Dolnova Tatiana (Tatyana, Tanya)

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Tsiolkovsky st, 32 Lugansk, Ukraine


DOB: 15.05.1977

Hi, this is a report of scambusiness

Sending some pictures and documents that this woman uses for her scambusiness. I did meet her at Adultsingles april/may this year. But she removed her ad in the summer from Adultsingles.

She "IS" OR working close with the known scammer "Julia Shulga". And they use a false "travel agency" called "Voyage", i will send all bankinfo and other info on that agency, and its still up and running.

I will not send my and her letters, but i do have a "confession" letter from her if you want?. When i put my "evidence" on the table, she doesnt have any other choice than confess to me. And she scam a lot of people, and never asks for money in any way. I am still in contact with "her", and the "enterprise is still up and running, i have played along for a long time, trying to save my money i did send 465 USD.

Her name with me was "Tania" = Tatiana Dolnova, but she uses a lot of names including Julia, Natasha, Natalya, Masha and more.

All emails i got
Tania old address
USES now by Tania = Masha
Voyage old address
USES now by Voyage

Names who uses in the Travel Agency is "Olga Velicanova" = Travel Agent and "Igor Bortnikov" = Director of agency.

Her name and address "she did get my invitation papers on that address"

Tsiolkovsky st, 32
Dolnova Tatiana
Born on 15.05.1977
Passport number is EK396088

Website on "Voyage"  
This is also from Voyage, and everything else is on the file that i send in this email.

We've got new telephone/fax numbers since September, 3.
Registration certificate # 30404139
Licence TD 01009056, 14.12.1999

By the way, all mails from "her" or "Voyage" are sent from the same computer "same computer name and IP address". And my profession have been in favor for me, i am a Computer Technician and Security Officer in Sweden. But i did trust her to long, she is real good, i think the best, she almost deserve my money. But for 1 months now i have played along and collecting info and evidence, so right now she is the fooled one. And the bank is recalling the money, and thats make her nervous.

Received: from LEX ( []), all mails come from this computer.

I got more evidence, but i want to keep that to myself if i going to make any legal actions agains her/they.

Kind Regards From
Eyvind Jonsson


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