Shakina Antonina (Nina)

Kherson area, Ukraine

Her e-mail address: (deleted before few time)

Date of birth : 1967

How did you find each other: I know this women on WW Matchmaking Service 

What reason did she used to ask for money?
 - money to go to Borispol on train 24/06/02 : Western Union 122 109 88 55 : 150,00 Euros
 - problem of money 26/08/02 : Western Union 122 109 00 91 : 50,00 Euros
 - problem of money 07/09/02 : Western Union 122 714 12 56 : 100,00 Euros
 - buy's international passport 17/09/02 : Western Union 122 362 55 82 : 450,00 Euros
 - to pay out the debt for appartment 28/09/02 : Western Union 122 224 26 90 : 350,00 Euros
 - + 200,00 Euros gift on ukrainian money at moment of mi departure of Kiev 18/07/02

What happened after she received/didn't received money?

"Dear Klod!
I know that this letter of you very much will upset.
It is very hurt and difficult for me to write about it.
But I should inform you about sad news.
I have made the firm decision, in the name of my daughter to return to her father.
When I have met him for discussion of distribution of his sanction for daughter abroad - _
He was in a shock but documents were signed at once then by he has come to me in the evening and at us very long family conversation was held.
From which I have understood, that for the sake of the daughter, for the sake of her future to me - the decision of reunion of our family is necessary to make.
I know that for the last a floor of year the ex-husband very much has changed, he has thrown ieou_
At him it now very good work where he to be appreciated as the good expert.
Except for that for all time of our divorce, at me was not what claims to it him .
he regularly saw the daughter, engaged with her bought to her necessary for a thing and very much cared of her..
I have had a serous conversation with his parents which me very much also was held respect. And they too have managed me to convince to return to family.
I know that Lena very strongly loves the father, He IS a part of its her children's world. for her .As I it see mother and I feel, and I simply have no the right to deprive with her all it.
I very much hope that you correctly will understand me, because because of it you have problems with your son.
I very much am afraid of recurrence of it with Lena.
To me is sad to leave our dream.
Please do not write me - because I have taken a strong decision.
Farewell Antonina"


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Letters of demand for money :

21/06/2002 ( one mouth after first letter) :
Hello Klod !
I am so excited about your coming,
The date of your arrival is OK!! 
The only thing .:
I just need to get back to work to the Medical center on the 1st of August 2002, but may be, hopefully we will have complete harmony and our lifestyles will have change and I will stay with you and will go with you to France and we will live happily and give joy of sharing life together. You said you have to go back on the 15 th of August 9:05 ,but could you have an open ti

I am sure at first it might be not easy ,but together we can overcome all difficulties if we really love each other. You just go ahead and send me the money via Western Union or Moneygram that is the easiest way for me.

I found out , in order to have a bank account I should have deposited $50 Us dollars on my account..... and I don't have even $50 US dollars. that's why the easiest way is simply transfer it through above mentioned services. Western Union or Moneygram...
Send me the code in e-mail. You said in your letter, it's 150 Euro Is that the amount? Some parts of your letter were scrambled , probably due to the encoding defaults in our two PC systems. That's why I seen a little parts with a strange symbols on your letter.
My full name is Antonina Shakina.

I need to buy the train tickets in advance ,this the vacation season and it has to be done quick..And it will ease the traveling!
I will send you the Fax on Tuesday this is the closest, because all places here are closed by the reason of religious festival "TRINITY HOLIDAY" and the fax on the central post office will work again on Tuesday.
But write me quick what else we should do?
I can't wait.
Please write how is your test that you were supposed to pass?
Is that OK?
In this letter I would like to tell you a little about my daughter Helen:
My daughter ____ is extremely inquisitive person. Sometimes she asks me questions which are have a hard time to respond.
Recently we read about predator plants , later on she kept asking me about their digestive systems of the plants.
In order to answer her question I even had to work through the special botanical literature and to consult biologist teacher woman which I know works at school.
As every mother , I count my daughter as the best .I just hope that we would have that kind of trustful relations in the future.
I can also be a strict mother if needed.
As a rule or Usually I set a peaceful tactic to deal with the problems, I hate family wars, and play into silence game.
My daughter and I live in the apartment .We have colorful parrot he flies through the whole apartment.

Big time just bugging around. I like the animals but only kind and peaceful. Every creature have his own character sometimes it's mean and artful .
I anticipate to receive your next letter

I send you warm kiss to France Antonina


26/07/02 :

My Dearest Klod!
Thank you very much for your letter,
Thanks a lot for the photos of Kiev!!!!
This beautiful morning I woke up un the good mood and while thinking about you a lot I realized very clearly.....

It would be good to have you as dear and lovely husband because no one ever treated me like you........I knew that before but today everything just set together
You treat me like a crystal vessel.
The whole time that I know you,
, I think we will be a very good match.
It made me very happy because I like to read all the details and everything about you.
I did regret and worried so much because you wrote me a lot on French about your impressions about the trip to Kiev and I am dying to know your impressions, when I get into ability french language knowledge ...
I will definitely translate every word that are dear for me.
I checked all your letters and think that September between September 14-29 would be better dates.
What do you think ?
, Please write me your thought about that.
What I found out the most important detail In order to go to Toulouse with you
I need the new foreign passport- 300 EURO, and what is important the sooner I get into proceeding (give all papers into it)- the sooner I will get it,this will take approximately a month or even less than a month.
It can be done even sooner ,but also it will cost more expensive ( if that to be done sooner}.
I think the best way is to get into proceeding right now.
I also found out about the best and extremely effective French class here and what is important I may attend it along with ____ !
The whole individual course is 200 Euro for me and 100 Euro for ______.

What I know in life I can't study by myself
I need just to go somewhere every day and study hard each day, like I went to the Medical University and how I go to work each day.

I think I will need to begin to study the language as soon as possible because I want to express my
thoughts and feelings to you in full measure, My Klod!
I lack it very much my Klod.
I would keep 240 grivnas for the visa ,but I spent everything for my father for operation,
I am so sorry Klod! I just hope you will understand my feeling I so worried about him .
I couldn't kept the money , from helping him...
I wish you "Mens sana in corpore sano."
as Bernard Show said.......

Klod! right now I need 300 EURO for passport ,this need to be done soon ,in order to be ready for September and 200 for effective course of French language for me ,
I do not know about _____ it is additional 100 Euro and I am so worrying because it is already expensive. What do you think?
Klod I have no idea why on the matchmaking they say that I speak French.....

Right now when I found you I even do not check that site ...
You were right in saying that you believe that we have a little the same temperament, the same tendency to be worried.
It is can be the influence of our common astral sign? Yes this is true this is the sign Virgin......

I am also so honored that I became the princess of your dreams of childhood, beautiful, soft.
I am happy so happy also that I have met you finally and being able to have a place at the bottom of your heart. You are also filling my heart with joy,of an immense heat.
I will give you a million kisses when I meet you.
Je t'Aime. Mon amour Klod!!!!!!
Please write soon Klod

I send you a kiss and million of suns and hugs Antonina


20/08/02 :

My Dear Klod!
I am awfully sorry for not writing you .
This is just a short letter because I still problem and have very little money to pay for the Internet letters.
As you know I run out of money and I think may be tomorrow I will recieve the salary.
Today is the wonderful Day and I think of our future,
Yes I spoke with _____ about coming and living in France....
,but she is still too young and can not comprehend the seriousness of it in full measure because she is still a child,
and she is OK about it.
Today is Big Christian festival called "Has rescued"
a lot of people went to the Orthodox church for special service,and then they went home ,resting,eating and celebrating.

I await your response.
My life is the same ,slowly working ,coming home take the daughter from the kindergarten, writing letters to you,thinking of you,about our future,
I also think about the meeting in September.
I want you to know that I love your soul.
You are very noble and honest and I highly apreciate it.

I kiss you gently Antonina


04/09/02 :

Dear Klod!
I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about your coming in 14 to September 29
I do not want you to come on this dates.
I will not have enough time (because there is a lot of work to do ) I will be very overload at work .I want you to save the money you are going to spend on the air fair,Because we need the,m(the money)and anyway we will meet in a month
I need to start making the passport $ 300USD as well for the police report 20USD and another document from the registry office will be about $20USD hence the same price.
One month delay will change nothing ,my Klod
Since I know we don't have enough money and it would be many times better if you came October 12 to November 3 and I would go wigth you
I also don't like to say goodbye and to see you leaving again I would like to go to France with you .
During this time I will prepare all documents before /October 12 to November 3/
And when you come at this date all of us will go to France together to live.
I want this for sake to save some money and because I will not have much time for you,when I come back from work I rush to take Helen from the kindergarten and then I am tired and want just to make it to sleep.
When you come in late October I will finish with my work and we will just leave to France.
I urge you for this plan - it is the best for me
Please understand this my Klod
I kiss you Antonina


27/09/02 :

Dear Klod!
I have recieved your letter and read it over -carefully
It is good that you have reserved and planned everything
Yes I will leave the furniture and Big stuff here,,,,,
and we will be able to come and stay there in my appartment, when we come back for a visit...
Since I think your furniture will be sufficient for uswe wiil not take mine.
I already quit the job in the medical center they have sign off all my papers already several days ago.. and all day yesterday and today I spent working and taking care of documentation

My Klod !
I have stucked into one problem.
They official called me and said that ,In order to get a foreign passport I need to pay out the debt , for my appartment and which is , 375 EURO.
They say it need to be done very soon ,since without it they cancel the proceeding of issuing the FOREIGN PASSPORT.
Send it soon if possible,if you sent it tomorrow I would pay out the debt on Saturday since GEK is working on Saturday.
and everything will be ready in time- RETURN 21/10/2002 BORISPOLS (UKRAINE) - TOULOUSE
I was happy to know It is good that the food is served in the plane
Since it is expansive to eat for us in the restaurants in Kiev.
Please write soon
I think of us whole day...
I kiss you dearly Antonina