Yulia Sukhodoevskaya 

(aka Nasonova Yulia)

(Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: Severnaya Street, 9-27 Severodvinsk
Arkhangelsk region, Russia

e-mail: olgapetrova@yahoo.com

DOB: n/a

Severnaya Street, 9-27
Arkhangelsk region
Russia 164509

I am a 43 year old single man who has never married. I met Yulia just before the New Year through a reputable agency. After a few months of using regular post for our correspondence I grew weary of the waiting and suggested that I would help her have a telephone installed in her apartment. I also sent her information on where she could find internet access in Severodvinsk and suggested she try e-mail. Suddenly she had a co-worker/friend that would let her use her e-mail and she was willing to hook up the phone if I was willing to help. The cost would be $140.00 but the wait would be 10 years. To avoid the wait the cost would be $580.00, and her uncle was willing to pay half. I ended up sending her about $450.00 after which she informed me that the phone company would not be able to install because her apartment building wasn't wired for it. I suggested she have it installed at her mothers house. Again it could not be done. She suggested that she use the money to get a visa so she could come and visit me. I told her that this would be next to impossible and to not bother trying as it was a waste of money. Meanwhile, I had grown suspicious after the phone did not get hooked up and one day on a whim I put her name in my search engine and was surprised to actually get a hit. There it was, a letter describing her as a scammer on 1st-international. I was shocked and started looking for other postings, I found her photos at http://members.tripod.com/warningwithlove/profiles5.htm, she is #89. So I was now convinced she was a scammer but I did not let her know that I had found out. I tied to get her to send my money back with no results. She told me she had to go on a work related trip and would e-mail me in 2 weeks. After 3 weeks I e-mailed her to find out what had happened, during this time she had also rejoined the agency that I found her on using a different photo. So I now confronted her with the evidence and she replied stating how sorrowful she was and that she would save money from her salary to send back to me (she supposedly used the money to apply for a visa through a travel agency that was rarely turned down but it would be a difficult procedure to have them refund the money). I told her that I didn't believe her story and demanded she send my money back, which she has not, so here I am. I had informed the agency once I knew she was a scammer (they already knew and had removed her from their listings and had credited my account for her address, but they do not inform members when they find a scammer). I also informed them of her second photo and they removed her immediately. I do not have a scanner or the computer savvy to send her letters but you can see her photos at the link above which someone else has provided. Also the e-mail address that she used was olgapetrova@yahoo.com. I will be reporting her to all of the suggested sites.



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