Shlyundina Marina

Vladivostok, Russia

Tel. - 4212-52-08-4X

Address: n/a


DOB: n/a

Hello, I found your site and this person should be in your list, if she still hasn't.

Her name: Marina V. Shlyundina
E-mail address: 
Telephone: 4212-52-08-4X
Location: Vladivostok, Russia

I have put an advertisement through an agency (they are legitimate and continue to operate so I will not put their name here) in search of a marriage-minded Russian woman and I found a woman from Vladivostok, Russia. Her name is Maria V. Shlyundina. She is 22 and she was just about getting graduated from a five-year college. This woman does exist and I corresponded with countless e-mails and phone calls over about a year. Her response was prompt and her English was relatively good. So I decided to visit her hometown Vladivostok in Far-East Russia in the middle of the winter. She was indeed kind of my type and we had a good time for about 10 days there. However in the following months she started begging me to send some money. I complied to her with a few hundred dollars for several occasions. She did receive them with her own name. From time to time she will be 'out of town' and became unable to reach her.

Shortly after we decided to engage in June and apply for her fiancÚ visa to US, suddenly I received an e-mail from her that telling me she is in Japan in early September, claimed to be doing a 'hostess' there for 3 months after finishing school. She said many girls from Far-East Russia go to Japan, (which is only a few hours away by air) to make some money working as a dancer or hostesses. As it turned out she was hired as a prostitute and there seems to be a type of underground smuggling operation between Russia and Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and elsewhere... Normally it is extremely difficult to get a tourist visa to Japan yet seemingly there are ways to get around it for adult entertainment industry there. I eventually discovered her misdeed, both from her and through some investigation, made her confessed about making thousands of dollars sleeping with multiple men. Especially disturbing was that she was living with a Yakuza - Japanese mob in Yokomama area for a over a month for mere $10000 dollars. Furthermore while we were being engaged she continued to live with another mid-age well-to-do Russian during the summer, who also seemed to be in a type of underground business and then also as a pimp. She also went to Thailand earlier last year with seemingly yet another man possibly from Australia. She has a prior engagement with Japanese national about two years ago (for this, I was told and knew from the beginning), who was likely scammed like others. I contacted authorities in Japan and there on the watch if she tries to cross-border again. Needless to say I cancelled engagement, all the visa arrangement and terminated the communication with her. I wasted over a year of my life trying very hard to accommodate her spending thousands of dollars for gifts and traveling arrangement - what a nightmare that was.

I believe she continues to search for more victims. She is listed in many Internet Sites, with similar introductory text looking for Australian or Japanese men, which I guess she looks for the relatively closer distances from her hometown. Here are some of the sites still carrying her posts. I believe the first 4 sites are all spawned by a single entry - I think you should also be extra careful searching anyone from these web sites:[id]=1948 

This woman is truly sick at her young age. Don't waste your money and precious time for this scammer, or worse yet risking contracting some venereal diseases. Lastly I was scammed alright but I also feel truly sorry for her - such a pity.



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