain. I think news & this website explains it all. I just wish I had looked this up a week ago. 

So here is another name to add to the list that she is using. It all makes me sick & I should have known better. but its really bad on me cause I am unemployed & I told her this & she still wanted money.. 

Sorry letter is so long. its just @ this point I am @ the end of my rope...


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Subject: Re:
From: Irina <
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 15:28:05 +0300

My dearest Dale!

You make me happy! Your letters are like a present to me. I close my
eyes, and I feel you in my arms, I would like to spend all my days
with you, and I hope, that one day, I'll spend all of them with you.
This night, I couldn't sleep. You look like a kind man. You've come in
my dream, in my thoughts. You've come in my mind, in my night, and I
dreamed to hold you in my arms, I dreamed that you're by me, taking my
hand. I feel my heart is missing without you, without your presence
the light appears black, and I feel an emptiness in my life, in my
skin, in my spirit. I dream about you, and I don't sleep. I wait for
our meeting like for the end of a tunnel, the tunnel of my life, and
on this end, I can see a bright gleam. This gleam is you. Your image
gleams like a possible hope, a fairy story, a fairy dream. I'm seeing
this bright gleam, and I want to run in its direction. I don't want
you to stay only an idle fancy, I want you to become real, my reality.
I want to share my life with you, to share my laugh and my tears, to
share all my emotions and my feelings, my joys and my pains, my hopes
and my despairs. And of course, I want, that you share everything with
me, your thoughts, yours desires, everything. Would you like to share
your life with me, would you like to give me the right to love you all
your life?
Dear Dale please, give me permission to love you, to kiss you, to
caress you, to give you all my tenderness and my heart. I read your
letters, I close my eyes, and I give free vent to my imagination, and
I see you flying to me, taking my hand, and you come back with me in
your arms. You and me, flying under the stars, through the continents,
around the world, around our world, in love, only in love. You are
invading my heart and my mind. You're so great, so... I don't find the
good word, I don't find enough words. With impatience I wait for your

I dream of you day and night, yours forever, Irina. 


Subject: Hi my lovely precious adorable Dale !!!
From: Irina <
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 07:53:54 +0400

My precious Dale !!!
Hi again !
How was your day ???
I`m fine !
Well !
This is next step !!!
Ok Dale, I now really know that you would like from me and I
know your feelings really too!
My feeling about it...this is love or not ... ???
Has come spring, the real "green" spring. Streets became green and
joyful. The rain fine spring cold drops knocks on an eaves, strumming
a Joyful spring waltz Northern - south wind carelessly embraces naked
trees. People in streets, having muffled in warm coats and jackets,
having hidden the gloomy persons who have turned pink from a spring
cold hasten on the affairs, coming in deep pools and mentally abusing
a still naughty bad weather. All around is turned in slow spring
dance. I have prepared for hot tea with a lemon, was turned in an old
warm plaid and I read your letters. Each line is filled with sense and
takes the form. I close eyes also me slowly shrouds a gentle fluffy
cloud of my imaginations. I get in the world in which there is no
neither evil, nor a cruelty, neither treachery, nor thousand
kilometers of distances. There is only a pleasure, happiness,
tenderness, care and love. Solar fields with magnificent colors, wide
lakes with pure and transparent water. In blue of a firmament birds,
and above the ground are carefree turned, playfully being poured by
thousand shades the bright rainbow rises. We with you sit on coast of
lake and chat about any trifles. I feel heat of your hands embracing
my shoulders. I hear your gentle voice. I want to nestle on you, to
feel your breath, to touch you, to sink in your bottomless eyes, to be
with you. My body becomes easy as a cloud. I am raised to heavens and
I fly towards to light and happiness. I fly to you. I want that you
were with me. That this happiness to ours was eternal. And that could
not separate us. Never! I want to enjoy each minute, each second,
which has been spend with you. I open my eyes and behind a window see
the grey, deserted streets washed by a rain. To me it is a little sad
that you are not present a beside, but I am warmed with ideas about
you. Your letters give to me pleasure and confidence of this world. It
is pleasant for me very much that you write to me Dale. Tell to me
about the ideas and dreams. You see dreams? What they? It is
interesting to me very much. I would like to learn you closer. I
constantly think of you. I frequently present our meeting and I think
of what it will be. What it is seen by you? It is important for me
because i love you !

with love more information about myself:
Color of eyes: hazel
My size is bust- 89,, shoe size is 38, ,hips waist - 62\91.
My new full adress !
Bogorodskogo str. 3/1 appt.10
Nizhniy Novgorod
for Irina Satanova
well good bye !

This my new pics !
Also confidential picture
Enjoy it !

Maybe : One sunrise closer ,one sunset closer to us being together

Your romantic Irina !!! 



Subject: Hi my lovely precious adorable Dale !!!
From: Irina <
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 22:48:11 +0400

Dale My Love
I love your words to me they make me feel all warm in my heart & soul.
Honey I want you to be the man that is by my side through all the ups
and downs that life brings. The man that will be there when i need
that shoulder to cry on. The man that will be the one that when I'm
passionate is the the one that is recieving the passion. It is a pity
to me that you did not has a picture of you totally naked because yes
you have a figure that will turn me on no matter if your naked or not.
When you are finally with me and we walk into public places together
arm in arm i'm going to be walking very proud of the fact that I have
the most beautiful man in the world by my side. Iknow it... I love you
my love doughnuts

Dale I do believe dreams do come true and my dream is to wake up every
morning with you lying by your side. kiss you on the unshaven cheek if
your still sleeping so not to wake you. Even now honey when I go to
work i sing the love songs I'm thinking of you and waiting to want to
be singing them to you right infront of everyone there.

I love you my dear. I want to tell to you, that you should not wait
for a long time as tomorrow I shall give my friend 500 $, and she will
attribute them in agency, and will start to do the visa with tickets,
soon after that, I should give approximately 1050-1300 more $, and
take away tickets and the visa!!!!!!!! The visa and tickets will be
made out 21 day a message if the agency will begin work tomorrow I
shall already kiss and caress you by May, 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love
you. Dear I know what is Western Union and also in our city have Money
Gram out that is working in America and in Russia too. You can send
money to the address nearest to me bank: name of the bank:
My full name is Irina last name Satanova I can receive this money and
I will immediately go to the Visa Agency and will buy ticket and pay
for the visa application. When it done, I will inform you about my
trip to you! My love, is necessary for me the information how to
receive money!! To make all the visa arrangements properly I will need
your exact address and full name because the visa agency will have to
provide the American Embassy in Moscow with all the information of the

My dear doughnut, if in the of April you will send me of money that
may get me here with me in time for long vacation and I shall be your
best gift! I shall bring souvenirs !!!! And i'll tell you my love you
won't have to give me anything in the form of a present because i'll
already have the greatest holiday present of all and that will be your
love and you with me.I end this letter by saying that I'll be thinking
of you When you will be pick me up at the airport you'll be able to
find me easily i'll the woman on which the dress will be dressed with
symbolics of most favourite flowers - roses and lilies !

I would like to tell you that in a naked kind photograph me , I had to
take advantage of services... One very beautiful men!:) Joke! It
really was my girlfriend, with which we in very close (very very
close) relations. I love you mine jealous littleman Dale!


Now I will collect my suitcases ...
One sunset....
Your forever Irina Dale

Subject: Hi my lovely dougnut
From: Irina <
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 11:25:51 +0400

Dale, hi my lovely doughnut!

I was really glad when i saw your letters. Also I `m very glad that my
letter for you like flowers blooming in my garden lifting pressure
Yours letters make me happy too... I was sick as you when I looked at
your letters. My love, please recuperate more quickly, I very much am
nervous when your feelings not everything is all right, I want so as
you were the happiest person on this planet!
Dale, you are writing so good, i have no words to tell you
how great ho hear that you love me, and that very very soon we shal be
together! Did you asked me a question why you??? Well It is simple :
because I love you my prince-doughnut, and i imagine about the day,
when we finaly meet in person very often. I dream that when i finaly
kiss you, i will screem so loudly, that all what will be in the
airoport will hear me. I love you so, that i cannot imagine my life
without you! You are the man, about whom i had dreamed all my life!!!
And i know for sure, that you are the ONE!!!! Because only you make me
happy!!! Please, make in real our meet, because if this does't happen,
i will die(((( I love you so, that no one can't imagine!!!! Today my
best friend laugh at me, and asked that i stop talking about you! (I
even showed her your photo) She saud that she know about you so much
as I.))) that was really funny, when she said that))) I understand
her, because when i understand all that, i was remember my best
girlfriend ( I have told you about her) And she like me told every one
about her lovely!!!

When I think about you I also has represent our first meeting at the
airport.picture myself waiting for your plane to come in and land and
my heart is beating so hard that I feel it in my throat. I get off
the plane and we see each other. I drop my bags and run and jump into
your arms and we just look into each other's eyes for the first time
and then gently kiss which seems to last for an eternity. I will
dream of that moment and look forward to making it a reality. I am
thinking about you often, even during my work and my sleep. Please
write back to me soon. I'll see you in my dreams and someday soon in
reality. Take care and God Bless.
I will let you know about getting money on saturday,,so you can give
me information about it !!! I love you my prince!!! I LOVE YOU, and
wait your reply with good news about our meeting with impatience!!!! I
love your pictures ! I love your family ! I love you Big and Hugs my
love ! Bearded my beloved Dale With impatience Forever yours Irina !!!

P:S: Transfer all greetings from me yours brother and yors family !!!
P2:S2: And my love... yet
P3:S3: 4.jpg - it`s me

Subject: Hi my love Dale Satanov !
From: Irina <
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 12:55:09 +0400

My lovely Dale!

My unlimited love, my Sugar Plum too It is nothing terrible in that

you have told to me in the previous letter, I do not blame you, all is

good! It is everything alright and I now recovered! My eye does not

flow any more... Thank you so much for the beautiful letter what you

wrote me. They are so wonderful!!! I'm always very happy when I

receive them. You writing so great! Thank you very much for them. You

are all the time in my mind, I'm thinking about you every single day,

every morning when I wake up, every evening when I'm writing to you

and every night when I'm going to sleep. I Love You sooooo..... thank

you for coming to my life.

How was your day ! Today I went to the visa agency and there told me

good news. I have to go there tomorrow, and set the date of my

arrival. I found out that unfortunately I can come to you in two

weeks. I will try to arrange my ticket for the nearest date, because I

want to come to you and be with you as fast as it possible. I'm tried

to come home after work and did't see a face of a man whom I love! 






P:S: I answer to your question : I was in a kindergarten when have

made this photo, I do not remember how many years to me was, but

approximately about 5 years Well my dear I will write to you tomorrow

when I came from the agency, and tell you the date of my arrival. You

are the man of my dreams, you are the best!!! Thank you for coming

in to my life!

I hope that you liked appearance of my letter !!!

Enjoy it my lovely precious adorable doughnut Dale

Forever yours pussy- Irina Adkins!

This is last letter I received. I wrote to her last Friday & told her what I had seen on news & this is what they wrote to me on Saturday..

Subject: Re: Irina Adkins
From: Irina <
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 15:35:01 +0400

Hi Mr.Dale !

I am Irina girlfriend , my name is Elena, the post server does not
work and therefore she me has asked me to make a new mailbox I
comprehend little bit more in computers than she. Also she has asked
to write to you about happened to give the data of a new letter
mailbox. She beg write her on other address :


Sincerely Elena from Irina 

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