Nebrat Elena

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: 395 Shahterskoy divisii street 12/47 Lugansk


DOB: June 25, 1980

Dear Elena,

I would like to report to you about a scammer who is trying to get
me to send her money for her letters and translations. She has a 
profile listed at Matchdoctor as Anya245. Her name is Elena (Lena) Nebrat and her e-mail is and also

Her DOB is June 25, 1980 and her address is:

Lugansk 91000
395 shahterskoy divisii street 12/47
Nebrat Elena

I offered to help pay for the cost of her letters but she would have to use another agency(MY AGENCY)and as scammers usually do she had every excuse in the book as to why this is not good for her and she does not want to do it. Please add her to your
Scammer list as she is an obvious scammer.



Elena's money request letter


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Profile for Anya245

More Photos
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Seeking: Any, Serious relationship
Location: Lugansk, Lugansky, Ukraine
Height: 5'6 (168cm)
Weight: 120 lbs (55kg)
Race: Caucasian
Body Type: Slim
Smoking: Don't smoke
Drinking: Drink socially
Religion: Christian
Children: No children
Education: Student

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How would you describe yourself?
I am a student, I like tu stadu something new, i like tu meet new people, i 'm easy- going person, i like music and dancing ,i like to spend time with friends , i like cooking very much, i like outdoor activities ,i like sport and my appearence is very imortant i think that evryone must to care about his body ,i like to play bowling and bulliard ,i like sea and to spend time on the beach, also i like to to spend quite evening at home with someone special and to have a candeligh dinner.

Describe the person you would like to meet.
What i am waiting for in a partner you are wonder ,but the answer is simpe i want be only one and loved to my partner i want to careate strong family , but i think that realationship are based on trust and espect ,on love and understanding ,for me is more important inner core values then appearence.


Subject:  Lena
From:  dasha_19 <>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 11:59:57 +0000

Hello dear John,
Thank you very much for your letter and photo ,i like you very
much and i like your letter.
Of course i can give you my postal address:
Lugansk 91000
395 shahterskoy divisii street 12/47
Nebrat Elena

Now i will tell you more about me.
I hope to find a special man that i can share my life with ,
not just someone to be with,share the chores and responsibilities ,
but someone that i can share life with and spend every day making
him feel happy and loved every day. Someone i can look forward to
coming home to and will look forward my coming home. I dream of
fairy tale kind of love and believe that it does exist ,if you
find a right person. I want to have children while i am young
enough to be able to enjoy them and do things with them. I believe
i will be a very good mother. I was raised with strong morals
and values which i hope to pass on to my children. What i want is
to find "my intend"-if it is you,
you will never want for love ,friendship and care for the rest
of your life. If it is turns out that it is not you ,then at
least i have made a new friend and i wish that friend all the
love and happiness that he deserve.
I am complete romantic ,i believe in fate and destiny and one
special person that each of us were intended to be with for
our entire lifetime. Unfortunately ,i have not find that man .
I believe in romance ,not just during a courtship ,but each
and every day from now until we leave this earth. I enjoy
being able to do things for people ,whether it is the love
of my life ,friends ,or just someone in need. I have a hard
time saying no to people that in need. Sometimes that gets
taken advantage of ,but the good far outweighs the bad.
I think that in life every person can choice his own life
and the way he want to spend it. And for me it is not important in
which country to live but i am ready to follow for my love everywhere.
If this is something which you feel that we need to continue ,
i will await your reply with great impatience and joy.
Sincerely yours Lena.

Subject:  Lena
From:  dasha_19 <>
Date:  Thu, 9 May 2002 10:15:44 +0000

Hello dear John,
Thank you very much for your letter and photo ,i like to read about
you and i also like your photos.
To the pity i have never been abroad but i would like one day to visit
different counties and most of all i want visit Paris it is my
favorite place ,even i have never ben there.
Some people think I am a woman with much imagination and dreams, but agree with
the opinion that I am charming, loving, bright, and cheerful with an 
irresistible smile. They say even that I have my own style and pleasant 
manners. I am very romantic and (as my friends say) a little old-fashioned. In you I
dream of a man at first who is able to appreciate me as a person (my human
merits, traits of my character, interests, world outlook) and then my 
appearance, I dream that if all were real and we get along as we would hope 
then like me you desire a home full of love, sincere and romantic and 
intimate relations, a child's laughter, quiet pleasures, comfort and sweetly 
familiar atmosphere. I want to become a careful, tender and faithful
woman to you.
>From you I envisage a magic man even enchantress, who is able to turn drab
existence into jolly holiday. Romantic quality of your character with great 
pleasure: supper with candles and looking desirable.
I appreciate sincerity more then other things. My main trait is my ability to
perceive people as they are with all their shortcomings.
I am interested in culture of other countries. I love music,
dishes of different countries. I am trying to be better at cooking.
If I was to build my own dream mate with weird science, then it would be as
near to you as you are! Pretty, lovely eyes shy, intelligent and sincere, 
you would not like to play games and flirt with all the girls, but you would
like to give me your full attention and be sensitive to my touch. :)
With you everything is in proportion and from what I know of you so far you
are sweet caring, funny, have a great sense of humor. I imagine that your
smile should be able to warm a room and I should be able to get lost in your 
eyes. If only life was as easy as that, but its not!
I would like to fall in love with your eyes and smile too. :) Most important 
is the chemistry!!
I'm very easy going and great to get along with. Once you get to know me I
know we'd have a great laugh!
I enjoy socializing, going to the cafe and bowling etc, and I also
have a thirst for the great outdoors but I am also equally at home enjoying a 
quiet night in cuddling in front of an open fire. I'm currently looking for 
fun, friends and romance and a partner to share my hobbies and interests 
with, and for me to find new interests in theirs, and for the two of us to 
walk hand in hand to sample what life really has to offer. I am a very warm 
person, and I have a lot of love and affection to give to the right person
I look forward to learning more of you.
I will be waiting for your next letter and hope to her from you very
soon .
Sincerely yours Lena.

Subject:  Lena
From:  dasha_19 <>
Date:  Tue, 14 May 2002 20:10:30 +0000

Hello darling John,
Thank you for your letter i was so glad to hear from you.
I am tired of coming home to an empty apartment. I feel that it would be
much better to be coming home to the love of my life, to hold him and kiss
him as soon as I walk in the door. I think just knowing that there would be
some there to return my love would be enough to help me forget about any
troubles that I might be facing. I would also hope that he would feel the
same way about me. I think a marriage should be a partnership between two
equal but different people, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I
am sure that the two together would be stronger than the individual. I am
confident that I could face any trial that life may through at me if I had
the love of a good man to help me get through it. It would also make the
joy of life's triumphs much better if there is someone there to share them
I think it is fantastic that you have such a romantic outlook on life.
I know that if I am that woman, that is how I will feel about you.
I hope this helps you to know a little bit more about myself.
I will await breathlessly for your response.

Subject:  Lena
From:  dasha_19 <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:35:08 +0300

Hello dear John,
Thank you very much for your letter.
I am always glad to get your letters but i am so sorry for my
incapable to pay for your letters .
I am so sad that i can't write to you and to read your words ,but i
want to belive that we will overcome this problem i want to belive .
Sincerely yours Lena.

Subject:  Lena
From:  dasha_19 <>
Date:  Mon, 17 Jun 2002 20:21:10 +0300

Hello dear John,
Thank you very much for your propose i am very glad about it ,but dear
i trust to my translator and it is easy for me to go to her ,so i want
to use her and i think for you it makes no difference for whom to pay
,but i don't want all know our letters ,please understand right ,but
i know that she wants only good for us and she will not make anything
I don't want strangers in our correspondence.
Please if it is well with you then you can send money for me and be
sure that i will pay for our correspondence and as soon as i will have
money i will write you at once. I heard about Western
Union on the TV they say it is very safe and fast way to transfer the money ,
it is all over the world. For this you need my full name Nebrat
Elena ,my address is Ukraine
395Shahterskoy divisii 12/47
Nebrat Elena
and then you will send me the number of transfer and as soon as i get
money i will reply to you. 
Yours Lena.