Vedenko / Koffman Natalya

Zhaporozhie, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Zhaporozhie Lenina avenue 133/ 24

e-mail: n/a 

DOB: n/a

I am a 36 year old male from the USA. I developed a 4 month relationship with the lady in question. daily emails, phone calls,ect. I fell in love with her, and planed a trip to her home town. We planed to meet in Odessa, Ukraine. I EVEN TOOK MY MOTHER TO MEET HER. I was going to get a visa for her. Her scam was not for much money. About 400.00 over the time of we corresponded. I sent train fare for her, and when I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. Natalia Koffmann informed me that she had her purse stolen on a trolley bus, and the ticket was inside. she asked for air fare this time. I sent it. Now, this evil person only took me for 100.00 more. But my trip overseas to meet her cost me well over 3,000.00. After I sent the money Western Union, I never heard from her again. I arrived in Odessa, and she was not there at are planed meeting local. I was crushed. I was hurt beyond measure. This just happened August 1st, and I have been home for only two days now. Heart broken, broke, and mad as hell at this person. I found her posting on Absolute Agency, though it has now been removed. She even sent me her passport as you can see below. I am going to do all I can to see this person goes to jail. Scamming is one thing, but to say you love them have them travel 1,0000 of miles and hit them for 100.00 more in just plain evil. I am going to use all my power to see she is prosecuted.

She said her last name was Vendenko, then told me her passport said Koffmann. That was her step-father's name. She needed me to send the money in the name of Koffmann. That is what it said on her passport. I sent you a picture of it. 

Some letters from her: 

Hi again and again honey!!!!!!! I've received your money!! Thank you very much. You wanted to know how i will spend it. First of all I will buy some sexy underwear for you to like me when you come and some present for you, to meet you with. I'm kissing you honey I love you Bye Till tomorrow 

Hi again my love from the first sight!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy when I see so many letters from you. And I'm happy when you make so many plannings. Honey, I must say that my town is not very civilized. I must say that we have no a good hotel here. I will try to get more detailed information about this till tomorrow. Now I can say that it would be much cheaper and easier for you to rent the appartment for definite time. To live in a hotel will cost you about 100$ per night for one person. To live in the appartment will cost you 400$ per MONTH, in condition that both variants are with all the comforts. We could obtain even the document that you will rent this appartment to show it in the Ambassy. But if you still need a hotel, let me know and I will give you all the information I will obtain. As for the driver's licence, I have one. I hope it will give me some advantages. But I have no experience in driving since I have no car. I'm dreaming of our meeting and I imagine the happiness we will feel when we see each other in real. It is like a dream like a mystery. I also could not imagine that it would be possible for me to love a man I have never seen befoer. But I see now that we really have found each other, may be it is a destiny that brought us together???? I thionk that we diserve each other, we will be the great couple. I'm kissing you very very hot!!!!!!! I want you and love you very much!!!! Yours


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Letter 1

Hi Tom! Thanks for your letter. Itís very pleasant to receive it. You know I don't wanna have a pen-pall, that's why I was so glad to see that your intentions towards me are so serious. It is difficult to write about myself but I will try to. I live in Ukraine. It's a low developed country, you probably know about it. But I like our people. They are intelligent, clever, kind, not cruel and not arrogant. The place I live is not that picturesque as it is situated in an industrial region. But my childhood was happy here, I grew in a good,friendly family. I like: nature,especially sea, animals, children, reading books,English language, cinemas, go shopping, cooking, making love, almost most of all, I like live. I dislike: lie, unfaithfulness, unsincerity, playing games with feelings, quarrels, cruelty. I don't wanna live in this country, we have no future here. The terrible situation in the economy of our country makes our men cruel, inattentive to their wives; they just think about how to earn money. They treat women bad, they don't respect us, they think that women want only some advantage of them. But this is not true. Any woman just wants to be happy, to have a beloved and loving husband. And me too. I wanna have children and be sure in their future. Is it so bad. I'm really interested in you and I wanna know you better. Ask me any questions you want. Without questions it is difficult to choose what to write first. One canít describe all the life in one letter. How do you like to spend your free time? Do you meet your friends often? Did you have many girlfriends in your past? These questions will be enough for today. Or my curiosity can frighten you. I just wanna know more about you. I'm waiting for your answer. kisses. Natalia 



Hi Tom! Thanks for the letter and for your photo. You are a very handsome man. I think we could establish good relations. I would like to know you better. I will be always glad to hear from you. Kissing you Your Natalia


Letter 3

Hi dear Tom! Honey I was surprised with the great understanding and kindness you talked about your intentions to make your woman happy. I really think that you are the man who may make my dreams come true. I see that you will understand my desires my problems. And in my turn I promise that I will not be indifferent to yours. I hope to meet your friend's wife some day, Marina. She mustbe a good woman. Dear I really want to see you and try to establish serious relations with you. I hope we will love each other. You know Iím sure we should meet and feel if we have some true feeling to each other. How could we do this, honey? I'm waiting your further mails I'm kissing you strongly Your Natalia 


Letter 4

Hi Tom! You are something!!! I was shocked by your letter. You are reading my thoughts. How could you guess my dreams about how I want to spend time? With my beloved? You almost gave me the wings I will fly on. To you of course. Now honey, I have never been to America, but it would be great. I always dreamt to see this country. It must be something different and interesting. You are a gentleman, I feel that. But I think that everything will not be accepted as obligations. We would have great time together! I promise you will not regret about it! Bye honey! I'm so disappointed that I will have no access to the computer till Monday, because I already want to receive your exciting letter again! Do not forget about me!!! I'll be back soon. Have a good weekend. Think of me! I'm kissing you Bye!


Letter 5

Hi my dear! Tom I was so much disappointed! I didn't know that it is so difficult for people who want to see each other to meet!!!!!!! It's not right and not fair! Honey, you are my only hope and I hope you will find some way out of this situation and we will be able to see each other. Please, if you know something, I beg you to write me all the news, even bad. But I hope everything will be OK. The conditions of the Fiancťe visa are strange and not wise but you are right the love from the first sight sounds very tempt ting and seducing. You know dear I'm optimistic and I think we will find some way out and very very soon!!!!!! I have some colour photos. I do not like them very much, they are not professional. But I will send you two, one with my father and one with my friend and with my younger sister. I hope you will like me looking as a simple girl, not a model. By the way on one of the photos I have my hair cut But now it is long. Just some insignificant information. Honey, I hope you are OK. Do you have any news? |I hope to hear from you soon! What's going on in your life, I wonder?! I wish I were with you and saw every day of your life. I hope this will be able some day. I'm saying you bye for the moment but I hope to hear from you soon Kissing you many many times Your Natalia 


Letter 6

Hi Tom!!! Thanks for remembering about me and for finding time to write me. It's pleasant for me to know that when I'm sleepinmg someone is thinking about me and dreaming about our meeting. Honey, I'm so happy that I will be able to see you so soon I really could not believe first that it is possible in real though I hoped that would happen some day. Dear, I will be waiting for your messages and for any news from your life. Bye, my honey I'm kissing you I miss you very much. Yours 

Hi again dear!!! My full name is Vedenko Natalia My address is 69000 Ukraine Zhaporozhie Lenina avenue 133/ 24 Honey, the closest Western Union Department is in my town, just near my house, in Zaporozhie. Bye again dear Waiting for your reply!!! Kisses 


Letter 7

hI DEAR!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR LETTER ,YOUR SWEET CARE. I WILL GO TO WESTERN UNION TOMORROW AND GET THE MONEY. I WILL INFORM YOU TOMORROW ABOUT IT. HONEY, YOU KNOW I DIDN'T EXPECT IT. IT WAS SO PLEASANT. I HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH CARE ABOUT ME FROM THE SIDE OF A MAN. YOU ARE VERY SWEET, THANKS. I'VE GOT SOME INFORMATION ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT. FOR THE INHABITANTS OF KIEV THE PRICE IS ONLY 100$ AND THE PASSPORT WILL BE READY IN TWO WEEKS. FOR THE INHABITANTS OF OTHER CITIES AND TOWNS THE PRICES ARE HIGHER THOUGH I DO NOT KNOW WHY. FOR ME IT WILL COST 230$ IF I WANT TO HAVE IT IN TWO WEEKS AND 180$ IF I NEED IT BE READY IN A MONTH, AND 300$ IF i WANT IT IN A WEEK. THESE ARE THE PRICES. HONEY, YOU KNOW I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL COME TO SEE ME SO SOON. AND YOU RELLY WANT TO MEET MY PARENTS, IT IS SO TOUCHING,. IT MEANS THAT YOU ARE NOT INDIFFERENT TO ME. I HOPE YOU WILL LIKE MY PARENTS, THEY ARE VERY KIND WITH A SENSE OF HUMOUR. I'M SURE YOU WILL MAKE FRIENDS. I TOLD THEM TODAY ABOUT YUR POSSIBLE ARRIVAL, THEY THINK IT WILL BE GREAT THAT YOU COME FIRST. THEY SAY THAT THEY WANT TO SEE THAT YOU ARE REALLY A RELIABLE MAN. THEY DO NOT DOUBT BUT THEY ARE PARENTS. MY MOM STILL THINKS THAT I'M A LITTLE CHILD. SHE WORRIES WHEN I COME HOME LATE WHETHER IT HAPPENS VERY VERY SELDOM. SHE IS VERY SENTIMENTAL, AND I'M TOO A LITTLE. HONEY, I HAVE SOME PERSONAL AND ROMANTIC QUESTION TO YOU. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE AND what maKes it so attractive to you? I will tell you about mine. THE BEST PLACE FOR ME is IN MY town. We have a river here and the old bridge that is almost broken. It is far from the center of the town and there are very few people there and very seldom you may find someone in the place I like. I love staying on the bridge and looking down at the river. I like water and it helps to think about personal and to find the right decision. I think that the water is the alien world for human, it is like a mystery. I wish I could spend many days at the seaside and watch the waves coming, washing your feet and disappearing, leaving the tears on my skin. The noise of the waves is the best music for me, looking at the water especially sea, I realise how short the life is and how many things I will miss after death and how few time I have for happiness... Honey, I'm waiting for your mails Do not disappear Bye Yours