Posad Svetlana

Kremenchug, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Kvartal 101, house 2, flat 143 Kremenchug 39601

e-mail: atlanta@sat.poltava.ua  atlanta23@mail.ru

DOB: n/a

Hello There,

How are you? I just want to warn everyone that Miss Svetlana Posad (a divorced blonde hair blue eyes 25 years girl) from Kremenchug. She is a professional scammer and she scammed over 4000 USD from me since June 2002 until last month January 2003. She pretended to love me and controlled my emotions and she got cold feet the last day she was going to Warsaw for fiancee visa interview. Her emails are: atlanta@sat.poltava.ua and atlanta23@mail.ru. Her pictures can be found in our website photos: http://photos.yahoo.com/michaelandsvetlana Please post these letters and pictures of her and stay away from her before all western men will get hurt badly. She is a professional scammer. Please post this story to your website with her pictures and letters so no more victims from her. I was trapped by her fake love because she used very clever excuses to not address money upfront with me. The scammers.jpg are 3 well knowing scammers: Valia, Marina Kharchenko and Svetlana Posad. Ms. Svetlana Posad's address is:



Poltava region


Zip code 39601

Kvartal 101, house 2, flat 143

Posad Svetlana

Michael USA

Below is Svetlana's last letter to me to break up with me.


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From: atlanta23@mail.ru 

Hello, my darling Michael!

These three days were fatal for our destiny. This letter will be rude and sincere, most probably it'll make you upset and hurt your heart. And it may provoke a lot of negative emotions to me. But I ask you very much - to be reasonable and not hurry with conclusions. Think over everything and decide how you'll treat me in future and to all things we had in common together. My sweet Michael, you really were the most unique, wonderful and the only one, tender, caring, kind and great, decent, intelligent, noble and a loving man. You are now the same for me. I have no doubts as for this. You are really a very good man and that's why you deserve sincere happiness and love. You deserve high appreciation as a person. You have high morals and also strong believe in God. You are very ambitious, that's why I believe you'll be happy. I also hope that you'll understand me and won't be offenced with me. I know that you feel very bad now and maybe you are lost, also you feel sad and maybe loneliness. If I am the reason of all these emotions, forgive me, please. I didn't want such an end. I beg you to listen to me and try to understand. But if you can't and will judge, it's your right. I know that in any case you'll judge the situation in a reasonable way. I had come through many things during the last week, I don't have appetite at all, I can't sleep, and when I felt very bad, I dropped into madness and saw nightmares. It was much blood, I was torn into parts, insulted and made rudeness with. I saw only three colors - black, white and red. I feel very bad. I fighted for my papers to be done within 3 weeks but it was like bad luck. And whatever I did, no matter how much I tried, it was like some unknown thing that let me down. My troubles grow and grow and when it was one problem, next day I have another two, even computer couldn't bear this fate and crushed. I don't know how much time it'll take to repair it and when I'll be able to write you from my computer. That's why forgive me for not reading your last letters, even money couldn't help. The woman from Poltava delayed documents and didn't tell me that they had to be translated once again and to be notarized again. I didn't get my foreign passport, giving the reason that I have to collect certificates about son's birth and residence permit, because he is not 7 y.o. yet and they can't stick their photo in it. They told me about it 2 weeks after I gave in the passport with photo. That's why the papers are not ready but my dear Michael, it is not the only reason. I can't go to Poland to the interview, I know you did your best, spent much time and money so that I could get this only chance - a lucky ticket to the better life. Your help, support and understanding, nobility and your love are beyond any money. You did for me so many things that I don't even deserve, I know you'll meet a better woman and she'll deserve everything you have. She'll worship you and will really be your slave as you wanted. I think I wouldn't be able to give you what we both dreamt about. I am also very sorry that I wasn't able to learn this simple English language. Maybe we'd be able to understand each other better then, but alas it didn't happen. I wanted to be independent so much and not to be a burden for you, that's why I worked till the last day and I didn't have much time for English, that's why it is very poor.

When we met each other, I saw light in my life, you were like a star for me - a distant miracle for me to solve out. I felt something that couldn't take me from you. You know that everything I felt I wrote in my letters - all my love and desires to you, the only one. Of course, you were the only one I corresponded with. But I created you the way I wanted you to be. I gave you many features I wanted you to have, I felt so many emotions to you that I flied in heaven when we were in the Crimea. You were a dream for me that couldn't come true, a magic story I couldn't believe in. That's why I didn't perceive reality but lived in the world of dreams and fantasy. I wanted everything and at once. That's why when you left, I couldn't understand why we couldn't be together in short terms. We came to each other so long, we wanted to be together forever, we dreamt about wonderful happy family with children. And it was so close...

When you came to take me there, I was very happy, I thought - one more step and we'll be together. I hoped it'd be so when I was near the house with packed things. And it was the first time I really thought over the life that waited for me with you. And I was really afraid, maybe it was because of my being very tired because of papers and internal thoughts that torn me into parts. As I couldn't talk to you and confess you about it.

Michael, I love another man I created myself. He looks like you very much but he is not you and you are not he. Real life gives us facts but human relations as well as nature may differ. And we have to take relations the way they are. But I couldn't confess you honestly what I disliked. I can't tell you this because you don't deserve it. We tried to explain everything we had giving the reason to different cultures and nations. I thought it was really a reason but now I don't believe it. My heart tells me different things now. I know that in your eyes I didn't see what I looked for, the man I could go with to the far end and give my life for both.I don't want to lie to you, I don't want to get married with you just to have good future for my kids, I don't want to take advantage of you to make my goal come true. I don't want to marry you just to appear in the USA and get divorced there. It is very bad and it is not decent of me. If I really was a bad person, I'd do this. But I can't do it. I thought over many things these days, I am even sure that I'll be sorry later for what I am writing now. But I can't but tell you about my feelings because I don't want to spoil your life. Would you be able to live with me knowing that I don't love you? And see me every day not feeling my passion, warmth and fire, and feeling my negligence. I don't want even to go on because it wouldn't be happy life and not the thing we dreamt about. And what would your mother, your relatives and friends tell seeing our relations? I don't want to lie to you and betray you. I want you to try to understand, I am sure you are a strong man and of course, I know that you don't look like dog that can be sweeted or made go away. You are a Man (with big letter M) and you deserve happiness. I want very much you to meet your only one love. I am very much sorry that I wasn't able to become such one for you. I ask you to forgive me because I wasn't able to realize before that my love was not real, it was like sun shining and it was the reason I couldn't perceive you as a real man. I cry very much and I am sorry that it happened this way, and I can't be forgiven. I feel devastated now and I feel as if I am dead. There are no things left that were so dear to me before. I'll never forget you. It'll be long time I'll remember the fairy-tale I believed in. I know that no one will understand me and nobody understands now. I didn't want to tell you but I don't have any relations with my parents and I seldom visit my brother's family. They wanted me to marry you very much and it was a real idea for me as it seemed to me lately. The more they pressed me, the more clear it was for me that they didn't need me at all. I am also very sorry for my son, he loves you very much. And he'd like you to be his father very much. Most probably he'll remember you long and worry. But I can't play the role of a loving wife even for my son, to lie to you and not let you feel sincerity.

I want to thank you for being in my life, thank you for everything you had done for us with Kostya, I'll never forget it, that's why my door will be always open for you and you can always write me, of course, if you want it. You are a unique person and deserve the best what this life can give. You are a noble and kind, your acts speak louder for your words, your letters were always sweet and tender to us, I'll re-read them long after it and will remember you. Thank you very much for your attitude to my relatives, I know that you'll always remain a very good man for them. Thank you for a beautiful holiday of love you did for me. I didn't deserve it. Maybe flowers knew it and faded away fast. Their dry buttons look like my heart now. I feel very bad inside. I don't deserve to be forgiven. And I don't know how I have to live on. Maybe it'll take some time for you to forgive me but if you can't, I'll understand. I know that there are many things left between us to be dealt with, that's why I'll wait for your answer. Forgive me, forgive me,forgive me...

Your Lana



>From: "Atlanta" < atlanta@sat.poltava.ua

>Subject: My Honey !

>Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 19:08:28 +0300


>Honey Michael!


>Thank you very much for your warm message. I'm very glad with it. It's very

>interesting for me what are the things around you and how you see the


>I want to learn it in the way you see it. And I want to understand it by



>I want to tell you about my quarter. It's very beautiful place. I want one

>day you see it by your eyes, I want you will see these golden fields of

>matured wheat, they are like my hair and I want you will see this sky, it's

>like my eyes, I want you will see the bottomless rivers, they have the

>depth of my feelings. As you can see I do like the nature. I like it and it

>drags me, it inspires me , because the nature.

>If I have the opportunity I would like to visit all parts of the world.

>Because every part of it, every town has its own customs, traditions,

>tempers, history. I think you share my thoughts. I do want it.

>Yes, I can talk about it endless, I'm romantic person. But I have it deep

>in my soul. Because the reality and my life makes me to think about the


>of life, about my job, about the resources for my living. It's so

>difficult and painful for me to talk about it. Maybe I will tell you about

>it next time. But now I don't want to talk about it.

>At my free, even if I don't have a lot of it I take care about my figure

>in the gym, it's my went.

>Michael, I try to learn English. I bought the book for it and I try to


>it, I think that I will do it. Because I'm purposeful person, I hope that

>one day we will communicate with you without the interpreter. I want to buy

>for my child the alphabet in English because I want in the future he will

>understand you because understanding is the most important thing in the


>As I wrote to you I live with my son now. His name's Kostya, he is 5. It's

>the great treasure in my life. My son is my happiness. He was gifted to me

>by the God. He is my part and he is my life. He is the sense of my life.

>When I wake up in the morning and look at him and I look at his green eyes

>my soul fills with such joy because I have him. It's the happiness.

>I hope that you love children like I love them because it's very


>for me.

>I rent one roomed flat with Kostya in the 9 floors house, we have the flat

>on the 9th floor. I understand that it's not my property and I know that


>any time they can ask me to leave it. But t while I have the work I can pay

>for the flat. And when I'm at home Kostya is in the kindergarten, he has a

>lot of friends there. He is very bright and cute boy. When he returns home

>he tells me about everything 9in the kindergarten and he tries to read and

>write and he takes the dance lessons. The great grief for him is the


>that another children meet not just with mothers in the kindergarten but

>fathers too. And it's very difficult for me to explain him why did his

>father leave us.

>I don't want to talk in the bad way about this person. I loved him in the

>past. I thought that he is the person I need. And I wanted to be the good

>wife for him and that is why I forgave him the rudeness and his love to

>alcohol. But I couldn't forgive him his uninterested to his son. He wasn't

>interested in his future. That is why I divorced with him. I got the

>divorcing two years ago. For a long time I couldn't take it. I couldn't be

>well because of it. It was difficult for me to live without strong shoulder

>of man, I didn't have the moral support. I was looking for the job under


>diploma and now I have it and it's more easy for me.

>My country has moderate climate. And we have 4 seasons : winter, spring,

>summer and autumn. I do like spring, when after cold winter ( they are


>frosty in my country ) you can hear the sound of water and you can see the

>first tender leaves on the trees and you can listen to nightingales and

>the warm and tender sun shines. I do want to live at such time.

>I want to tell you that I do love animals. Especially cats. I have the cat

>, her name's Ulyana. She is very fun and cute. Kostya likes to play with


>I try to have different interests and that is why when I have the

>opportunity I watch News and read newspapers and books and I'm interested


>the events which happen in the world. Sometimes we with Kostya sit on the

>sofa and watch good film in the evening. I prefer to watch melodramas and

>historical films.

>I like to read your letters. I will be thankful if you send me your

>picture. I will wait it unpatiently.

>I hope that you like to communicate with me. I will wait for your letters


>With tenderness



>From: "Atlanta" < atlanta@sat.poltava.ua

>Subject: My Nice !

>Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 01:07:27 +0300


>Michael, and now I answer your questions.


>1 I love children very much, that why I-ll present an Angel and may be even

>two to

>my Beloved man of course if he won-t mind.


>2 I-ll buy a great number of candles for the romantic evening with my

>beloved man.

>I-ll place them to all the corners and rooms of the place we will be. Just

>imagine this

>great sparkling light, which becomes weaker and them brighter again,

>exciting the

>soul and warmth. And with all this we are in two, our eyes and hands become

>one in a

>second like fire flames in a big and bright campfire. Fire is power! Of

>course these are

>my dreams, but I hope one day they-ll come true. Don-t they?


>3 Risk??? Now it-s hard for me to talk about it because I have a son.


>why I

>think it-s better for me not to risk much. But the risk is that I dream

>about you just

>when reading your letters and looking at your picture. The fact that may be

>one day

>I-ll go to live in your country with you is risk too. you must understand


>the right

>way. Here I have dear people. They are my parents. I-m ready to go so far

>away from

>them for my Beloved man, for you. now it-s your turn to decide if I like to



>4 In my country (I mean firmer USSR) there is a nationality called uzbeks.

>They have

>a national dish called plov. It-s made of mutton and rice with some

>vegetables and

>fruits. I had a trip to Tashkent city it-s the capital of Uzbekestan. I was

>taught how to

>cook this national dish. I-m very grateful to those people for it. I try to

>cook this dish

>often but sometimes it-s hard to afford mutton for me. I also like to cook


>borsh. Have you ever heard about such a dish? I can cook a great number of


>they most important is to have money for buying food.


>5 I respect and like American style of life.


>6 The aim of my life now is that I want to create a real family very much.


>want to

>find a good father for my son and a beloved man for me.


>7 I would like it to be true. Open yourself, show and prove what kind of a

>man you

>are, and I-ll open my sould to you, and then we would love each other or


>be not.

>But to understand it it-s necessary to communicate much and meet for sure.


>8 How can one conquer my heart??? I guess you Michael must just show your


>tenderness, and love to me and my son for us to feel strong man-s


>as they

>say here in Ukraine we want to be as behind the wall made of stone. We want

>you to

>part us from all the troubles and problems. And we would live as a friendly

>and happy

>family in our world.


>9 My height is 165cm,52kg.

>With tenderness


>Nice Michael!


>I am very happy to get the letter and photos from you. It's so pleasant for

>me to feel that you are near me and that you think about me. I hope that

>we will correspond with you, but not as often as I want. The case is that I

>visit the internet cafe after my working day or on the weekends, I take

>Kostya to my parents to the village. I wrote to you that I just started to

>learn English and that is why I use the help of the interpreter. It's very

>good interpreter and she is good person, that is why all thoughts I want

>to show you are correct . My job takes the main my time. And I teach the

>Russian language and Russian literature, that is why sometimes I take the

>work home and check the copy books at home. It's very interesting job and

>it's very close to my heart. But it's so difficult to understand that


>teacher earns so small salary. Teachers are the people who form the

>personality of the person. I had the time when I thought that I would


>my job but for it I had to change my profession. But to work and study and

>educate my child at the same time was difficult for me I had to take the

>reality. I think that you understood that I can't communicate with you a

>lot. Because it's shame for me to tell you about it , but I don't have

>enough time because I have to earn money. Not just for the correspondence

>but for the food, clothes, payment for the flat, kindergarten and so on.


>it's so difficult for me to tell you about it more over to share it with

>you. It's my pain and I live with it for last time. I don't have not just

>enough time but money too. I don't ask something from you. I haven't the

>right to insist on something. My moral doesn't agree with it. I know that

>you are very good and understanding person. And you will understand

>everything by yourself. I don't want you think that I play the role of the

>woman who does it for money. I need the only person who will become

>everything for me. And I understand that after such letter you can not

>answer to me. It will be painful for me to realize it but I will


>everything. My Nice and Dear, maybe you are the last my hope for which I

>have to live?


>With love



>From: "Atlanta" < atlanta@sat.poltava.ua

>Subject: My Dear !

>Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 20:05:59 +0300


>Hello Michael !


>It's so pleasent for me that you are interested in communication with me.


>I was born and grew up in Kremenchug in Ukraine. I'm Ukrainian by my

>nationality. I do hope to have open, wonderful and serious relations with

>the man who is kind, decent, tender person. Who loves children. Family


>the first place in my life. The circumstances are such that my husband left

>me . He had another plans for the future. I and my son were not in those

>plans Now I live with my child. I try to provide for him good meal,

>education and of course I try to love him like two people can love, I don't

>want he feels that he has incomplete. Such thing had happened in my life

>that I was betrayed by the person I trusted. But I know that that the sun

>will rise tomorrow and it will warm me by its warmth. I believe that there

>is the person in this world who will share with me the warmth and


>of the sun. I hope that you are such person. I will do all the best the

>person who will be with me feel my tenderness, love and care.


>I try to help to my parents they live in the country side. I work in the

>elementary school with the little children. My working days is since 8 am

>till 6 pm That is why when I have free time I try to spend it with my son.


>do like to walk with him in the park and go with him to the lake. I do like

>to read the books to him and play with him different games. I hope that my

>child will be noble , honest and clever man. But I understand very well


>without the strong shoulder and support of man it will be difficult for me.

>That is why he needs the father and I need loving and faithful husband .


>Michael , I'm glad to communicate with you . If you are still interested, I

>hope to get the reply from you.


>With the best wishes




>PS. My e-mail address is : atlanta@sat.poltava.ua 

Hello my Nice,my Sweet,my Tender,my Honey,my Wonderful Romeo!

How are you my Love? I was so happy again to receive your tender,

love,warm letter.Thank you very much for your enxiety.I feel

better.I have facile chill.I have a weakness.In city goes the

rain, much cheese.At saturday we had a holiday in school.It was

merrily and beautifully.The children looked the fairy tale.Then

they give gift.Kostya was beautiful.In suit Zoroo.He suit much

goes.Egor also had a holiday in kindergarten.Egor has a suit

indian.Sergey has a suit of the Grandparent of the Frost.I and

Marina shall be in mask,that you has sent.At night December 31

whole family together.In house of the parents.We shall meet

the New year on russian,then on ukrainian time.We be recall you,

speak of you.We much will not be enough you.Sergey will get from

bag gift and all give.I like much this holiday.I certain as all

too.This reminds me childhood.My Darling Michael how much I would

like to be beside you.I hope soon it'll be so. I love you VERY VERY

VERY MUCH.I miss you terribly, I lack you very much and I need you

very much. I want time to go by faster.I smile and dream only about

you. I feel your every breath and every piece of you. I dream only

about you, you're my the only one man and I want only you. You're

my Wonderful Romeo, you're my love and my life!

I send you all my tenderness and care, my most sincere kisses, the

gentlest hugs. Say hello to all your relatives and friends. I

wish you good and wonderful holiday.Kostya says hello too.

Forever yours,


P.S.These postcards for you. Enjoy them.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

My family joins to my congratulations.

Hello my Nice, my Wonderful Romeo!

My Darling Michael,I very pleased all news.You have a good plan.

He approaches us.I am a meeting you in aeroport in 13.00 friday.

These days I occupied preparation document.I have got the package

from embassy.The Birth day on January 18 I can not note,he must be

later.I want you good trip.I much wait our meeting,I miss you very

much and I love you very very very very much.Tomorrow I to go back

into Poltavu,return late.So shall not be able to write you.Do Not

worry at friday I shall you to meet. I kiss you strongly and hug

you.At friday I shall be capable this do...

Forever yours,


H ello My Darling! My Nice! My Wonderful! My Sweet! My Sunny Michael!

How are you my Romeo? My Love Michael, thank you very much for your endless

love and tenderness, your warmth, support, care and attention. I appreciate

you and all you do for us with Kostya very much. It was very pleasant for me

to receive all your letters,pictures and especially talk to you.I was excited

with your pleasant and tender voice! Thanks very much Anna for talk translation

help.I understood her much well.Hope we are met.I wanted much.I received your

money transfer number.Today I cash.I shall gain the gift for my family.Shall

write you. Thank you very much my Darling.You very attentive.It's so wonderful

that I have you my Nice Michael.I also will be impatiently waiting for the day

I will see you again, touch you, hug you and kiss you strongly. I need you and

I don't imagine my life without you. It's hard for me to realize that I'm far

away from you. My thoughts, dreams are always with you not looking where I am

and what I do.You're my the only one, my life, my unique man whom is in my

sweetest dreams at night.I watch our videos, pictures with pleasure and I have

a pleasant feeling of excitement, wonderful memories and beautiful illusions.....

I happy very much that soon we shall together.



I congratulate you with Christmas. May God save you, may He show you the right

way in life. Keep Him always in your heart and soul use only his commandments.

May He save our love and may He help us. He has brought us together, gave us love

and now we'll make everything to be together. My Darling Michael, I wish you and

your family merry Christmas and happy New Year.Be healthy, happy, joyful, lucky,

merry, smart. May you houses always be cozy and warm for your life to be full of

miracle, for all the problems to vanish from you life.Live and enjoy life.Have a

great Holidays!

Say hello to your family and friends.I miss you.I lack you very very much.I love

you very very very very very very much. I send you my hottest and the most

passionate kisses.Lots of hugs and my smile.

Forever yours,

Lana and Kostya.

Hello my Nice, my Tender,my Sweet, my Wonderful Michael!

How are you my Darling?I miss you terribly,I miss you very

very very very much,time goes forward without stopping and

makes our parting longer.I love you very very very very very

much.I happy very much that soon we shall together.But me

sadly.You still so far.I went on market,in shops.I bought

the gift for family.Kostya-jacket and Avtoshosse.Egor-dinosaurs

and books.The Mother-artificial flowerses and make-up.The Father

-chair for fishing.Marina-dishes.Sergey-books.All will much happy.

Thank you very very very much.We present the gift 1 January.Is

going to whole family.This very merry holiday.In city have included

the new year's fir trees.The People merry and beside them good mood.

I little have a disease.Kostya goes in school at saturday and sunday.

There too holiday.I go with him.Beside it afterwards vacation 2 weeks.

I wish you wonderful weekends. Say hello to your family and friends.

My Beloved Michael, I wish you and your family merry Christmas and

happy New Year!!!!

I kiss you strongly, hug you passionately...I lack you very very much.

I miss you very very much,I love you very very very much.I need you

my Sunny Michael!

Your Lana.

Hello my fairy-tale Prince, my Wonderful Romeo,my the only one Michael!

How are you my Sun? How you feel? How's your work? How are your relatives

and friends? Thank you very much my dear Michael for your not fading warmth,

for your sincere and faithful love, for your care, for your attention,for

few surprises sitting in living room.Thanks you for warning about virus.I

did not get love.scr.We have well met the New year.There was festively and

much merrily.With children we played,dance,met the Grandparent of the Frost.

He presented us gift.I have bought itself gift.The Gown.Thank you very much

my Careful!!!We were photographed.As soon as will do the photo.I send

you.Little has tired.The foods prepared On holiday plenty of.There were

guests beside parents 3 days.All complacent and happy.My Love, my Michael,

I dream and think about you every day and night. I miss you terribly and wait

for the day we'll be together. I pray God to save and lead us. I'm filled with

the feelings of tenderness, warmth, love and thankfulness when I read your

letters to me. They warm me, they support me and me closer to you, make me

more sensitive. When I feel especially lonely I close my eyes, imagine you

and whisper lines from your letters. I love you very very very very

very very my Nice Michael. I miss you so very much. I lack you terribly I

want to you very much my Sweetheart Michael!!!I kiss you tenderly, hug you

tight and send you a sea of smiles, and good mood. I wish you wonderful day.

Say hello to your family and friends. I need you very much.I love you.

Your Lana.

From: atlanta@sat.poltava.ua  

Hello my Tender, my Nice, my Sweet, my Sunlight, my Beloved Michael!

How are you my Wonderful Prince?I was so happy again to receive your

tender, warm and full of love letter.How happy I have you.I want you

so much.You're my the Only One, my Unique, my Sparkling light, my Sun.

I'm so glad I have met you on my life way. You're the whole world for

all of us.I love you very very very very very much.At monday we had a

holiday Cristmas.We went in house of the parents.Looked TV set ,ate and

congratulated each other.All was with joy and well mood, but all the time

I was thinking about you dreaming how wonderful it would be if you were

beside you. It will be very soon.I miss you my Michael.

My Love, my Michael on Ukraine holidays last before January 19.Presently

I do not dispose of information where is found my translator Marina.I try

to do all to her find.I inform you little later.In embassy I have send

the package.The Regular mail.With packet #3 information(OF 169),on the

address:U.S. Embassy

Immigrant Visa Section

Ul. Piekna 14a

Warsaw 00-540

Poland.And there was our number.

And you I have too send the package with postcard.You have got it? This

was for 2 or 3 weeks before new year.Certainly I can think something

occurred.Can downloaded capacity of our ukrainian mail.I hope all dispense.

And the documents are found.I have not understood for date interview.Her

have already fixed?I miss you very much my Darling Michael and wait for you

so much. I love you.I'm grateful to God I have met you.I lack you as I lack

sun, I lack you as water, air.You're my life!!!I kiss you and your pillow

tenderly. I wish I could touch you, lean to you... I miss you terribly.

Say hello to all your family and friends. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your Lana.