Tver, Russia


Tel. - n/a

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e-mail: dashasha@nightmail.ru 

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I saw your post on the RWG message board about possible scammers and thought I'd send this along. I found her profile on another scam site so maybe the flag has been raised on her already. Her name is Dasha and she has several email addresses, there's one below from one of her last letters. The msgs I read on the scam site to another guy were very close - not canned but she goes on and on about how much she loves me and she visions our future of happiness, etc. etc.

When I refused to send her money she never wrote again. But there were many other signs as well. Anyhow, this letter probably doesn't indicate entirely what she is like but you can see the obvious request to send money.

I've also included her photo - and I guess you can see how I "fell" for her
for a short while lol.

BTW here's the link to the site to the other site labeling her as a scam ...
there are more photos there, she sent me the same ones and all her contact info is there. We met on kiss.com too if that helps!


Best Regards,
Pure Morning



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>From: Dasha < dashasha@nightmail.ru>
>To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 14:46:05 +0300
>Dear K.,
>First at all too:-) I am happy to see new letter from you, and right now
>will start reading it and answer sentense by sentense.
>Trust is very important thing, but same important and may be even more -
>understanding! It will sounds awful from first sight, but I happy that I
>were hurt same like you in past, because it gave to me understanding of
>you, though made situation some harder!
>I see that you reply to me very quickly, and I happy that you did so. I
>truly see that you are not thinking, and very happy that you want to be
>clear in your actions and feelings.
>Darling, I am very want to meet you, but I perfectly understand that may be
>it will be impossible because of money problem. I happy that you would be
>gladly to send money for making step back and repair some things by this
>actions. It's a pity that we are unable to meet soon, but if to tell about
>sending money. Let me tell so. I almost sure that I told you the way how to
>send cost of travel, you can send money same way. All that I ask is to send
>as much as you can without making debts (owe). It will be action to show to
>both of us that you really trust to me, and it will let me to trust in your
>trust! It will be good if you will be able to do it as soon as possible,
>because then may be we still will have chance to arrange our meeting. From
>my side, I promiss to do everything for having chance to arrange our
>meeting somehow. Move vacations to later time, or owe some money here... I
>don't know, but I will try to do everything that can help us to meet as
>soon as possible, and I really want to get in time of my vacations. I will
>try to ask again at my job about vacations and about part of wage before
>Darling, I don't want to slow down! I want to continue at same speed, we
>just made couple of steps back and throwing rock of mistrust from our road!
>I don't worry if we will not be able to meet at my vacations, of course I
>want it, but it's not crash if we will not meet so soon:-) K., I really
>love you, I never felt myself so happy, and I will wait for you as long as
>will needed, because I just know that we will meet as soon as it will be
>Lastly:-( I wish to hear your voice, and of course I understand that this
>is not about trust:-). But right now it's really hard:-( Please tell me
>your phones, may be I will be able to drop you sms as only I will be able
>to accept your call, or may be if I will have to go to Saint Petersburg for
>business then I will try to call you from there. My cell phone here is
>buggy thing at all, and I living almost is out of area of coverage.
>I really love you and don't want to lose you ever, and I just happy that I
>have more love than proud:-) Sweety, you made me happy again. I love you!
>With love. Dasha.