Kulakov Andreya

Bichkek, Kyrgyztan

Tel. - (996) 502566511

Address:  Manasa 130/21 Bishkek Kyrghyz Republic

e-mail: andreya_k@fromru.com

DOB: 1979 of January 14


I think I may have been scammed.  If so, I am $1200 poorer.  I have attached photos and letters received from Andreya and her supposed marriage agency.  I will tell a little about our relationship.  We have emailed each other for only 1 week but she is already in love with me and wants to get married and have children.  Some, but not all, of the letters she has sent me, my name is a different font than the rest of the message.  She has given me her address and mobile number.  I have called her mobile and spoken to her(after sending the cash to her), but we seem to get disconnected soon after the conversation starts.  She does not sound excited to be talking to me, either.
UPDATE:  Since she has gotten the money, I have not recieved responses to my email sent to her or her agency.
In order to keep from making any changes while copying and pasting, I have zipped her emails and attached the zip file, instead of copying and pasting them into this email.
Thank you so much for your time and help



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Friday, September 06, 2002 11:43 AM

This letter sent you by Lenchik #26093 through our mailing program.
Do not hit reply button!
To respond please use Lenchik's email address andreya_k@fromru.com

I saw your add on the dating service and i would like to find out more about 
you. I really liked your picture! You are a beautiful man.
I am russian girl from Bichkek, Kyrgizstan. 
I am tall (172cm) with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a slim to average 
build and most people consider me attractive. I hope you will too.
I am attaching a recent photo of me for your information and consideration. 
If you are interested please write me back and we can get to know each other 

Looking forward to hear from you,
Saturday, September 07, 2002 12:08 AM
Hello Dear Lawrence!!!
Thank you very much for your letter, you are first man who seriously enterested with me. I was very glad to get your letter in our marriage agency. I am admired with you !!! Where are you from and what is your real name ? Let me write you my biography.I was born in country Kyrgyzstan. I was born in 1979 of January 14. I have finished school 11 classes, then has arrived in university, I have got the diploma. But my trade became unnecessary, I could not find long time work. I did not require money, but it was interesting to me to work, to communicate with the people and to be typed of vital experience. I have found work in one half-year, I worked the barman in the Korean restaurant, it was interesting, but heavy work... I received good money in comparison with general earnings in our country in that time. But I have understood, that when will pass youth, I can not work in such place and I have decided(solved) to continue my education. As in that time the training in our country became paid, it was difficult. But I do not see my life here, as I search for the husband, I shall follow him, where he will wish. Dear Lawrence, i intend to meet serious man for relation.
It don't mean for me nation or age. Just a little love, and happy future of my children. I intend that you has serious intentions... 
Send the photo.
Than you like to be engaged?
How spend free time?
Where do you live?
Sorry for my bad english.  Take my pic.
Waiting your answer, Andreya

 Kulakov Andreya
 Country is: Kyrghyz Republic
 City is: Bishkek
 Street is: Manasa 130/21
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Saturday, September 07, 2002 12:47 PM
Hi Dear Lawrence!!!
I flied today, when the woman from marriage agency said that i got the letter. Your letter is filled by honesty and kindness, it inspires to me some hopes... You very nice and attractive the man!  Here in Kyrgizstan, where prospers nationalism and mass unemployment, it is unpossible to find real man, real husband, which can love his wife and provide her happy life, happy future of his family. I think that i can be a good wife. Yes, not the best life is true here and probably women search for themselves for good conditions for life, but I think, that any person would act also. But I want, that you knew
my true relation to this. I only want good relation and kind person about me. I want worthy relation to me, return I shall give also fine relation and my love. You should also understand, that the gentle fundamentals for relation is very  bad, as two persons should go about all life. Here remained of the strong men. You also should know, that I live in country where each day there leave thousand Russian people.I radiate from, that my children had the best life, than I. I think, that you will perceive me. I only want that we with you prolonged our relations, as I feel your energy and I think, that you that the man, which one is necessary to me. Dear Lawrence, i also want to certify you, that I shall not deceive you, I am true the very sincere and opened girl.
Waiting for your answer impatiently, Love, Andreya
At first we should a little learn each other
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Saturday, September 07, 2002 10:51 PM
I shall tell about my family.
The daddy Pavel 62 years. Worked in police. Now he on pension.
The mum Elena 58 years. Worked by mail. Now at home, without job.
The daddy and mum plant houses of pigs.
My small brother Viktor. He 15 years, studies at school in 9 class.
I wait for your answer.
With all my love!!!
I send you the kisses
For ever yours Andreya
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
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Saturday, September 07, 2002 10:51 PM
Hello Dear Lawrence, I was very glad to get the letter. Thank you much for your
enteresting letter ! I shall hurry to answer thy letter. I want to write to
you the detailed definition of my nature and mine throttle. Lawrence, i am not
looking for rich man there with you, i only want kind and loving man with me
to create a happy family !!!  Here is not mans for marriage because most of
them drink much alcohol and making drugs !!!  And now i found you there, you
are so kind and heart-loving man !!!  Man of my
dreams !!!  I like romantic intentions, a considerable lobe of my kindness I
donate to the people. Mine throttle can embody pictures of the nature and
all that seizes me in travel.
I can discuss with you in friendly spirit different subjects. I can discuss
with you issues of our time and native born problems of human life. I want
to find in you the adherent, friend and husband. By the kindness and
tenderness I can make your life fine. My numerous and miscellaneous concerns
can easily surprise you. I do not like enthusiastic phrases, I do not like
flattery, false people. I abhor egoism. The people using an another's
transactions invoke in me hurricane of indignation. I want, that all people
on ground lived happily. In miscellaneous time of my life I met the good and
poor people. And I always appreciated  ympatheticand kind, off-the shelf to
go on a victim for the friend. This value is very difficult for saving up,
it is even more difficult to search for it on a zoetic path. I receive a
sheer pleasure in dialogue with the friends and interesting, fascinating
people. However, I like to sit at home, I like a domestic cosiness, I like
calmness. At this time I listen to music, quiet and quiet music, which one
brings in mine I throttle a delightful reconciliation. I am resulted in
delight by Russian romances. I like Russian romances in processing List, I
like Chaykovsky. I hope, that our fine dialogue will be proceeded. I with
steep respect am referred to you and I want to learn about you more and
more.  I hope, that you the very sincere man. I wait for your answer  with
huge impatience !!!
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
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Sunday, September 08, 2002 12:49 PM
Hi, Sweetest Lawrence!!!
Thank you for your lovely letter very much !
Thanks for a beautiful photo.
I have met many people in Internet, but I have chosen you. I don't know
why... The first reason, because your letter very strongly differed from other letters. Your letter was sincery. I have thought, that you the man, which very seriously concerns to life and has a firm vital position.herefore I chose you. I do not write now other men and I do not respond on the new letters. The second reason consists that I pay for the letters considerable for me money and I can not pay a plenty of the correspondence. I have chosen you and I hope, that we shall do steps on meeting to each other. I for you shall write, what man is necessary for me. I do not search for someone especial, I want simple usual life, the large money is not necessary to me. My Dear Lawrence, i only want, that my future husband concerned to me yours faithfully and loved me. In reply to it I shall give back him all myself without the rest. I would like that he loved children and is skilful to accept the decisions. I do not love the weak men. I also would like that my husband always wanted me in sex, I want to feel about my husband by the present woman, which love. I do not demand the raised(increased) attention to myself, but we should always go on meeting each other.Dear Lawrence, i also want to tell, that I hate greed. I consider, that this very bad quality at the people.That all for today !
Wait for you, and Loving !!!       Andreya
I do not smoke, I do not drink alcoholic drinks, тольео there is some wine and I do not accept drugs
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
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Monday, September 09, 2002 1:09 AM
Hello my beloved Lawrence,
Darling I am dreaming about you as much as you are dreaming of me. I am
really missing you too my dear. I think of us hand-in-hand standing there
together and my body aches because I want you so much. Knowing that I
haveyour heart,your hand,your devotion,your burning desire pleases me very
much. I dream all the time of us together here in our aptartment making love
to each other till we can not continue anymore. I vow and promise to make
our sex (love making) the best you have ever had...  I vow to  do my best
every second of every day to not  disappoint you,to love you,honor you,care
for you,not let any person come between us,and last but by no means least
have only one man and that is you. I want no other man because all my
love,all my heart,all my passion,all desires belong to you. I intrust to you
the key to my heart,soul and my whole world,the only things I ask in return
is for you to be honest with me,love me,honor me,cherish me,and never break
my heart. Yes sweetheart  Lawrence I am busy right now but I am never to busy to
stop and try to send you an email. But i intend that some-day we will stop
geting email from each of us, because we will be together for ever and ever
!!!  We will raise children together, i will be happy to have boy and a girl
with us some-day !!! Lawrence you are one of the most important things in my
life and this will never change,I promise to try to put you first above all
else. I can not imagin not having you to email, and when you are here I can
not imagin not having time for you. I possibly can and to not break your
heart !!!!!!!!!!!!   And you mine !!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to get your
next letter. I can not wait to hold you and share our happiness together for
the rest of our lives. I must end this letter now even though I do not want
to, but I must cook dinner and help to my mother.
With all my love and affection forever and always yours,
Your Andreya
My telephone number (996) 502566511
Do you know what xxxoooxxxooo means?
I think it a kiss and embrace
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
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Tuesday, September 10, 2002 3:32 AM
Hello my Lawrence,
I love to receive and read your letters, I wait with great anticipation to
see what you will write to me next. Lawrence, "Lubov" Agency is realible, my
friend Natasha found her second part of heart , she moved to
Greece, and now they waiting for baby. Many single womens moved with this
agency every day! She recomended this agency for me to find my love, and i
FOUND MY LOVE!!!!!! I hope you know his name:-) Lawrence, i need to pay
money directly to agency (they don't use bank's services now or some-thing
else!), then they make wisa and others documents (including airline ticket)
for me!!! It realible 100 %! They don't get no one complain during 3
years. They work really realible and fast, only about 3-6 days maximum to
get all documents and be with you. Yes it is alittle expensive, but i don't
need run to different places to get different documents. They will do it
themself fast and realible, think about it please!!! It a chance for me
and i hope for you!!! Lawrence, I really miss you too and long for the day
that I can touch you, kiss you, hold you, smell you, and last but by no means
least make passionate love to you till all hours of the day and night.
 Lawrence,I dream about you and us being together all the time too. I dream
and think of us walking through the grocery store together, going to the
malls together shopping for things for us. Going to the park together with
our children having picnics. Honey I will honor, cherrish and prptect the key
to your heart forever. I will love you till the day we die honey, I look
forward to growing old with you, loving you and making you even more happy
than I have so far. No other man or women will ever be able to come between
us, and no other man will ever be able to have me because I intrust my
love, heart, affection, and soul to you, to honor, protect and cherrish. I am
happy to know that even though you are so busy that you still have time for
me, I promise to you that no matter how busy I may be I will always have time
for you to email and when we are here together in person I will always have
time for us. Lawrence, you will not ever disappoint me as long as you are
totally honest with me, do not cheat on me with another man or woman, and you
always tell me what you are thinking and if things are bothering you. I
think that a relationship is not just physical (sexual) but it also stems
from being able to talk to your lover
about any and everything. Darling I could not think nor dream of ever
breaking your heart as well. Well honey I have to go and cook dinner for
myself and finish my laundry. I hate to go but I must, but I will write you
again tomarrow. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU CHANCE!!!!!!!
Your wife will be very soon, Andreya
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
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Tuesday, September 10, 2002 3:33 AM
Dear sir,
our agency able to provide Andreya's visit to your country, we can get a
marriage visa(or other) for Andreya. It will be cheapest and fastest here,
we need to know your post adress, nearest airport and your phone number, so
we will call you and give you information about amount of money Andreya need
to come to you. Send it please.  Thank you very much for using our service !
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
             Our e-mail is:  lubov_agency@fromru.com
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 2:23 PM
Dear sir,
Thank you very much for using our service ! We provide our womens with all
papers they will need, it is visa, airline ticket to your country and with
some others papers. You don't need to fill any papers or invitation there.
We able to give tourist visa for 6 monthes, we hope it enough time to take
decision there. Sir, your bride(girl) Andreya need to get visa to US here it
is 380$us and airplane ticket 760$us. So, it is 1140$us.   It is exact
information for you. That all information you asked.  Sir are you ready to
help to Andreya with a trip ?
She was frighted with this money amount.
 Best wishes, hope your choice is right.
                    Secretary,  Nailya Kudrihova.
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
             Our e-mail is:  lubov_agency@fromru.com
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 11:48 PM
Dear sir,
here is plan what we need to do together:
1) Your girl need to pay us directly to our cash and sign declaration that
she really wish to be with you. So you need to send money her if she
We will start paper work when money will be paid, it is strict rule !
2) We start paper-work, this procces will be finished during 2-3 days
3) She will get all papers here(visa, airplane ticket and any ensurences).
4) We send her to you, and in this time we call you and let you know that
she is on way and you need to meet her there and what time exactly.
5) When you will met her there, you need to call us and say that every-thing
is good, you very happy and you need to kiss her(we need to listen it by
phone), so we will be sure that every-thing is wonderful !!!  :-)
Thank you for using our service,
Always working for you !
                   Secretary, Nailya Kudrihova.
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
             Our e-mail is:  lubov_agency@fromru.com
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 11:56 PM
Hello my Lawrence!!! I am so happy that you really loving me !!!
I am love you too !!!  So much !!!  It impossible to describe !!!
Lawrence, i hope you very serious with me !!!  Marriage is very serious step
in my life and i don't want make wrong step in my life, it not mean for me
your past life !!!  I want you will be loving and warm man and father near
me and my future children !!!  I would like to have 2 or 3 with loving man
near me, i want boy and a girl. Lawrence, my marriage agency i use it called
'Angel'  provide with every-thing me to move to you, i will need visa, it
is 380$us, airline ticket 760$us. So it is 1140$us, Lawrence, i know that it
is very expensive and much money, but i think that our love is more and more
expensive than 1140$us !!!   I hope you think so too !!!  I am really
haven't my own money now, because i don't work already during 4 monthes.
Lawrence help me to come to you and you never will be disapoited with me !!!
Lawrence, i am not joking, i am very and very serious !!!!!  My father said
me that you can send money by Western Union system, it very fast !  I can
pay for marriage agency service immediatly. So i will be able to get visa
during 3-4 days, and airline ticket during 2-3 days. So it will take about 1
week to get all documents here. Send money to my  name.
name is:  Kulakov Andreya
country is: Kyrghyz Republic
city is:  Bishkek.
post code is 720000
It enough information  to send money to Kyrghyz Republic.
I hope i never lose you !!!  I have to go now. Best wishes to you and to
friends. With total love and affection for you always,
Your wife will be soon, Andreya  Clark(it sound so sweet).
 What is Lenchik?
it nickname. Mine the mum me so names
To you hi from mine the parents
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
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Wednesday, September 11, 2002 11:33 AM
Hi my sole love Lawrence
I am very glad yours the letter!!!
Today I thought what happy because I love of such remarkable man as you,
besides I am happy doubly because this man too likes me. But on the other
hand I am sad because we with you mine liked are far apart and not we can
simply so talk and hold each other for hands. I asked the god that he has
helped us to carry out all our dreams and to meet to us you. I very much
miss on you and very much I want that you have embraced me and has pressed
to the breast. I dream as we shall live together when I shall come to you,
as we shall go for a walk keeping for hands, as we shall spend evenings. I
dream as we shall sit at you at home I shall sit to you on knees you will
iron my person, my legs. I want to be engaged with you love I know that you
can deliver to me pleasure, I love you mine sweet. I to hope that the god
will hear our requests. I to hope that you too are asked about it and I am
sure that we shall together and on always. Your love Andreya
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
             Our e-mail is:  lubov_agency@fromru.com
Thursday, September 12, 2002 12:53 AM
Hello My darling love Lawrence, I miss you too so much, it seems like I miss
you more each day. You make my every day so warm and filled with love !!!!
 I can hardly wait till to be in your arms. I want to kiss your lips and run my
hands all over your body.  I want to look deep in your eyes.  I want you so
much Lawrence...   I love you.  So you aren't sleeping.....  after we make
love you will sleep...  until I wake you to make love again....  and again..
will you open yourself to me all night or will you get mad at me?  push me
away.....You have such a wonderful heart and I think your smiles is
beautiful....   I think of you all the time.....     kiss you sweetly.....
Do you like to be touched and caressed.  My hunger grows for you.  I will
write again later, the thought of you makes me smiles.. Best wishes from my
parents, they so happy that i found you !!!  Hope we will be able to visit
them in future... All my Love,  your Andreya.
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
             Our e-mail is:  lubov_agency@fromru.com
Thursday, September 12, 2002 11:30 AM
My dear Lawrence, thank you very much for your kind letter . I am choose you and i am never
change my heart feelings to you, i am so happy that i found man who will
really love and not for sex only, like many guys doing here with girls. And
think about making drug or drink alcohol hard. My dear, it seem like a
dream, i am still not beilive that it is true that i will be with you so
soon... hmm... I love you dear and hope to hear from you my dear !!!!
your for ever and ever, Andreya.
Marriage Agency 'LUBOV' - №1 Marriage Agency in Kyrgizstan
             Our e-mail is:  lubov_agency@fromru.com