Demina Tatiana (Tatyana)

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - 380505630271

Address: 91000, Lugansk, Ukraine, Sovetskaya st.45/10,


DOB: n/a

I would like to inform you of a potential that is taking place.

Her profile is under 

Her username is: Tatiana59AB1

I hope you had an opportunity to review her emails that I fowarded to you. I caught on to her bullshit early on and played along with her, promising to send her money but I never did. I will have to admit, I found her letters hilarious and could not help but foward them to my friends.....

I would be happy to answer any questions you may regarding this individual.

Thank you.

Arthur F.

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Subject:  My Loving Arthur
From:  Tatianadem <
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 19:19:47 +0300

My Loving Arthur,

How are you doing my darling man? Great thanks for all your sweet and
nice words. I feel that we were created to find each other. I feel it
by my heart. I've never had such a feeling before. Tell me what does
happiness mean to you? Please share with me your opinion. Here is mine.
Many times I ask myself about happiness, about people who live in it
and who is not. Happiness is very simple word and we use it in our
conversations with friends very often and for the first time it seems
very simple and understandable. But if you ask somebody to explain the
meaning of the happiness he or she will tell you that it means a lot
of money, respect, good position in the society, good job and
something like that. I don't agree with this people, because I think
that happiness is the condition of your soul when somebody needs you.
Maybe it seems like an old style, some friends of mine tell me that
I'm old-fashioned and my views on life too mature. I don't try to put
my opinion on the first place, I just share it. I think that nature is
so built that everybody need pair in this life. Loneliness is not very
good, everybody should have somebody. My plans for the future are very
simple, I think every woman has such a plans. I want to love and I
want to be loved. This is the formula of all relations between man and
woman. When they have love, true love, they don't need money, respect,
and everything I write above. If we put a loving couple to the island
without life and without people, we will see that they will survive
and live in happiness all their life. I would like to marry and to
have a person with whom I can go to the lonely island, I would you to
be this person...
My darling, today I've been at the travel company and I've found out
about the trip to you. It would costs $1200. This price includes visa
opening, air tickets and even medical insurance. I can come to you at
any time because my wish to see you and to be with you is out of
limit. I can stay with you during a month and a half. Is it Ok? When
you make the money transfer to me I will pay for the trip and it would
take three or four weeks for all papers to be ready and WE WILL BE TOGETHER!!!
You can make the money transfer using the Western Union. To do this
you need my full name and address:

91000, Lugansk, Ukraine,
Sovetskaya st.45/10,
for Tatiana Demina.

I can have some questions to you:
Will you meet me at Houston's airport when I come ?
When are you going to make the money transfer?
Where I will live when I come to you? In your apartments? Or I should

My telephone number is +380505630271. Call me darling, I will be happy
to hear your voice.

Waiting for your next letter filled with Love,
Your Ever Love,

Subject: My Love Arthur
From: Tatianadem <
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:23:20 +0300

My Loving Arthur,

How are you doing this warm and sunny days? I would like you to know
that I'm the happiest woman in the world because I have such a loving,
tender and caring man, my darling Arthur. My heart and my soul is under
your control, I fall in Love with you from the very beginning of our
relations. I always think about you, about our future together. I'm
glad to know that we have the common wish to be together. You called
me several times but it was bad connection and the call was failed.
Call me again and again, I'm very happy to hear your voice darling.
I've already started preparing for my trip to you. The total amount of
money that I need to pay to the travel company is $1200. I have the
friend of mine at this company and she is helping me with everything.
This price was made especially for me because the official price is
too high - $3000. That's why I can't give to you the copy of total
amount. My friend helps me and it would costs $1200 as I said above.
When you make the money transfer and I will pay for the trip it would
take four weeks for all prepares(documents, tickets).
My darling, I'm also happy to know that I can stay at your apartments
because we would have much time to know each other closer, more
Tell me how do you spend this weekends? Do you miss me much?

I'm waiting for your letter with greatest impatience,
Lots of Love and Passion,
Your Love Tatiana

Subject: My Love Arthur
From: Tatianadem <
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:23:26 +0300

My Loving Arthur,

I've never heard such a wonderful and loving words. I don't have words
to express all my feelings which I have to you darling. We were created
to find each other, we wait for this moment for a lot of years and
finally we can be together. Two lost souls which found each other. My
heart stops every time I read your letter because it feels your words
so hot, so tender and so loving. I Love You Arthur, I can repeat this
words again and again. My thoughts are totally with you, my soul is
yours and my heart is the part of yours.
My darling, I totally agree with you that we have to trust each other
in our relations. The name of the travel company is "Kiy-Avia". This
is Lugansk branch of Kiev's company. I have a friend there and I trust
her very much. My Love, I truly able to come to you in the USA because
I want it and I will. When you make the money transfer for me it would
take a month and a half to come to you. I have only excellent marks at
the University that's why I can leave it for a month or two without any
problems. I'm the fourth year student and I study at the economic department
at Lugansk State University. I studied English when I was at secondary
school and I continue studying it now. It's very pleasant to know that
my English is not bad. When I come to you I will teach you some
Russian if you would like darling. We will have the unforgettable time
together when I come my Love.

Looking next for your wonderful letter,
I Love You Arthur,
Your Tatiana

Subject: Loving Arthur
From: Tatianadem <
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 16:58:46 +0300

My Loving Arthur,

How are you doing my darling man? I've just came back home from my
granny. She lives not far from Lugansk, near sixty kilometers in a little
village called Chebotovka. She lives alone, because her husband, my grandpa
died eighteen years ago. I was very young and I didn't remember him, only by
grannies stories. My granny very often likes to speak with me about him.
They loved each other very much, like my parents do. You know my darling,
that I would like to follow my parents and granny advices to keep my future
family in a harmony. 
When we come to my granny, my parents always help her in the yard and I
would like to cook something tasty. I like to cook. My granny taught me
how to make some dishes using and old tradition and receipts. Maybe you
heard about so-called borsch. This is a soup with cow meat and tomatoes.
It's so tasty and very delicious. When we meet I will cook this dish to
you my darling.
My Love, your letter was so so wonderful and sexy. While reading it I
was aroused too much. Your words reached all parts of my body. I
closed my eyes, I put my hand on my panty and started move it. After
two minutes my panty became very wet. My Love suddenly I imagined you
close to me and all your words was like a reality. I want to be with
you Love soon and forever.

I Love You Arthur,
I send to you my sexy and hot kisses,
Your Ever Love Tatiana

Subject: I Love You Arthur
From: Tatianadem <
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 23:26:13 +0300

My Loving Arthur,

How are you doing my darling, my beloved man? I miss you so much, I
want myself to be close to you and make all our dreams true. My heart
is filled with tender, sweet, loving feelings to you. Each of your
letter, each line, each word inspires me. My Love, I would like you to
know that I've already stopped searching in American singles because I
found you and I never leave you alone. I've just checked my e-mail
like I did it before. I promise that I will cancel my profile, don't
worry about it. I've already made my choice and I will not go back, I
Love You Arthur. These sexy photos I made especially for you, at the
photo studio. Hope that you like it, don't you?
Sure I will give to you the name of my friend and her job phone
number. Her name is Nataly, the phone number is +380507629941. She
will be waiting for your call tomorrow (Friday) from 3p.m. till 6p.m.
by time. But there is no need to send money to her. This travel company
doesn't get money transfers from foreigners, only from people who live
in Ukraine. You have to make the money transfer on my name and when I
get it I will pay for my trip to you. My Love I count days till our
meeting, I wait for it with great impatience. I Love You Arthur.

Looking next for your letter,
Lots of Love and Kisses,
Your Tatiana

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