Brikman Natalya / Mikhailova Irina (Internet Club Manager)

(see also

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - 0642 59-01-37 (office)

Address: Sovetskaya Str. 48, office 413, Lugansk, 91022

e-mail:, (office)

DOB: n/a

Dear Elena,

I would like to report to you about a scammer Nataly Brikman and also this scammer internet cafe and the manager Irina Mikhailova located in Lugansk. 

Nataly has a profile listed at MatchDoctor under the profile name of Nataly_brd and is supposedly 25 years old and lives in Lugansk. 

After writing a letter to Nataly, her two letters back to me of course did not answer any of my questions put to her and is obviously a form scam letter. 

This internet agency wants money sent by Western Union, of course for her letters to the supposed manager of this fake internet agency, Irina Mikhailova ( gee, what an original scam idea). The address of this internet agency is:

Sovetskaya Str. 48, office 413, Lugansk,
91022 Ukraine.

Please add both of these names and the photos to your ever growing list of scammers.




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Subject: Happy to get your sweet letter...
From: Nataly Bright <
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 12:16:17 +0530

Hello,my dear John!!!
I was so happy to get your reply. You gave me a hope to find
a person, who wants to be close to me. Let me introduce 
myself. My name's Natalya Brikman, I live in Lugansk city.
It's a little Ukrainian city. I am 24 y.o., Capricon by
horoscope. When I read horoscope, I find so much in common
with my character. I am cosmetologist by profession. That's
why I love beauty. I adore spring, I can compare this kind
of season with a beautiful woman, who gives harmony and piece.
I passion is music. I listen to Depeshe Mode, Elton John, 
Sting, etc. Sometimes I go to the classic concerts. And what
kind of music do you prefer? 
I like animals. That's why, I have 6 dogs at home. My Mom 
call it as a dog house. I lost many people on the road, but
dog - is the best friend, who always near. Dogs are faithful 
till the end of time. 
I have so many hobbies. I love to cook. My Mom told me, that 
I cook a very tasty dish from nothing. I am very sociable
person and like to recieve guests. We often drink tea and 
listen to the music. Usually I cook my favorite cake. Do you
want to taste it?
Though I'm not alone, I wish, that some day a real man will
knock my door and tell me: "Did you wait for me?" I can do
anything for this guest. I can make him happy, I am sure. I
hate dead-level, and he'll never feel alone, if I'm near.
Darling, though we never met each other, I'd like to meet 
you so much. Who knows, maybe it's our fate? 
Waiting for your soon reply.
With tenderness from Natasha.

Subject: Happy to get your sweet letter...
From: Nataly Bright <
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 14:44:21 +0530

Hello dear John!!!
What a wonderful day today, isn't it? I have an excellent
mood, because I've got your sweet letter.
Today I'd like to tell you more about my family. We live
in a little cozy home with a big garden outdoors. In the 
summer we like to gather together with my family in it. I
am lucky person, because I have two granmothers and two 
granfathers. I also have a younger brother Denis, who is 
only 18. I like to spend spare time on nature with my 
brother, somewhere in the river.
As you know, I'm cosmetologist. That's why, everyone in my
family use my services. I do hair-dress, face and manicur.
My Dad and grandfather like my massage. I love to give joy
and happiness to my family. And does it mean for you a word
I am very energetic person and cannot to sit still. After 
my work, I go in a big tennis, swimming pool and shaping
club. I'm sure, money can't buy me health.
Honey, I think we have so much in common. I like your 
vital energy. You know, how to treat a woman. Am I right?
To tell you the truth, you already lighted sparkle in my 
heart. You are a wonderful person!!!
You may ask me any questions, I want us to entrust each 
other. If I fell in love with you, I can move any country.
My family is there, where is my love. We'll create our own
world of love, happiness and understanding. 
Waiting for your reply impatiently.
Sending you my tender kiss.
Yours Natasha.
Dear Sir,

Please, accept my apologies, I am writing to you 
as our client Miss Natalya Brikman. She uses our agency services
on Internet correspondence.

My name is Irina Mikhailova, I am the manager of the Internet-cafe. 

We will be glad to offer you the e-mail and English-Russian translation services. 

Our firm also delivers goods via post, we do courier service as well as
deliver parcels and documents. We can also deliver flowers, gifts, etc.
Another part of our service is to provide our clients with Internet 
and e-mail boxes.

Nowadays the economic situation in Ukraine is so far from stable so our women prefer 
to look for a family partner abroad as the men there are more reliable and serious 
in their intentions.

We do our best to help people to find a partner by internet and we also help with 
the translation of the correspondence as letters are a very important step on the 
first level of the relations going to the marriage.

As far as I have understood, you are interested just in this kind of service.
Translation of one letter according to our price is 5 USD, but if our client pays 
100 USD per month , we translate as many letters as he wants without limits , as soon
as we can. 

The most easy and convenient way is by WESTERN UNION bank system.
You can find all the necessary information on the site 
You can also ask your banker for any additional information if necessary.
The money are to be transferred to the name of Irina Mikhailova, the manager of
the Internet-cafe.

The address of our Internet-cafe:
91022 Ukraine.

After your payment we kindly ask you to inform us on the 10-digiltal code. 
You can also phone us. Our telephone number is +38(0642)59-01-37.

We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with our service.
Please contact me without any hesitation, if I you will need my help.

You can get in touch with us by e-mail: 

Our phone is: +38 0642 59-01-37.

Best regards,
Irina Mikhailova

Subject: Debts
From: Nataly Bright <
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:09:40 +0530

Dear Sir,

Herewith I have to inform you that your correspondence with 
Miss Natalya Brikman is not processed because of the debts for the
complex service of translation, typing, printing and scanning.
I hope you will understand our positions.

The money are to be transferred to the name of Irina Mikhailova, 
the manager of Internet-cafe.
The address of our Internet-cafe:
Sovetskaya Str. 48,
office 413,
91022 Ukraine.

We hope for the further cooperation with you.
If you have any questions get in touch with me without any

Best regards,
Irina Mikhailova