Kamenskaya Oksana (report #1)

Astrakhan, Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: not specified

Email: mailto:oxi46@yandex.ru]

DOB: 30 of September 1977 

Submitted: 10/02/05

This is one of the many letters I received from "Oksana". I believe her to
be a scammer. Her letters to me mirror the examples on your site.


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-----Original Message-----
From: Oksana [mailto:oxi46@yandex.ru]  
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 2:26 AM
Subject: Re: Hello U Wrote Me on FaceParty?

Hello Ken
I was so glad to see your letter at this morning here! ! !
I am thanking you for your answer on my message.
I am so happy to see that you answered to me!!! I waited your letter very
But right now, I cannot to write you more. 
Now, I must to go to my work, I am hurrying, I shall write you later, at
this evening.
I shall write you more about me and I shall send you my picture.
All right, see you later.
Wait my letter.

P.S. I am glad to see your letter

-----Original Message-----
From: Oksana [mailto:oxi46@yandex.ru]  
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 12:53 PM
 Subject: Re: Hello U Wrote Me on FaceParty?

Hello Kenny
I waited your letter and I am glad that you have written me answer on my
I all day waited this minute to write you more about me.
All right, I think I must begin our meeting.
I live in Russia but my profile speaks that I live in America because I did
not know as to be registered.
When I have understood that I can not be registered, I asked one worker of
Internet cafe to help me, to make finished my profil.
And I do not know why he wrote that I am from America?!
Yes, I am writing you from Internet cafe, because I have not my individual
computer at home.
I promised you that I shall write about myself and I shall send you my
Hope that our correspondence will help to us find out each other better.
I am searching serious relations. As I know you are single and you are
searching it too.
I shall tell you about my family.
I live with my mum in an apartment. Our apartment consists of two rooms.
My mum 45 years old she works as a accountant. I work as a accountant too.
But I think it does not called so in English, as I wrote you, because I am
using translater and therefore it does not always translate all words in
My dear, it does not mean that I do not know English, I just use it for more
faster translating,
and yes certainly I do not know some words in English, and this program are
helping me to write you,
and to understand your letter better.
So about my work, I work in other firm than mine mum, we sell medical
And it is very interesting to find out more about your work?!
So, my daddy was dead one year ago in autoaccident. My daddy worked a taxi
In autoaccident a car driver which is guilty has rammed a car of my daddy.
He was drinking and on very big speed he ran into a car of my daddy.
Both of them was dead. 
I had my brother, but he was called to serve 1995 in army.
When he was 18 year old. He served on Northern Caucasus, in the Chechen
I think that you heard about the Chechen Republic and about Chechen
gangsters. It is awful.
It is a sad history of my family, but our life does not stand on a place.
We should live farther and to enjoy life.
But that to find out each other better you should know all.
I was not married never and I have not a kid's. I am single girl because
right now I have not closer male for me.
I had familiar guys, but I was disappointed in them.
On the site of acquaintances I have opened profile to find good male.
Therefore I have sent you the message to get acquainted with you.
I did not know that you will answer on my message very soon. Today I have
found your answer to my letter. 
Earlier I never would think, that I shall get acquainted with male from
other country.
I so am glad to my acquaintance to you. I in first time get acquainted
through the Internet.
It is interesting to me to learn about you all. Therefore I hope that each
letter will pull together us.
Tell me about your family because it is interesting to me.
I was born 30 of September 1977 in city of Astrakhan.
Astrakhan is located in a southwest of the Russian Federation.
Distance from Astrakhan up to Moscow of 1534 km, but we live in Moscow time.
I hope that you know, that Moscow the capital of Russia.
The territory around of city refers to the Astrakhan area and occupying
territory 44,1 thousand sq. km.
Astrakhan area in the south is washed by waters of Caspian sea.
Through the Astrakhan area are flowing the river Volga. 
The weather of this place very warm, it is warm summer, and not so coldly
We have the moderate winter.
Please tell me more about where do you live? 
I have higher education has received in Astrakhan Economic University.
And I have received grade of the accountant. 
I hope, that you can understand and read my letter. I know my English not
But I hope our meeting will help me with studying of English.
I finish to write to you my letter I do not want that you have got tired
reading of my letter.
In the each next of my letter I shall write to you more about myself.
And I think, that a bit later we find out each other better.
I shall wait your letter and I hope that you will write to me the answer.
It is interesting to me to know all about you too.


P.S. And I am sending you my pictures, I made it few weeks ago.
I am in shop there, in my hands, magazine of statistics, I was in work of my
She is a seller there.

-----Original Message-----
From: Oksana [mailto:oxi46@yandex.ru] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 1:10 AM
Subject: Hello

Hello Ken
So, as i promised you, I shall write you, as I can more often.
Well, I do not know from what to begin my letter. 
So, my favourite perfum is " Spring flowers ". But from seasons I like all.
I love winter for that, that it is possible to ski, throw each other snow,
To skate and in the winter very pure air. I to love spring for that that
flowers blossom.
Air is filled with aroma of spring colors.
Leaves on trees are appear. And spring is the time of love.
I like summer too..., however you understand why it is possible to love
It is warm, swimming, sunburn on a beach, fresh vegetables and fruit....
I like an autumn for its beauty!!! Leaves on trees are painted in different
All around is similar to a picture of the great artist. The wood reminds a
huge work of art.
As you see I love all seasons. But certainly in our beautiful Astrakhan
district, time of warm weather more than winter.
And in general it not important what season, the most important that
campaign was good, such friends as example my girlfriends.
We with them frequently go to campings. Some from them have husbands,
Therefore it not so is terrible, when near strong the man which can protect.
I want to say that they are going together with their husbands,
I wish that one day, I also will go to camping with my Lover.
It would be so wonderful! ! ! 
At once I wanted to be honest with you.
I want to say that I had only one man in my life. I had with him sex.
As you can understand I do not have a big experience in sex. I very
principal person.
I want to give all of myself only to one man.
I want to be absolutely sincere with you and consequently I speak you only
the truth.
I do not want that between us there were secrets. Please be too with me
I hope that you liked my photos. I shall send their more as far as possible.
I have not camera and consequently is limited in an opportunity to do many
I am corresponding in Internet only with you and in general I am at first
time writing to the man in Internet.
I am glad that our correspondence proceeds. I want to find out you as it is
possible better.
Please write to me as much as possible. I shall try to answer all your
I would like to hear your voice by the phone, 
But unfortunately in our beautiful district with phones the big problem.
Probably in the future when I shall be able to stand a phone at home,
I shall call up you. 
All right, I again must run, I am going to my work.
I wait your letters.
I hope that you understand my letters in English.
For translation of the letters as I said to you, I am using the computer
program of the translator.
I hope all is fine are translating?! But no, do not think that I cannot to
speak in English, simply I do not know some words, 
and this program are helping me to understand your letters better.
All right, I finish my letter.
I shall wait your answer.

-----Original Message-----
From: Oksana [mailto:oxi46@yandex.ru]  
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 1:21 PM
Subject: Hello

Hello Ken
It is evening here. 
I am very glad that I have got acquainted with you.
Very, very glad that you have written to me answer.
I very much was afraid for my English and I really hope that you hadn't
problems with my English.
And I hope that you saw my profile and read my parameters.
In my profile you could find out my growth and weight.
But I shall remind you:
My growth 5 ` 6, (168 sm), my weight it approximately 120 lbs (45 kg).
I am 27 year old. Color of eyes - blue.
I spoke you that the Astrakhan area in the south is washed by waters of
Caspian sea, 
therefore I have an opportunity to have a rest there in the summer.
I want to send you my photo which I have made this summer on a beach of
Caspian sea.
I hope you will like this picture.
We with my mum go to have a rest there each summer.
As you already know I for the first time has got acquainted through the
Internet with male therefore I do not know what to write.
I want to know more about you and much to tell about me. Therefore I do not
know from what to start.
I wrote to you in my last letter, that I have finished the Astrakhan
Economic University.
And now I have received grade of the accountant.
I have study in university in 1998 and have finished university with good
estimations in 2003 year.
Study for me was not difficult because I was helped by mum, already I spoke
you that she has grade of the accountant too.
University sent us every summer on practice, and certainly my practice was
on work at mum.
Practice has much given for me, knowledge received in practice were useful
to me in study after.
But in 2 000 year the ministry of the Russian education has made the
decision on transition from the old plan of accounting accounts 
for the European plan of accounts.
I very like my work. When I was young, I in the childhood dreamed to become
the accountant as my mum.
What profession you wanted to have in childhood?
The accountant is a female profession in Russia and in accounts department
where I work 3 women, 
therefore we are amicable collective.
We work on computers, in special computer programs for accountants.
I process the information on warehouses, i.e. I to a kind the account of
medicines in a warehouse.
I write out documents on reception or sale of medicines and at the end of
one month I make a result of the goods 
which we have sold and have got on the end of month.
But on work we have no access to Internet, I have not computer at home, and
as I said you before, I write you from Internet cafe.
I would be glad to hear your voice, but I haven't my phone. 
And it's very pity to me. 
Yes certainly it is possible to install a telephone, but it costs a lot of
For this purpose it is necessary to make an application on granting of
personal number. 
Also will pass year or more before we shall receive phone home. But I work
on it.
I have the phone on my work, but this phone I can to use only in the working
Therefore I am once again grateful the Internet.
Internet helps us to communicate and it is very convenient for me.
I am glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On it I shall finish my letter because I still should reach a house and I do
not know that to me still to tell about myself.
In the following letter I shall tell to you more about me and my hobbies.
I shall wait your letters and your photos.
Your friend


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