Birukava Tatyana

(aka Kopito Evgeniya)

Cheboksary, Russia

Tel: n/a

Address: Cheboksary street MARXA 25-8 428003

Email: ;

DOB: February 20, 26 years old

Submitted: 07/03/05


Hello My name is Bill I am from Cleveland and was on Yahoo personals. I must have heard from 20 woman from Russia. All of them except one tried asking for money very early on and I found several on your site so I was pretty smart about it and never sent anything. Tanya and I have been writing for 4 months now. The reason it took her so long was I was having back surgery and will only return to work shortly. She is from Cheboksary and she did also call several times, usually for 3 to 5 minutes each time. The letters answered all questions and I did become very attracted to her. About one month ago she talked of a vacation from work. We had already talked of me going there on Sept.1st. So she paid her money and applied for a visa and passport. It is amazing that she got both within 2 weeks. She scanned the visa and sent it to me. I thought it was fake (very bad) so I wrote the embassy in Moscow and they verified it was fake and none were ever issued under her name. Now she writes me and says she has found $300 towards her ticket and her grandmother said it was ok for her to sell a ring she had given her. Then 2 days later the money fell through and then she brought up her brother Ruslan who 2.5 months ago was a cousin. He makes things by hand and sells them all over. He was having a problem getting the money for his goods from the USA to him in Russia. They would send checks and he could not use them there. Sounds almost reasonable. So if I would accept the checks and cash them and wire the money Western Union to him then he could give her the money. Then she asked for my address to do this. We both exchanged addresses after writing for 2 weeks and I also gave her my number, big mistake. Once she remembered she had my address she said she had found it and I should keep an eye on my mail. I had already sent her a copy of the Embassy's letter about the visa. Then she wrote and apologized to me she said she had not gone to Moscow yet to register the visa and she was very very sad that I would start to think things like that of her. Well anyways I received an envelope in the mail Friday. It had 5 checks inside for $5900 each it was post marked in Santa Clara Ca. and the return was for some company in Latvia called "Audit Market Inc.". The checks were from a bank in Atlanta with a church from Savannah. So I punched in the name on google and came up with 2 message boards about this scam but they were using them for an employment scam. The company has a website and they tell you what to do with the checks there. Tanya called twice while I slept yesterday morning. I had questioned her about referring to her brother as her cousin so on my answering machine she is explaining how they commonly refer to the brother also as the cousin. I wrote her an e-mail and told her that I think someone is trying to run s scam with the checks. According to Audit Market Inc's site you cash the checks and keep a 10% fee and send the other 90% minus check fees and Western Union fees to them The message boards I read had several people being arrested for check fraud. The names on the checks are not the real name for the routing numbers on the checks. The website said they were for a supermarket in Cal. so it is probably for some money laundering scheme or they are just stealing either way some people have already fallen for this under an employment scam and now I was approached under a dating scam. I should thank you a million times, it is because of your site that I have not fallen for any of these scams. I had a feeling she was a scam because of your warnings about when they approach you on a site like Yahoo personals and I think I had within a hundred miles. I have been writing to a woman in Tashkent for over 3 months now. I contacted her on Free Russian Personals. It is nice because I can call her anytime I want and she also taught her son how to say hello to me. She is excited because I am sending in my passport application tomorrow and will go see her September. The only reason I have to wait is because I have been off work from the surgery and will only now return. I will write you again if you wish and then send some of the letters and photos if you want to add Tanya to your site to warn others of this scam. I have about 100 letters that I will go through and find the ones that pertain to the scam and the set up. Again I would like to thank you for making a lot of gullible men a little smarter.
A Big Fan Of Your Website

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From: "Tanya" <
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 10:53:10 -0400

Hello Bill, is very glad that you have answered my letter. You
probably have a lot of questions why I have written to you, you,
Bill I can not precisely answer to you this question. Simply there
can be a heart (at us of the women good intuition) has prompted to me
it, or I simply have seen at your person and has decided to write to
you. Simply I have seen you and has decided to write.
I at first want to you to tell a little about myself, is exacter about
the appearance. I live in city Cheboksary --- it is republic
Chuvashia. I shall tell about the native land to you in other letters,
if you want.
I shall not speak, that I beautiful, certainly am difficult to
estimate myself, I simply send you a photo, and I add words from
myself. To me 26 years, will be speed 27, February 20 to me to be
executed 27 years, I was born in 1978. My growth of 167 centimeters,
and weight of 55 kgs. And it is a little about that that to me to like
to make, I like to go for a walk, to move, to play various sports
games: volleyball, football (very much often we play with the son,
simply we roll ball). I like a nature, fresh air ---- all about what I
speak, probably, to like everyone, including to me.
And it is a little about my son, his name is Vania. To him two years.
It will take place on January 2, at us birthdays
beside. Vania the very cheerful boy, he he happens by those than I,
sometimes by such thoughtful, I am surprised, whence there is a lot of
grief in his eyes?!
I very like the son, his that u sole that at me is, that me is
expensive most of all on light.
Bill I want to you to say that very much I hope, that you
seriously will consider my letter, you see I not so simply have
written to you, I want to find that man, which could become to us with
my son both liking man and liking father.
Bill At me, and at my son, I not simply have written to you, at us
here was much and pleasure, and burning, about it will not tell in one
letter Bill, I want to say to you Bill only one, that if you
want, that if you feel in yourselves forces so to write to me, is
frank about itself, want to find, as well as we with my son that will
make all of us happy, please, write to me. Even if it seems that the
woman with the child --- is such cargo or burden, write to me about it
at once, I shall understand all, because, probably, such now life
Bill I have sent you one photo, because much at once can not set
off, therefore I shall send you more, us with Vania then.
Yours faithfully Tanya and small Vania. (I write the letter of a
house in paper, and then I bring written in agency, where I write it
on the computer).
P.S. I also am interested in you Bill. Write to me I very much I wait.
Thank you for your photos, have very much liked me. At you beautiful
eyes and a beautiful beard. 

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 11:21:44 -0400

Bill Hello! Is very glad to your letter. Unfortunately I not at
once have answered to you, because I not always have opportunities to
go in internet cafe to read your letters. Therefore I answer you with
small delay and I ask you to understand me and to excuse, it is good?
I want to ask you Bill, that you need to like in the man, what has
for you more meaning, it is the internal world or appearance? Agree,
what is it it is a lot of to speak about the man, when he looks and
estimates the man, someone only on appearance, and someone looks much
more deeply, and main not that that at the man outside, More important
that that inside. To me that is much more interesting that the man
thinks, that at him in heart, though also appearance matters, for
example at us speak that eyes --- it " a mirror of soul ", in them all
is reflected.
Bill I want to tell to you about the life as we with my son we
I bring up the son one, Bill, because his father was lost at
suppression of a fire. He was the fireman, him called Alexander. I was
the pregnant woman, we were going to to get married, but that night,
the death has taken away in us with Vania of the father and future
husband. I was on 7 month of pregnancy and at me has not happened
nearly Before term , but, thanks God, Vania was born by the healthy boy and
was born with weight in 3 kgs of 200 grammes, it is very not bad. Now
to him 2 years, it will be speed to happen on January 2. In a photo my
son --- Vania, I wanted you to send that where we with him together,
but has decided to you to send it in the following letter, so it will
be more reliable, I you see spoke you that the mail very badly works,
to me have said it programist(Watching work of the computer) here and
better to send on one photo, and if you have photos (I is sure that is
still), send to me small on the size, it is good.
After death Alexander , It was difficult for me in the beginning, you
see neither at me, nor at Alexander there were no parents, Alexander
of dews in the children's house, and my parents were lost in auto
accident. But then I have got used. At me you see always line was the
grandmother, my grandmother on a line of the mother, is the
grandmother Julia. She has brought up me after death of my parents,
anywhere has not given back me, has brought up and has taught, has
given me education has made me by the man, with 7 I years was with
her. My professional --- I am a doctor, on irony of destiny I To
struggle also try to win death, to give the people health but death
has taken away in me so much people, close to me, . I the doctor -
pediatr, treat of the smallest people, our children. I always was
taught by the grandmother never to despair because always to the aid
will come KINDLY And GOD, and the life becomes better, therefore
though also such in my life occured, all the same I believe that all
will be good. All about what we see dreams, our dreams --- all this
will come true, it is necessary only very much to want, it is
necessary only never to despond, and always to go forward.
I, probably, have written very much to you, probably you have got
tired of my letter Bill? I shall write to you tomorrow, as soon as
I can. Set to me any questions, what at you are, I promise you to
answer, I ask you pardon for my English, I know it not so well,
therefore I use a little by dictionary, and if I shall not answer your
question or I shall miss something, you write to me once again that it
is interesting about me.
How weather at you?
I wait for the answer from you. Tanya, your Russian friend, edge where
there are a lot of "bears", it I simply have joked.

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 19:37:57 -0400

I am very glad to receive your letter! Bill is very glad that you
have written about yourselves. I have not said to you in the last
letter, that I learned(taught) English on rates of English language,
during 6 months, when I studied in institute, but now much has
forgotten, therefore I need time, that I could all recollect.
Today in morning Vania very much did not want to go in Day nursery,
with approach of winter, children and us adult so would not like to
rise early in morning, somehow has lifted him and has dressed,
sometimes he happens such whimsical. We always together with my
grandmother Vania, buy to him always that he wants (for example sweet
or chupa-chups), but to go with it(him) in a toy shop better does not
cost, because there there will be so much tears, if he will see a toy,
and we to him it shall not buy! Bill only I ask you understand me
correctly, it is not a pity of money to toy, well not always there is
an opportunity to buy an expensive toy, we and try to bypass such
shops. Well that I have cousin Ruslan, we name him simply Ruslan, at
him " gold hands " and he makes different toys of a tree. Ruslan the
militiaman, he very likes the nephew. And Vania knows it, he such
happens whimsical, when there comes to us in the visitors my cousin.
I in the last letter have written so a lot of sad about myself, I hope
that now you learn that I have pleasures, and I very cheerful. I send
you a promised photo, we with him together here, and we very happy,
Vania here such beautiful, all children --- are simply cheerful
people, which always bring to us pleasure, it, I think, what is it
what to us, adult, is necessary to live for the sake of.
I also wanted to say to you Bill, that now it is a lot of in
Russia bad, it is necessary to be afraid that of that both adult and
children. The adults use drugs (it Heroin and simply smoke a strong
grass), and now even the teenagers, even children become the hostages
it. Often in our polyclinic read lectures about harm of drugs, but it
is a lot of death from it so.
Even when I studied in institute already in that time there was it.
Probably, at you the same problem in your country, but your state
struggles with it, and in our country give few means for preventive
maintenance from it, on treatment. Bill, I always when see the
simply smoking young man I speak him, what is it very harmfully, what
is it first step to destruction of health, to death, and then you see
smoking --- it also drug is possible to take a great interest and
stronger drugs. Simply I want to you to say that you were very
attentive to yours close, you see it is not possible it to stop if
always help those who can to help itself. I consider that only
together it is possible from it to get rid.
I have not said to you of the address and name, we know only names
each other.
Bill I want to you to give the complete address, very much would
like to receive from you the letter, but, unfortunately it is better
to not make it, because the mail in Russia often vanishes, when goes
from apart,
As soon as At me there will be an opportunity I shall do a user's box
and it will be possible there to write, because I there can look only.
My Full name
Tatyana Birukava 
street MARXA 25-8

Unfortunately at me the house no the telephone, you see I could save
money and call to you, unfortunately at me the telephone in an
apartment is not carried, therefore if you can write to me number, I
probably then could call you from telegraph, only before it I shall
learn the prices for cost of conversation.
Bill I wait for your letter, very much I hope that to you to like
a photo. Speak all good to all by yours relatives and close from me.
Take care.
With a wish of good luck Tanya
P.S. Bill thank you for your frank words, Bill I do not become angry
also you do not frighten off me the words, you see so frequently us do
not understand. I am sure, that you the kind person and your
relatives----not so good people.
I am very glad that you to me write. 

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 10:05:45 -0400

I am very glad that at your mum became little bit better. Certainly it
is our life, the life gives us pleasure of movement, and then there
comes old age and ours native to try, as well as all of us and we
should help our close people and you the very careful son.
Bill I am very glad to hear your words about my letters, it so is
perfect that I and my words have made your life better. Bill I as well
as you always wait for your letters and always I think of you, and I
go to look your letters with pleasure Bill I very much would like to
see this holiday at you, probably it is very beautiful!
Bill I wanted to ask for you one thing! 
Bill you see you have liked music, and I heard what you in America
have such devices (musical player) small size which, more precisely in
which it is possible to write down very many songs, I correctly speak,
if I am not mistaken (I saw it in advertising) it is called mp3. if
you can, or you have it, you could not write down on it your liked
songs and to send me? My aunt can receive a parcel(sending) in the
post office, that it precisely has come to me and to give back it then
to me. I would be very glad to listen to all this.
Bill I very much want to learn about you more, and through
music it is possible to understand the man, though it seems that I
know about you all.
Bill I very much love to read that that you to me write, I very much
worry when I can long write to you, you see I do not have computer and
I therefore answer not at once. Today, and now all time there is a lot
of sun. Such perfect weather, and speaks all of us: there is a spring,
she has come to us and becomes so fine and so well from an idea on
you, about that that I have you. And Vania now so to be asked on a
street we with it(him) often we go for a walk and we think of you. I
wait for the letters from you, about that as pass your days. Yours
Tanya and Vania

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 15:34:48 -0400

Bill hello. I am very glad that you recover also I is happy to hear
it. Bill I also want to say to you that if mp3 costs expensive
that to me it is not necessary, it is not necessary for me it. Bill I
shall have much griefs if you will have difficulties from for me !!
Bill yesterday I could not write to you because was weekend, nothing
worked. There was an international female day. All men congratulated
the women and I am sure that if you were a number that you too
(if knew have congratulated me)!!! Bill I am sure that you have
presented me flowears . Bill you far but I feel you, I think of you. Bill
I am now very tired, already late, but I shall write to you as soon as
I can. You the remarkable man!!! Yours Tanya

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 09:26:09 -0400

Bill hello!!! Lovely mine as your words are perfect, Bill it is very
bad now to write to you, because there is not enough of place in the
Internet of cafe. In general yesterday has stood there and and could
not write to you. Bill mine love you ask about what I dream? Bill mine
love I мечат seeing you, and I wait when I or you can arrive to me.
Bill I can not itself arrive to you, in general very much all
expensive, It is terrible even to speak about it, but what probably to
make. It is possible simply to buy the computer, and I do not know in
one month three I can it make. All it costs about 25 000
roubles. Just now it is necessary Vania to buy some things, and then
from wages I am going to buy all this. Bill I very much want it, Bill
I shall not speak much about that as to me the computer or something
else is necessary. Simply I want to say to you, it is possible if you
could to me help with it, it would be faster. Bill to me difficultly
to speak our relations, Bill it is a little it, about
money, but you see it for us. It happens very much me poorly, when I
can not simply write to you and you worry. Bill mine love again now
here me speak that I was faster, Bill I shall look forward to hearing
from you. Bill certainly if you can not say to me, I do not want that
you had difficulties because of me. I do not want it. Bill I am happy
that I have you and when we shall be together, all of us shall plant
it and we shall make preparations for winter and there is in the
winter all this, I love you Bill.


From: "Tanya" <
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 02:52:52 -0400

Bill hello!! Bill say by all by yours close and native hi from me!!!
Bill mine love if you will arrive to me Bill I simply I shall the
happiest man in the world.
Bill when you will come in Moscow I can meet you, that then we
together have gone in Cheboksary. Bill I meeting you and then we
together shall go to our city. Bill mine love if will be necessary I
shall wait year to wait, if more I shall wait always.
Bill I you see also learned(found out) about the visa to you. It is
possible for us with Vania, but only price too high for us, and
consequently I do not think at all of it. But it is possible also it
make about 1,5 months. Bill when you will arrive to me, you see I
can and Vania can leave to you, that also we have arrived to you, that
you think of it.
Bill I love you each day I think that you with me, that you have
arrived to me. Bill I love you.
I всегжа with you, yours Tanya.
I hope that you never now was to be sick!!!!


From: "Tanya" <
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 14:46:03 -0400

Bill lovely mine Bill I also thought of how it would be wonderful if
we together ч you send on this birthday!
Bill I believe, I hope, I am sure that we with you together shall go
both to cinema and on birthdays to our native and loved(liked) people!
Bill it is all will be.
Bill my lovely I saw your letter about that as to you did not give the
insurance, I only could not write to you at once because there were at
me problems at work, I left in a department of visa service and me
have lost and then abused slightly, but do not worry now all well, I
simply worked four days without days off.
Bill mine love, I so regret that have deceived you with the insurance,
many people now act as your chief has made, and for many the most
important is money, certainly it is necessary to think of earning, you
see it is necessary now but to overlook about people, to overlook,
more precisely not overlook (to not forget) and put money more
important than people---it is wrong!!!
It is impossible to do(make) it.
Bill you see and at my brother and has failed anything with hand-made
articles, to him and may not give money, you remember I spoke you
about it? he has again asked me that I have asked the help for you, Bill if
to try to make it, you can, you can receive it and then send my brother?
I you see to you completely trust, as to myself, and you for me, Bill
I love you, that the brother has told the most important, that he will
help (if to him will give money for hand-made articles) me with
the ticket to you, you see there should be more thousand dollars.
Bill write to me and remember that always as though poorly you was,
there are people close to you, Bill my person I love you and always
think of you as I want to touch you and to embrace you, very very
Bill I always with you. Yours Tanya


From: "Tanya" <
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 02:14:54 -0400

Bill mine love I so want that at you all was good!!! Bill I very much
want that at you all was also to you necessarily, you see it so is
necessary for you, to you necessarily will give the insurance.
Bill my lovely and concerning my brother, he has explained it so:
>From the person (from two people it seems, I then shall find out about
all) the check (seems it so refers to as) should come for your name.
If it will come on my brother in Russia it will be impossible
обналичить, and those people may not send money, therefore and will
come (if you agree to help) it to you, and you receive money and will
send to my brother.
That it is necessary to make. Ask me if to you not clear, I certainly
саама do not understand much, but if you can help, please help my
brother. He always did(made) all for me and he necessarily will help
us with you. Simply it(he) needs to pay for a material, therefore he
and has asked me about the help.
Bill and still I want to tell you, Bill this time, time when we with
you shall be together---it will be very very fast.
I love you Bill.
Bill write to me!
P.S. Your pictures which you send me, these smiles are simply magnificent,
what this such?

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 14:24:35 -0400

Bill my lovely person, my most loved the person of thank you for your
words, thank you for that that you think of me and want to me to help.
Bill I learned about it from my brother and he have told
that the most important, the most important problem in that. That they
do not have cash, and he itself does not know why it occurs. There may
be all таки try? There may be at you it turn out. If my brother was in
America to him have told all would do(make) without problems, and
here only by the check and all. Bill I very much hope for your help,
also I want to tell you that you (if you agree to help) write to me
your full address, well. Write it, you see it will come to you (so
have told my brother), it will come to you by mail.
Bill I love you, hope for your help, always I think of you.
I knew and I know that with you all will be good. I pray for you!!!


From: "Tanya" <
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:24:14 -0400

Bill I have seen your letter now and has begun to cry.
Bill you the unusual man, I LOVE you Bill, my lovely thanks you write
to you for all yours лова, for yours LOVE, for that that to me to the
ordinary girl, when probably around it is a lot of beautiful and you
write to us with Vania. Bill I at all I do not know as to say to you
about everything, I shall begin from the computer. Bill I have
learned about a parcel, but me have said what is
it will not work for us here, because a different pressure(voltage) in
Russia and in America. So to me all have explained. Bill and more I
wanted you to say that I has learned all about the visa I
and also now shall tell all in detail.
Bill I do not know that to me to make with the computer. Certainly
I very much wanted to make it, to buy it to have an opportunity to
write to you, but it costs too much and that I could buy it a
lot of time is necessary, but 25 000 roubles, even if I найду of 5 000
roubles this largest that I can. 20000 roubles it it is a lot of. You
agree with me?
Lovely mine Bill also about the visa is all will be ready during two
months, that to me to do(make) I nor I know, that you think, I very
much would want to meet summer together with you, and then after I
shall be with you, to issue a marriage(spoilage) after at me there
will be a visa --- it it becomes easier. It is all precisely, many so
did(made). What you think of it?
The prices for the documents
380 dollars --- the visa
290 dollars --- the passport
For services still it is necessary about 50 dollars.
All this costs 720 dollars, and more I speak about the
computer. Bill I ask you pardon that I have said to you about it, Bill
it is such huge sum of money, Bill it is simple horror. And I simply
do not know that to me to make.
Bill I want that you knew I shall write to you how much of time I have
not passed also always I dream of our meeting.
Bill how your health?
Bill write to me. If at me I will turn out I shall call you in a
weekend. Bill I love you, think of you.
Yours Tanya and Vania

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 03:01:46 -0400

Lovely Bill, Bill that that you have learned --- it is all fine, and I
am sure that we with you shall make correctly, I shall learn(find
out,recognize) about it also.
I want to ask for you that you have helped me, is
exacter not to me, but mine To the brother.
Now I shall explain you all. Mine to the brother at him gold hands and
he makes various Hand-made articles, thing, from a tree, from birch
(Bark of a tree), from any material. It matreshki, basket (Bark of a
tree), lapti(Ancient footwear at our ancestors). And he accepts orders
on manufacturing of these things (advertizes in
To the newspaper familiar) and what's happened. 
He has bought a very expensive material (made all this by the order),
both has made these things and has sent by mail In other country (it
seems in America), there these things are very much appreciated. He
has taken the credit for purchase For material also waited when him
will pay for it. he very much Trustful the man, and he always took It
is a little money and sent not give of an advance payment. Also that
has turned out. Him speak that of cash money No, to him can pay only
by way through the check. he learned about it, but this check here is
impossible. And now he at all does not know what to make. 5 days have
passed and there I wait for the answer. I have decided him to help,
you see I you completely trust, you you see could receive it and take
money, you see at You the state not such as at us. At us it is
impossible and you it can (probably). About what I Wanted you to say.
Write to me the answer, I shall wait.
If it will be necessary, I shall explain to you all this on the phone.

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 02:22:07 -0400

Bill lovely mine Bill all is good at me, only that old address, I do
not know as correctly to tell simply it (smile) has broken. Me have
told that such happens and consequently I have made now this address,
it is very convenient also all your letters I can look now.
Bill I am very glad that you liked my photo, I am very glad. I am very
glad also that you that at you all well.
Bill I very much worry, I very much want mine lovely Bill to arrive to
you, and I these days learned at work about all this, Bill
me will give holiday, and certainly it will be for us a little time
(only three weeks), but then we together with you can arrive to me.
Bill it cannot to me be taken and for 1,5 months, but most important
is the tickets. Bill I have found money it is 300 dollars, and I shall
write to you I as soon as shall learn(find out,recognize) all, I want
to sell one thing, me she was given by the grandmother, I
have asked at her it is possible to me it to make, and she has told
that for the sake of love it is possible to make all.
Bill I shall do it and I shall write to you. 
Bill I love you, I very much want to see you, to embrace you!!! 
Yours Tanya 


From: "Tanya" <
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 06:58:26 -0400

Bill mine lovely, I did not worry, I knew that you write to me at once
as soon as can also it happened. Bill mine lovely how your health, you
Bill I very much want still to call to you, to talk to you, probably I
can make it in weekend.
Bill I have learned about holiday and I also have
learned all about the documents.
I can take holiday in one month and I have found money. I shall submit
the application on manufacturing of the visa and passport. Bill I have
borrowed of 12 000 roubles and now I can make it. Bill
you are glad. I now very much worry, very much very much. Bill I wait
for your answer. I think to give back all tomorrow. Bill I love you
and I am sure that together with me you very quickly will recover.
Bill I love you. 
I wait for your answer. 

Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 21:23:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tanya Joo <

Bill hello. Mine lovely Bill I write to you from this address, because (as to me have said) on it a server there comes better mail, that is is faster and . Simply I scanned the visa, and could not send from the old address of the letter to you, therefore has made new. If you do not receive it, if to you the visa will not come, write to me, I saw your letter today, Bill I love you, tomorrow I shall go, I shall learn about the ticket and then I want to sell the fur coat, and the ring me was given with the grandmother, I think that it will suffice on that to buy the ticket
Bill I very much want to see you, and if you can that in middle summer(years), we with you shall fly to me together! As you look at it (smile).
Bill I hope that I to you in this photo!
I love you Bill!

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 10:13:17 -0400

Bill hi! Bill I today have seen the letter which you have written to
me yesterday. Bill my lovely at me all is good, weather has slightly
deteriorated, a lot of wind and a rain.
Bill my lovely I you see told to you about the visa. I you see long
collected documents and I still will need to go to Moscow for
registration and I should pass interview, I you see spoke you about
it. Certainly very much tease to receive all documents, you see may
give up to me in it even at flying away, at any moment without an
explanation of the reasons. Bill my lovely I want to tell you that I
am helped very much by that that I very much want to see you and our
love, all this gives me force. Bill my lovely if I can I I shall come
to look your letter in the evening, I hope that you write to me very
soon. I love you.
Yours Tanya 

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 03:22:42 -0400

Bill do not think poorly about your friend, Bill it is not necessary
it to make. I have thought about it and what I have
decided, you see probably at his the wife there was other
visa, because she has arrived for a long time, how much years she
already in America, probably there are more than 4 years? Therefore
and visa another, I correctly speak. And my visa, certainly at us not
such qualitative equipment, I you see simply has copied it, through
the ordinary scanner and all. Bill do not think of it, please do not
Bill tomorrow my brother, is exacter not he and this firm, which
made the order, will send the checks to you, on your address by
mail, you look your mail well. And as soon as will be, my brother has
said that if all this will be good. He will give me on the ticket to
you. You are glad to this? Bill mine lovely I am very glad, is very
very glad, Bill I very much want to appear near to you and with a
smile to recollect all our alarms and griefs.
I love you Bill. cure the computer from viruses, it is good?! 
Bill I love you. 

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 05:33:17 -0400

Bill hi.
Bill I to you spoke you about that that between us always there was a
sincerity and honesty. Bill to my words I have nothing to add, I have
told you so it will look and you have drawn such conclusion, at all
not having looked my words, Bill it is hurt to hear for me it. Bill I
also answer here in my city, and to me have told what even these
bad people, a place go to it the Internet of cafe for which---is a
hell, and I think that that that have told you it correctly. But
really you have not felt the truth in my words. Bill I asked you
Bill also I want скзаать to you, that you will see that are not
necessary for me from you Any money when to you the check which
will confirm will come that money I never are not necessary for me
began to do(make) it. All that I can also all that I want to you
скзаать, and the rest----this that that you think, but always it is
necessary to remember that it is possible to offend persons and to
kill not only affairs, and word.

From: "Tanya" <
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 08:29:41 -0400

Bill certainly I understand you, but if I knew that all so will be, I
never would make to you it. You see I have explained all to you
both about Ruslan and about me. And you want something to check up,
and I do not understand as it it is possible to check up holding them
at itself, and nobody understands.
Simply today weekend here and tomorrow Ruslan will go and will call
them that all this have cancelled, if you do not want to make it.
Bill these days something has taken place with you and your letters
your words --- Bill you need to believe the heart, instead of someone
else. You see I and Ruslan have said that you will make it only
because I thought also I wanted to borrow from him from
this money and you so have acted.
Bill write to me precisely that you want to make and if you not
будите anything to change, Ruslan will cancel all this tomorrow.
Bill I shall wait for your letter. Good-bye.

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