Amaukova Ekaterina

(uses similar letters as Smirnova Marina from Noginsk and Lachkova Ekaterina of Kazan, Russia)

Borki (Omsk area), Russia

Tel: n/a

Address: Sovetskaya street 10-12 Borki Omsk area Siberian Federal Area 


DOB: 10 June 1977

Submitted: 04/17/05

HI, just thought to give you a few lines. I have received alot of letters from a woman from Russia. She is 28 and goes by the name Ekaterina Amaukova from Omsk area Siberian Federal Area Borki Sovetskaya street 10-12 she says she is a dentist.
I read the exact letter today that she sent me a week ago on your site. She is in love with me after a few weeks, sent alot of pictures and long letters. Its the letter about going to the pawnshop to get money for here visa, bought the ticket to moscow but is short 640 dollars. She gave me all the paticulars to send the money. She said she has failed if she doesnt get the money by April 19 she will lose everything (deposit) you know the letter. I read the sexual letter on your site and it was exactly the same. Our first meeting together where she danced in front of me and know.
If you would like to email me back I can send you pictures and letters she sent me. 

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From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 12:54 PM
Subject: how are you?

> Hi Allan.
> It's me Ekaterina.
> Sorry I couldn't write to you earlier. I was very busy and tired. Now I have more free time to write you and I will use this time to
> send you little message. I hope you will be glad to receive it. I want to ask you do you really still interested to know me better?
> I am very interested and hope we will continue our exchange of e-mails. I want to let you know, if you want, you can call me
> Katya or Katerina not only Ekaterina. All of these are the same name. I think you want to learn more about me because you
> answered for my message I sent you some time ago. Am I right? Maybe I am mistaken but I want to believe you want to
> correspond with me. I would like to write you often and get your e-mails too. I know you want to know more information
> about me. I will tell you some information about me here, in this e-mail and I will write you more long letter tomorrow and will
> wait response from you. Here you can see my picture. I will send more later. I just want to ask you about some pictures of
> you too, I would like to see them. I hope it's not hard for you. But please don't send large size pictures, because I have limit
> of internet time and I will have problems to get pictures if they will be big size. I hope my english not so bad and you can
> understand me correctly. Ok, some informtion about me: I live in the country named Russian Federation. My real name is
> Ekaterina. I live alone, about 5 year and I have a job. I am 27 years old and have no children. I am looking for the right
> man - soulmate to create my own family together with him. This is my main purpose for this period of life. I decided to
> orrespond with forign man because I couldn't find happiness here. I think we will talk about it more some later. I have a friend
> who helped me how to make profile and showed how to write to you. I am not good in computers. But I am not sure that all
> information about me is correct and please don't be surprised of it. Maybe some information will be incorrect, but I think it's
> not a problem, because we can learn about each other and to know all necessary information about us via our corresponding.
> What do you think about it? Do you agree with me? Ok, this is the end of my message.Tomorrow I will check my mailbox and
> will see for your letter, so I can see were you really interested in me or not. I hope you will answer and we will continue our
> corresponding. I was glad to write you. Hope you feel the same. See you Allan!
> Sincerely Ekaterina. 

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From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 6:45 AM
Subject: Hello again

> Hi Allan.
> I'm glad to hear from you Allan and I think the time difference between us is about 11-12 hours. I will try to
> check this information again. How often do you check your email? I'm the new person in computers and the internet.
> It's so interesting for me and I try to know more about it. I will buy the book about how to use the computer and
> will learn because it's not so easy. Is it easy for you to use the computer? How long are you online and how long
> time you have your profile in the internet? Did you e-mail many women Allan? Did you e-mail any Russian women
> or may be they e-mailed you? What do American people think about Russians and Russian women? These questions
> are interested for me, please answer it, ok? There is a computer at my work so I decided to try to contact you because
> I have registered on yahoo and have created my own profile with the help of my friend! I have already written about it in
> my previous letter. I tried to search the man who will love me and used criterions of selection for it. There were a lot
> of profiles! But I tried to find profile which will be good for me. And now I have your answer for my message and I am
> glad! I want to let you know I write only to you, because I think I don't need to write to someone else if I already
> have one man who write me. I have chosen you because I have to choose someone I'm interested in and want to
> know you better. Probably millions people are in the internet and want to contact with someone but usually person
> choose one for corresponding. I'm glad you answered my letter and now we might start to know each other better! I
> think you are interested to learn more about me, because I see you write to me and this fact make me happy! I have
> decided to use the internet for searching the right person because there are many people and I'm interesting in international
> meeting because I had a bad experience with local relations. I have decided to try to meet a foreign man because I
> have heard that a lot of women did it in all over the world. I think I have some chances to meet foreign man of my life
> because I can write, speak and understand English not bad. All people in our country learn English since 10 years
> old at school. Allan, did you study any languages in school? So I can speak 2 languages Russian and English.
> I'm looking for a serious relationship including an opportunity of meeting and maybe marriage in the future. My real
> name is Ekaterina, my nationality is Russian and I was born in Russia, here in the very little town named "Borki"
> in 1977. My birthday is 10 June and my astrological sign is Gemini. This town is located near Omsk or Kalachinsk.
> Did you hear about these cities? So I'm 27 years old. I live here all of my life but if I will find a man who will love me
> and I will feel the same then I might leave my country and live with him in any place of this world. So I want to find
> the right man! And if you are far from me I think it's not a big problem because we live in the modern world and almost
> everyone can come to any place of this world by the plane or by the ship. I think we can have meeting if we will decide
> to do it but of course in the future because firstly we must know better each other. I like to travel but I don't travel a lot
> and never have been outside of my country. I'm not trying to move to other country but I think it's possible and I will do
> it if I will want it of course! Can you tell me about yourself? About your life? I have been never married And have noe
> children. Do you have children, how much? I want to have my own children someday. What is your job and do you like it?
> I work in the medical sphere. I am dentist and I work in dental clinic. I work very hard because we have a lot of people
> here who have bad situation with teeth. I like my job even that I have a small wage! May be my words could sound
> absurd but it's true! In my previous letter I sent you my picture. Here is another picture of me and map, where I live .
> I think it's all for today. I will wait your letter and will write you tomorrow and of course I will try to answer all your questions.
> Ekaterina.


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From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 7:51 AM
Subject: from russia

Hello Allan!

I hope you glad to receive my letter today! I was glad when I received your
letter. Do you know, we have spring here? But this year spring look like a winter.
Everywhere is snow and temperature in about - 15 degrees of Celsius. Every day
we have snow again and this will be long time more, our weather forecasters says
so. I don't want and don't like it. I already want warm weather and more of sun.
What the season and weather where you live right now? You know, the temperature
of winter season may be about -40C here. All people put on very warm clothes. In
the some places of our country the temperature may be about -65C. It's extremely
cold!! I even can't imagine how is cold there!!! br-r-r-r!!! People say that champagne,
water, beer are freezing in the twinkling of an eye! I don't know how people can live
there? What you think about it? Could you live there or it's very cold for you? Just
curious, no more. I am not sure and don't know about measurements in your country
and therefore I wrote temperature in Celsius. I hope you can understand it correctly.
In our country we use the metric system of measurements. What the system use in
your country? Now I want to let you know some information about me and my town.
I as you know I live in Borki. This is almost central part of Omsk area. This area is
located on the south of central Siberia. Do you know where is this Allan? I sent
you the map with last letter and I hope that map helped you to figure out where I live.
My town is small and I can say that my town is young town. The population is about
15 thousands of people. We have one little museum, and one little cinema, one libraries
and 1 fitnes club, some of bars and cafes and one restaurant. Our town is locating
on the coast of river named Irtysh. Did you hear about this river? I want to let you know
I trying to live healthy, I like the sport and I have a plans to change area for a living in
future. I already some years ago had thoughts about changing place for a living. But I
just don't know when it's will be happen. Maybe soon or maybe I will need to wait long
time. Allan what the ecology situation in your area? What can you tell me about
place where you live? We have not ideal ecological status here. We have two industrial
factories near our town. I have a good job and I like it. But before I could work I have
studied in medical university. It was Omsk university. I have studied at medical faculty
during 5 years. After 10 years of studing at school of course. And I have diploma. What is
your education? and how long you studied? How long you studied in school. Just curious.
I want to ask you how you selected your profession. Did you already know that you
would want work for this profession? Always I have knew that I want to work in medical
sphere and all the time I have interested by different types of medicine. I want and I like
to help people. I am glad that my interest was useful and results of my work deliver me
a pleasure. What you may say about your work? Do you feel the same or not? I would be
glad to know this about you. Ok, I will finish my letter now. I will send you another letter
tomorrow and will tell you about my hobbies and interests and will send picture of me.
And I will wait your letter in my mailbox with impatience, because from your letters I can
know you better. I understand that we can't tell about all things of ourselves in one letter,
but I think we will learn with every next letter more and more. I hope you agree with me.
I hope I will get your letter soon. Bye my friend Allan.

> From Ekaterina.

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2005 5:04 AM
Subject: Just want to say you hello, Allan

> Hello Allan.
> How are you feeling today? I hope you are well. I'm fine! I have a great mood today since the morning! I have got
> up, taken a shower and drunk a cup of Ceylon tea. Do you like to drink tea in your country, Allan? We, Russians,
> like it very much. Russian people like tea even more than coffee. This situation looks like a tradition now. I know that
> in China there is an ancient tradition to drink tea and here in Russia we love tea too. I think this habit have started in
> our country many years ago. As you know Russia was a soviet country and was called USSR. At that time we had big
> problems with food in our shops. We had a deficiency of food. For example, for butter, meat and more other kind of
> food our government gave out the limited amount of coupons to people that they can get some food. It was very bad
> time. It was a crisis in our country. But we had good relations with some countries which called by our friends. One of
> those counties was India and Ceylon there always were packs of Indian and Ceylon tea on the shelves of food shops.
> I think since that time our people like to drink tea in any time of a day. Tell me what do you like to drink? But the coffee
> became more and more popular in our life at last time. After drinking a cup of tea I have cooked the soup with a meat
> under the recipe of my mom. It is a very good thing to eat soup in the middle of the day, in the other words, at the
> dinner. You could ask me why it's good? I tell you that it's good for our stomach. Medics can say to you the same thing.
> That's why I recommend you eat such food at the dinner. I like to cook very much, especially when I have a great
> mood. And it's much pleased for me to the cook when people eat your dishes with good appetite! So may be sometime
> I can cook for you, Allan! I have watched TV program today and I have found out that in the evening on TV have
> to be a good movie in the romantic style on the 1st channel of our television! I will watch it! Because as you know I
> like romantic movies! We have a few channels on our television. How many channels do you have? What do you like
> to watch on TV? What movies? What kind of women do you like? What women are there in your country? I have heard
> that American women want to make great career and they don't like to take a work at the household. I think that a
> career is good but woman haven't to forget about the house. But may be in your country they think different. I want
> to ask you what do you want to find in the character of a woman of your dream? What would you love in a woman
> Allan? What are the main qualities that you would want to find in your woman? How do you think it would be
> hard to me to find a job in a country such as yours? In our country it's rather difficult and such job is paid not good.
> At least it's not enough for a normal life. A lot of people have a little wage and the conditions of their life is very low
> here. It is a bad situation and our government do nothing to improve this situation. Therefore there are many people
> who are not glad especially last time, because the government want to decline some of privileges. This situation will
> mostly affect on pensioners. Now you can see a little more about the life in our country. I will wait for your next e-mail
> and I want you to tell me more about yourself. Now some more details about myself. I can't let you know about all
> details but I am trying to tell you about everything. I hope we will know each other better. Usually I write you after
> my work when I am in the internet cafe. It's not very expensive to write to you. But sometimes I write at home or at
> my work and save my letters to a diskette. Then I go to cafe to send it to you. I think e-mail is a good thing. Many
> people can exchange letters via the internet quickly. I am glad that this thing is available. The postal office is more
> slow way to write. I think exchange of e-mails is the more quick and more convenient way to communicate with you.
> I think we can use this wervice without any problem. Do you agree with me? Maybe later we can find another way to
> communicate with each other. I will be glad for any new thing which can help to know us better. When I am reading
> your letters I try to read it in English. I don't use translators. Sometimes if I don't know some word I take a dictionary
> and look for the translating of this word. As you know I write only you. You are my first man from another country who
> I write. I don't remember did I tell you about date of my birthday? My birthday is 10 June. I was born in Russia in the
> city called Borki on the 10 of June in 1977 and I live here now. I like to celebrate my birthday and if the people make
> the presents for me at this day, it's great! But you know that I like to receive the presents from people who love me
> and when they give me their presents personally! I don't like the congratulatory parcels or using the delivery services
> or mail services because I appreciate friendly and family relations. But more I like to make presents to people I love,
> for example to my mom and my friends. Now I think and you became my first foreign friend and I think someday I will
> present you little gift. When I was young I had a big pie from my parents and they inserted and lit the number of
> candles which was my age at this day. It was great! Please tell me about your birthday and events of it. How do you
> celebrate your birthday? How many friends and relatives do you invite to your celebrating? I don't remember did I say
> to you about it or not? But if I will repeat please excuse me. I can play guitar very good and piano but still not very
> well! I play acoustic guitar. I have never tried to play electric guitar. What kind of musical instruments can you play?
> I like to sing. Do you like it? Do you sing good Allan? I can simg very good. One of my friend have karaoke and
> when we meet we sing different songs. We sing songs on russian and on english. We have a lot of fun and spent
> time good. I sent you two pictures where I am singing. Karaoke is a good thing and I like this very much. These
> pictures was taken at my friend I wrote about som earlier in this letter. Do you like karaoke Allan? Did you try to do it?
> Allan, can you tell me what the prices in your country? For example the bread costs 7-8 rubles here, the juice (1 Liter) costs
> about 30-40 rubles. Milk costs about 9-30 rubles. I kilogramme of butter cost about 70 roubles, cheese about 75- 875 roubles
> The dinner costs about 200-400 rubles at the good restaurant, in a cafe - up to 100 rubles. More details about me are here:
> I am repeating again, I'm 27 now, but soon I will be 28 years old and it's age when the woman gets the beauty and the
> femininity, at least it's considered here in Russia. Many people could be surprised that I haven't any boyfriend or the
> potential husband at my age but it's so. I just had a bad experience of relations with man in my past and I don't want
> to tell about it right now. Maybe I will tell you about it later if you will want to know about it. That's all for now. I think
> I will write you tomorrow and will tell you more about me. I hope you was glad to know something new about me.
> Ekaterina. 


From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2005 3:50 AM
Subject: From Ekaterina to Allan

> Good day my friend Allan.
> How is your day? I hope good. I want to let you know about some thing. I don't understand what was wrong with me or
> with my computer but I have lost latest your letters, you already sent me. I have thought I saved it, but I don't have it
> right now. I have more free time now and I wanted to answer your questions, but now I haven't it now, and therefore I
> want to ask you: please ask me again what do you want to hear about me, ok? I think I have already answered some
> questions and now you know me better. I think you can ask me questions which I still didn't answer. I hope you can
> understand my situation and can forgive me for it. Now my computer works correctly and I think I don't need to afraid
> of losing your letters again. I believe it will not happen again. But anyway I will tell you more about me today. I think you
> would like to hear about it. I hope you will write me back soon. Yesterday in the evening I have thought about our
> correspondence. I have heard that a lot of women and men exchange e-mails and meet each other from different countries.
> I have already told you about it before but I remember it again because we have the same situation Allan. I think that
> an international correspondence is a great thing because it unifies many people and nationalities together. What do you
> think about it Allan? I'm very peaceful woman and I want peace in this world. I hate war and terrorism! Do you know
> we have a lot of terrorist acts in our country. I think you could hear about some of that occasions. It's terrible!I don't
> remember did I tell you that I am an orthodox Christian? When I am in church I pray for peace in this world. I go to church
> 2-3 times per month. I think that the God have to be in the heart and in the head of every man or woman. I hate lie and
> I like when the people are open as I told you. I'm optimist and I always think that everything will be ok. I think ia people
> will do all what their can, will not give up and will give a lot of force and power to their business, they can have all what
> they will wish. These thoughts make my mood better and gives the power for my living. Today is not very cold weather
> here, temperature is about -15C, but the sun is shining in the sky. How is the weather there at your place today? As you
> already know Borki is not a very good place to live because there are two manufactures of different types of industry and
> it influences on our ecology. In spite of our town is small we have a lot of crime here and our militia can't control this situation.
> We have big unemployment. There are many people don't have work here. I think this is the one of reasons why we have bad
> crime situation. What about unemployment in your region? What about crime? I think I will decide to leave this place and will
> travel to other place for a living in future, because I think I have the desire and the power for this purpose. I think there are a
> lot of good places in the world to live there. Do you agree with me? I want to live in more warmer place also. Maybe one day
> I will come to the other country for a living as many resolute women and may be some day we'll meet in real Allan? It'll be
> wonderful! But I don't want you to think that I want to leave my city for a finding a rich man or other same reason. I know that I
> can work and provide for myself and I want to love my future husband and this will be main thing. As a woman I can't be alone
> all the time. I think you understand what I'm talking about. So I want to be with a man who will love me, will take care about
> me, who will be gentle with me and who I will love and do the same too. It's my dream now. I think if it is so I will be the happiest
> woman in this world! I'm trying to know more about you Allan because I'm interested in our acquaintance. I don't want to
> impose the opinion but who knows maybe we'll be pleased to meet and maybe more. It's a real thing. I think so because I think
> it's not hard to come to you Allan, but I know we must learn more each other day by day. What do you think about it Allan?
> I ask you to write me all of your thoughts because I like to be open mind and I like when the people speak truthful what they think.
> I think if we will decide to meet each other in the future it will be great! Now it is too early to speak about it serious but it's
> interesting for me and I want to know what do you think about it? When I was studying at the school I had a girlfriend who
> named Olesya and when she was 26 she e-mailed with an American man and then she have come to the United States to Mississippi.
> I haven't contact with her because we are not very close friends but maybe someday she will e-mail me. I think she have found
> the right man for her because she lives there. The Russian women are not aspire to career, they just want to be loved and make
> everything for their husbands. I think that it's the Russian mentality and they are very hardworking women. But the men in Russia
> are not too good. Maybe that is why many women of our country look for the foreign husbands. I think it's a great union when
> a foreign man and a Russian woman are together! At least I think so. What do you think Allan? Maybe I'm not completely
> right... I am finishing my letter for today and I hope to hear from you Allan as soon as possible! I have attached my another picture
> to this letter. This picture was taken on the birthday party of my girlfriend Natasha. On this picture you can see both of us.
> I will prepare new pictures for you and will send soon.
> Yours Ekaterina.

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 4:49 AM
Subject: To you Allan

> Hi Allan!
> Hello my far away friend! Finally I have the possibility to write you! Today is hard day for me. As you know I work
> by the dentist. I make any different operations to heal or change teeth. Here in Russia situation with health of teeth
> is very hard. I think it because of our style of life. Our conditions of life is not good and therefore this is affect to our
> health at all not only to teeth. It's not good but this is the usual situation here. But in spite of this situation I am try
> to keep myself healthy in all things and I think do it good. As I already wrote I can do all operations with teeth. I can
> make plugs, can make prosthesis and delete teeth. This procedures is very time-consuming and labor intensive. I have
> to be very attentive and donít make mistakes. But I like my work. I am glad when my clients is happy when my work is
> done. I am good qualified specialist in my speciality. But in this region where I live our speciality is not good paid. The most
> good money the dentists make in Moscow or St, Petersburg areas. Last evening I have watched a very intriguing
> translation about the animals on TV. I like animals very much and thatís why I have watched it with the pleasure. The
> beauty and elegance of animals are amazing. I liked leopards, panthers. At the first look they are seems to be nice and
> sweet cats but really they are strong and reckless predators capable to kill a prey much more bigger than themselves.
> Basically I like a lot of animal except reptiles. Snakes and lizards inspire the fear to me. I cannot come near a snake even
> if it is not toxic. In my childhood when my dad was alive our family went out of our town often. At surroundings of my
> town there are many beautiful places. One day I was going for a walk near a creek and saw a snake. It was not toxic
> but I didnít know it. I was very afraid of it and ran away. After that I was near to my parents all the day and I imagine
> snakes in every stick in the grass. But my favorites is dolphins yet. All wild animals are beautiful in their own fashion but
> they can be dangerous for men. Thatís why I prefer to spend my time with pets. I like birds very much especially canaries
> and parrots. Canaries sing very good in the mornings. Also I like dogs and cats dogs more. They are the most faithful
> and loyal human friends. When I was a little girl we had a dog called Din. It was a big dog and I had ride on Din like on
> a horse. Din was very kind and cheerful dog. I like to play and go for a walk with it. Unfortunately dogs get old more
> faster than people and Din has died 10 years ago at the age of 12. Now I have no dog but I have a cat. Her name is Alisa.
> I sent you pictures of me and my cat. Now you can see my cat. Pets require much time and care. But I like to take care
> about someone. My cat is very clever very kind. I like my can very much in spite of is not very pretty cat. Mostly the
> beauty is not main thing in our lifes. More often people should see for inside of person, for qualities and for soul. Do
> you agree with me Allan? I mean firstly we need to appreciate character qualities and inside world of people who surround us.
> I think the same about pets. It's doesn't matter if pet or human is not pretty, but maybe under this appearance is hiding
> very good person. Allan do you understand what I am talking about? Do you like pets or animals Allan? If you like, what
> kind of pet is your favorite? Now my letter is almost over. I was glad to write you again. Hope you was glad to receive
> my letter too. I will wait for you next letter with great impatience! Till the next letter Allan!
> Sincerely yours Ekaterina.

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 6:01 AM
Subject: To my friend Allan

> Hi my dear friend Allan!
> How are you there?
> Today we have a good weather here. Sun is shining brightly. I like sunny weather.
> Do you like it? I am waiting of your next letter Allan! When I see your letter
> in e-mail box my mood rises! And you? At this moment I have some free time from my
> work and I decide to write you. Now I am sitting in the account department cabinet
> in front of computer and writing you. I hope that I have enough spare time now to
> write you long letter. Can you tell me about your usual day's routine Allan? I want
> to describe to you my day completely, since morning and till the night. At 6.30 a.m. I
> wake up by helping the alarm clock and go to the bathroom. I wash and clean my teeth.
> Then I dress for my morning jog and go to the streets. I think that It's good for any people
> to keep themselves healthy in the good form. After morning run I take a shower. Near at
> 7.20 I go to the kitchen and cook my breakfast. Usually I have ready dish for breakfast,
> since the evening of last day and at the morning I just warm it up. Quickly and conveniently.
> After the breakfast at 7.40 I go to my work usually on foot but if it rains or snows I go by
> bus or train. I like to walk before working to breath of fresh air and dispose myself on the work.
> Do you like to walk Allan? I get to my job in 10 minutes if I walk and if I go by transport
> in 3-5 minutes. How long do you get to your job? Almost forget, before entering the office I go
> to the nearest Internet cafe to receive your letter. Since about 8.00 - 12.00 I work at my
> workplace. Then about 12.00 I go to home or the cafe to take a break for a dinner. then usually
> 12.50 I am at my workplace again. Do you have dinner break at your work and if you do how
> long does it take Allan? Since 13.00 - 19.00 I work hard cause we have a time for our
> clients - people come to us for a consulting. About 19.30 I get home and take a shower. You
> can ask me why is my way to home takes so much time? Cause after work I wait my friend
> Nastya and we go to home together. She live near my home. Sometimes we go through the
> town park to calm down cause our clients make me nervous especially in the end of the month.
> I hope you are not nervous at your work Allan. After taking a shower I have a supper at
> about 20.00 when I cook tasty dishes - I like to cook a lot! After that usually I read books,
> listen to the music, watch TV or talk with my friends on the pay-phone( I don't have telephone
> in my apartment) (or personally). I go to bed at 23.0 but in some cases a little later because
> of interesting film or a book. What time do you usually go to sleep? I fall asleep very quickly
> since my childhood. At this time my day finishes. So my usual day passes.
> Have a nice day Allan.
> Yours Ekaterina.
> P.S. I have almost forgotten that I have attached to this letter picture of me.

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 1:32 PM
Subject: Personal letter...

> Glad to see you my dear friend Allan!
> I received all your pictures you sent me. Thank you for them.
> How are you today? I hope you are fine. How was your weekend? Did you do something
> interesting? I had ski walking with my friends. The weather was some warmer and we
> decided to go to a forest to get a ski walking. Near our town we have a good little forest.
> We like to ski there at free time. There are a lot of people who were skiing here. We had
> a very good time with fun and a lot of laugh. Nevertheless we had frozen a bit in the
> end of our walking because we had spent in the forest almost all day till the evening.
> The temperature was about - 15 C. Usually weather here is more cold. But this days
> the climate was good for this time of spring and we had decided to go to ski.
> Almost all of my friends like skiing. In the winter and in the spring we have a lot of snow here. About 1-1,5 high
> meters high of snow. Can you imagine this Allan? Did you see so big amount of snow at
> your place. My friend Allan, I would like to tell you about my relations with men in
> the past. I want to let you know that I had not good experience of my relations. It was
> not easy for me and I don't like to remember about it. But I think I don't need to hide
> anything from you and we need to have clear and truthful relations. I think you need
> to know about it. I hope you will evaluate my openness to you Allan. I want to let
> you know that most of Russian men here are not very kind, not very delicate. They don't
> have good manners. Most of men are brutal, rude, vulgar and haughty. Almost every man
> here is heavy drinker and drink a lot of alcohol drinks, especially Vodka. It's national feature.
> If you could learn our history you could see that all the time in Russia men drank a lot of
> Vodka. I don't like it at all! It's not a secret that I had a man and I had relations with him.
> First time I had fallen in love in the school. But we became apart after a little of time because
> we were young and we could not have serious relations. He left our town, and I heard nothing
> about him at all. After school I had entered to the university and found a great guy. At least
> I thought that he was a great guy. We spent good time together. He was kind and funny
> man, he had a good sense of humor. But after some time I found out he had another girl
> and hide this fact from me. It was a big blow for me. He had made hurt to my heart. I was
> so upset and I had a depression. It was a very difficult time for me. Then I decided never
> meet with men for relations. I was in bad condition. But time heals the wounds and even
> wounds of soul. And after two years I met a new guy who liked me and I liked him. He seemed
> a romantic and kind person. He took care about me and respected me. We did everything together
> (cooked, walked to shops, had walking at the evening, cleaned apartment and more other things).
> But after some time, he began to drink. He has drunk a lot and our relations began to become
> more bad. He had stopped to take care about me and we had a lot of quarrels. He became to
> desecrate and to beat me. I had let him know to leave me alone. In opinion - there are no good
> Russian men. And I don't want to have any relations with Russian men. Now I have decided to
> find a man in another country who will try to love me. I don't think that I am so bad that men
> can't love me. If you want to tell me about your experience in relations with American women
> you can tell me about it. I don't want to insist. Only if you want. Now about sex a little. I hope
> it's not a problem to talk about sex to me? I just want to let you understand that I don't want
> to hide anything from you and want to tell you about me in more details. I hope these my words
> will not make you upset. I hope I will not do something wrong when I will tell you about sex? I
> hope you will understand me. I understand that it's very intimate theme, but I think we need
> to know more about us if we want to continue our relations. Do you agree with me? I hope
> you do. I want to let you know that I can make love only with the man I love. I can't and
> don't want to do it with everyone. Therefore I didn't have sex about 2 years. I want to tell
> you , I don't like anal sex, sadism and masochism. By the way I like oral and normal (usual)
> sex. I don't like sexual orgies and group sex. But I like to try something new in sex relations
> and I like some experiments. Do you like it or you are a conservative person in this question?
> I don't like gays and lesbians. I want to ask you: what is the situation that you have there at
> this point? I mean bisexual relations. What do you think about it? Tell me what are your minds
> about this letter. I think maybe we can be more than just friends. After every day and every
> letter from you I miss you more and more and want to see you more stronger. Do you feel the same?
> I hope you will write me back soon. I will wait for your response Allan with great impatience!
> I will miss your letter Allan!
> Your Ekaterina.
> P.S.
> I sent picture of me and my neighbor girl. We live on the same floor.
> Her name is Dasha. You can see my house behind us. This picture
> was taken one week ago. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 11:43 AM
Subject: Want to let you know...

> Hi my dear Allan!
> How are you today? I am fine and hope you are fine too. The weather today is even better than at weekend.
> The air temperature is about -13C. It's warm temperature for this season here and I am glad. We have a little
> amount of warm days in the start of spring here and therefore almost all people here are glad every man wants to enjoy
> every day of the good weather. Everytime when the weather is fine and warm I have a good mood. As you know
> I live in the Siberia and our climate is cold almost all the time of a year. You know that our climate is not a last
> bad thing here. The ecology is not good too cause Borki is the one of russian industrial zones. Therefore we
> have a some of factories here. They influence on our ecology and the nature around us. I already mentioned
> about it earlier in my letters. It's another reason why I want to leave this area and go to another region or maybe
> to another country. I just want that my children could be healthy. You know that I am very serious when I think
> about health at all and thatís why Iím trying to live healthy life. And I want it for my children and for my own future
> family too. I hope you will agree with me in my thoughts. What you think about it? Can you let me know about
> your thoughts of this situation? I am very interested to know your minds. I want to know your sight - how do you
> see your family at all? Maybe I express my thoughts not correctly but I mean what the family would like to have?
> I think the creation of the family is the one of the greatest steps in whole life of every man. What you think about
> it? Do you agree with me? I ask you this questions because it's very important for me. I hope you will understand
> me and will answer me very frankly. From my side I will let you know about my mind of this question. As I said the
> creation of the family is very important for me and I try to make it very seriously. I consider that the family is loving
> and taking care of each other, parents, a healthy life style, a good relations in family, the understanding and the trust
> in family and of course the children. Now you can see the family I dream. I will do all what I can to make my dream
> by reality. I know that I will give all my forces and my time for my husband, for my family and for my children. It's
> most important things for me in me life. Thatís why all this days I thought about development of our relations and
> the cognition of each other. It's very important thing for me because I'm interesting in knowing you Allan! I
> know that the best way to know each other is a real meeting. I think you will agree with me. Yesterday when I
> have come after work, Iíve tried to listen to my heart and my mind about future. As you know I try to be open
> and I want to tell you about my thoughts. I hope you understand me. Allan, you are very interesting man
> for me and I want to meet you in real cause I feel that I begin to fall in love with you. I really want to come and
> meet you and speak about all things! Who knows maybe it's the destiny and weíll develop our relations to another
> level. I think it's a real thing to meet each other and it's the right way. Because you know that I write to you for
> knowing more about you and I want to find the man who will love me with all your heart and who I will love also!
> Who knows maybe you could become such a man! I hope I don't frighten you, I'm not persuasive woman and if
> you don't want to meet me you may tell it to me but I hope you want our meeting. I think weíll be very glad to
> meet each other face to face and to talk in real time! I know that if you want I could come to you! Is it great?
> I have asked today about things for coming into your country and it's real things, if you will agree for my coming -
> I will come. Please tell me Allan, have I to be going to come? Of course you could come here but our city
> have many defensive industry and you must get many permitting documents for coming here. I think the best
> way for meeting each other is my coming to you, what do you think? Please be open with me and tell me everything.
> If you will be glad to meet me in your country I will make an application for visa reception as soon as possible and I
> will get it. I have asked about this things today and there is no any problems because I'm honest and have never
> broke the law moreover I work for government and it will be more easy for me to come to your country. And I
> remembered about old school girlfriend Masha who had left our country and now live in Arizona, I didn't tell you
> about it earlier( I just forgot), but I remember about it yesterday. I think I had picture of me and her. If I will find
> it I will send it to you. We are not communicating already 3 years. She didn't write me and I have lost her address.
> I can't write her. Maybe if she would write me I could give you her address and you could talk to her or talk to her
> husband. I know that everything is all right with her and she had found a good husband there. I know about it
> because I have saw her sister and she have said to me these things. And more I like to travel and I will be very glad
> to come to visit you Allan, to see your country and city, I will be very glad to hear your stories about this things
> and many many other things, I'm sure it will be very interesting for us! I feel that I like you much and I want to be
> with you now here or there. I know that I could meet you and I want to hear your answer about this important
> question in your next e-mail.
> Iíve attached a picture of me. I am smiling for you. I hope you will like this picture.
> Love, Ekaterina.
> This is my real address where I live:
> Russia, Omsk area,
> Siberian federal area, Borki
> Sovetskaya street 10-12

> Ekaterina Amaukova
> P.S. If you want to write letter I will glad. But please don't send any packages. We have bad mail service and many
> packages from foreign countries usually are lost. We think some people just stealing different sendings. It's bad very
> bad situation but it's true. I hope you can understand. I said it because I worry about it very much and I don't want,
> you would lose something!!!

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 5:17 AM

> Hello my Allan.
> Today the weather is good here. I am fine too. I have some free time to write you this little message.
> I want to tell you I think of you Allan this time and I will write you later. I will be very busy nearest
> time, because I have to go to work today and some of my friends invite me to go to dance-club in the
> evening. I think I will agree and will go with them. I think I will have some some pictures of this
> evening. I will take my camera and will get some pictures. I hope you would like to get this pictures.
> Ok, I will finish my message now, I need to go to work. By for now Allan.
> Your Ekaterina.
> P.S. O, almost forget, here is my picture I took 2 days ago.
> You can see me in my room. I hope you will like it. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 3:58 AM

> Hello Allan.
> It's me Ekaterina! I am still very busy, and can't write you long letter right now, but I promise
> I will write you on Monday. I just want to send you some pictures of my last evening in dance club,
> I already wrote you about. Together with my friends we have a lot of fun and good mood.
> We spent very good time together. Sorry that you couldn't be with me here.
> We have danced play billiard and bowling, do you like to play billiard or bowling?
> I think someday we can do it together. Would you like it? Ok, that's all message.
> I just want to tell you I miss you and tink of you constantly.
> Your. Ekaterina.

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 6:51 AM
Subject: I love you Allan!

> Hi my lovely Allan!
> Today the weather is some colder here again. Temperature is about - 19C. There is no sun in the sky because it is cloudy but your e-mails
> are the rays of sun in this gray world for me! Your letter made me warmer. I am very glad and happy to hear from you today Allan!
> Your e-mails always make me feel better. I think that you are glad to receive my e-mails too and I hope you feel the same. I have
> attached another pictures of me for you, one of this pictures was made some yars ago when I was othe south of our country.
> I had a vacations and me and my friends go to south for rest. You can see me on the market. Other picture was made last summer,
> when I have been on the river named Enissey. I hope you will like these pictures. I think I will send you other pictures of me in bikini.
> I think you would like to see them. Am I right? I want to tell you that you are a very good person for me. I have read your letters and
> I like you more and more with every next day. I don't know about future, but I think that sometimes people don't use the chances
> which the destiny gives them. I think that all people have chances to build the future earlier or later but they have to learn to use it,
> what do you think Allan? Yesterday before I gone to sleep I thought about us so much and I understood that I falling in love to
> you. With every day you take more and more space in my head. And I think about you constantly. I had a dream and in my dream I
> saw you Allan! All the night you was in front of my eyes. When I got up I thought about it and I believe it's not by chance. I want
> to tell you that I really sense the feeling to you. And I want to let you know that we need to meet each other. Don't you think so? Our
> meeting will be great thing in our lifes. Do you agree with me? I have insuperable wish to meet you in person. I believe it can be possible!
> This is real thing! I think if we will want it we need to have meeting. I believe our meeting will help to know us better and more closer!
> I'm sure that I would like to meet you Allan. I feel that you have become more closer to me. I tell you all about my life and I will tell
> more if you will ask. I feel that you have become more than just a friend to me and I want to tell you three words of love. But you must
> know I want to tell you it now! I had a dream about our meeting! I really want to know you, speak to you, take your hand and see your
> eyes. Maybe it's very frankly now but it's true and I don't want to hide it. I always say the true and don't like when people lie. I hate
> it! My girlfriends and my mother have said me that I must tell it you if it's true. They will be happy if Iíll find my love. By the way
> they say you hello Allan! I think we have a chance to try to be closer Allan! I think we have to try to use this chance.
> Perhaps it's a destiny! I'll wait for your answer with impatience, you must know I think about you now! I want to tell you Allan
> that you are my love, I trust you and I tell you about my feelings. I want to tell you about everything what is in my heart and in
> my head now. I don't know how write it in words but I try to explain it to you now and I hope you can understand me Allan.
> Today here is a cold wind but thoughts about you make me warm, I feel that you are my favourite. My heart beats faster when I
> dream about our meeting in future. Yesterday, last night I had a dream about us. It was a wonderful dream. We were together
> and have spoke a lot. I don't remember where we were, but it was not important for me. I have felt your breath and it was the
> happiest moment in my life, it was so real... Then we came to house, we had a dinner with candles. Then we came to bedroom,
> but it was the final moment that I remember. Then I woke up, I was so warm and my heart was beaten very often. I understood
> it was only a dream, but it was so real... I think this dream has an important value for me. Maybe it's a sign? I don't know. But
> I really know that I love you with all my heart, Allan! I would really want that the last dream I have seen would be real
> someday! Would you want it Allan? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT PERSONALLY, I WANT TO SEE YOUR
> I will go to the church and put a candle for us and for our relations. I will pray and will ask about our meeting Allan. I will pray
> the God and will open my heart and will show him my thoughts and my feelings to you, like I do it now in this letter for you Allan.
> I hope he will help us. Because he can see that my intentions are clear. My heart is yours Allan, I tell it to you because I
> trust you and I never lie. I tell you about my feelings and I'm sure you must to know about it. I have not thought that it will be
> so soon again, but I feel it to you, Allan, and I am so happy ! I think we have to meet, I know how to do it. I will think
> and will figure out about it, I think about you as my man in future but we must know each other better for it. I know we
> must meet and be with each other. I love you Allan please don't forget it, I feel it and I think we must use this chance
> if you feel that your heart speaks the same to you. I want to tell you Allan, please ask your heart, what is it feeling?
> and give me the answer. I will wait your answer with impatience. If you are in love too, it's great!!! I understand that you
> can reject me, but I love you anyway. You are the more interest man for me, I like your letters, I love your name very much,
> and I love you! Yes, I love you Allan and it's great!!! I thank the God that I have written you and found the perfect man,
> I looked for. It's you Allan. I am so excited and so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the good news for you! Yesterday I make the
> application for a coming into your country and I will get the visa for it soon! I went in the organization which makes the documents
> for a coming through embassy. I hope I will get the documents permitting to come! Today I will give them the medical informations
> and other types of papers for registration of visa. All necessary documents will cost about 314 dollars for me. It's not a very big
> problem. I will pay and I hope my documents will be done soon. I will do all what I can to meet you because I think you want to
> meet me too. Our meeting will be great. I really dream about our meeting and will be do all for it. Are you glad???? I think you will
> be very glad to meet me when I come! I could be that time in hotel or maybe we will found other place? Please tell me what do
> you think? I think that visa will be ready soon because I haven't any reasons for not getting it and I have consulted with embassy
> FROM MOSCOW TO NEAREST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TO YOU. Please send me this information when you wil have it, ok?
> I ask you because I really need in this information. Please find out about it and let me know as soon as you can. I will try to
> find out this information here in my country too. I will finish my e-mail now and I'll waiting your next e-mail, my love Allan!
> Please tell me all what do you feel! I will wait for your e-mail as soon as possible! I will miss you this time!
> Ekaterina. 


From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 7:21 AM
Subject: Special for you Allan!

> Hello my man who I love! This is you Allan!
> How is your day? My day is pretty good in spite of bad weather. Today is a cold day here.
> This season is not very warm here and a lot of people wait more warm spring and the summer, because
> they want more warm weather. How is the weather there?
> All this days I think about you Allan and my heart speaks that I love you! I feel it Allan!
> When I dream about our meeting I feel better and my mood rises! I wait for this moment every
> day and I think we have to meet because it's the best way for us. We found each other in this
> world! I am so happy Allan!!! I tell you about my feelings because I trust you completely
> and I want you would do the same to me. I believe that you are the man who will make me
> most happy lady in this world. I will try to make you happiest too because I love you so much
> Allan! I have told you that Iíve never been outside my country. But I have always wanted
> to find the true love in this world and I think I have found it!!! It was my dream and it coming
> true!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I love you Allan with all my heart. And will follow you everywhere!
> I have found out that my documents will be done soon! So we can be together!!! Are you happy?
> I will let you know about all details of my documents very soon. I think I will get this information.
> I am happy!!! Iíll let you know when it will be done. I think you love me too Allan and want to
> meet me in person not less than I. I trust you my feelings, I give you my heart and my soul. I am
> completely yours! Are you happy. I am happy! It's unforgettable and perfect feeling.Can you
> trust me all your feelings and thoughts about me? Please write me all you want, all you thoughts,
> all your questions and offers! I love you and do all for you and to be with you my dear Allan!
> I want to tell you Allan, I had a sexual dream about us yesterday. It's difficult to explain by
> words what I feel. I want to try it in real! I have told my mother about my thoughts about you.
> She have said that it will be very good if we have found our love and she think that it's not important
> where the people live, the most important thing that they found love! In this world the most
> important thing is love because all awful things in this world were made without love.
> And she speaks Hi to you Allan and best wishes! I love and believe my mother and
> think that she is right!
> I love you Allan please know it always! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I LOVE YOU ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Always yours, Ekaterina!
> P.S. I sent two pictures for you today. I hope you will like it. I decided to send
> you this kind of picture. Do you like this kind of my pictures? If you like I will
> send you more pictures of this kind. I have some of them. This picture was
> taken by my girlfriend on the coast of river Named Enissey at this summer.
> Tomorrow I will send picture for you. I think I can prepare it up to tomorrow.

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 5:16 AM
Subject: Little message

> HI Allan. Here is a picture I want to send you. This picture was taken when I have been
> In Sank Petersburg two years ago. I had business trip to upsurge of qualification of dentist.
> I have been one week in Sank Petersburg. Do you know we call this town North Capital of Russia?
> Your Ekaterina. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 6:29 AM
Subject: To my love Allan

> Hi my dearest man in the world - Allan.
> How is your day? Mine is ok and I am fine, because I think of you and this thoughts make me happy.
> Each day I think about you and I dream about our meeting. I hope it will be so wonderful and will
> be very, very soon. Today is cold again and the wind is blowing strongly. But when I think about us
> it becomes warmer to me and my heart beats faster. It happens with me every time when I think of
> you and I like it. I am so excited. I told you about it already but I do it again because I think it is love!
> I'm happy that we have found out about each other in this world! I can't wait to meet you Allan,
> I want it from all my heart. I'll do all for it, all what I can to do at all. The winter is starting to go away,
> but not very fast and we will have snow and cold weather here till the end of April. Today I become
> more cheerfully and more vigorously because I know that I have you Allan! The sun is shining not
> very brightly and there are a lot of clouds at the sky. I think we have some good changes in our lifes
> and it's great! Don't you think so Allan? I like changes which happened with me, because these
> changes are good for me. I hope they are good for you too. You are the new man in my life who love
> me and who I love and I would like to connect our lifes and souls to one. I would like we would be unified.
> I love you Allan, I love you very much!!! It seems that really the new life is beginning for me and
> for you Allan and I hope this new life will be wonderful for both of us. I think we will have the strong
> union and strong family together, I thank the god and destiny for you Allan! I hope we will be together
> forever! We need in meeting to continue our relations and learning about each other. This is the next
> step - next level of our relations, which will be more close and more personal for us. Do you agree with
> me Allan? I so want to talk with you to see your eyes, to hear your voice to feel your breath and
> lips and to feel your love! I think you imagine how will great our love because I feel it and I know that
> it's the true love! My heart is saying me about it. I love you Allan!!!!!! I'm yours forever! Please
> write me all what you think and what you dream. I trust you and I think you trust me too, please write
> me all your thoughts and all your experiences and offers, we will discuss it and will learn more about it.
> I want to discuss everything with you when we will be face to face, we will be together Allan. I
> will do all what I can for it! I have a picture for you today. I hope you are glad about it??? Are you???
> Here is other picture of me for you my Allan.
> I love you Ekaterina. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2005 2:35 AM
Subject: Momís birthday!

> Hi my dear Allan.
> How are you today? I am fine and I hope you have a good mood too. I want to tell you I THINK
> THE SAME MY DEAR!!!!!! Do you know yesterday was my mother's birthday. Sorry I have forgotten
> to tell you about it.I am SO SORRY that I was so forgetful! Iíve come to my mom, because sheís
> invited me. It was a little party only for our family and for our close relatives. Of course momís
> brother Dmitri has arrived from Voronezh. Also my aunt Olga has come from Krasnoyarsk. Do
> you remember, I wrote you about them in one of my previous letters. They could not miss such
> a date. Mom is 55 year old now. It's a really big date in the life of any man. Don't you think that?
> My mother had a holiday in this day and all day have cooked many different dishes. When guests
> has come they could see a big table almost of all room where were different dishes of russian kitchen
> placed. I don't remember, have I told you about it or not but my mom is a great cook and she can
> cook many dishes and have a lot of books of culinary. She have even books of culinary of another
> countries. Sometimes she cook new dish on new recipe and invite me or some friends to taste her
> new dish. We are always glad to visit her and have talk about some things with a cup of tea or
> coffee. So when guests have come to the dining room they were surprised a lot! Of cause, so many
> and very good looking dishes! All of us have congratulated my mom, wished her the most beautiful
> things in the world and given to her our presents! It was so great to see my mom in such a wonderful
> mood! I present her a nice big book of recipes. To get this book I have moved to Omsk and have been
> almost in all big book shops. In this book there are 2 thousands recipes of different countries. She was
> very glad to get this book. She was happy! Besides almost all people who is close to her was there. I
> said almost cause some people could not come for some reasons. But most of us were there. We have
> tasted all dishes and admired my mom as a great cook! We have some fun and a lot of discussing about
> everything. Many of us have not seen each other for a long time. It was great! In the middle of the
> party mom have told guests about me and you basic things. Everybody was very surprised and wish
> me good luck in my researches of my destiny! Then in the end of the party we taste a great cake
> which has been reserved in a confectioner's shop from the other side of our town. There were 55
> candles in that cake! So mom have blown away all at one moment! Great!!! The cake was very delicious!
> Sometimes later quests have gone away with the best wishes to my mom again. I have helped to her
> to result in the order things and to wash utensils. So then we have a serious talk about you and me.
> I have told her that I like you very much and more and more with every next day. She have said to me
> that I must to think about our relationship very serious but decide of cause by myself. I think that sheís
> right and have told thanks to her. She is the most good mom in the world! After that I have gone to
> home by taxi, taken a shower and gone to sleep with thoughts about you Allan and what my mom
> has told! That was my momís birthday and I hope you have a good day too! I love you Allan!!!
> I will write later!!! Please don't forget about me and write me back soon!!!
> Your Ekaterina.
> P.S. Sorry that I can't send picture of this birthday to you because my camera was broken and
> now I can't take any pictures. I will give my camera to repair. But I want to tell you I have other pictures
> for you. I think you will be glad to get it. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 11:52 AM
Subject: With love to Allan

> Hello my dearest man in this world Allan!
> You asked me:
> Where did you use the computer today to write me?
> I used computer at my home. and then I send it from internet cafe.
> What have you found out about your paper work to come to Canada?
> I want to let you know I went to travel agency and people who work for my visa said me that
> my documents will be done soon. I will let you know about it immediately when I will have it.
> Will it be difficult to leave your country to come here?
> I think it will be not very big problem. I hope for it.
> Today I waked up with very good mood. The window in my room is located on the East
> side and almost every morning I wake up with first rays of sun. Today the sky is clear
> and there are no any clouds and first rays of sun helped me to wake up and have told
> me that the new day is beginning. The first thought when I waked up was about you
> my dear Allan! This thought have made me very good mood and I wanted to dance,
> because I was so glad. I have understood I found the man I love and who love me too.
> I thought about our future meeting and imagine it. I like to imagine about it, because
> it's very important and very beautiful my dream! Why? Because I love you Allan
> and want to meet you so much!!! I hope you feel the same . A lot of times
> I have dreamed about our meeting, when I am going out from a plane, moving down
> on the stairs, looking for you and when I see you I am calling you Allan!!! Then
> I am running to you and hugging your. All people around us are wondered. But we pass
> over everyone, because we are engrossed by ourselves. I say to you that I am happiest
> woman in the world and you tell me about every thing what you wanted to say to me
> in person during all this time when we have corresponded. We will go out from airport
> and will move to you. You will meet me with your family and your friends. I would be
> happy to meet them? I hope they will like me. Will you do it Allan? You will show
> me your town and the lands around town. I know and I like that streets in your country
> are more clean and more beautiful than in my country. We will walk together and will
> tell different stories about our lifes till our meeting. We will learn more and more intensive
> about each other with every day. And because of it our love will become more stronger!
> Do you believe in this? I do! We will make main part of household together. I will cook you
> dinners, lunches, breakfasts. You will know what is the russian kitchen looks like. Russian
> kitchen is no badder than other famous kitchens in this world. And at the night I will show
> you that russian girls in bed are the same hot girls like south girls. I will show you all my
> love and passion. I hope you will love it. I think we would be happiest people in this world
> if this dream would be real. Do you want it Allan? I want it so much!!! I wait the moment
> of our meeting with great impatience!!! Do you feel the same Allan? I hope nobody and
> nothing can't stop us on the way to each other. I hope for it Allan! I will think of you
> all the day Allan! I will miss you and your letters. I hope you will write me back soon
> as you can. I will wait! I will think of you when I will go to bed, because I will see good
> dream about us. I hope for it and I wait it. Then I have remembered that my visa will be
> done soon and one more barrier on the way of our connection will be overcome. It's great!!!
> Don't you think so? I am SO Happy Allan!!! I think about in close future we can meet,
> hug and kiss each other. I can't wait to meet you in person my Allan!!!!
> Only your Ekaterina.
> P.S. I already have some ideas about souvenir I will present you if we will meet. I will not
> tell you about it, I want to pleasantly surprise you.
> P.P.S. I have attached picture for you today. 

Sexy Dream

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 12:21 PM
Subject: My dream!

> Hi my lovely Allan.
> How are you? I am fine and I hope you have a good mood too.
> My mom say you Hi Allan! She glad that I met you. She wish us to meet each other in person soon.
> She think It will be good moment in our lifes. I think she is right and I am agree with her. Do you agree?
> LOVE YOU Allan!!!! My dear Allan, I dreamed of our meeting, and I want to tell you about it. I
> decided to write you about it because I love you. I hope I did rightly. I hope you will not be mad in me
> because of this letter. This is my dream: I have come to you and you picked me up in the airport and kissed
> me. I have embraced you and we looked into eyes of each other some time. Then we walked to the taxi and
> after some time we went to our room. We could hardly keep our hands off each other during the drive, so much
> passion was stored up between us! When we got into the room, you sat down on the chair and I slowly danced for
> you while I slowly undressed. You was so excited and full of passion that you could not take anymore, you stood up
> and picked me up into your arms and carried me into the bedroom. Slowly and carefully you laid me down on the bed.
> You started to kiss my lips, kiss my neck, slowly kissed my shoulders, and down until you reached my breasts, your
> tongue slowly, gently circled my nipples until they were hard, then you sucked them while your hand caressed my
> stomach and moved under my panties and found my wet and swollen clit. While you were sucking my nipples and softly
> rubbing my clit, my hips were moving, heart was beating faster and faster and a loud groan of pleasure came from my
> mouth. After a little while your tongue slowly slided down my stomach, paused just for a minute to lick my belly
> button, then again slowly went down to my panties. You took them down with your teeth, then down to my clit.
> Slowly your tongue licked my clit, then faster and faster as you passion grew, my moaning increased and my hips
> started to go up and down. Soon I climaxed with an ear shattering scream. Now my pussy was wet with juice. I
> was ready for you. I took your cock in my hand and slowly started to stock it up and down. Then I licked the head
> by my tongue, slowly around the head at first, then I took all the head into my mouth and sucked and licked. I could
> feel your cock grew in my mouth as my breathing became heavy and your cock became big and hard. Now it was
> time. You lay back into bed, I climbed on the top of you and slowly lowered myself down on your cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
> It felt good as it slided in, your hands were on my breasts and I started to slide slowly up and down. Both of us
> were groaning with pleasure and love. I pushed up as I went down. Then you lay on top of me, breast to chest. We
> held each other tightly and kissed while your cock went in and out deeply into my pussy. Faster and faster we pumped
> each other, deeper and deeper you went into me, and deeper and deeper were our kisses as we lost control of us in
> love. Then both our body's started to stiffen, we were both moaning very loudly as we climaxed together. After we
> were both flushed, we lay together naked enjoying love in each others arms. Now we were happy because we were
> completely in love and we are the organic whole. This was my dream about you Allan!
> I hope you dream about me too! If you do I wish you to write me it! Now I am ending this letter to you Allan my
> love!
> I will wait your next letter so much!!!
> Ekaterina, with love! 

Money Request

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 12:54 PM
Subject: Great news!

> Hi my love Allan!
> Today is quite warm here again and when I think about you Allan it becomes warmer to me no matter how cold or
> warm it is outside. Today Iíve surprised a lot that our hopes are coming true! Guess why? I think you would like to know it!
> Today after my work Iíve gone to the travel agency and theyíve told me that my visa is ready now! I was very glad
> because it was so fast! Iíve asked them to scan it and I send it to you today because I think it's the great news not
> only for me but for you also! But like any travel agency this one not only prepares visas but it reserves tickets too.
> Iíve decided to use their service again because they have a great reputation and respect in our city. Theyíve told
> me that the roundtrip flight to Toronto cost 1120 united states dollars. It was too expensive for me and Iíve
> asked them to find the cheapest variant. And theyíve offered. It would be on the 19 April and cost 980
> united states dollars. I asked them about possibility of reservation tickets and payment by piecemeal because other
> people can buy the cheap tickets but I'm not. At first, theyíve refused and I was in despair! Iíve asked them to help
> me so long time that tears have come to my eyes! And theyíve agreed! Iíve spent all my money, but it wasn't enough.
> So Iíve gone to pawnshop and pawned silver and gold jewelry which I had. Iíve got $210 and that was enough for an
> initial payment. I have paid $240 today for it and it was all money that I have.
> This is the flight information about this flight:
> 10:45 am Depart Moscow (SVO)
> Arrive Toronto (YYZ) 4:00 pm Tue 19-Apr
> Duration: 13hr 15mn
> Aeroflot-Russian International Airlines 229
> KLM 691
> Connect in Amsterdam (AMS)
> Now Iíve all necessary documents including my visa and want to see you as soon as I can. That is why I need to pay
> for this ticket now Allan. Iíve asked about it in this travel agency which helped me to formalize my visa and it
> will be cost not much if I will get this ticket now. If I'll buy the ticket and visa both it will be cost more cheaper than
> I can buy it in the other place. So I had the money for a visa and Iíve paid for it already and I have it! Everything is
> alright and I must pay now for this ticket. I have bought the tickets to Moscow on a plane. Iíve paid for a part of the
> flight ticket. But this money is not enough! I don't have more of money for it now. It is very hard for me to tell you
> Allan about it! But Iíve done everything I can! Iíve paid for a visa, for other documents, for reservation of ticket
> to you and for ticket to Moscow more than 560 dollars. I don't want to burden you. I thought I could get ticket here
> more cheaper and can come to you with my own funds but unfortunately I have failed. Now I have to pay the remaining
> part. It is only 740 dollars. I must pay this money before 18 April, otherwise I will lose my money and the flight
> ticket! If you love me Allan, if you trust me and if you want to see me soon, please send the money for this ticket
> as soon as possible! I will be sure in our meeting if I will have the ticket for a flight to you Allan! And I don't want
> that theyíll sell the cheapest ticket to other people. I understand that it is a difficult decision for you, but we must
> trust each other! Any serious relations without trust is impossible, it will not have the future without trust! I don't
> want to be hypocritical! That's why I want to tell you following: I do not think that you would like to give your love
> and your heart to the woman who you don't trust, so as I am. It's a first trial for us! Many things depend on it, may
> be everything! We must trust each other! That's why I was the first of us who made the first step. Step to you Allan!
> I confused that money play a great role in a meeting of two people who love each other. So I need 740 dollars for
> the ticket, because I have some money and I've counted all. It's the best way to buy the ticket because it's cheaper
> than we will buy the ticket separately. I want to be with you Allan with all my heart and I do everything for it,
> you see Allan! So I need your help and we'll be together!!!! You must always remember that I love you and trust
> you! Maybe it's our future and I see that our future will be very wonderful! We'll be together very soon, I must buy
> the ticket and I will be yours and you will be mine!!!!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, PLEASE DON'T FORGET IT!!!!!!!!! Of course
> if you don't want you can not to help me. It will be bad but not fatal. I will lose my money and this ticket. IT WILL BE
> TOO BAD... I say so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when we are divided only with one step, I am afraid.
> I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will be gone. I love you and I want to be with you Allan and
> the word of honour, your help is necessary for me. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger.
> It is much easier to go through difficulties and barriers together. I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity.
> I did not want to ask you. I thought, that I can make it all by myself. The loneliness has made me strong. I have got
> used to live without a help, and to rely only on myself. I address to somebody for the help very seldom, but now I ask
> you to help me. I have made a step forward. I hope you will make a step towards to me too. I hope it has not offended
> you. I love you and I trust you Allan. I know, that you will not throw me now when there is only one step. Tell me
> Allan, can you help me? If you have an opportunity please help me. I wonder if it is possible to do. Iíve asked
> my friends about helping me and they said that have not it at the present moment. Iíve asked the advice of my best
> girlfriend Vera and she has told me that maybe you Allan can help me because you love me! Iíve asked her how
> you can help me because you are so far away from me? She has said that Allan can send the money through the
> company which makes this service.
> Iíve asked about it in the bank and I know now that reliable and fast company exists which make remittances all
> over the world and it's called Western union. I has remember that I saw advertising this company on TV. Iíve taken a
> directory book and found the address of it. It's not far from me. Iíve gone there and Iíve asked them about their
> service. Theyíve said that a sender must go to the western union branch, give them information: THE NAME AND
> CONFIRMATION NUMBER FOR A RECEIVING MONEY. They say that the branches of it must be everywhere
> all over the world. I have found out about where is the Western union here (by the way, they have a website, called
> There is not any branch of western union here, but we have branch of western union
> in town Named Kalachinsk, This is about 50 kilometers from my town. It's not be a problem to move there. You
> can send me money using western union according following data:
> Kalachinsk, Russian Federation
> For : Ekaterina Amaukova
> (Money Transfer Control Number) which will be given to you Allan! Please don't forget to send this information to me, ok?
> I love you very much! I think about you Allan all the time! I think about a meaning of money, and I'm very sad
> if these papers can prevent people to meet each other. In most cases the money play a main role in the life but it's not
> right! I'm sure. And the quantity of money was, is and will not important to me. I have never aspired to the material
> enrichment and don't search specially for a rich man! I appreciate human qualities and relations and I love you
> Allan!!! I love you Allan with all my heart, I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever! If it's
> mutually we will be very happy in our life! I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love
> Allan! My heart is yours! I will wait for good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be
> together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's very real now, we must use this chance
> of destiny. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
> Forever yours Ekaterina.
> P.S.
> By the way I found out about company named Moneygram here. We have branch of this company in Kalachinsk too.
> You may find out about it in I received this information In bank.
> If you want, you can use service of this company to help me. Here is information for you.
> address of moneygram branch:
> Kalachinsk, Russian Federation
> You will need to send me also : full name, full address, exact amount and some confidential numbers
> (Money Transfer Control Number) which will be given to you in moneygram company.
> Please use one of ways(moneygram or westernunion) to help me and we will be together soon.
> I think these are the best ways. Please help us to meet and we will be together soon.
> I can't wait to meet you in person and can't wait to hold you in my arms. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2005 10:49 AM
Subject: To my Allan

> Hi my love Allan!!!
> I am some sad because you don't trust me completely and don't want to help us to meet.
> I thought we will be together soon, but now I see all my hopes and all what I did for it will lost. Why?
> I love you and want to be with you I did all what I could and when I got some troubles and
> asked you about some help you don't want to help me. I can resent for you. I don't know what to think about it.
> I want to remind you some information. This ticket not refundable and remember
> I can't wait long time with payment of ticket I will lose all I had 19 April. I don't
> want lose it because it is the opportunity to meet you I don't want to lose this opportunity!!!!!
> All this days I think about us very much. I dream when weíll speak personally with you Allan! And I will wait
> for this moment so much how it is required but I want to see you as soon as we can do it! I love you Allan all my
> heart and I don't want to lose. I think we must use this chance which was given us by the God and the destiny. I want
> to hear you, to see your eyes, to feel you but I can't do it now because you are very far from me! I want to change it
> and I'll do all for it! I think we will be together very soon! We must have a wish for it and I think we have it!
> Anyway we will be together because the most important thing in our life is love!!! I have it now and I'll give all for
> don't losing it! I trust you Allan, I feel that you are in love with me and our feelings are coincide! It's beautiful, I
> thank the God for you, I find you and you find me in this world! The world is a big labyrinth and we found the way
> in it. I dream about our meeting every day. When I dream about it my heart really beats faster and I have the shiver
> in a body, it's beautiful, it's the love!!! All my girlfriends and my mother are sure that I love you Allan! I never
> get tired to say it to you: I LOVE YOU, I love you Allan, all my heart and soul!!! I want to be yours and it's true.
> We shall be together any way!
> Forever yours Ekaterina.
> P.s. Tell me all what do you feel about me, please. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 3:44 AM
Subject: I need you and your help!

> Hi my dearest man in the world - Allan!
> I want to let you know that I am little bit busy right now and I can't write you long letter today.
> I hope you will not be upset and can understand me. I just want to tell you I will make some
> preparing to visit you. I already prepared almost all things to visit you and I am packed completely.
> I hope for you and will wait your help me with ticket. I REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU SO BADLY!!!!
> Because I LOVE YOU! and THINK OF YOU! and about OUR MEETING in close future! I hope this
> meeting will be happen really soon! I AM NUTS FOR YOU my dear Allan!!! I AM SURE!!! I trust
> you and decided to do this important and difficult step to reach YOU, to OUR MEETING!!! I hope
> you will do this step to me from your side too! I NEED YOU SO MUCH!!! and hope you will help us
> to meet and WE CAN SPEND GREATEST TIME TOGETHER!!!! Do you want it Allan? I want to remind
> you that the time of payment for ticket WILL BE FINIFHED SOON and I WILL LOST TICKET and FUNDS
> I spent for it!!! I don't want to lose it, because I WANT TO MEET YOU! I remember that you have all
> necessary information to help me and I hope you will help soon. But Allan, please don't forget
> to give me necessary information about your transfer I asked you. I will wait your help soon and
> will hope for you and will hope we will be together. and I hope all our words and talks about our
> meeting were not just empty sounds! I think we will love time when we will meet so much! Do you
> agree? I will write you more later, I think I can finish all my businesses here soon and then I will
> write you immediately! I love you Allan! You are MY SINGLE HOPE in this world. I MISS YOU
> SO MUCH and want to be with you! Allan I hope you still feel the same and will do all what
> you can to help us to meet soon!!!
> Your love from other side of the world Ekaterina. 

From: "Ekaterina" <
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 11:01 AM
Subject: With love and hope

> Hello again Allan!
> I need some time to tell you please don't worry.
> I will write you tomorrow more long letter. I was
> so busy and now I am tired. I love you and miss you badly!!!
> I think of you and hope we will be together soon.
> Only your Ekaterina.

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