Kulipina (Kolpina, Kilpina) Svetlana (report #1)

Abakan (Khakassia), Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: 62602 Khakassia Abakan Gagarina St 34-2

Email: not specified

DOB: April 14 1977

Submitted: 11/11/05

This individual contacted me thru Yahoo Personals, without a profile, and quickly moved to e-mail. I have encountered and reported Russian scammers before,<main one was “Anna”> and it is good to see that you are using some of the information and pictures I sent you previously to alert and inform others! Below you should find her letters pasted into this e-mail and attached should be the pictures she has sent me. While she has NOT asked for any money yet, the classic trap is being set. 2 weeks till holiday time, and applying for the visa. I am expecting there to be trouble at some point in time and the money request is coming…. 

I seem to have adopted this as a hobby of sorts… Gathering information, saving mail and pictures, while searching the many sites for a matching photo to readily “out” the scammer and send them on their way. I have not found this one anywhere as of yet. Which tells me they are real, or just using a new set of photos on me. LOL I cannot say for sure at this time if they are attempting to scam me or not, but a lot of the standard hints and clues are there.

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Letter 1:

XXXX! I am very glad, that you have answered me. You and your life
really interesting for me. My real name is Svetlana. My full name
Кульипина Светлана Львовна it in Russian Excuse but I do not know as it 
sound on English. I would like to know your full name and your 
name also. How I should names you? As you see on my photo I have blue 
color and my hair color blonde. I am a 28 year old, I was born on April 
1977, My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 115 pounds. I live in
Russia and I was not in any countries. I would like to speak with you 
maybe we can become serious as a couple and some day meet and become 
and marry. I am interested in you and would like to learn more about
you--the sooner the better. I would definitely like to communicate with 
in order to learn more about you. Do not worry about my profile, I did 
want many letters. After I have looked your profile on Yahoo Personals
and saw your image, I have thought that you the man which for me and I 
much loved your profile, I want tell to you that I have liked you at 
sight If my picture and my sights did not love you. We will stop our
communication and we will overlook about it for ever. Ok.
I do not want to begin our friendship with mistrust because I want and 
in marriage and love and hope to someday find it.
A love that is everlasting and true. Not some lie.
I have no a lot of time with the Internet here, But if you will be 
we shall go further to friendship. Sincerity and the best regards.

Letter 2:

I the beginner with the Internet also had a problem, , I did not see 
your second letter - answer?
You or are not interested or did not receive my letter and photo? 
Answer me please!!!
I send it again...
Hi XXXX! I am very glad, that you have answered me. You and your 
really interesting for me. My real name is Svetlana. My full name
Кульипина Светлана Львовна it in Russian. Excuse me but I do not know 
as it will
sound on English. I would like to know your full name and your 
name also. How your full name will be sounds on your American 
How I should names you? As you see on my photo I have blue eyes
color and my hair color blonde. I am a 28 year old, I was born on April 
1977, My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 115 pounds. I live in
Russia and I was not in any countries. I would like to speak with you 
maybe we can become serious as a couple and some day meet and become 
and marry. I am interested in you and would like to learn more about
you--the sooner the better. I would definitely like to communicate with 
in order to learn more about you. Do not worry about my profile, I did 
want many letters. After I have looked your profile on Yahoo Personals
and saw your image, I have thought that you the man which for me and I 
much loved your profile, I want tell to you that I have liked you at 
sight If my picture and my sights did not love you. We will stop our
communication and we will overlook about it for ever. Ok.
I do not want to begin our friendship with mistrust because I want and 
in marriage and love and hope to someday find it.
A love that is everlasting and true. Not some lie.
I have no a lot of time with the Internet here, But if you will be 
we shall go further to friendship. Sincerlity and the best regards.


Letter 3:

Hi, my dear friend XXXX!! I have got your letter. Thank you, that 
you have
found time for the reply. I wish to know all about you!!! Tell me it, 
Ok! I
very much hope! I hope you know that, I would like to know about all 
of your life, happy and sad, because that will help me to know you and 
your life experiences have been. I will be glad to share the same with 
In the firstю Why you, because I like the USA because it is the great 
beautiful state. I want to find out more about you and your country and
about people who live there. You do not know as the Russian woman to 
good the man here. I think, that it is not possible for me, I tried it 
times, but it was not developed never. Probably I very timid and 
here men search for the house of working women or women for one day for 
But this not for me! Though I never visited the USA, but I much watched 
about this country. Americans are Great Nation. I was familiar with 
group of
the American students, who have trained for one month in Russia, at the
university where I studied. I liked American people. One American girl 
this group has helped me to register a profile on a Dating Site "Yahoo
Personals". I was not able to do it myself, because I know a computer 
at the
lowest level. Yesterday she has left for the Japan to continue her 
I have no home computer and phone, organization, in which I work has an 
in the Internet, but only for service using. But as I borrow time in a
little the Internet to accept yours and to send my the letter it is not
reflected in accounts of organization. Please do not send me in the 
big a files. Here very old computer and not receive the big files. I 
not instant Messenger. I still badly understand how the work with 
I can only send and receive e-mail. For dialogue with you I need to 
only for a working computer. Sorry!!! I would very much like to visit 
USA once. But I have no visa, now. I always dreamed to see your country
again. But right now my answer depends on several things. For example - 
vacation. I do not know when I will get my vacation. We have not 
to take a vacation at any time. Also I have not looking at you as a way 
of my current life.
I know from TV of news, that all world does not trust Russian 
women, but
I will be to try and I believe that Jesus will find for me the husband 
this planet. I understand what not all Russian is good, But believe me 
as in
USA and as in any other country there are bad people. And I would like 
find a new friend or may be even a husband on all my future life. For 
reason I began to study the English language strenuously. But I still 
English not so superb. Nevertheless I study it constantly. I'm dated 
the Internet for the first time, therefore I apologize, if I have made
something incorrectly. I continue the story about myself. I was born, I 
and I work to Abakan - capital of Republic Khakassia, In 4218 kms to 
east from Moscow. Modern Abakan - industrial, cultural and a centre of
science in Khakassia. www.abakan.ru. I finished school in 16 years, at
school I studied Russian, English language ( I can talk and I do 
your American language.) , the Russian literature, World history, 
geometry, graphic drawing, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry,
singing, and still there were lessons, housekeeping and aesthetics. By 
way, when I studied at school, I visited section of light athletics and 
reached good results. Some times I participated in competitions on 
athletics . Light athletics and motorcycle races - till now my favorite 
of sports. I love sports very much. About my education and my work. I 
as the secretary at a factory, this factory manufacture navigation for
tanks. Excuse but I cannot tell to you much about my work, this 
is closed. After the routine working day I come home, and relax. My 
fun is to go camping, to bathe, to have a rest in tent camp, to go in 
sports. My parents have died one year ago, my parents gone in the car
and and had accident. When I buried my parents, I thought that I will 
mad, when has passed 6 months after death of mum and daddy I has sold 
big apartment and has bought to itself new. As for me it's the great
pleasure to keep up the home, to create something new. I like to be
surrounded with a comfort in my house. My favourite books help me to 
they carry away me far from the daily problems. my favourite writer
Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin. I love various music.I love the Madonna 
Michael Jackson and many others. In America many great musicians. I 
many the Russian musicians. For example Jana Aguzarova and group: 
by the way, sometimes I like watch TV, when goes primer of new film.
I love mysticism and horrors. I love a fantasy. In any genre there are 
movies. The main thing for me that film was clever and substantial. I 
do not
love silly movies. For example, yesterday I have looked the " Brothers 
". It was more tremendous! Were are moments when it would be desirable 
hide for somebody strong who will not give me in insult. But as I 
alone it was necessary to hide the my face in pillow. What else to tell
about me? My favorite colors are red and blue. My favorite flowers are
Roses. I have not any brothers or sisters. I am never been married. I 
have Children. I'm single and available. I'm ready for a serious
relationship that will have a positive end result. I hoping that our
friendship grows stronger. ... I look forward to your next letter! 
Yours new
friend Svetlana.

Letter 4:

Hi, my dear friend XXXX!!!!!!! How are your now? 
My apologies for taking so long to respond but my work has been very
busy these last few days. My mood is very good, I look forward to your
letters with anticipation. It sounds like we both are looking for 
things in life. I would like a man that I can trust and be best friends 
lovers, supportive of each others goals and dreams in life . Probably 
think if I was corresponding with other men, I am not, I must be like 
you in
that I can only be with one and don't want to play games with people 
I don't believe in dating or seeing more than 1 man it is disrespectful 
only to them but to myself also. I love animals except {SKUNKS} I know 
They Stink. About the Russian climate where I live. Where I live, all 
brightly expressed 4 seasons: and snow winter, both hot summer, and 
and autumn which we name "Golden". I think, this most beautiful time 
is represented to go through to the person. All the world becomes 
Leaves on trees get the most unusual shades from golden up to bright 
red. It
is my favourite color scale. Even water, not losing a transparency, 
silver-blue. Days seem more light, more pleasantly. Sometimes it is a 
to me, that is not present on light of a place where reigns eternal 
Autumn. And still a climate here quiet. I know you are handsome, I know 
are strong, kind and caring, I want to know your habits...Like I get up
around 6:30 in the morning, I turn on Radio also I watch the morning
news..After my cup of coffee I take my shower, brush my teeth some days 
shave my body and get ready for work.I am usually done with work by 
afternoon and some days I ride my bike and I try to work out everyday.I 
my dinner around 6p.m. or 7p.m. and then I watch television and play my
guitar, I am trying to learn how to play, so I just practice..Then 
10p.m. I brush my teeth and get in bed, there I watch TV until I am 
ready to
sleep.. I want to know about you XXXX..Maybe you will tell me in your
next letter.. 
Also I know, that in the America tornado very often phenomenon. On
channel "Diskavery" I saw it but in Russia it extremely a unusual
occurrence. As for what has been happening in New Orleans , the 
was indeed powerful and did much destruction to far eastern Louisiana,
Mississippi, and Alabama. Many people lost there lives that did not 
heed the
warnings to evacuate. That does sadden my heart to their troubles, the 
of New Orleans is underwater and the survivors were being evacuated. 
government has pledged to help all of the people and families affected 
the hurricane and to rebuild the cities that were destroyed, but it 
will be
a long task. I could only sit and watch as the storm hit, It was 
Nature can be beautiful, powerful, and deadly sometimes. But life and 
must go on, and the rebuilding and clean up efforts have already 
started. It
is during this time that people want to and must cling to their 

What are your thoughts on our difference in age? You don't find my
age to be disappointing? As you already know I'm a secretary and I
communicate with different people of different age. I noticed that I 
speak with the people who older than me. They are more polite, 
and suave, so it is possible to hear bad words from young people, they 
louts and boors. I am sure that men of your age are good husbands and
fathers. I have no children but I would like to have many of them. I 
that I would be a good mother. I think core values are more important 
age, but age is also a factor. I wait for the answer. With best 
p.s. My current Picture has been taken in sushi a bar by my girlfriend.
Do You sometime eat sushi?


Letter 5:

Hi XXXX! This month was a very good month
for me, especially since I have met you. You seem like such a nice, 
sweet, and sincere person. I am very happy to have met you and look 
to every time we talk. I think that everything always happens for a 
and that we have been brought together to be friends for a special 
Strange men here! When to him honest speak, that at us will not be
soulmates, i am sorry, love cannot be ordered, but they are sure, that 
only my whim, game, the girl breaks... And they of me try to convince 
of it.
But when sincerely with all heart recognized in Love and deep feelings, 
unequivocally perceive it as Deceit or error. Why? It from uncertainty 
itself or from uncertainty In me? My dream about the strongest love . I 
to fall in love, without memory, carelessly, will fall in love up to a
nausea and temperature, not is sleep! I want to feel movement of wings 
butterflies in a stomach at one idea about him. I want, would darken in 
eyes when I slowly would inhale his aroma on back him of a palm. My 
God, how
I want to feel heat of his fingers hardly below mine navel, gently 
on my skin. I want to kiss everyone him eyelashs and under nose. I 
want, to
be given him completely, wildly, with shouts to groan, depart to stars 
to lose consciousness. And then at light of the moon to admire his lips
while he sleeps. I dream to wake up of touches of these lips. To wash 
in his
bath, to go in to his shirt with the rolled up sleeves. For a long time 
press buttons of the board from TV, trying to understand as it is 
To kiss him behind, in neck, it is simple so while he works. But now 
him is
not, only you in my life now, and I very much dream will
meet with you. I am always interested in hearing about what is going on 
your life. I was sort of surprised that someone so far away would have 
interest in me and my life. I was so happy today after reading your 
and dreams and your feelings for me, many thoughts ran through my mind.
Today has been a very different day, first I read your old letters at 
and it left me feeling very helpless and sad. Then I had a dentist
appointment and had to go sit in the dentist chair for over an hour. I 
to get some teeth filled and it was a very unpleasant time. I thought 
you much of the time I was there. I am writing you this letter to ask 
if you
received my the last letter on Friday or Saturday. Anyway today is 
10/24/2005 and I did not hear back from you. I was kind of worried that
something was wrong here with the Internet or that my letter did not go
through when I sent it. I am going to re-send it. I hope you will write 
let me know? I don't know how the internet is run here, but I am 
that maybe they will be able to remove this problem the usage of 
internet. I
also thought about a time when we will be together. Your letters 
brought out
a lot of emotions in me. Now what I would very much like to know XXXX,
is your ideas of my travel to you to America in the future? But XXXX, if
you get your visa for the Russia, I would be honored to show you 
Abakan, and
you are more than welcome to stay with me anytime you want. In Russia 
have a saying "my house is your house" in other words, if you ever come 
the Russia, feel at home in my apartment as if it were your own! I am
hopeful that you are doing ok and will write me again soon and let me 
how you are. Well until I hear from you again, take care. Your 

P.S. I send you my new photo which have been taken on my work.
It was birthday at one of my colleagues.

Letter 6:

Hi, my lovely friend XXXX. As you see, I write to you again. I think, 
that the
Internet in the full right I thank you for the letter, it has warmed my
soul. But do not cease to write to me. Write to me every day. Even if I
cannot answer every day. Your letters betray to me of forces and my day 
filled with pleasure. XXXX, thanks for sharing some of your life with
me. I was just hoping for some clarification from your first letters. I 
want to learn and to know you better, should you still have the 
interest to
share that with me. I stress that my intentions are good. I really only 
to bring a smile to your pretty face and bring you happiness. Because 
if I
can do that for you, knowing that will bring the same for me. I hope 
understood me that I not joking when I stated that I am might arrive 
Your. I can definitely provide safety and security for you and your 
heart. I
would not let you down. As you get to know me, you will understand me
better. That depends on you and your feelings. I would be honored to 
your special friendship, should you grant me that privilege. XXXX, you
seem like a very sweet person and I look forward to your 
emails/letters. I'm
a very romantic lady and feel a man should always treat a woman like a
queen. If you are serious about chatting. You are on the right track 
the depth of my soul. When I love and it is rare, I will love forever 
will give my love the stars if possible.
I want to tell to you about my opportunities to write letters to 
you. I
hadn't time to tell about it in my last letter. I write to you letters 
on my
job because I have no a personal computer and it is very difficult for 
me. I
work five days in a week - from Monday till Friday. But sometimes I 
work on
Saturday and even on Sunday. I very much love that I make on my work. I 
understand that there are other ways of communication with you it is 
and letters in the envelope. But as I already spoke to you in the past 
I have no phone in my apartment and to call to America from Abakan at 
salary in 150 dollars in a month it is very expensive for me, I have 
learned it. Certainly I very much would like to hear your voice and to 
your letter in an envelope comes through ocean but it will be very for 
long time and expensive also. And I do not trust Russian mail post. 
allowable for us the way of dialogue it through the Internet and my 
computer. Please do not cease to write to me on mine mail address! Do 
have any more pictures that you can send to me. But do not send too big
pictures, work of Internet here depends from the size of your letter, 
If you
will send to me the big pictures I will not see it. I can receive your
picture if it will not exceed the size of my picture which I send you
together with the letter. 

We are much here already wrote about high feelings and connected 
them experiences. Reading commented from you, I see, That you does not 
actually, What is the true LOVE. Maybe also I do not know... But That I
think that LOVE strongly differs that I think AMOROUSNESS both on 
and on perception. My experience in this question is based not only on 
feelings, but also on feelings tested by other people, including and to 
also. Here I want conducted small research of this question. Please, 
tell me
that happens to you when you are IN AMOROUSNESS and when you LOVE, very 
I very much would like to concentrate your attention in a difference
feelings. What to not distract you from this ideas, I shall keep 
silent, but
in next my letter I will necessarily write you my perception of these 
and different on the contents of concepts. Well, my working hours comes 
an end, I finish the the letter. I send you the next photo, I think, 
will be pleased. With The best regards Svetlana.


Letter 7:

Hello XXXX! I am happy to write you! I miss you very much! I will try to 
call you in
few days. Thank you for your last email. I like to read your emails. I 
to know all about you. It's very hard to know a person through writing
emails, without meeting and personal contact. I want to do all my best 
tell you all things about myself. My favorite food is Chinese cuisine. 
I like
Russian cuisine also. I like to cook Italian dishes. I like to cook
pizza. My favorite one is pizza with mushrooms and tomatoes. Do you 
pizza? What is your favorite pizza? I like to cook lasagne also. Some 
ago I with my friend MARIANNI tried to cook lasagne with chicken, 
it was very tasty and a good time. Have you ever tried Russian dishes? 
borsch? pelmeni? vareniki? blini?
Also we had talked about your country. I think that Russia and
America basically the similar countries. But I also understand that 
are many distinctions between our countries. The biggest distinction 
that Russia practically has no black people. Here I did not see the 
with a black skin but in Abakan I see many Chinese, and people from
caucasus, but all of them have a white skin. I not the racist or 
nacist, all
people of our planet like me. I would like to know your opinion about 
women of your
And here my point of view about TRUE LOVE. When have LOVE do not 
boredom, even if simply all time to sit at home at the TV. It is 
to be together, together, constantly, always. LOVE not for something, 
contrary to. When in LOVE is not hard to change the habits or sights, 
it is
not terrible to cave in, because the vanity does not loom any more on 
first place. LOVE a very much creative, it does not bring a pain, as
AMOROUSNESS, Because the EGO and VANITY does not work. And at last,
AMOROUSNESS it something very terrestrial, And the LOVE is very 
that can be given only from the God, Never will explain why In LOVE but 
have LOVE in it do not doubt and are not nervous before wedding. And in 
end, the True LOVE very strong thing which can practically all!!! Dear
XXXX, I want to communicate to you , and I will. Just do not worry, if
we are meant for each other God will bring us together soon, there is 
hope and we must have faith. Dear XXXX, I have not been hurt by any man
in the past, because I did not get into any relationship when I saw 
wrong things about the person. I do not search for a any materiality 
I search for the my man for a life for ever, I even haven't sexual 
Also I have lived a simple and healthy life, and have no past or 
present problems. 
I only lost my family and very much regret about it... My dear man, my 
angel, please have hope and take care of yourself, I think of you many 
in a day, God bless you and care for you and have a great day. I hope 
like my picture. And last question in this letter you can give me 
everything to 
help make you the happiest man in the world? 
Your girlfriend and more Svetlana.


Letter 8:

Hi, my lovely friend XXXX! !!!!!!!
Again I write to you. Days are pulled as years
pending your letter. For so short time I has to miss your letters. In 
it is so much heat and understanding, that sometimes seems to me, that 
absolutely near, only to stretch a hand, and I touch to you. Sometimes 
much it would be desirable to hear your voice, to glance in yours eyes 

Though we are divided with many and many kilometers. Another thing I 
you to know is that if for some reason you could not come to the 
Russia. I
would come live with you at the appropriate time, if that was possible.
While I live a pretty comfortable life here, I would give that up to 
you. I would live in a box, if it meant that I could be with you. The 
that we have left here on earth is inconsequential compared to forever. 
believe in forever with all my heart. I dont want to wait any longer 
than I
have to be with you. God only gives us so many moments here on earth. 
its gone, its gone. I can't stand thinking about wasting more moments 
out you. I am ready to be the happiest woman in the world and I am 
ready to
give you everything to help make you the happiest man in the world. 
When two
people connect deeply, it is a crime against love for them to be apart. 
rather go through hell with you, than emptiness without you.

I want to tell to you about the last weekend. On Sunday I have 
church. I - orthodox and as all Christians I visit church. But it turns 
seldom as I frequently am is borrowed on my weekends on the job. But in 
past me with my father go to church everyone Sunday. It was the most
remarkable time when I spent the weekends with my parents. By the way, 
parents worked also at the factory where I work now. My Father worked 
as the
turner my mum worked as the secretary (I have taken her job). I was 
very sad
in this weekend and then I have decided to go in church and have pray. 
service life rather for a long time - 4 hours. In orthodox church it is
impossible sit in services time (as in a Catholic temple), it is 
stand and sing prays together with chorus and parishioners.But I do not 
how correct prays and I pray silently, I ask the God has helped me to
overcome all difficulties. I pray for you daily! the Bible is the 
life map to the eternal life. Our churches differ from Catholic: they 
the domes, similar the form on a bulb. On a dome the crucifixion. As a 
domes paint in green or blue color, and on walls plaster whitewashing. 
within the temple is painted bible motives. On walls icons settle down, 
at each icon stands candlestick where put candles when want to pray to
sacred. During service, people working on church, distribute breads, 
from water with a flour. But they very tasty. when I come in church and 
pray, my soul relaxes. And I know, that the God with me. I think, that 
he in
heart of each person. Are you agree with me? God loves us so much, that 
sent his only Son to die on the cross for our sins. It is a wonderful 
of walking with Christ always. Tell me, whether you believe in the God?
Whether you attend churchs, and whether you listen to sermons? If it is 
difficult for you, tell to me, what at you go church. Because I don't 
or push the LORD on any one. I wait for your answer XXXX. 

I hope I have satisfied some of your curious. I will continue tomorrow, 
I promise.
I am very flattered about your feelings toward me. I am glad that I 
give you
warm feelings and I am happy to know that I am on your mind. I do have 
feelings of comfort and affection toward you also, but I must abide my 
and be safe. I trust you very deeply that you wouldn't do anything to 
me or jeopardize our friendship. I promise that I will not end our
friendship. I enjoy very much corresponding with you and learning about 
life. I am very glad that you are interested in me. I must finish my 
And I want to ask you also, what makes you happy XXXX? Sincerely yours
and with best wishes. I kiss you hotly and I hope that like you, my 


Letter 9:

Greetings, the my dear friend
XXXX!!!!!!! I am in such a good mood today, the weather is so nice here
today. It's about -2 or -4 Celsius degrees outside but sunny with blue 
and no clouds, just perfect weather. I look forward to each letter more 
more. I wait with impatience for each one. I am like you very nervous 
falling in love with someone from very far away. Your letters and your
thoughts make me very happy now. With you I do feel that falling in 
love is
very possible for me. I do want to get to know you more before I could 
for sure. But I do want you to know that I'm also real, everything I 
comes straight from my heart and soul. You are very special to me and I
would do nothing to harm you. I really worry that one day you will 
and I won't hear from you anymore. I want to promise to you I will 
just stop writing to you or anything like that. I would never do that, 
feel very lucky that you choose to write me and that I decided to write 
back. I'm sure there must be a reason for our encounter, everything 
happen for a reason. I believe that if we were meant to be together 
that it
will happen in time. It is a pity, that I cannot write to you more 
often - I
am very much busy on work every day. And if the boss will see, that I 
correspondence with the citizen of America, using the service Internet, 
will be indicted in larceny. The Internet in the personal purposes here 
not supposed! In that case I will be discharged from my job. Also it 
will be
not very good, If I will lose this communication with you. But let's 
hope for the best future! In old my letters I given to you the my full 
in Russian. Now I shall give you the home address in case for some 
reason we
lose contact on the computer. I write the address as it looks on 
Хакасия, Абакан, 
Гагарина улица, дом 34, квартира 2. is my home address. 
I know that in America from October, 31 till November, 1
had a holiday "Halloween" And I wish you and your close people happy
Halloween! I hope that you had a lot of entertainment. In Russia we
celebrate, many holidays. The basic it, Christmas January, 7, New year
December, 31, Day of the Russian Army 23 February, Day of Women on 
March, 8,
Day of the World and Work May, 1, Day of a victory over Germany on May, 
and it not the full list of the Russian holidays. But I did not hear, 
in Russia we have celebrate Halloween. 

I think that you understand that my heart is very pure and true. 
I really have not a bit of evil in me, I am kind to everyone and treat 
people the way in which I would expect to be treated. 
I believe in God and try to walk in a path that is true to the
Bible, although I am far from perfect. I want you to be assured that I 
only looking for someone that I can be calmness with, this is the only
reason I am looking to meet you XXXX, you are the only man I've been
interested in writing from such a long distance away because I believe 
you really are looking for happiness and not out to use me or deceive 
me. I
hope that you are a true man and are telling me the truth about 
I promise to you XXXX, that I only tell you the truth. You know, I want
to admit to you, that when I started corresponding with you, I very 
much was
afraid to begin our correspondence, I should tell that here in Russia 
in the
Internet a lot of warnings about foreign men who deceive Russian women 
the purpose of getting sexual satisfaction or with the purpose to find 
for a "public house" (brothel) in America. I heard here also, that many 
live with the woman or marry for looking only money do not love and
friendship. But I do not think that you for some just trying to get my 
or have plans to earn on me. Because I am option very seriously and not
going to joke or to deceive you. I sincerely with you also trust you 
all my heart. You XXXX true, open, kind. I has become loved your
letters, I wait for them with impatience and I receive with huge 
They heat my soul, give a positive charge on all day, you have saved me 
loneliness. At first I didn't think you were going to respond and then 
you did, I felt close to you almost from the beginning. You are so
refreshing compared to a lot of Russian men I have met. I believe that 
are real and truthful. I hope I'm not wrong on this? You do seem very
sincere about your intentions of finding true happiness. I do have the 
worries about a long distance relationship that you have. But if you 
in me you will not be disappointed, I don't lie, cheat, or use people. 
feel that honesty is the most important thing of all, do you agree? So,
believe me I will always be totally honest with you. I do wish you were 
with me today and I could reassure you about my truthfulness and 
I hope that my words can relieve your worries. And last question: Who
usually takes your pictures? I wait for the answer from you XXXX. Your


Letter 10:


Thanks for the fine letter and thanks for beautiful answers to my

questions. You write so interestingly and I see that you have very kind

heart and your internal beauty can be comparable only to your appeal 


charm. And your new picture only convinces me that you a most charming

man with an interesting life.

Excuse me for the small letter,

I will write later.

Bye, yours Svetlana.


Letter 11:

Hi, my dear XXXX! After reading your last letters you has
touched my heart deeply. I have not stopped thinking about you, since
reading it. I too await your letters with impatience and again my heart
beats rapidly. I am very flattered by your words and feelings about me. 
never really ever thought it would be possible to fall in love, being 
much distance apart. I do think about you, everyday now and can see 
falling in love with you from a long distance has become more close to
happening for me. Everyday I worry that something might happen to you. 
wait to hear back from you to know you are alright. XXXX, I have began
to feel very strongly that you are this one, in which I would hold most
dearest in my life. My heart tells me that I love you for the true 
that you are in your heart and care very deeply about your happiness.
XXXX, understand that I wish you were with me, and that we would be
together forever. I do want to meet you XXXX, everyday I think
about when this day come true.

Today my boss and me had conversation about my future career here, 
has told that knows about my communication with you, Also he informed 
that does not approve my action to find love and the relation abroad as 
very old (To him of 65 years) and has been brought up when in Russia 
was not democracy, not freedom of a choice and a not freedom of speech. 
people do not approve American democracy, because they lived in the
communistic USSR, Young people on the contrary is approve democracy, 
it has given them many opportunities and prospects in their life. last
opportunity to write to you. He also informed me, that on work there 
will be
a general annual check and soon from Moscow will arrive high-ranking
officials to keep up this process. My boss would not like my dismissal 
court if officials will find ours correspondence. . And he is compelled 
give me a vacation. In three weeks I shall go on a vacation and I shall 
have an opportunity to see from you new letters and pictures. me is 
very bad
thought about it. I do not want to lose that we have. Services the 
- cafe cost for me very expensively, And I cannot correspond with you, 
money will terminate quickly enough, (One minute of cafe the Internet 
here about 1 dollar, I've written to you the letter approximately an 
And I will not have an opportunity to contact you. To me it is very 
sad. I
am absolutely in confusion. What do me now? Many years I ask myself a
question: Why everything depends on money? I think that the money is 
main thing in life. The main is when the people can and want to 
each other. But I have some savings and I do written to you, I promise. 
I do
know that what the heart wants, the heart usually finds a way to make 
come true. I do believe that fate must have brought us together for a
special reason. We have found each other and we must be meant to meet 
for a
special reason. I would never want you to be unhappy and would do 
whatever I
could do, to make you happy. I would never become interested in another 
as long as you are mine, I promise you that. I am a very faithful true 
loyal woman as I've mentioned before. I care deeply about the feelings 
others and do not want to hurt anyone. I would be interested to know 
much a plane ticket from Moscow to you? And I do not know the near 
to you but if you do write me it I will try and research this on the
internet, but I'm not sure if I can find this information. So I must 
get the
visa. It will take about one week. I have found that I needs to used 
visa B1/B2. This visa will allow me to be in the USA 6 months.
I think we do need more time to get to know each other and talk 
necessary steps to take in order for our meeting to come true. Again I 
very touched and pleased by you. My heart wants very much for us to be
together. I feel that if we can be together I will make you very happy,
XXXX. I have never felt so strongly about someone that I never met in
person. I believe deep down that I have fallen in love with you and the
person that you are on the inside. Your letters mean so much to me and 
print and keep everyone since we started writing to each other. I do 
very much about you and love you also XXXX. Everything I say has great
meaning and comes from my heart. I wait for your answer. Yours 

P.S. I send you the a current picture.


Letter 12:

Hi, my dear!!! Thanks for the your sweet letters. Forgive me, I 
sometimes haven't
answered your questions, I know that, it is awful! Forgive me if it so, 
I always try to answer all your questions. Maybe I wanted to answer, 
have forgotten, because I write letters during all day by small parts 
when I
receive free minute. Maybe therefore I forgotten to answer some your
questions, especially when I start to tell about myself. But I always 
try to
answer your questions. We outstrip you in time. And probably I send 
some my
letters to you before I will receive your next letter with questions. I
think that, years of communication through the Internet, never will 
a meeting face to face. I hope you understand it! Maybe I choose manner 
so accessible to you, maybe my words are ambiguous, but anyhow I never 
your sweet letters without answers and my pictures. Anyway our meeting 
very close, and when we shall be together, I promise that I shall 
answer all
your questions. I very much hope that you will not leave me at this 
of our relations. I very much want will meet you, but if you will stop 
me any communication. I should sit in loneliness and think of you. I 
aimlessly wander on streets and fall asleep with tears on eyes every 
I will receive 65 lonely days in a vacation! The aim of all my life-to 
with a man who loves me and I love him by all my heart. I thought what 
I can
do to see you. But please do not worry about Money. From the childhood 
dream was travel to ocean, I never saw ocean. 3 years ago I have made 
decision, to visit as the tourist Northern America, I started to save 
and now I have no with it problems. I have saved up sufficient the sum 
pay the flight and all expenses connected with my travel to you. I am 
happy what go to remarkable the man in the remarkable country. Today I 
addressed in firm where the visas are made. I have been explained that 
will be necessary to visit set of various departments, state and 
institutions in Abakan. In agency of me has calmed and have told me 
that my
visa will be ready during one week. Also today Tuesday 11_08_05 I will
receive a vacation exactly through two weeks!

Excuse to me but I overlooked to write you about how and who takes 
pictures. My pictures are done by my girl friend MARIANNI, you saw her 
on my
old pictures. I have scanner at my job and I use it to take my 
pictures. But
now the scanner is broken also I cannot send you new pictures. In my 
I am and my guitar, it is old a Russian national guitar, this guitar 
only three strings, but very well makes by a sound. Picture it has been
taken approximately 18 months ago MARIANNI, in my old apartment where I
lived with parents, when they were alive. Certainly you have noticed in 
letters that I speak very little about your appearance. I see your 
world, and alas, this particular type of beauty is very special and 
Most men have only appearances, but not have beauty inside, and this is
where true beauty is. This, is that for me is the most important and
significant in all limits of my character, my soul and my 
consciousness. Your
words spoken to me with so much kindness and care, they express the 
within you. I think that you are truly handsome, the essence of what 
should be. Your first email was a small light, when I opened the door 
on the
other side was a whole new world that I have never seen with you as the 
Beautiful, amazing, and full or wonder. Dear XXXX contrary to everything,
you seem to me very attractive the man and the main thing, at you very
gentle heart, I feel it under your letter. Well, my time comes to an 
end, I
finish the letter. I always wait for your answer. Yours Svetlana.


Letter 13:

Hi my soul XXXX! Your letters for me as light in full
darkness. As it is hard for me for one to overcome difficulties. I 
that we will be very happy together and that the love in my heart for 
will never change. I dream everyday about the day me arrive there to 
Not a day goes by that I don't spend time dreaming about this moment. I 
you very happy that I are coming to be with you. I dream of being close
enough to touch your hand, to speak your name, to feel your embrace, to 
into your eyes. I know, that all this seems much closer to coming true
now.This day can not come quickly enough for me. First I shall receive 
visa and only then I will look the best flights from Moscow to your 
You should not question that my feelings is strong for you. My feelings 
you are with me every minute of the day. There are no confused feelings 
me about you, everything I feel is very real and true. I have no doubt 
we are right for one another. I can not bare the distance between us 
longer. I want to hear your voice and thoughts on a daily basis. I want 
be able to reach out to you and comfort you when your scared or sad. I 
you in my life from now till the end of days. I know that this is a 
unique and important chance for our love and for us to be together. I 
only dream of what it will be like, but my vision of what our lives 
will be
like is a very good feeling. We must be together and explore our 
for one another. I can tell that you have very strong and caring 
feelings of
love for me and I hope that I have made clear feelings for you. Your
happiness is the most important thing for me now and I look forward to 
life together and know that I will make all your dreams of love come 

I hope that you understand what I mean. I am just not the type of 
to say things that I do not mean. I miss you very much and all my 
last time only about you! When I coming to my job and saw a letter from 
I pleasing as a small girl. You are the unique man that can understand 
now and can support me in difficult situation! I am sure in you and I 
trust you in any case. I dreming about that time when I will be helping 
in all about house, to work and rest together, laughing and solve 
problems, because your problems will be my problems and on the 
contrary. I
think, it has to be so if people love each other. I thought a lot about 
all and what we have to do now. I think, that we have to meet in person 
I am ready to arrive to you for us. I want communicate with you in 
also, but unfortunately I have no phone. Please, not be surprising. In
Russia many people have no phone. To get a phone it is necessary to 
the statement, to pay the big sum and after to wait for a long time 
Many people wait during several years. But I can try to call you from 
international item of communication. If I can call you I will inform 
But anyhow, I understand that for you would be easier to talk by phone. 
alas, the life in Russia is not similar to a life in America, and for 
majority of people a getting of phone is very long process. But I have
decided to use the Internet because it is really accessible way for me. 
cannot promise to you that I will call you directly tomorrow but I can
promise that I will search for a way to call you. As always I sending 
you the next
picture. Maybe you have already guessed I am on motorcycle races, the 
that near to me, my competitor. As we took part in group of support. My
command has taken the second place. Here you can see my full height (if 
do not remember my height is 5 feet 6 inches.) I very much love yours
complements to me and your comments on my pictures. I wait for your 
Yours Svetlana!


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