Maysyura Victoria

Dnepropetroves (Dnepropetrovsk?), Ukraine


Tel. - n/a

Address: ul.Pereyaslovskaya, 22 -2 Kremenchug,39612


DOB: December, 29th 1979


I would like to report Victoria Maysyura.

Victoria is 33 years old, has one daughter Yevgeni 9 years old. She lives in Dnepropetroves, Ukraine.

We became engaged in Nov,2001 and I supported her while she got the paper work done. I gave her close to 15 thousand dollars during this time and I have the western union receipts to prove it.

We finally got the Visa and she did not want to come straight away. Seems she found a Ukrainian boy friend. She finally came Texas two months after the visa was issued and was at the house only 10 days and while I was at work someone picked her and her daughter up in the middle of the night and they went to Los Angeles where she still is.

I have been out over $15,000.00 cash, a year and a half of work getting things done and a broken heart.

For awhile I did not know where she was, I thought she had been kidnapped but she just ran off with her boyfriends brother I am told. 


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