Nosevich Tatiana (Tatyana, Tanya, Tania)

Odessa, Ukraine

The photos on this page are of American Actress, Katie Holmes.

Tel. - n/a

Address: Deribasovskaya10, kv.1, Odessa 65000


DOB: n/a


My name is pat, And I talked to elana, a while ago about Elana from Donetsk, but this is different.

The scammer is Tatiana Nosevich, Address Deribasovskaya10,kv.1, Odessa 65000, Ukraine.

She is into internet and A scam pulled on me, for English speaking skills trip by university to NYC.

She is real , address checks out ,is married, not single, photos are not hers, she looks younger than she is , How do i know? Adam and Eva Manager, checked her out and confronted her , she is around 40, but claims to be 28.

Met here on dreammates last June , i put her on Russian Scam and Russian blacklist already on Sept1.

So convincing , she is a first time scammer, not on any lists, when i contacted her.

Answered all my questions, asked for money by internet by 4th letter, 30usd, i gave, actually asked for more in July, this whore claims her email costs 86usd a month, right ! She said over and over, she never asked again, and i dont have her letters or access to them anymore, But , has her 2part scam letter i posted, she is not the typical scammer. She told me if i was afraid to help her with internet cost just write to address, by 4th letter, i told you she is different.

Never fell in love until after 2months or so, I said why dont you get a visa in late july, she actually said it was impossible! A scammer never says that!

After she screwed me for 680 usd, she replied back the next day, left for 10, then came back for a 2part scam, heres the unreal part i sweared her upside down, on Sept1, she sweared back at me, these were not chain/form letters at all. I led her on for next 6wks saying i help her, but blacklisted her, and played her till Oct3,2002.

The money was for 4wk, trip to NYC, for english skills it caught me off guard, no visa.ticket scam.

She is so stupid , she was confronted face to face by Adam and Eva,
She was caught red handed, didnt even expect it, her real address, in Downtown Odessa.Her email is 

Lives in a ratty flat in dowtown Odessa, from what i have been told recently.

The 2part scam was the sick mother classic, i knew i was screwed then, didnt fall for that one.

Photos a young girl, not 28, but not her, this woman has short hair , not long,

I did file a case to the internet cime and fraud center on Dec5, 2002.
I probably wont get anywere with this, but i plan to go to odessa this year, while i am there i will confront her and Husband, not violent , love too though,

Will ukranian police prosecuter her? I have all transactions and letters for printing, all i have to get is copies of when she received the money , as in receivers from western union.

She is probably concerned now, cause she denied every writing to me , who i was and everything, didnt even see it coming.
Need anything else?

Here are 5 pics of the whore, shes a joke cause shes still in Ukraine. that money wont last her long, even 680USD, Shes not on any other sites or agencies i went through 40 or 50, honestly.

Remember not her photos way too young for this lowlife.

Thanks a million,

Pat Mysliwiec


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