Malenkova Olga

St Peterburg, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a


DOB: n/a

Dear Sir or Madam:

It seems as though a Russian woman who seemed interested in coming to this country to visit me has scammed me. I met her on a web site  <>  back in December. I saw her picture and profile on the site and sent her an email saying "hello". She emailed me back giving me her personal email address and we started corresponding from there. We corresponded via email for about one month. She then gave me her home telephone number. We then continued to correspond via email (along with three or four telephone conversations) for another two to three weeks.

On February 1st she informed me that she thought I was only interested in an Internet relationship and that she was looking to meet her "other half". I then informed her that I liked her and was indeed interested in meeting her. I said that I would buy a plane ticket and send it to her. She said that it would not work that way. She needed to buy a "tour" which included the ticket, visa, hotel room, insurance, etc. I was uncomfortable doing this, but I liked her so I wired her $900.00 on February 27th.

I have attached a Microsoft Word file with all of her emails to me as well as Microsoft Excel file listing the "timeline" of all the dates of emails back and forth. Throughout the month of February from the time I agreed to meet with her through the time I actually wired her the money you can see she emailed me with long warm emails just about every other day. She also sent me approximately 20 pictures of herself from December until February 27th.

After I wired the money on 2/27 there were no more pictures. Her emails were few and short, and the ones she sent were for the most part a response to me asking her why she was not writing as much anymore. Whenever I called her on the phone after sending the money she was always tired and had little to say., or I would mysteriously get cut off.

I reached her on the phone on April 3rd . She told me that her computer was broken. That is why she has not been able to email me. We spoke 1 or 2 times after that very briefly. On April 12 she emails me from her other email address  <  , which she says, is her friend's house. In that email she says that she was just informed by her travel agent that customs in the U.S. will require her to have at least $50 for every day she is here. 14 days = $700.00. She asks if I can send it to her and that she will give it back as soon as she gets here. I told her to just come here and I would make sure everything was okay at customs. She said she was coming but she never did. (She was due to arrive on 4/17/03). On April 16th I had a friend who works for a travel agency check out the flight info Olga had given me previously. There was no one by the name of Olga Malenkova booked on the flight. Obviously she never had any intention of coming here.

Her name is: Olga Malenkova
St. Petersburg, Russia 197183
Shkolnaya 5-17
Phone Number - 812-431-1785
Email Address -  <> and also  <>

I wired the money to: Bankers Trust Co, New York, USA
SWIFT code: BKTR US 33
Account 04-097-778
For Baltiyskiy Bank, St. Petersburg, Russia
in favor Malenkova Olga account:42301840601001308511

You can do a search on Google by simply typing in the name Olga Malenkova.
She is listed on the following scam websites:

She has personal adds on the following websites:  <  <

You can see pictures of her covering at least 10 years, so she has obviously been doing this for a long, long time. I am sending this correspondence to all parties associated with her and will do whatever is legally possible in prosecuting her and stopping anyone or any website or agency that allows her to continue these illegal acts.

Hamilton Wray


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