Chukurova Svetlana  / "MoscowTour"/ Sergeev Ivan

(uses the same pictures as Khikurava Svetlana and the same letters as Zapirova Maria; Elana Nikrasawa or Nekrasova; Elena Gerasmova or Gerasimova)

Tobolsk, Russia

Tel: not specified 

Address: Russia, Tobol'sk, house 124 - flat 44 / Russia, Moskow, Pushkina Street, building 67 - flat 104


DOB: 11/20/1980

Submitted: 10/31/05

hi, my name is stephanie, and my dad has recieved
these emails. Svetlana claims she is from Tobolsk
Russia, and is staying with a friend (Pushkina
sreet,build 67 flat 104)in moscow while waiting for
her flight to the usa this is the info about the
agency Information for Svetlana Chukurova.
"MoscowTour",Sergeev Ivan.3690768
Moscow,Leningradskaya street 
144,office 46. There was two email addresses the
first he replied to was  then he
got a reply from the girl who wanted to use her
personal email which is he has
pics of her and a passport, which i believe is fake.(i
seen some on your site which were similar) 

next email, she needed money for the flight tickets
about $700.00 and provided a bank address for the

Tel: (7 ) (095 ) 7777171 

the next day he got and email saying her mom sold
jewelry and sent her money, but she still needed some
about 385.00. i believe is is being scammed, and
informed him and he sent no money. wanted to let
others know. thank you for your time. 




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