Ivlieva Svetlana

Alushta, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Alushta, Ukraine (Crimea area)

e-mail: n/a

DOB: n/a

Ivlieva Svetlana Gennadievna and her mother Katherina (photos attached) are a daughter/mother team residing in Alushta, Ukraine (Crimea). It is a very clever "long-term" scam, but they will gain your trust, use you and your money, and then claim there was no romantic relationship but that it was all about providing you with a tour of Crimea!

During my trip to meet Svetlana last August, I brought them gifts, bought the groceries, gave Svetlana an expensive electronic talking translator to help her to continue her English studies, left some of my personal belongings with them, and even left more cash with them the day I departed. She told me I was "the man of her dreams" and I sent money for her to apply for a visitor's visa. When that was denied (I didn't know they were impossible to obtain at the time), she asked me just a couple weeks before Christmas to come over to marry her in Kiev. Obviously, this was impossible to arrange in just two weeks (which I now believe she well knew). She then wrote how sad she was that she couldn't be with me for Christmas but told how she wanted to continue to learn English, but had no money to do so. I wired money to her via Western Union for the English lessons and soon proposed marriage to her only to have her quickly end all communication with me. I called one day to see if she was in fact at home and sure enough, she answered the phone! Then the next morning, I finally got an e-mail allegedly from her mother (they then knew I was on to their scam) claiming Svetlana was in Russia and will be staying in Russia for college for the next 5 years! (Mind you, this girl already had a teaching degree and accounting certification, or so she claimed, and so there is no way 5 years would be required for any continued studies.) 

Heartbroken and frustrated, I began an investigation. Eventually, I learned the truth from two sources. First, I contacted the American Embassy in Kiev. I learned that her application contained many discrepancies about her job, residence, etc. --it was as if she had no intentions of ever truly leaving the country but was just putting on a good front (in hopes of much more money being wired over no doubt). I then learned from an agency that has local contacts in Alushta that Svetlana has indeed been in Alushta all this time and continues to run her "fiancée business" from there. Apparently, Svetlana is now also learning German too so she may be planning to try to pursue the German "market" as well. She has no shame in asking your salary, your financial and employment situation, etc. (I was very surprised and offended when she asked for this information from me--more than once!) 



I don’t believe the agency that had once hosted her profile was aware of the scam so I'm not divulging the name of the agency but here is an excerpt from the email the agency sent me:

>Subject: Report about Svetlana
>Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 09:44:17 -0400
>Dear XXX,
>tnank you for sharing your sad story.
>We've asked our Alushta agents to do some investigation (Alushta is a small town, so it's hard to hide something there) and here are the results:
>Sevtlana's mother is the boss and makes all important decisions. Sometimes she even writes letters for Svetlana.
>Something strange happened last Oct-November when Svetlana made a visit to Russia. After that her family started to keep a low profile. Anyway our agents got information that Svetlana continue this "fiancee business" by herself. And right now she is studying German. Again we mention that Svetlana is the second person there and you have to speak to her mother. 

Well, news does travel fast because within just a couple days after I received the above e-mail, the agency forwarded a letter from Svetlana to me. (She knew she had been found out and wanted to quiet me.) She indicated our relationship was all about tourism, said how thankful I should be to her for giving me a tour of Crimea, and to "be quiet"! I wrote a letter back to her to see if we had a misunderstanding. I wondered if somehow she never got my marriage proposal (maybe Katherina intercepted it) but I never heard from her again. But within a couple days, my sister got an email from Katherina asking my sister to forward a letter to a potential marriage partner (for Katherina) whom she was having difficulty getting an email to! Katherina claimed Svetlana would soon be writing me but was “busy at work”. My sister forwarded Katherina’s letter on good faith and we never heard from either of them again. So it is obvious that the agency's contact gave an accurate report--they have been operating their “business” all this time. 

Apparently, it is a complex scam involving inviting men into their home under the guise that Svetlana is truly interested in the man. The men help pay the bills while they are there while Svetlana shows them some of the Crimea. She feigns "true love" for the man and gains his love and trust all the while the poor guy never knows she is actually just a "tour guide" who cares nothing for him. They are making money for lodging him by his bringing gifts, leaving cash with them, buying the groceries, etc, while he is there (a little U.S. money goes a long way there). Svetlana and Katherina apparently have no legitimate jobs--this is how they make a living After the visit, Svetlana requests more money to better learn your language. The men are hopeful to have such a "sweet" Russian woman as their wife so they send more money via Western Union only to be told Svetlana has gone away and cannot continue the relationship. As you can see from the agency's report, they work as a team and many, if not all, of the letters allegedly from Svetlana are actually written by her mother. These women don't blink an eye at telling all manner of falsehoods. They are very good actresses though and deserve an Academy Award! Hope this information helps save someone else a load of heartache.


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