Tyryshkina Tatyana & Shmyglenko Victor

Yalta / Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: P.O. Box 154 Glavpochtamt. Yalta,98600, Crimea, Ukraine

               Str. Ac, Saharova, #3,, flat # 37 Krivoy Rog Ukraine 50093

               P.O. Box 34 Krivoy Rog Ukraine, 50093

               Gaspra Sevastopolskoe Shosee, 14/21 98600 Crimea, Ukraine

e-mail: korez78@yahoo.com, tyrtan@yahoo.comvictoryshmig@yahoo.com,              nadushkal@yahoo.com, gaspra18@yahoo.com

DOB: 1967 

In early 2000 I started writing to a woman I had met through Anastasia dating service. 

She was much younger than I and this should have been a warning sign to me, but I chose to ignore every warning I had about this woman. 

Her name is Tatyana Tyryshkina, actually she uses several names and she works with Viktor Shmyglenko. These two people work as a team, there are other women involved with them. 

During the time I was writing to her I tried several times to get her to meet me. She always had a reason she could not meet me but she would meet me at a later time. I was so dumb that I believed everything she told me even though I suspected she was lying to me. I had tried to get the truth from her and once she sent me a scanned copy of her passport. I took the copy of her passport to a computer expert, he told me that it probably had been altered but once again I chose to ignore the advice of an expert. I just didn't want to believe the woman that told me she loved me and what a hard life she had ,was lying to me. She told me what a difference I had made in her life. 

Early in our relationship I had given her money for English lessons. Little did I know at the time, that over the years plenty of other men had paid for English lessons for her too. I continued to send her money and gifts, I didn't realize until later just how much she had gotten from me. 

During the time I was writing to her my Mother had died my Father had died and I had had two heart operations. 

She finally agreed to meet me in October of 2002. I flew to Kiev, Ukraine and she met me at the airport. She was absolutely beautiful and I was delighted to meet her. We took a taxi to the train station and waited at a little cafe for the train. This was when I got the first shock of her telling me lies. She had told me many times that she never smoked. After we sat down and ordered something to drink she pulled out a cigarette. I wanted to leave her right then, this is just what I needed someone blowing smoke in my face after I had had two heart operations. She told me she was very nervous from meeting me and she didn't really smoke. We finally got on the train, once on the train she kept excusing herself to go have a smoke. Maybe that's not a big deal but she lied about smoking. 

Our destination was Yalta, Yalta is beautiful and she had our trip planned very well. After all of the English lessons I had paid for, she said she still couldn't speak very good English. We just happened to find a taxi driver that could speak good English and translate for us ,he said his name was Gena. Little did I know this was Viktor her partner in the scam. I must admit I had a great time, they had everyday planned out. She had a cell phone and it seemed like she was always calling or getting a call from someone. She said she had borrowed the phone from a friend. She said she had to keep checking on her job because someone might be looking for her. She then told me she had paid a doctor to say she was ill and couldn't work. She said this was the only way she could get time off to be with me. I was so charmed by Tatiana that I asked her to marry me and when she accepted I gave her a really nice ring. 

Our time in Yalta soon ended and I returned to America and started the Visa process for her. I had given her 500 dollars before I left her but she was soon asking for much more money. She said she wanted to buy a cell phone so we could talk everyday, she said a new phone would cost her 200 dollars. After I bought her this (new) phone I noticed the number she gave to me was actually a number I had copied from her memo book, she didn't know I had copied this number down. I knew our taxi driver had her phone number (I didn't know yet that he was actually Viktor) he had acted like my friend when I was in Yalta and given me his email address. I wrote to him and asked him if he had Tatiana's phone number that she had given him in Yalta. He never answered my email but Tatiana now explained that she had bought a used phone from her girlfriend. This was a lie, it was the same phone she had all along. 

She then told me she needed money to get three teeth fixed and she had to go to Kiev to get some mysterious female problem fixed. She never did tell me exactally what was wrong with her, but it was the result of a botched abortion and she had to have it fixed. She couldn't even tell me the name of the hospital she would be in. 

When my immigration attorneys agent in Ukraine contacted Tatiana to tell her what paperwork to get for the visa, Tatiana gave her a bunch of excuses as to why she couldn't get the paperwork right now, but would get it later. 

I finally admited to myself that I was probably being scammed and I hired a detective to check her out. I soon found out that I had been scammed from the very first letter from her. I found out later that she had scammed another man all the way up to the visa process and broken their engagement when he finally caught her in the scam. Viktor and Tatiana have scammed at least 30 men since I first wrote to her in March of 2000. I sent her a letter and told her I knew about their scam and asked for my money and ring back, I know I will never get it back. 

Viktor,Tatiana and I exchanged some nasty email .Viktor told me I was a criminal for ruining his business and Tatiana has told me she will kill me or have me killed if I ever visit Ukraine. What happened to the sweet woman that told me she would love me forever?? I really think Viktor is the person behind this scam operation and I know he uses many different women in this scam. 

I hope my story will be a warning to other men. 

Here are email addresses these scammers use; korez78@yahoo.com,, tyrtan@yahoo.com,, victoryshmig@yahoo.com,, nadushkal@yahoo.com,, gaspra18@yahoo.com ,, 

Here are some of the snail mail addresses they use, Tatiana tyryshkina, P.O. Box 154 Glavpochtamt. Yalta,98600, Crimea,Ukraine,, ,,,,Tatiana Tyryshkina ,,str. Ac, Saharova, #3,, flat # 37 Krivoy Rog Ukraine 50093,,,,,,Tatiana Tyryshkina , P.O. Box 34 Krivoy Rog Ukraine, 50093,,,Tatiana Tirishkina,Gaspra Sevastopolskoe,Shosee, 14/21 98600 Crimea, Ukraine,, 

There is a woman on dreammates.com, using the name Tatiana Tyryshkina, it is a picture of another woman Viktor uses. Her profile number is 251720 I also found out on 4-02-03 that Tatiana Tyryshkina had 66 money transfers via Western Union. I have reported Viktor and Tatiana to the FBI fraud department. I hope that they can be stopped before long. If you have questions send me an email I will try to answer them. Sincerely Roy 



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