Glushankova Olga

Donetsk, Ukraine


Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a


DOB: 13 october 1979



Hello Elena,

I had some correspondence with Olga. I suggested her to buy a flight ticket from Kiev to Turkey, where we could meet.
She said, it is impossible for her, because she has to go to Kiev, very far from Donesk. After I ask, if I can pay via credit card for her a ticket, she wrote it is impossible and send a money request letter, she wantet more than $ 200 for the ticket and again $ 350 for... I dont know, she promised to give me back the money, if we see each other... After her last letter I I havent heard from her again.
She is for sure a scammer.



I met her at, under ID: auolga



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Hello XXX!
I am glad to your letter. Excuse for my short answer. I have received bad
news. My aunt from Dnepropetrovsk strongly was ill, and I leave to it(her).
Me will not be 10 days. I never was in Germany. Life in western country, I
to myself present perfectly. If near to the favourite man, it will be good
everywhere! I with you absolutely agree about an occurring. One occurring
can replace all letters and conversations. Well, also I shall finish. I
hope, to receive news from you.
Have perfect week! Sincerely yours Olga.
PS: my telephone number: (380622) XXXXXX. I shall be glad to hear your
vote. Have perfect week!

Hello dear XXX!
How are you? I am very glad, that I have returned, and we again can
communicate with each other. At me all is normal. A thank the aunt feels
well. The close(attentive) man is pleasant, that you for me. I shall be glad
to hear you at any time. It is difficult to me to tell, when I precisely am
at home. In the morning and evening it is exact. A thank behind a photo, you
with the brother are very similar. It was pleasant to you in Кения? I shall
wait for your bell and answer.
With the best regards. Olga.

Hello XXX!
How you have lead(carried out) target(day off)? I have ended University 2
years back. In my country it is very difficult to find work to the young
expert. And I think, you know, how in Ukraine the work is paid? In work for
50 $ per one month I do not see sense. There is no opportunity карьерного of
body height and so on, is especial for the woman. I hope, you correctly will
understand me. Certainly, I also want to see you, as soon as possible. July
12 I leave to have a rest with the mum for 2 weeks. We can meet before. What
you think of it? I wish to you perfect week.
Tender kiss. Olga.

Hello dear XXX!!!
I answered your letter. I have written, that I can meet you, what cost of
trip. After that the letters, you have not answered, but not I. Today I
leave and to return July 26. I hope, after that we shall discuss conditions
of our occurring.
I wish all best for you. I think, that when return, I shall see your letter.
Gently I embrace, Olga

Hello XXX!!!
Call on the phone, please. I wait for your bell on the phone today AM, or
after 9.00 PM. I hope, on the phone we can all discuss. My telephone:
(380622) XXXXXX.

Hello dear XXX!
I so like to talk to you on the phone... At you a very gentle and pleasant
vote! Today I was in travel agency. They can not receive money through your
credit card. I think, it will be easier both for you, and for me, if you
send me money and I shall pay all on a place. 200 $ - ticket, 10 $ - ваучер,
350 $ - I should have with myself. These 350 $ I to you верну, when we shall
meet. I can not wait of this moment. I feel something special to you. Report
to me, please, that you think of it.
I you gently kiss and I wish to you all best. Olga.

Hello dear XXX!
First, I want to you to tell, that you have offended me by the letter. It is
a pity, that with you so have acted(arrived), but it is impossible to judge
all people in one case. I too had in life many different situations...
Probably, unique(sole) chance to us to meet, if you will arrive to me to
Donetsk. Report on the plans
Kiss. Olga. 


Hello dear XXXX!
How are you? I also thought of much you and I am glad, that we have found an output(exit) from the usual situation. Certainly, I want to meet you in Turkey. My data: Ukraine. Donetsk. Glushankova Olga. 13 october 1979. To me a fax with acknowledgement(confirmation) about Reservation of hotel with my name (for presentation with acknowledgement(confirmation) about резервации of hotel with
I wait for the answer with impatience. Tendery kiss. Olga.