Kobra Masha

"Our Girls" Agency (Kremenchug, Ukraine)

Tel. - 38 05366 220XX

Address: kv.78, ul.Krasina,87, g.Kremenchug, Ukraine

e-mail: sweet@list.sat.poltava.ua 

DOB: April 10,1983

I would like to report to you about a scammer Masha Korba, 19yo., DOB April 10,1983. 

Her address is Masha Korba, kv.78, ul.Krasina,87, g.Kremenchug, Ukraine, TEL # 38 05366 220XX. Her e-mail is sweet@list.sat.poltava.ua  

The agency she is using is called "Our girls" Agency. Sveta Babenko is the manager of "Our girls" Agency. Address is Krasina,78, Tel# is 380503080585 and e-mail is fate@sat.poltava.ua

This lady wants money by Western Union for her letters and the fee schedule of this agency is: one month of the services costs $65US, if you sign up for 6 months it will cost $300US, if you sign up for 1 year it will cost $550US.

There is also another scammer Marina (dream@list.sat.poltava.ua ) also fits the same mold as another scammer from this agency.

Please add Masha and Sveta Babenko of this so called "Our girls" Agency to your scammer lists.





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Subject: Re: Your letter (from www.freepersonals.ru
From: Satellite User < sweet@list.sat.poltava.ua
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 18:36:48 +0200

Dear John,

Your letter interested me. I do hope that we will shall be able to get to

more about each other and who knows what future has in a store for us?

I would like to write you more about myself first.

I am 18 y.y. I am a student at institute.I live and study in

the town Kremenchug, in the central part of Ukraine. It's

a small but very nice town.I live with my parents, it's my mom, my dad,and

my small sister who is 5 y.o.I adore her a lot!

Our family is very friendly, my parents not only love me but also trust me
a lot.

I am very sociable person, but I don't have

many real, close friends of mine, I think friendship is the rare

thing that doesn't visit everyone.But to my mind when a couple: a man and

a woman meet each other, it's wonderful if they become very good friends to

each other!

Inspite of the fact that I am only 18 y.o. I feel like I am eager to have
my own

family based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. I think I never
fall in

a love before, but my heart is wecome to those feelings, what's about you?

Dear John, I hope you are still interested in me

Have a very nice day


Subject: Re: Hello Masha in Kremenchug from John
From: Satellite User < sweet@list.sat.poltava.ua
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 13:02:15 +0200

Dear John,

I have become happy when I have got the reply from you, I would

love to hope that this touch will bring some special moments both to

you and me.Thank you to the nice pictures of you.

I am also sorry it has taken me much time to reply it,

but you see I don't have personal computer and that's why I have to use

the services of the dating agency, they charge quite a lot, and I just

can't afford writing too often. Besides I have one request to you and I do

hope you won't be offended with it and you would reply me later by no

means. You see, dear John, I would really love to write you more often,

and it would be really easier for me if you could help me to pay for

these services! But, please, just don't be angry with me, if you would

refuse me it won't change my desire to write you and I don't want to lose
our contact

that has just started, I just would prefer to write you more often, but

not just once per week.Please, write me what you think,OK?

As you already know I am 18 y.o. I am a young

girl, but inspite of this fact, I would really love to creat the family

full of value, to have strong, stable relationship based on mutual love,

respect and trust. For me honesty and trust between a couple play the most

important role. If there is dishonesty and lie, I am sure there won't be

any strong,long-termed sincere relationship!

I haven't had any serious relationship before though I was dating with the

guy for a year but it didn't work out between me and him.

As for my English, it's not so bad,I study it at university and I hope in

time I'll be able only to improve it.

Frankly speaking I have not thought about making some career in the future,

I think I am mostly the woman who is eager to have the cosy home, loving

husband and kids.But at the same time I have some own talents of mine.

I live with my parents, my mom and dad, I love both of

them, for me they are not only the parents but also the friends I can share

my problems with.They are the most close friends of mine, I do respect

them and love.My little sister is y.o. and of course I adore her.

Dear John, I am quite active person by my nature, I like to be on the
nature,to swim,

I enjoy the good company of my friends.

Dear John, your letter has been really interesting to

me, I did enjoy reading it a lot. Now I have better idea about you, and I

do hope in time we'll be good friends and maybe more.

Looking forward to your reply



Subject: Re: Hello Masha in Kremenchug from John
From: Satellite User < sweet@list.sat.poltava.ua
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 17:03:57 +0200

Hello dear John,
I hope my letter will find you in the best mood and health. I also truly
hope you are still interested in our touch and we have a chance to get along
with it.
Of course it would be great if we communicate more often, I really want
that. I am thankful that you feel open to help me with the agency's
costs.They will charge per month about $65US if I send you2, 3 letters in a
week.I don't use Internet center because these places are very noisy and
computers are busy all the time with the boys who play computer games.I
would prefer to use agency's services, I am helped with my English if I need
the help.The agency is called" Our girls". As far as I know the best way to
send the money is through Western Union right on my name, have you ever
heard about it?
Dear John, I am touched with your compliments about my figure, frankly
speaking nature gifted me with it. I like swimming a lot and when I have the
chance I go to the swimming pool. I love sea, I was both in Yalta and
Odessa.I like our capital Kiev a lot, but don't go there too often just when
have such a chance. I was never abroad and there are a lot of places I would
like to visit.
Dear John, you are always welcome to ask me questions,it's the only way
we can get to know each other better. My birthday is very soon on the 21st
in this month.
You asked for my address:
Masha Korba
I do hope my letter will put a smile on your face, I will try my best to
write you back sooner next time, frankly speaking I use the money parents
give me for breakfast to send you the letter.
Have a nice day

Subject: Hello John!
From: "fate" < fate@sat.poltava.ua
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 15:01:27 +0200

Hello John,
It's the manager of the agency "Our girls" Masha is using. We know you sent
her the letter and she was not there yet so I decided to contact you and
tell you about the services we can offer.
As you know one month of the services costs $65US, if you sign up for 6
months it will cost $300US, if you sign up for 1 year it will cost $550US.
During all this period Masha can get any amount of letters from you, e-cards
and anything else. Of course when she gets there another time I would tell
her about the letter I sent you.
My name is Sveta Babenko, and if you decide to send Masha the money you
could make it in two ways: to send it either on my name by Western Union or
right in her name.It's up to you to decide.
The phone number to contact me is 380503080585.
The address is: Krasina,78
You are welcome to use our services and I would be happy to help you.
With respect Sveta Babenko.

Subject: Re: Hello Masha in Kremenchug from John
From: Satellite User < sweet@list.sat.poltava.ua
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:25:20 +0200

Hello dear John,
I was glad to get tere today and to hear back from you.The agency told me
that it contacted you and told about its prices.Frankly speaking, I don't
think it's reasonable to sign up for 1 year as I hope we'll be able to meet
in person sooner.I thought you could send the money on my name through
Western Union and I'll be paying the agency, what do you think?I asked the
not to contact you for now because I want to solve this personally to you.
I would love to talk to you, the phone line I have is not working today
because of the weather, but it should be working again tomorrow or even
maybe today
My number is 38 05366 220XX. Try to call me today in the evening either
tomorrow at any
I hope you'll trust me and I want to trust and believe you. We could try
with one month of paying for the agency's costs. In case you need my
details, they are:
Masha Korba
I am very open ad honest to you in giving you all the details of mine, I
think it's very fair, and I am waiting the same from you. I don't want
anybody of us to play with eah other's feelings, I hope you understand me,
either we open our hearts to each other either not.
I hope to have a call from you soon