Kuprieva Natalya and Chayka Galina 

(uses the same pictures as: Chepaykina Nadezhda from Kazan; Zanozina Olga from Russia)

Lugansk (Luhansk), Ukraine

Tel: n/a

Address: Stepnoy, 18, 160 Lugansk 91015 Ukraine

Email: goldfish@pochta.ru 

DOB: n/a

Submitted: 04/21/05


I need to report a SCAMMER

Name: Natalya (Natasha) Kuprieva
E-mail ID: goldfish@pochta.ru 
DOB: 7 Jan 1981
Location: Luhansk, Ukraine
Photos: STOLEN
Tele No.: N/A
Street address: Does not give
Copy of ID/Passport: Does not give
Want's money sent Galina Chayka
by WU to: Stepnoy, 18, 160
Lugansk 91015

If you need any more information please let me know.




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From: goldfish@pochta.ru
Sent: 24 March 2005 17:55
Subject: Natasha

My dear XXXX!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening at the Internet cafe,
hoping to get a letter from you. I was a bit sad that you did not
write me, but now I see that you had no opportunity to read my letter
yesterday. And today I could not wait to go to the Internet cafe.

XXXX, I have made some inquires about Western Union. As it turned
out, there are a couple of Western Union departments in my city. I
have no idea how it works, but I was told that I will have to bring my
id document when I come to get the money. Honey, the problem is that
my passport is in the University right now, it's necessary to get
ready some documents for my final exams, and I have no idea when I
will get it back.

Maybe I can give you my friend's information, she can get the money and
give it to me. Please, don't worry, I trust her completely, and there
will be no problems. 

As for the information you need, here it is:
Galina Chayka
Stepnoy, 18, 160
Lugansk 91015

Again, I am very grateful to you for what you are doing, I have never
met such a wonderful man before.

I will be waiting for your letter with GREAT IMPATIENCE!!!
I am sending you my kisses!!!
Your Natasha.