Belyanina Ekaterina

Seversk, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: Kommunisticheskiy prospekt 65/11 636070 Seversk Russia 


DOB: n/a

Ekaterina/Katya is back !!!!

A friend of mine has been internet chatting (FriendFinder) with a Russian girl for four weeks. Seems that they wanted to meet and my friend has sent some money (640 Euro via Western Union) for buying tickets (if he would have told me that, I would have stopped him), now she needed since Thursday about 3000 Euro to show to the Belgian Embassy in order to obtain a visa (the Belgian Embassy had so called said that she should be able to show that amount, that's it, she would return that money back to him as soon as she got the visa, this is of course RUBBISH)

Lucky enough, Jeff has told me about this 3000 Euro yesterday almost too late. He made the transfer of already 1500 Euro but we could cancel it.

The email she is now using is 

website she has given   

her details
Ekaterina Belyanina
Kommunisticheskiy prospekt 65/11
636070 Seversk

Hope this information can help you



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