Felativa Anna

(aka Anna19102)


Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a

e-mail: n/a

Has 2 profiles on Matchdoctor "Anna19102" is also  "barna"
name given "Anna Filativa"

This agency (person) has been handling correspondence for this lady "Anna Filativa" with a friend of mine. After several weeks of correspondence and questionable letters, the man started to question the agency for phone numbers, references, address, etc. for both the agency and the female. In response, the agency
demanded that he send all monies for airfare, visa, marriage license, etc. to them or they would cut off all correspondence with the lady. They sent only the information needed to send money to the agency. He sent a reply that he would not pay anything until he had the information first. The agency then disappeared along with the female.
If you use the photos on anti-scam sites..PLEASE 

>From the man's email to me:
Her agency :Net-Channel: handles her right.
even a digital photo with her looking sexy, holding a
sign which said "Hello nnnnnnn" 
ready to move, only to to pay for her cost.
The agency gave me a phone number and address if you
wish to send money immediately.
Date Sent: 11:36:09 AM, Wednesday, September 25,
2002 EST 
Yes, i would have kept her, infact i would have
married this one. I was very serious in a short time.
but the agency was not flexible.
a. money now or no more letters.
b. she must pay or you pay, but she has no money for
c. no address for her.
d. when they knew i would be coming they lost interest
instantly and no more replies to any email and no
phone answered.


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