Propst Svetlana

(aka Rybachenko Oksana, aka Suhondyaevskaya Yulia)

Moscow, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a


DOB: n/a

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In Match Doctor: Yulia72, Flake30 (was allso nordicgal)

In Yahoo messenger: 

Names she uses:

Svetlana Propst

Lidiya Rybachenko

Yulia Vladimirovna Suhondyaevskaya

xxxxxxxx (1:40:30): now yes
aflake30 (1:40:40): ok
xxxxxxxxx1:40:54): how many id:s you have ?
aflake30 (1:41:10): lots of i'm a scam 

Original available only for authorities.

aflake30 (7:43:35): what about oil prices??? please borrow a couple of miliions rich guy.......
aflake30 (7:43:46): f**** off internet spam
xxxxxxxx (7:44:03): do you feel heat?
xxxxxxxx(7:44:11): :) 
aflake30 (7:44:27): me?? no.......Just don't understand you idiot
xxxxxxxx(7:44:51): your story is soon over with scamming
aflake30 (7:45:00): never
aflake30 (7:45:15): i'll do that again many times 
xxxxxxxx (7:45:29): we will see


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Small evidence of who is who!

Yulka is nickname of Yulia.

Knows e-mail adresses and yahoo id:s to her: 

And other witch i sent in that big data pack to you.

Add to your list, please...............

Lately active DIKSAS13

bmw340touring (1:56:05): kak yulka?
diksas13 (1:56:34): wothless pig? you still alive????
bmw340touring (1:57:02): what kind of parent u had ?
bmw340touring (1:57:30): Is there any manners in your mind ?
diksas13 (1:58:12): i have manners but not when I see you faggot
bmw340touring (1:58:42): Here only very low class people speak like you.....
diksas13 (1:59:17): well so consider that I'm low class if that help you
bmw340touring (1:59:34): Di you lost all with your BMW?
diksas13 (2:00:37): fuck off
bmw340touring (2:01:26): ps. boys sent all data of you to FSB........
bmw340touring (2:01:47): good nigh & sweet dreams !
diksas13 (2:01:56): idiot


Here is the first letter I recieved from this scammer..notice the new alias and email 

Subject: from Yulia for you.
From: "řŽŚÍ" <
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:41:20 +0300

Hello, Ken.
I was very glad to get letter from you. About me: my  nameís Yulia. I am 24, I was born on 29th December in 1978. My weight is 117lb- 53 kg, my height is 5ft8inch Ė 173,brown hair, gray eyes, non smoker, non drinker, never married. I donít have any children. Ones I have serious boyfriends in the past but I was disappointed and we decided to part. Since that time itís very  difficult to believe in nature love, but I hope. I have finished Moscow Institute of Economics and  Humanities. Educated in law decipline. Russian citizen, no children, single, simple girl, loyal, sincere,  serious, intelligent and cheerful girl. My health is  good and I wish you the same.

My hobbies and interest are music, I like gardening, cooking, walking down the parks. I also like to go to the cinemas, theatre and go to concerts. I like to visit the museums. I like to spend my free time with my friends. I like travelling to the Black sea. I often go to the sport club and in summer, in Autumn and in Spring I run in the mornings (when itís no raining).

I was born in Kaluga (I think you have never heard  about this city Ė itís not very big and itís close to  Moscow). I live in this city now. I live here with my  family. It consists of my mother, my father, my  grandmother and my sister with her baby. Her husband  lives with us very seldom because he works at another  city.

About my family :my mother doesnít work, my father is  a bus driver. My grandmother is a retiree, but before  it she worked at the big shop. My sister is an  economist, but she doesnít work at this period because  she has a baby.

I am looking forward your letter.

Bye. Yulia.

From: <
Date: 16 Jan 2003 . 6:23
Subject: From Ken

Hello dear Ken!!!!!!!!

I was very glad to get your letter.
If you want I will tell you more about yourself.

Likes; I like to go to museums, I love history and I love everything
thatdeals with history. I like to travel and to see new places. I enjoy
takingshort and long drives in my car, I love all kinds of music, rock,
rythm &blues, jazz, classical, opera, alternative, techno, club, ballads,
ethnic,etc. I really enjoy to listen to music when I am alone, with friends
or whenI am driving. I like to develop film and I develop a lot for
myfriends. I like to go to different restaurants and try new dishes. Ilove
to eat, and yet I stay very slim. :) I also like to cook, and my friends
sayI am a very good cook. :) In other words, I am open to trying new
things,as I find enjoyment at all I do and try. There are more things that I
like to do, but my brain is not thinking of them right now. :) Maybe my
thoughtsare of you? ;)

Dislikes; I do not like people who lie and deceive. I do not like people
that are cruel and think only of themselves. I do not like people that look
to find faults in others, because they think or feel they are better then
other people. Mainly I do not like anyone that judges other people. I was
raised not to judge others and I see no reason to do so. I am not perfect
and I have never met anyone that is perfect. I do not like people who play
games with others or play with their feelings. A heart is not to be played
with, as feelings run deep and it is not so easy for some to share their
feelings. There are many people on the net who play games. I have met some
of them online, and on Match Doctor. I do not know what satisfaction a
person can receive by lying and deceiving someone that shares their
feelings.Communication is very important in a relationship, especially one
that is of different cultures in different countries. This is why I beleive
that if two people are serious about developing and maintaining a
relationship they should be totally and completely open and honest with
eachother about everything. They should hold nothing back from the other
when the other ask them a question. If you hold back any part of an answer,
it is the same as alie, for you are deceiving them. Also if you ask someone
a question and theyanswer you openly and honestly, they are doing so out of
trust. So youcannot judge them for sharing the truth with you or to
critisize them in anyway. To me if you judge them or critisize them for
sharing the truth withyou, then obviously you are not sincere and maybe you
do not love them. The truth sometimes will hurt, but the honesty of your
lover sharing helps it togo away and fade forever. A lie lingers on for
years and eventually destroysa relationship and any trust will vanish. To
sum up what I am looking for ina relationship, is to find a loving husband
that will share all with me and allow me into his heart.You know I don't
like to write letters very much, I prefer to look in your eyes :-) but i
want to know everything about you.

You have asked me weather I often visit Moscow, my answer - "yes". I like this city. Now, please allow me to tell you a little bit more about Moscow. This city was founded in 1247, so it is 855 years old - lots of time to make up awhole history. It combines a lot of different styles and hosts long-lastingtraditions. The nowadays megapolis with an unofficial population of 12 to 13million people as any city is famous firstly for its architecture ensembleand some specific masterpieces. Everyone knows marvelous Red Square, which unites splendid Kremlin's and St. Basil's Cathedral's original Russian style together with 19th century building of GUM and quite modern Lenin'sMausoleum. Moscow has some well preserved from modern lifestyle and neatplaces to look at, which are also a good place to walk and rest at:Kitai-gorod district, Zamoskvorechiye (literally "over the Moskva-river),Arbat and connected numerous narrow streets. All of them can boast typicalold Moscow architecture and can show real city spirit and kalorite to allinterested visitors.But our town is not only a historic center. It also has many modern objects: numerous trading centers (some of which can blind you with there beauty,like the "Ohotny Ryad trading center"), second highest TV-tower in the world(Ostankino), Eiffel tower's sister Shabolovskaya radio tower (which is buildon the same principle and was very up-to-date in 1930s), subway with itsunique and astonishing 162 stations, and of course hundreds of factories andother enterprises. Moscow is definite transport, industrial, and commercialcenter of Russia. Most of foreign businesses in Russia are situated in Moscow. Life here is quite different from the rest of Russian. If Americanssay, that "New York is not USA", then we can say, that Moscow is "Very much not Russia", but at the same time it is a very important part of our country, its heart.Any Moscow visitor will definitely be able to find here an occupationsuitable for him. City offers wide range of recreation and rest opportunities: green parks and old manors with their palaces are always open to anyone, just as all kinds of sport facilities, different clubs, cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys, and even golfing areas. It is very important tosee Moscow for all experienced travelers. This is not only due to its central position in Russia and sightseeing importance, which any capital city has, but also to its spirit and a combination of native and traditionaltogether with modern and fashionable. And, please, be sure, that all MoscowAIESECers (and there are 7 local comities, which just recently have unitedinto one big family) will make their best to ensure that your stay here willbe informative, interesting and fun!

I hope it was interesting for you.

About my wishes.. it's enough difficult... but I will think about them. OK?

Many tender kisses just for you.