Rekus Yulia (Julia) 

Mishka Agency (Dmitriy Batmanov)

Kremenchug / Pavlysh, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Pervomajskaya street, 39 , Section 6 apprt. 6


DOB: Jan, 1, 1982

Report on SCAMMER Jylya or Yulia Rekus from Kremenchug and also Pavlysh, Mishka Agency and Dmitriy Batmanov:

Jylya Nikolaevna Rekus, Pervomajskaya street, 39 , Section 6 apprt. 6
Kremenchug - town,Ukraine, 39600, No Telephone (can not give you her work number) , DOB Jan, 1, 1982 and her E-mail is

She originally had a profile at Free Russian Personals (31380) which has been removed and also has a profile posted at Adult singles D1085683-from Pavlysh. 

She talks about money and, of course is very poor from her first few letters ( obvious scam alert), works a lot, can not afford her letters to me any more, no money for food, is in love with you after a few letters (obvious scam alert once again) and needs money ($70 a month) for her letters and for using her scammer agency Mishka which is also located in Kremenchug.

The money is to be sent to her by Western Union. The information on this agency is:

Mishka Agency 
Money to be sent to the Director - Dmitriy Batmanov, 39600, Ukraine, Poltava region, Kremenchug, Haharina street, house 30.E-mail address is  

Please add young Jylya Rekus and also Dmitriy Batnanov from this Mishka Agency to your list of SCAMMERS.



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