Belozyorova Evgeniya

(uses the same photos as Smirnova Ekaterina)

Kagalym, Russia

Tel: n/a

Address: KARLA MARKSA, 34-7 Irkutsk, 428000 Russian Federation


DOB: June 1st, 1978

Submitted: 11/11/05


I am attaching the first letter that I received from a scammer. She has 
already been reported under the alias of Smirnova Ekaterina (as well as Lapshina Elena, Krestyaninova Tatyana, Pavlova Natalya, Efimova Oksana). The alias she used for me was Evgeniya Belozyorova. Her e-mail address and subject name are and Golden Autumn, which differ from 
those used by her previous alias.

This girl (assuming it is a girl) is very clever. She stated she worked as a psychologist (a similar profession to mine) and she also sent numerous photos that included (I assume) members of her family and friends (see examples of those attached) as well as shots of flowers and other 'nature-only' scenes.

Please cross-check her (and the attached photos) with her other aliases, then cross-reference them to each other. Thanks for your service. It has saved me a lot of time (and possibly money).




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Hi There Robert,
It Is Me. Glad To Hear From You, Let Me Introduce Myself. My Full Name Is Evgeniya Belozyorova , But You Can Call Me Geniya :) I Live In Russia,Kagalym City, It Is About 2500 Miles From Moscow,Surprice ? :)) 

My Sister Is Married Australian Man, So I Asked Her To Create Profile For Me Also, But Her Husband Robert Made Mistake With My Location :) 

Well, How Is The Weather In Your Area ? Here Is Making Colder, Fall Season, Do You Like Fall Season ? What Is Your Favourite Season ? 

I Enjoy Treaveling, I Have Been To Turkey, Australia, Estonia. In 29 Of September I Have Just Be Back From Sister"s Wedding In Australia:) Have You Ever Been Abroad ? Do You Like To Travel ? 

Well,5"6,Weight 110. 27 Years Old, My Birthday Is The 1st Of June, The First Day Of Summer.When Is Your Birthday ? Your Age Does Not Bother Me, It Is The Last Thing I Put Attention On. The First Thing Is Who You Are, The Last Thing Is Your Age. Do You Agree With Me ? Have You Got Any Problems Comunicating With Lady Of My Age ? I Hope No :) 

Got Degree In Psyhology And This Days Work As The Psychologist(Doctor) In Private Clinic (During 3 Years) Got Degree At Age Of 24. Before Studied At University. Now Nice Work, About 8-10 Patience Per Day, Working From 8:00 A.M To 17:30 P.M Get Up At 6 And Sometimes 5 :30 A.M 2 Weekends Per Week (Saturday,Sunday). 

Well,I Would Like To Know More About Your Work ? Do You Like Your Work ? Tell Me More... 

I Do Not Have Children, Never Married, Single Lady, Why ? Sometimes It Happening. Enough Man's Attention At Work, But Nothing Serious. Yes, There Are Many Admirers In My Life Also, But I Am One Man Woman Only. I Need Only 1 Man And Ready To Wait As Long As It Take. Do You Understand What I Am Talking About ? 

Some Questions For You. 
I Do Not Remember From Your Profile, There Are So Many Profiles, Oh My God, It Is So Hard First Time In Internet :) Have You Been Married ? Any Children ? If Yes, How Many, What Are Their Names And Age. How Do They Look Like. Tell Me More, Send Picture. 

I Study English, Begun At School, Continued At Univercity And This Days Also. 

What Do You Think About My English ? Do You Like It ? 
May Be You Will Help Me To Improve It ? 

Unfortinatly I Have No Computer And Phone At Home, So I Use Internet Center.

It Would Be Interesting To Communicate With You, Who Know ? 

Also I Wanna To Know More About Your Family ?? 

So... :) I Will Write You The Day After Tomorrow 

P.S You Can See My Pictures :) Do You Like Them ?


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