Vasileva Veronica

(aka Ivanova Diana, aka Yarovikova Anna)

Volgograd, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: Volgograd 435056 Karla-Marksa 58, flat 25


DOB: n/a

To whom it may concern,

I become aware that a few of several women that I had begun corresponding with, from the FSU are involved in scams, one of them is listed as Diana Ivanova, I know her as Veronica Vasileva, her Email address is 

And from what she has told me, her address is: Russia
Volgograd 435056
street Karla-Marksa 58 flat 25
Vasileva Veronika

From the pictures that I have seen on your site it is the same woman. I actually have one or two that you do not have, I will attach then as well, Although I know that she is a known scammer - she has not attempted to request money as yet. 

Thank you, and keep up the good work!! Sincerely,

Dave B.




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