Tsaregorodceva (Caregorodceva) Natalia

Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Tel: n/a

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Email: Natalya@nm.ru 

DOB: n/a

Submitted: 04/23/05

I hope these letters and pictures helps , I tried to pick out letters that talked about money. I sent her 500.00 ,810.00 and 700.00 over a 2 month period, thru Western Union.
I'm sending you a pic of an airline ticket she sent me too.

I'd like to know what you think of all this info and how you can use it to catch them.
Thanks! Tony

From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 15:02:51 +0300

Hi my loved Tony!!!
It is very pleasant to write it to you again!
I very much wait and very much I want our meeting when we shall meet and we shall jump each other in embraces and we shall
keep in them the whole eternity and we will be not not prevented not by who and we shall belong only each other and not
to whom more.
I think that you like my ideas?
I do not have words and I do not know what to write because I am happy at me there is a hope both my hope and love it you.
I so want to be in your embraces at me there are no words!!!
I would want that we were together as soon as possible because my feelings to you grow more and more and more!
My dear prince Tony I have received your money I went to agency and to me have told that to me would be necessary go
to Moscow that I might to put the signatures on some papers and that I might pass there check in embassy security
service of USA! These measures would be done for that that to terrorists was difficult to move in other countries
and on this these procedures will be carried out with all who leaves for USA!
On this I on Monday leave to Moscow for manufacturing the visa! I shall remain in Moscow of 15-20 days.
I will need to remove hotel in Moscow it very dearly my prince Tony it there is 50 $ per day I shall try to find what
that money for an accommodation fee but am the fastest to me to be necessary your help my dear Tony!!
At me very good mood my dear Tony I am glad that we approach with you and soon we shall together mine Tony!
My mum is glad for me and for you that we have found our love and that our hearts soon will together!
My love Tony I was necessary need on work I very much am late.
Excuse for the small letter.
Yours Natalya!!!


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From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 18:16:40 +0300

Greetings my loved Tony!
I very much miss on you.
My dear, I very much would like to hear from you very pleasant news,
But I should suffer and wait.
My lovely I very much do not have you near to me, I wait for the moment to be near to you.
Ideas about you do not leave my head!
And it comes to an end the good arrangement of my spirit!
I frequently present, as your lips softly concern my lips!!!
We leave this world, and us carries away in eternity!
I so love this feeling! This feeling you has presented me!
My feelings to you grow with extraordinary force!
This stay of feelings to me so is pleasant, also I need in your letters more and more!
I so am grateful to destiny, that we had a meeting in the Internet. 
It has caused to opening in me of new magnificent feelings!
And it does my life, more beautiful and desirable.
I think, that you will do me by the happiest woman in the world.
I do not have words to express all feelings to you, I so would like to tell you,
That I thirst for you and I wish constantly. But I do not know as I shall tell to you it when we shall
I would like, that you would caress me gently and tenderly, kissed all my body and lips burning from
But I do not know when it will take place. I want to thaw in your embraces as a slice of ice on the hot
To whisper to you words of love which would raise ours of flesh, I want to be given you all completely
and nothing 
to leave to myself. I want, that your gentle hands would study all my body and to burn down in them from
I know only one you will present me many happiness and love
About yes my prince you read my ideas my partner in life Tony I to you I very much want to you I
immediately shall
come very much want to be near to you!
I have already called mum and have informed that you will help me with money and I shall go to you
I at once shall begin to make the visa and other documents! Well my prince of me overflows happiness I
thanks destiny
that I have met you also I thank destiny that we shall meet!
Today at work I shall demand holiday! After I shall receive money I immediately begin to prepare for
My prince Tony you have made me the happiest in the world and I shall do you same happy as I!
My dear prince Tony only inform me as I shall take away money from bank and what for this purpose I
should have that was not problems I did not collide with it there is no time?
I love you you the most tender, loved and desired.
With tenderness Natalya!!!

From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:33:25 +0300

Greetings my loved prince Tony!
To me so it is joyful on soul that I have found you that you have won my heart that you in him and will be there always 
if you will leave my heart that it will die but I believe that you will be in him always and she will be always overflown 
with love and happiness to you!
That if we will have children that at them there will be same fine hearts and they will be able to love as strongly as well 
as we!
You know, in the street there is a rain: it is wet, coldly, dirtly...
And on soul of a birdy whisper and it would be desirable to laugh and sing. 
The ice wind is appropriated for clothes, penetrates up to the interiors - and it is good. On such wind you will not fall 
asleep, you not will overlook who and what for.
What nonsense all our life if in her there is no place to such simple and bright feeling as love... 
Not love to something, to someone... Simply the love, feeling which impregnates you through, changes all world around, 
paints glasses from which all our life by variety of paints consists... 
You see all so is simple - it is necessary to want only... 
It is simple to want to love this world, this life, these people... 
All so is simple and so difficultly simultaneously - there is nothing easier, but there is also nothing. 
If she is - accepts it as a reality and when she escapes, escapes a hidden shadow - already late. 
And all anew - anew to start education of own soul, anew to search in itself sparkles...
The world is simple - people are complex. As all is simple and difficult..
And it is very pleasant for me that we have this love!
My dear prince Tony I think that my sister to come back to Moscow only in February or in March!
My love Tony I love champagne it you see stimulus of a holiday and I want to drink with you champagne and a wine in romantic
conditions at candles that we would be only together!
My partner in life Tony even it will be necessary to pay for one day stay in your country 100 $ it it would be done for that
that I have not remained without money!
This money should be presented at manufacturing the visa and at customs house! This money are intended for my feed in your
country because I go to you under the tourist visa and this necessary condition at manufacturing the visa!
But my prince Tony I shall eat at you and on this as soon as we shall meet I at once to return to you this money because they
are necessary for me only for that what to pass border!
I go to you for 3 weeks it is 21 day and it will be necessary for me 2100 $ you do not lose this money my dear Tony I give you
back to hands at the airport because they are necessary for me only for that what to pass customs house what your and our
government was convinced that I shall not die from famine!
My prince Tony is unique money which to me are now necessary on hotel and 2100 $ is refers to as " free money ".
I want to inform you Tony that I very much very much very much very much very much love you and many thanks for your photos
they very much to me I want to see you as soon as possible like also very much them I like too I shall send you the photos!
Now I need to finish this letter!
One million kisses for you my husband!
Your wife Natalya

From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 18:25:11 +0300

Hi my dear Tony!!!!!!
I think that Love is one of the most necessity of the People.
Thereby is very important not only therefor Love to receiving,the wishfulness for Love,but also therefor Love to give.
You know that,the feeling in your stomach when you somebody loves,that heat of the moment,
the sinking in each other and excited beating of the heart,
that intensive feeling to be supposing,understanding and desireable,
that almoust crazy willing to relate to,the fascination and passion of Love...
You will that feeling to experience again and again the Love is element that absolute Happynes make it out of your
satisfaction with your living complication first of all.
The Humans are not make it to be alone!
Thay searching over and over again his physical and spiritual
equivalent. The Humans feelin not entirely when thay his equivalent
not find. You will searcing permanently afterward. Todays emotionaly and intimate meeting of two people is neither
a sensualy pleasure,neither spiritualy and physical detente anymore, cause lucky Love partnernship and constant
marriages are so rarely like win on Lotto.
Pictures of todays people are typical emotionelless World of hostige that sexsualy powerfulmania,most of
all suggestible through the factors Money,Time,Attractivity and Life status.
In todays statistics you can read that life expectancy todays Relationship or Marriages are 3 1/2 Years.
Nobody have now leisure,the everybody getaway.
Almoust everybody sometimes in his working career afraid to lose his job and lose over the existent backup his life
sensuality. Most of people are now incompetent for that great feeling and for longlife Love,
someones maybe havent intuition anymore therefrom, what that means to love somebody and for deep emotions a lot to risk
without before to account what could be generate from one Relationship or another.
Its lucky that all is only the half truth!!!Everybody hoping to find another half!!!
To fall in love is temporary madness. Love break out like a Vulcano and lay out again.
When falling in love lay out you must to take a one decision.
You must work out if yours roots in that mass with each other
conecting are, that only idea of one separation unbearable is! Then in fact this is Love!!!!
Love dont mean a enthusiasm and breathnessless and is not a desire
every two seconds to unite each other, this is not a wish to introduce oneself at night that somebody every peace
of your body kissin. This is amorousness!! This is only a phrase that
we every day expression. Love is that what at the end available is when the Fire of amorousness put out!!!!!!
I cant wait to read more about you!!!!!!!!!
And maybe to see a new beautiful sexy picture from You!!! When I look your pictures I realize that Angels still existing!!!
I wrote to you that I would like to find serious, honest, caring and decent man, the person I could share my life
and create a strong family with kids, based on kindness, love, understanding and tenderness.
Now I know that I found that man - YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I adore nature. I feel nature very deep and every singe change in the nature is reflected in me, my mood.
I think there nothing more perfect than trees, flowers, cloudy fantasies and harmony of masterpieces created by nature.
But those masterpieces created by human beings impress me too.
I try to go to the cinema, museums and concerts when I have some free time. 
They make my feelings flash out like sparks and then these sparks turn to fire, the fire of love I need a man who
will share with me this wonderful life, who will be able to understand the world of my feelings.
And I will give her my whole world in return. I hope our intentions and life's goals are in harm,
and that help us to get to know each other better.
I'm a very sensual and dreaming man who loves all beautiful things, such as music's, flowers, sea,
animals, nature, adventures and surprises. I'm an open person, I trust the people.
I like very much the spontaneity in romantically relations between a woman and a man. 
My prince to a regret I need to finish my letter!
My dear prince Tony I went to the agency and learned about " Free Money " they to me have told that I should
have at myself this money and that of me will not pass through customs house!
I spoke them my prince Tony that you have informed me that I shall not require " free money " but they have told me that
they have not the right to release me from the country without " free money " they to me have told that it equivalently
have explained that what to throw persons in desert without water they to me it it so!
My prince Tony so " free money " will be necessary for me!
My love Tony I too is very glad that we shall meet quickly I she has learned exact date of arrival of my sister
arrives December, 10 to Moscow and she has told that she waits for me in Moscow December, 10!
My dream Tony I very much love you and very much want to be near to you and as soon as possible to nestle on your strong body!
It is a lot of millions kiss!
Your bride Natalya!

Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 15:12:36 +0300
From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru

My dear prince Tony I have found other travel agency of their service much better I have terminated the contract with
other agency and we very long swore at them and then I am simple to break off their contract directly at them on eyes!
My dear Tony I shall write to you a detail tomorrow!
One million kisses!
Your pussycat Natalya!

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 18:20:14 +0300
From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru

My lovely Tony I love you I was in new agency and to me have told that I do not need in free money for the tourist visa!
It seemed to me strange that it so but I believe them to me as have informed that to me would be not necessary to go
to Moscow what to do the visa for me their courier which itself personally will go will make out the visa instead
of me and when she will be ready he will arrive and will hand over me my visa!
My dear Tony it is necessary to pay the ticket aboard the plane at once! To me have told that the ticket aboard the
plane to me will cost 810 $!
I wait for your letter my prince Tony I love you!
At me all is good my mum transfers you huge greetings and would ask you that you cared of me!
I wait and I can not wait when we shall meet I very much I want to you my prince!
I shall write to you the letter tomorrow forgive that I yesterday have not written you the Internet of coffee
I was closed also might not write to you from other place!
Now me expel because coffee is closed at 18:00 and time already 18:15!!!
Well all right write to me my prince!
I love you!
Yours Natalya!
I have big surprise for you!
I I promise you will be glad but you will learn him when I shall come to you!

From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 12:54:00 +0300

Greetings my loved Tony!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter!
My prince Tony I would like to inform in the beginning of the letter all over again about business:
My prince Tony my agency in which I am provide only a full package of services it do not undertake to make only one visa this
agency arrange trips with manufacturing the visa and with purchase of tickets! My prince Tony they do not do(make) one visa
they make only the visa together with the ticket aboard the plane! 
My prince Tony at us today good weather in the street shines the sun
temperature approximately -10 degrees in the street in
general well and not so coldly it probably from for that that the wind in the street is absent!
And your letters my prince me too very strongly heat my idea on that that we soon shall meet adds temperature to my body!
I so love you and want to be near to you!
My prince Tony I shall wait yours for remittance what to order tickets with the visa!
I can not order the visa because I do not have money for tickets! And the agency makes the visa only together with the
Your bride Natalya!

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 14:08:57 +0300
From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru

Greetings my dear Tony!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter and it is very pleasant for me to read him!
Tony I have told mine to you in the past of the letter that I love you! It is the truth I test to you feelings on distance!
When I sit at work I sometimes I am lost in contemplation of a ceiling and I am forgotten in ideas on you very much
and very much frequently I think of you!
I am very glad that we soon shall meet!
Now I have lunch break and I have decided to run in the Internet of coffee and to write to you the letter!
AGENCY: Open Society " Itravel agency Cheboksary ", street Vorobyovih 122, ΘΝΝ7831091467
It is the address of my travel agency!
My dear Tony I learned the sum which it would be necessary to pay that all of them have made they to me have told
that it is necessary 810 $ for the ticket and 500 visa and more expenses will not be they to me so have told!
My dear Tony through this agency very many people go why you do not trust this agency!
When I now ran in agency before me there was a girl she paid the trip to Germany
and this girl has told me that she already 4 times travelled through this agency
and this agency carries out all requirements!
I do not understand in what at you there a problem!
My dear Tony I shall wait very strongly for your letter!
I you very strongly kiss and I embrace!
Yours Natalya!

From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 12:38:59 +0300 

My dear Tony!
I ran yesterday on agencies and called to Moscow in embassy!
Independently I can not receive the visa because travel agencies at once buy up all visas at the American embassy which is in Moscow!
Visas give only the certain quantity and even through agency it is very difficult to receive her because check by bodies of militia will be carried out what to learn the terrorist I whether or not!
As from for that that the visa to be at agency that they establish the prices for visas!
To me is useless to go to Moscow in embassy to receive the visa because simply so to me her will not give and through agency to me of her money will give because agency already has paid to embassy what to this agency and their clients visas gave out!
Understand so in Russia affairs are done!
It not America here all on the contrary on this I want to leave from Russia!
For me it is not necessary E-mail your familiar in embassy!
So to Moscow I shall not go because it is waste of time and one I can not receive the visa!
My prince Tony understand my words please and understand me!
Understand at you in America of a hand you rights are untied also may present, and in Russia of a hand are connected also all to spit on mine rights of all interest only money!
My loved Tony so it is better to do all through agency!
Other variants it is waste of time!
I very much love you you see I want you to meet my prince and as soon as possible there is to be with you I want to make documents faster and to arrive to you!
I very much love you!
I wait for your letter mine Tony!
Your bride Natalya!

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 19:35:32 +0300
From: Natalya <Natalya@nm.ru

Greetings my dear Tony!
It is very pleasant for me to see your letters my dear prince Tony!
Mine Tony I have received money from bank!
Excuse lovely that I yesterday have not written to you I had not time to run after work in the Internet of coffee!
My loved Tony today I was in travel agency and I have paid the visa and tickets aboard the plane and have submitted all necessary documents!
My prince when the agent will be in Moscow they exact dates will inform me!
They have told that I shall treat to you approximately closer to 10 dates of January!
My husband Tony my mum has sent you a gift it is very expensive thing for our family and she has decided to present her to you!
I very much hope that to like you this gift from my mum!
My prince Tony I so want to be to you near to you and to nestle on you very strongly strongly!
I would want that time flied faster and it on the contrary goes faster my prince Tony!
I very much love you and want to be with you as soon as possible!
My prince more exact details will inform me on Monday and I all shall inform at once to you! Well?
I love you Tony!
Your bride Natalya!

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:36:22 +0300
From: Natalya@nm.ru 

Greetings my loved Tony!
Today at me for you good news!
I went to travel agency and to me have informed that the visa will be ready January, 15!
I Tony to you is necessary to meet me in city Dotan!
You may meet me in this city?
At the end of the letter I shall write all details of the ticket aboard the plane!
My loved I so am seized by our meeting I on a chair I quietly can not to sit such happy!
My husband Tony one more news in travel agency to me have told that I need to pay in addition for tickets aboard the plane!
To me have told that now new tariffs and now the ticket aboard the plane in one party costs 700 dollars,
and to me the return ticket therefore is necessary for me it is necessary to pay in addition for the ticket of 600 dollars.
I hope it of you not will afflict my dear Tony because we shall meet you January, 19 at 22 4 minutes!
My dear prince Tony to me at work gave the premium 200 $ and I would leave her for that what to buy the ticket up to Moscow and by a taxi up to airport Sheremeteva!
My prince I so am happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy you see we soon we shall together!
My love is the data of the ticket aboard the plane which to me gave today in travel agency:
Moscow (MOW) - Dotan (DHN)
The tariff there and back for 1 ticket: 700 + gathering of the airports

Date of a start: January, 19 2005
Quantity of tickets: 1
Airline: Air France Flight: AF2145
Departure: January, 19, 13:05, Sheremetevo
Arrival: January, 19, 15:00, Charles De Gaulle Intl
Places: Economy class, places are

City of change: Paris
Airline: Air France Flight: AF304
Departure: January, 19, 15:55, Charles De Gaulle Intl
Arrival: January, 19, 19:34, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Places: Economy class, places are

City of change: Atlanta
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL4404
Departure: January, 19, 22:12, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Arrival: January, 19, 22:04, Dothan Municipal
Places: Economy class, places are
Time in a way: 17 hours. 59 minutes.

My dear Tony I hope to you all clearly!
I very much love you and strong kiss!
Your bride Natalya!

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 18:30:13 +0300
From: Natalya@nm.ru 

Greetings my dear Tony!
Excuse that I did not write you couple of days in days off I had no access to the Internet!
My loved Tony I have received your money which you have sent me and I went to agency and they have told that I can travel!
You should meet me at the airport date of my arrival I am specified in the ticket which to you sent!
My dear Tony today I have bought the ticket to Moscow and at night I take off to Moscow!
My prince Tony tomorrow I in Moscow shall receive the visa and I should spend the night in hotel or at the sister!
Soon we shall meet my loved!
I shall write to you tomorrow from Moscow if to find the Internet of coffee!
Yours Natalya!

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 07:33:06 +0300
From: Natalya@nm.ru 

Greetings my dear Tony!
I had a problem at the airport in Moscow!
My prince when I have come in the airport now in
the morning to me have told that I should show that I have " free money "!
To me have told that I should show 1600 $!
I at once have addressed to the sister for the help she have told that may give me only 500 American dollars!
My prince I sit in Moscow on suitcases and I can not depart without this money to you do not know what to do!
I tried to phone up to agency but their phone does not answer! The visa I have received with her all well!
I have addressed to the heads of the airport they to me have told that they may transfer my flight to some days if I not shall have time to find money!
My prince Tony answer me faster I wait for your answer!
Yours Natalya!

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 11:16:42 +0300
From: Natalya@nm.ru 

My prince Tony!
I have phoned up to the travel agency
and they have told me that they have made all that I ordered tickets aboard the plane and the visa,
and then they have told me that everything else my problems!
I asked at the airport about my situation which have taken place with me and they have answered
me that at them constantly such situations each day and not on time!
At the airport to me speak show yours " free money " and all will be good!
I would ask that at the airport to me distances of the person which talks in English,
but they have told me that at them a lot of work and they have no time to be engaged in me!
I so need all to be not liked my loved Tony!
My love I so want to appear to you near to you to give you the tenderness!
My prince Tony I to you shall bring this money and to return to you them at once as soon as you will meet me from the plane!
I went to bank to me do not lend there money! The sister has told me that at her now only 500 $!
My husband Tony that to me to do?
Write to me!
I love you mine Tony!
Your bride Tony!

Hi dear Tony!
You should when send money to Russia or other country!
If you want to find the good Russian girl to you it is necessary to go to Russia and to find the love!
I wish you good luck!
Yours faithfully!
You good the man and you will find the love!
It is very difficult for us here in Russia! 

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