Alex (Alexander, Sasha)

aka Kossaks, aka Yakovlev Alexander 

Kazan, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a


DOB: December 21, 1979

Here is the information on a scam I have been caught in and I just want to let you know:

Name  Aleks

Any other names you know he uses Sasha

Address: Kazan, Russia

Phone number: ?

His e-mail address 

Date of birth: December 21, 1979

Any relatives / friends names he mentioned: Father - Roman, Mother - Rita, Sister - Mariya

How did you find each other (web site name, agency name):


Alex's money request letter #1

Alex's money request letter #2


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Hi!I have seen your announcement on a site of acquaintances 

You have interested me also I want to communicate to you on closer.I search of the serious relations, instead of it is simple of the friend on correspondence.It is a little about itself. Me call Aleks. I from Russia, me 22 years! I study at university.I love to be engaged in sports, nature, painting and much another.If you are interested in dialogue with me, write on mine email: In common and everything, that I wanted to tell you on first times.I shall wait with impatience, with gratitude, Aleks


Hi.I am really happy, that you have answered to me!If you knew as I is lonely here. There are no friends at me much,But such, who - @ understood me, whom - @ I loved.In first I shall tell to you slightly about myself. I am called Aleks and me by(with) 22 years.Yes, I live in perfect city Kazan! You can find it(him) on a card of Russia,If will conduct by a finger along the river Volga! My city will be on merge of the rivers Volga and Kazanka!To my city is soon executed 1000!! It(he) is capital of republic Tatarstan!I study on last 5 rate of our universityI very much love sports and I am engaged in him(it) regularly!I studied the English language in institute and at school, but it is not enough of it!Now I study under the special programs! Now me helps to write to you the letter the program the interpreter.I am happy, that has seen in ! the Internet the information on a site, where get acquainted gays.Understand at us here people they very much do not love gays - do not recognize us!We at all have no places, where we can meet!My parents know, that I gay, but they do not speak anybody about it, even to my friends!Because those can not understand, and then I can have large problems here!Local nacionalist do not consider(count) us for the people I once was even to beat,Then we with my family were compelled to move to other area!But I till now am afraid of somebody from them to see, they can even kill me!They do not have soul and there is no heart! I tried to search for the partner here,I even had dialogue with 3 people and with one even we were together during 4 months,But understand at us here there is no future - it(him) have killed damned nacionalist!You understand me, I толкьо now have departed this awful condition!And the site has presented me you! W! e so far, but we can be pulled together.Understand I search not simply of dialogue, to me are necessary stability and serious attitudes(relations)!I do not want to leave from the country to me not the attitude(relation) of the people here is pleasant, but if!America in this plan is much better the country than mine, Therefore I also have decided(solved) to search to myself for the partner there!I still never was abroad, but on the TV set I see, That at you even marriages(spoilage) in some staffs(states) are solved.I shall tell to you at once honourly I correspond not only with you, I was answered with 2 men!I have answered your announcement. At all I do not know why - simply I have waved a hand in the sky!Hope to me I was lucky(carried) also has come across that whom searched!Tell about itself as! I want to know about your city, about you, about your family!Unfortunately I have no structure on, but I onI send you the pi! cture today, that you could present as I look!I hope to you has liked. I hope to see the answer from you.At least I shall wait very much! And if you want simply to play with me, actually - do not write better. Because I appreciate in the people first of all honesty and sincerity.It is a pity, that I could not answer your letter earlier,Write to me I shall wait with impatience, With gratitude Aleks-- Best regards,cossaks 

OOOOOOO I am glad to welcome you, my new friend!I am happy, that my desire to find to myself the friend of life gives the results.In first I want to thank you for your attention to my person.I hope to you my picture has liked? I shall send you still today!You like my long hair? They very much like me, but I suffer here very much because of them!At us it is not accepted, when the men carry a long hair - above them laugh,And is sometimes especial on evenings it happens, that you can beat for it.At us in general wild people, everyone see in an another's eye of rubbish, and in the tree do not notice.You should correctly me understand! I on anyone plan to leave from the country!I want to go not simply somewhere, and to the favourite man!To me not important there is at you a house, there is at you money, If we shall love each other, it will be a limit of my dreams!And rest - business of time, we can earn to live well.I here do not need in money! Not looking that I the student I work Also I study simultaneously! I work as the trainer in one of sports schools on navigation.At me children from 12 till 14 years are engaged and it is pleasant by him(it), how we spend with them time.I as am engaged in navigation and even I have the sports category on this kind of sports.I have gone to study as the teacher of physical culture because it enabled me to be engaged in sports,Thus I love children, I like to communicate with them - they such amusing.I plan to work with children and in the future!I already have labour experience - 3 years and it will be not difficult to me to find to itself work.It is interesting to you probably to know my growth and weight - it you can not see in a picture.Unfortunately I do not know your system of measurement, but I shall write in. My growth 178 sm,And weight of 78 kg. I not poor and not thick, but I consider(count) that the appearance in general in the man is not main.Main is his(its) internal world, his(its) ideas, his(its) attitude(relation) to the people.The beauty comes and leaves, and the soul she(it) always remains with the man.You probably as are confused with that you are more senior than I, But I do not want to communicate with very young because at them on mind(wit) only sex!I not against sex - was not present, but I consider(count), that in the foreground there should be a spiritual dialogue.I at all do not recognize sex without love. I related with one gay here,But as I spoke you - it(him) have killed. I till now recollect it(him) and me not clearly why the people so are severe.You collide with cruelty in the country? I heard, that with you the damned terrorists do(make)!It is not fair - you see children suffer, the innocent people are very severely.Unfortunately I have no the structure on, but it was - @ interesting.Tell to you many people write? You communicate with somebody?You had the attitudes(relation) before with somebody?It is extremely pleasant to me to communicate with you, but you probably very much suffer because of mine English.Business in that I use by the program by the interpreter - so more easy to write and to read your letters,But I read your letters and me ever more and more words it becomes clear.I hope, that soon I can freely speak on English with your help.I hope you not so has tired with the letter today,I hope for dialogue with you tomorrow as.You very much have liked to me, you interesting. I want to know more concerning you.Write about the city on more! I to you I shall be very grateful for it.Yours faithfully, Aleks.-- Best regards,cossaks 

I am glad to welcome you my friend..It is pleasant to me so to name you as the friend, you see I actually begin to you to trust.I tell you what as early as to one nobody spoke about, I am divided with you by the ideas andIt is very pleasant to me to do(make) it. It is interesting by what interlocutor you be in life,Whether you are able to listen? Whether you understand that with whom converse. In the letters you seem to me kind andBy the gentle man, I hope, that same and in life. I want to know about you maximal!!!It is interesting what music you listen, what films, the books love, than be engaged in free Time, where you were and that saw. I can tell about myself, that I have no the special predilections for music,At me all depends on mood. Sometimes I would like to listen to fast and cheerful music, and sometimesSomething lyrical, that was possible to have a rest and to relax. You love to dance?I very much love to dance, I want to dance with you, how you think, it will be pleasant?I like many executors, but most of all I love compositions Madonna and Cher, From the Russian executors I love Zemfira, Bi-2. From films I prefer to look Adventures and fantasy. Last film, which has liked me - Spiderman. At you very good cinema. I am by the admirer of the American cinema, though we have It is a lot of good films as. In free time I love to have a rest with the friends, mine самы the best friends - Dima and Natasha,We frequently have a rest together, they for a long time are friends and love each other. I am glad for them, when I see them together.I dream to find the love as also to me seem, that I to approach this! You for me Become the very close man, it is pleasant to me to realize it. I want slightly to describe the body. At me a rather brawny body, you see I I am engaged in sports, I try to support the body in the good form.I have a little hair on a breast and legs, but they soft, I hope, what you it does not confuse?There can be my question to you will seem indecent, but I want to know concerning your body and yourspennis. Whether there is a lot of hair around of him(it), whether soft they, with what it(he) of length? Describe it(him) pls.If my questions will seem to you indecent, you can not answer them. My member is 18 centimeters in length and it(he) is rather beautiful. I spoke, that I have no a lot of experience in the sexual attitudes(relations), and me it very much confuses, you see to me 22 years, and December 21 is executed 23!I as want to know when your birthday. You love holidays? I very much love. I want to inform you,That I thought of you all today. Me it frightens and pleases simultaneously. I the very sensitive man. And I do not want that me have thrown, when I will grow fond of the man. You know, this unpleasant feeling!I hope, that I not strongly have tired you with the letter and set of questions, but you are interesting to me the truth,I want to know about you ever more and more. It is very interesting to me.I as want that you have forgiven me that I do not answer on your letters at once, you see at me is not present The computer also I use by services the Internet of cafe now. I shall be with impatience to wait for the following The letters from you.Burning from curiosity Aleks!-- Best regards,cossaks 

I am glad to your new letter, mine lovely: +)You know I thought of you today's night!This new feeling, which now begins to grasp me,You represent I even I dream of, that we have appeared with you in one bed.I still so know a little you, and you to me become such man, close for my heart, That me it, if honourly frightens. Is not present, I am afraid not of you and your kindness to me I am afraid already to lose you!I have lost once favourite man, but that was the tragical accident and cruelty of the people!I do not want completely to trust in the man, and then to learn(find out), that I to it(him) am not necessary!I understand, that you know me, as well as I very few more you, But in my soul begins to wake up feeling,Which 2 years back together with my friend were lost in me! You become close to me so much on, that I am ready to kiss you and to embrace,I am ready to be given back to you wholly! I know, that I am presented to you mad, You see we absolutely recently yet did not know each other. But I can not explain the strange behaviour.I want you and I can not anything with it make! I want you both physically and spiritually,I want itself wholly to be yours. I did not think, that feeling, Which was by me is lost can to return to me again.And you "originator" it! I love you - I know that this such and believe me it it not seems!I dream of that day, when we can with you for the first time be seen!I shall try to make it faster! I want it, but I am not yet ready!Yes, I should admit to you, that one part me is torn now to you,And another does not start up me from my friends from my house!When I am alone with myself, in my head the very not clear ideas turn, you see I do not know that you feel under the attitude(relation) to me. I am afraid to frighten you the love, I am afraid its(her), understand.I do not know that you feel concerning me! I want to know.I shall be with impatience to wait that you write to me in this occasion.My member of length 18см, so for me your member seems very attractive.I love you, yours Aleks!-- Best regards,cossaks 

I am glad again to see your letter, mine lovely!My feelings are filled with the increasing and greater tenderness and kindness to you.My parents came in themselves. They have understood our love.I see in you as the very gentle and kind man, which has very interesting sights on life.It is possible to rely on you and you can trust, I have understood it already from the first letters. I want to you to entrust all destiny without the rest! Write to me please more,You see I want to know you from different directions of your life, write about the plans,About businesses at work and house, about the experience and problems, I shall be divided with you by it as.I want, that we with you of steel not simply by friends, and partners, I want to be pulled together to you.You see I have felt to you insuperable draft, and the knowledge of you now is simply necessary for me.You see I have on you the very serious plans. I love you and it not seems to me I is sure in it.It can seem wild and you can does not trust in it, but I know that, that it so!Receiving your letters I can not constrain a smile on the lips.My soul is pleased and the happiness is filled. My gratitude to you these minutes does not know borders!I very much worry that you can take and cease to write to me, and you see I already so have got used to you.I do not want to you to be imposed and if I to you is not pleasant, you at once tell to me about it and I shall understand you.But most important it, that we were honour with each other.I hope, that we shall write to the friend to the friend and to learn(find out) ever more and more to learn(find out) about each of us.My letter heats to me heart and I would like, that our letters served the bridge of the river, Which flows between us now - this river - distance between us, mine lovely!And with each letter the bridge all becomes closer and closer to an opposite coast.I want to ask you - you sometime have bought on the present, When you quietly can not sleep at the night and think of the one whom love?Also know, that it(he) far from you is simply nightmare!I want, that mine favourite was always near to me, I want to be together always.I did not think, that I can so is fast find the one whom searched, but it so for!I am glad, that I managed such remarkable man as you.It is my sincere words going from depth of my heart.I know, that it will be very wonderful to be with you!You only think, that someone will be always grateful to you only that you are, mine favourite!Someone will do(make) always to you on the person a smile and to deliver to you pleasure in life.Someone will fill you with romanticism and to add new impressions in this скушную life!I would like(would like) it and you seem, that to me too! Is not present, I am sure in it.I shall write to you still ideas tomorrow! I hope, that you do not miss there.Kissing you Aleks.-- Best regards,cossaks 

Hi, mine lovely!!I am very glad to see your next letter!I very much am glad also me overflows feeling of delight, when I read it(him).I want to thank you for your poem, she(it) very much has liked me. Still I thank you behind a photo. My life has found new sense and the new paints have appeared in it(her) and all this due to you, mine favourite.You the very kind, gentle and remarkable man and I am grateful to destiny for that, That she(it) has given me you! I very much want to see you directly now and me anything will not stop before my purpose!You have filled my life with dreams and hopes and I now think only of that as I can see you!I already present the moment of our first meeting. My heart is filled with the increasing heat and tenderness to you.You have made my life another, I now have ceased to feel oppressed.Now, when I have got acquainted with you I am glad life and I live by that at the end of day I can see your letter.It gives me vivifying hope that my life will change soon!I feel myself now by free man, free from complexes and ideas on that,That you not such as everything, that you bad! I know, that each man in the right itself to be defined(determined) as it(him) to live.I feel myself as a bird, which can fly and do(make) that wants,She(it) is free while she(it) in air, but on ground it(she) is threatened with danger.I as while I alone with myself and with you - I do not worry neither for you nor for myself,But when I far from the monitor of the computer, to me to have to be careful,I should behave as well as others. Me all here speak, Why you do not clean(remove) the long hair, but they like me also I do not want them to clean(remove)!I am glad, that has found the man, which is ready to listen to all my sincere pains and experiences.I where have not got to - I such as before, but my internal world has changed in a root.I already perceive things a little on other. I know, that I shall not stay to live in this country!I already have told about it to the parents and they consider(count), that it is a correct choice.My father feels, that it is very heavy here because of that,That I do not find understanding, that I more gentle and kind than others!It(he) speaks, that I actually need to live as on another, but I do not want to change myself!I want to live with the one who will understand me and to support in all my undertakings!It is a pity, that I can not write to you more, but my time approaches to the end here!I shall finish today! Wait for my letter tomorrow.I give you the heart - now it yours, yours Aleks!-- Best regards,cossaks 

money request letter #1 

Hi mine by a road.I very much apologize that did not write to you this time.I had a large trouble.I in despair, do not know as to tell.. I shall begin from a beginningMy sister has got in failure, she(it) was brought down by(with) the machine.My native sister Mariya was brought down by(with) the machine and has disappeared from a place of a crime.The driver of this machine is searched by(with) militia, but witnesses is not present anybody nothing saw.Her(it) have found on road, at once have caused first aid and militia people going on To other machine. They did not see as all was.It is awful! The life of the man so is fragile.Now she(it) in hospital. The doctors surveyed her(it).At it(her) the very complex(difficult) trauma of a backbone, will be necessary to clean(remove) the damaged(injured) parts of a backbone and to insert on their place metal thus not having damaged(injured) and not To pinch nerves and our doctors can not make to it(him) operation. It is very complex(difficult)And they do not have necessary equipment. They have contacted to Moscow there in clinic can make Such operation on the expensive(dear) Japanese equipment. There what that special piecesThe equipment and well them to not remember at all.But for such operation together with delivery mine the sister in Moscow Ask ~ 83000 roubles (2000 $). Earlier at us the medicine was not paid,And now. If for the man his(its) relatives, good leaving(care) and will not pay Good expensive(dear) medicines it(him) will not give. My family now searches for money everywhere where It is possible, but it is necessary hurries up as the operation needs to be made as it is possible Faster. We have communicated with all relatives and asked in a duty. Us have given money,Who how many could, but all the same it does not suffice.My mum lays as in hospital! It became very bad with heart.We with the daddy in a shock that occurs now to our family! At first sister, then mum! I did not sleep any more normally many night I feel itself very much broken. I simply do not know that to us to do(make) where still(even) to borrow money.For you 2500 $ it is much less than for us. And you reading this letterThink that if that is very necessary such money it is possible to find. But that you would understand 2500 $ what for us money I shall tell to you I how many receives, mum and daddy.I receive 1500 roubles (50 $) per one month, the mum receives 2300 roubles (73 $) and the daddy receives 78 $. I do not complain, price of products of a feed(meal) and service (hairstyle and so on)We also have less than it costs(stands) at you. But 2500 $ it nevertheless large деньгидлэ us.It is heavy and it is a shame... I want ask for you of money how many you can to give!Help please, I am ready to rise on knees now before everybody if only to help the sister!I believe in you and in your compassion, your soul, I implore you to help me.I understand that you do not know me well, it is my step of despair. I really do not knowWhom else to ask of money in a duty. I верну!! I верну to you money that you will send to me.I do not want to deceive, I can not return this money quickly. .. If you will help me in general! For what I hope!? The good people having compassion few(not enough,poorly)I am sure that YOU will and can,But if is not present, I shall understand hm we you see at all did not see each other in alive, and I ask that that you..I hope for your soul she(it) will prompt as you to act(arrive).And I... I am forgiven with you, I need to go.Yours Sasha.P.S. Forgive me, that I should speak in general with you about it!It is not good from my party, if my sister I never would begin it to do(make).And to ask you about money.Is grateful to destiny for that that she(it) has presented me you my love.Now my words about love can to you seem by a deceit, but It not so! I really love you!

money request letter #2

Hi, my love:-)))To me all is heavier and more hardly for transferring this intolerable separation from you.It is not very a pity that I can see you in January, I very much hoped for it, but Till February I think I can suffer. I hope to arrive to you somewhere for two weeks.But the visa as to me have told it is necessary to begin to make out already now.She(it) manages for 300 dollars. I believe I can not in the happiness. That that I write to you of the letter I communicate with you - All this occurs as in dream to me. I am divided with you by the ideas, sincere heat. I am very happy as you care of our meeting.Tomorrow I shall go in bank and I shall learn(find out,recognize) as better to you to transfer money.You became for me as the father and I should admit, that it very much is pleasant to me.But I understand, that my love to you is not love of the father to the son, and something another.You more important man for me! I notice behind myself, that you become close to me ever more and more with each lived day, though I do not know, that will be with you when we shall appear together,We probably shall incorporate to you in a single unit. For me most important in our dialogue - Is that cleanliness and openness, which I I for example do not see more anywhere, Except for as communicating with you, mine favourite. This honesty and sincerity in our dialogue......It is very pleasant, that you with me so are frank, I as try to you to speak all, That I feel inside myself, inside the heart and probably sometimes my ideas remind delirium,But understand, that it is necessary how to be expressed - to me simply there are no words for this purpose,To transfer you everything, that I feel! It needs to be spoken not only words, but also in language of a body.I can not imagine those pleasant minutes at all, when we with you together in one bed...I am given to these dreams and my ideas become such light,By such kind, and all that you seem to me by such remarkable man.You as have grown fond of me and I feel it, I see, that you are not indifferent to me.I feel, that you as want to be with me. You want to be divided by the experiences.But this barrier - barrier of distance between us it(he) is felt and in our letters.I feel, that you speak me not everything, that would like(would like) - You feel under the attitude(relation) to me any awkwardness or confusion?Know - personally I simply in delight - you see I has found the half in this life,Though it seemed, that such with me any more do not happen.I am grateful to you from all soul that you are, that you simply somewhere live...I am simply happy to that you give me though a little precious time.I can communicate with you, think of you, love you. You reciprocate to meAnd this largest happiness which only can be in this life.If I can sometime be pulled together to you even more, I probably simply to die with happiness.I all yours - wholly and completely.I shall think and to dream of you at the today's night.I want to know, that you did(made) today, mine favourite.I shall wait for your answer-back letter and to be given to the ideas.I am very grateful to you that you at me are now and I want, that you knew it.I love you, yours Aleks.

Hi, my friendI really am glad when I see, that to me there is your letter, mine lovely!As you there, how there was your today? I think, That the difference in time at us makes approximately 8 hours. The day, and at you even night turns out, that at us.I still so know about a little you, but within day I already think that I shall write to you today.You seem to me by the very lovely man. I want to know about you maximal. I shall tell to you today about the family. My daddy is called Roman, it(him) by(with) 47 years, it(he) works the teacher of mathematics At school. The mum is called Rita. to it(her) by(with) 45 years and the doctor in children's hospital works. Still I have the sister,Which call Mariya. She(it) studies to it(her) 19 years and on 2 rate of university. She(it) loves history and has gone studies on The historian, and I have gone on папиному of a way, I as love children and in the future I want To continue to work with them. I already wrote to you, that besides study I work at sports schoolBy the trainer. I learn(teach) children to float, at me 23 children are engaged, I spend(see off) the trainings 3 times per one week.I live together with the family in a three-room apartment. I have separate room. I still should inform you, that I have some figures on a body and it is pleasant to me pirsing. I have punctured parts of a body, I hope, that you it does not confuse. I am glad, that I correspond with you.Before I wrote to two people, but now I have decided(solved) to stop on you. It seems, that I was not mistakenIn the choice. Understand me correctly, I do not want to load you by set of questions.I want, that you told about yourselves and easy, that you consider(count) necessary. Certainly in process of our dialogue I shall set questions, interesting for me, as I all the same would likeTo know you as it is possible better. You see at me on the account you the very serious plans. And I want, that up to the moment of our meeting we knew each other as it is possible better. You see the moment of our meeting, will be most unforgettable In my and your life. I want to leave from the country and I do not hide it, but it is simple so I it make can not.All the same I have life, the parents, friends and me it will be uneasy to part with them.But I as understand, that I do not have here future, I do not want that me have killed, as my friend. I not I want again to search to myself for the friend, I any more shall not transfer such loss. I can not overlook(forget) this loss till now. EvenMy parents speak me, that I very sensitive and gentle. They very much love me. I ask you to send me any of last pictures, I could put her(it) at myself in a room and To admire her(it) when I shall want. I want to see with what you right now, instead of your last photos. I understand, that it was heavy to you to read my letter because of mine English. Also I bring the apologies.I wait from you tomorrow again. Your friend Aleks. 


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