Galina (report #1)

Salekhard, Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: not specified


DOB: May 12 1979 

Submitted: 10/13/05

This letter came as a reply to my icebreaker in Yahoo Personals.
Her email is: 
She is falling in love very quickly although she knows nothing about me and 
she is stunning.
Here is the first letter, I dont mind my name being used as there is no 
other info about me
I have received about 5 and she keeps insisting I ring her friend's phone


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Hello dear Nick,
It was very nice to hear from you. You know, the day wasn't the
perfect one for me, but as soon as I've got your mail everything
changed. I am really very very glad to know that such an interesting
man paid attention to me.
I've read your profile and you know, I like it a lot. I think that we
have a lot in common. Hope this is only the beginning of our
correspondence which will hopefully lead to something special and nice
between us.
Well, for me it is very difficult to start. I have never had the
experience like this before and that's why I don't know what to start
with. But I will try to do my best. Don't be too strict with me please
I am from Russia. I have always lived here. I am from the nice Russian
city Salekhard which is a capital of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous
Area. Have you heard about it? I was born here. I find it
pretty good. Almost all of my friends and relatives live over here.
I need to apologize for the mistake in my profile about the place I
live. I really don't know how it could happen. I am a new one in all
this and asked people who work here to help me and they might make
this awful mistake. But I really hope that this is not a problem for
you. Of course, being so
far from each other can be very complicated sometimes, but I will try
to do all my best from my side to make us closer to each other with
our every letter and our phone calls if that is meant to happen.
Well, my name is Galina. I am 26 years old and my birthday is on May
21. The only thing I want from this life is to find my beloved man and
to build strong
relationships together with him. If you think that I am too young for
this, you are mistaken. I consider myself as a grown up independent
person who can take the right decisions by her own. I know for sure
what I want and what can make me happy. I am very ambitious and have
never gave up the chances the life offered to me. I love this life, I
think it always gives us a lot of present surprises, even at times
when you don't expect them. I am full of love and energy and I am
ready to share it with that very one, who will be ready to give me the
same in return. Well, you might be confused about all these, but I
will try to explain you everything to be clear.
As I mentioned you before, I want to find that very one, I want to
give him all my feelings which overwhelm me. I want to build strong
serious relationships, but I cannot do it alone, we need to build it
together. I truly believe that every detail in relationships should be
built together, cause only this will make them stronger. I want to
love and be loved in return. I want to have the mutual trust and
respect, cause I find it the base of every relationships. I want to be
happy and I want to make happy the man who will be next to me. I want
to give him everything, cause this will make me happier. I want the
simple things but sometimes it can be so complicated.
Well, and what do you expect from relationships? Why did you put your
profile on that site? I am really interested to know that. Hope to
find the answers in your next mail to me.
Dear Nick, I hope my mail wasn't boring to you and you've read it with
some interest. I've attached the pics of mine and really hope that
you will find them nice. I'd love to get some of your photos also.
Well, thanks for your attention and I am looking forward to getting
the next mail from you soon.
Best regards


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