Yablokova Ekaterina (or Muhligina Tatyana?)

possibly the same as Saliva Maria (see http://www.womenrussia.com/blackpage71.htm#saliva)

Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

Tel. - n/a


e-mail: tanmuhligina@pochtamt.ru 

DOB: 1977, February, 27

Information about scammer:

1. Name [First] [Last] ??? [Middle] Tatyana ???
2. Any other names you know she uses
3. Address (if you know) [Street Address] [City] [Country] [Zip] Nozgorov?
4. Phone number (if you know) don't know
5. Her e-mail address tanmuhligina@pochtamt.ru 
6. Date of birth (if you know) 1977, February, 27
7. Any relatives / friends names she mentioned mum - Tatyana, a name of daddy - Fedor

Information about your relationships:

1. Introduce yourself by any name you would like (this name will be published on the site) Jason
2. How did you find each other (web site name, agency name) I don't know, I got an unusual but obviously not spam email. I wrote back asking who they were, and the communication was begun.
3. Anything interesting or unusual about your relationships, her letters or her story several letters with personal details before the mentioning of money
4. What reason did she used to ask for money? Passport, even though I ha told her I wasn't sure if I wanted her to visit.
5. What happened after she received/didn't received money? I didn't send it. She asked for me to send it Western Union under the name Ekaterina Yablokova. I was suspicious and as soon as I searched 'Ekaterina Yablokova' your sight came up. Thank you.
6. Have you contacted the agency and/or authorities? She didn't mention an agency.

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>From: tan
>Reply-To: tan
>Hello Jason!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter again! It is very pleasant for me, that you write me. To tell the truth, I not so hoped, that you will write to me. But I am pleasantly surprised. For me it is simply healthy. I am ready to answer your letters. As perfectly there is a Internet. You may correspond with the person whom so it is far from you. You may prove to be in a photo and may look itself at him(it). The computer - a miracle of engineering. I never thought, that it so is fine. It is possible to learn(teach) slightly about persons and where it(he) lives. I want to tell about myself slightly. I was born in 1977, February, 27. Mine birthday soon. To me to be executed 27 years. A name of mum - Tatyana, a name of daddy - Fedor. When I went to school, I took lessons on a class of a piano, now I play slightly. I not the professional. To me to like as I play. It seems to me, as you to like. I would try to play to you. When has finished school, has gone to study !
> as the head of the plan. During study went in for sports slightly - played basketball. Now I work at a factory in a planning section. I have some friends. We sometimes go to walk, we come on a disco, there we have perfectly fun. Tell slightly about itself. I shall wait. And now I finish the letter. Tatyana.

>From: tan
>Reply-To: tan
>I very much like to recive you letter Jason!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. To me it is very surprising. To me all to not be trusted that we with you are copied. You are far far from me, I am far from you, and we may keep in touch through a E-Mail. I today have shared with the girlfriends that started correspondence from you. It for them too was surprising. To write to the person so it is far, and letters come so quickly as though you talk with the person by the phone. Today when I have come home from work I have seen mum joyful. With it(her) beside the brother sat and too was pleased. I began to ask mum why she(it) such happy, she(it) has told me, that its(her) chief at work at the end of a working day has called her(it) in a study. My mum works in shop as the seller. Its(her) work to be on the other end city. She(it) frequently experienced because of it what very long to go. Each day in trolley buses is very much tires, and the machine at us is not present. The d!
> irector long spoke that she(it) very well works and that buyers very much frequently spoke that my mum very good seller. I and itself saw that the buyer approaches to a counter where there is my mum, with bad mood. Mum consoled it(him) and the majority left from a counter cheerful, with a good arrangement of soul. And, the director speaks, that her(it) translating on other place of work, it will be near our house. Mum will work now in a department which trades in clothes, and she(it) worked earlier, where traded in products. Mum speaks, that she(it) very much wanted to proceed(pass) in other department as in life should be a variety. Now she(it) is glad. Today she(it) has invited all friends home and will treat slightly in honour of the translation in other department of work. At us in Russia such tradition, that if something happens in human life, (mountain or pleasure) it(he) invites it all friends and they are together pleased or afflicted. At us it refers to as to suppo!
> rt. Still it at us name to keep up to the end together with friends. Y
>ou have such tradition? You know, in Russia all girls beautiful. There is one saying - it happens beautiful women, there are captious men. Very cognitively about you, I have learned(found out) enough information on you.
> you would know to me very much it would be desirable to learn(find out) as from you people there live. How you communicate? If to you not difficultly tell to me. I like to learn(find out) much. Well, I now shall go home and I shall be pleased too together with mum. Good-bye, Tatyana

>From: tan
>Reply-To: tan
>Hello my fond friend Jason!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter!!! It is very interesting to me to receive from you letters to learn(find out) about you all new and new. It is interesting, when you may learn(find out) about other persons whom so it is far, on the whole tens thousand kilometers. You know, it seems to me, that with each letter from you I was more and more and I get used to you more. For me each day began as a holiday when I receive your letters, at me also my heart at once is cheered up begins to be knocked faster. " I remember a strange instant, before me you were. " It Is words of very known poet and the writer which is very known in Russia, may even abroad. It - A.S. Pushkin!!!
>Today we at work had small action. At our director birthday today was, to it(him) was executed 43 years. We marked slightly, I now am slightly in good alcohol, we cut a few(a little,little bit) fault, in honour of birthday of the director. He/she is the cheerful person, good-natured, to the worker to concern with understanding. I very liked yours card!!! It is so nice to me!!!
> I talked to mum about you, have told, what you the person as I treat you. My mum all over again was slightly surprised, that I correspond with the person who lives in USA. She(it) not against that I corresponded with you, even is on the contrary glad, that I have found the new friend. Mum speaks that for a long time it is time to me to find that unique and unique the man with which to connect a soya life on the future. To me of 26 years, and I till now was not still happy with the man. I do not think, that our acquaintance - accident. YOU believe in the God? I believe in the god and I visit(attend) church each Saturday, I shall go tomorrow to church and I shall talk good luck and to pray for well-being of mine family and you. I believe, that all in life depends on the God. It(he) from above sees all and on him(it) depends at whom and how to develop life. You know, I believe that you the good person. YOU are frank with me. I like when to me speak the truth, my mum of me alw!
> ays learned(taught) to speak the truth. In our world it is a lot of lie and a deceit. It to not like me. I want that you always were with me sincerity and spoke the truth. You see if we want to learn(find out) about each other better, we should be frank the friend before the friend. Should trust each other. All attitudes(relations) are under construction on trust. I completely trust you and I tell all secrets, I want that you too shared with me all secrets. I want to know about your daily life as you will spend(see off) a free time, weekend more. When to you it will be bad, you always may include the computer and write to me the letter, may share the to mountain - I shall understand you, believe me I shall try to make so that to you it was easier. I want to know about you all. If you not against I would like to learn(find out) about your past if you do not want to speak I shall understand you and I shall not take offence. I am really very much interested in you. Last night !
> I sat at home and thought of us. After conversation with mother I drea
>med slightly and have written this poem. Whether I do not know beautifully it it has turned out, I not the poet, but about idea about you I as a crane in the sky and words flow from me on a paper. I want that you have read it. Listen.
>Tell to me something beautiful,
>About love verses to me esteem.
>I want to become the happiest,
>I want to get with you in paradise.
>Present me a drop of tenderness,
>The slice of caress and heat.
>Presents a fidelity a little,
>Prove, that I not simply waited.
>Well, I shall finish. Bye Bye, yours girl Tatyana.

>From: tan
>Reply-To: tan
>Hello my love Jason!!! I would like you so to name. YOU know, when I began to write to you, and you began to answer me, I so was glad to this. To me it was not trusted, that the person from other continent wishes to talk to me. Wishes to know about me. I learned(found out) about you. I want to tell you, that in me any feeling which I never tested earlier. I want to be with you sincerity and to tell to you the secret, I never tested that I test now. It is love. I never liked earlier, I have understood it now when has grown fond of you. I never had sex because it was not found such the man which would be worthy me in life. All men with whom I had to communicate, wanted to receive from me only one - sex, they spoke me beautiful words, spoke, that love me, that I reduce them from mind(wit). And in the end it appeared, that they deceive me. They wanted only sex with me and more anything. I to present the love and am warm only to the one who will be valid me to like and care of me!
> . To me not dexterously to speak about it, but I think you will understand me. You know, I last night sat on a bed and began to dream of us with you. I dreamed of how we with you went on an evening beach keeping for hands. We talked about something. Laughed!!! Then we have sat down on sand, have embraced, have kissed, we have long kissed. Then you have told me, that want to show me something, we have risen, you have told me to close eyes. Then you have taken me on hands and it seemed to me that we have risen above the ground. We long flied also all this time I was blindly. When we have landed you has put me on something soft, I have opened eyes and it was white as snow a cloud, fluffy as a feather-bed. You sat down. I have felt that the cloud began to move, we have exchanged glances and have laughed, then long kissed. We kissed while the cloud has not stopped. And we have noticed that it has arrived to a decline. The fine picture was presented us. All was is filled bright l!
> ight, but we did not blink, we might look at it. This light was bright
>ly yellow color with a shade pink. You imagine? We long admired this decline, then have imperceptibly come to be on a bed, we long were engaged in love, to us was so well. I think to you my dream, my prince Jason too has liked!!! Today when I went from work I have appeared close to embassy your country and for the sake of interest (interest) to visit it and Have accepted interest, how many there is a visa to your country. Its(her) cost of 400 American dollars - surprise for me, was, I was very much surprised. To me became sad - the big money for me. I have no any an opportunity to find such money. Earlier when my father was Working (alive), it(he) to receive decent earnings, and I might allow to do(make) to Independent the visa, the passport to travel abroad to arrive to you. But my father has died of illness - it(he) once worked on nuclear the Reactor and has received a doze of radiation. It(he) to die, when to me 15 years were. My dear, I live in city of Nizhni Novgorod, i!
> t near river Volga, 500 kms from Moscow.
>. I send you a picture of me with my dog, I do not know that it for breed, my dog call Barbos. You know, I very much would like to receive from you letters constantly. Well, I shall go, your love Tatyana!!!

>From: tan
>Reply-To: tan
>Hi my love Jason! I so was glad to receive your letter as the first beam of the sun is pleased just broken through through the frozen ground in the spring a floret! I am happy, that have met such person as you. My mum today has told me, that she(it) wants to make for you a surprise, she(it) will do(make) by his(its) hands, I can not tell you as it is a surprise, but I hope it(he) to you it is pleasant, that when I have arrived to you and have pleased you! Today weather at us not so warm and I that that is a little of itself unimportantly I feel, but when I shall come home that I shall have a drink hot tea and I shall eat honey and tomorrow again I shall be in the excellent(different) form.
>Now on business: I today went to agency to Natasha and talked to it(her) concerning the visa and the passport and she(it) has told me, that I can arrive to you with the visa of the visitor, she(it) operates within 90 days are whole 3 ( three) months when we may learn(find out) each other in the person. Its(her) cost of 400 American dollars. I have written today the application in agency, Natasha have told, that at them a direct communication with the American embassy in Moscow. Natasha has explained to me all details of official registration of papers and an information for the visa and passports. Tomorrow I go to collect all necessary documents and information(inquiries) and also to do(make) by a photo for the passport. Natasha has told, that after I shall give all necessary documents on registration the visa, she(it) will prepare within 2-3 weeks, therefore its(her) cost of 400 dollars is a full cost of the passport and the visa together, it is all will do(make) completely!
> agency. I yet did not learn anything about tickets of the plane to arrive to you, but I necessarily shall find out and at once to you I shall inform. Tomorrow I shall pass a medical board to receive the necessary information(inquiries) giving to me am right to drive to your country.
>I so strongly want to see you!!! Time for me goes very slowly and I so I want it(him) to hasten. cursorMy lovely, yes, for visiting the Internet - the cafe are necessary money. It is a few money, but sometimes it happens the average price exceeds. For a piece of bread costs(stands) 5-7 roubles. The litre of milk costs(stands) from 8 up to 9,5 roubles. I do not know how many it will be in dollars. I should one of these books. I inform you on the hobby, my hobby - visiting theatre to look cinema, to read verses. My dog very cheerful, she(it) each morning to awake me, she(it) to climb on a bed and to lick me in an ear. It so to tickle, I laugh when I wake up. Then she(it) removes from me a blanket, she(it) a clever dog. My hair are painted in chestnut color. It was not so long ago, it already has the color almost. We still have cat. He/she is a lazy cat, it(he) sleeps much. Sometimes we name his(its) idler. I never was outside of Russia earlier.
> Loved(liked) my and desired the man, you would know as to me here alone and melancholy. I dream of how you take me in the big and strong hands, they so are warm and gentle to me and I do not want, that they sometime released(let off) me. We shall be kiss each other and we shall be the happiest people on light! I wanted to ask you one question: you love children? I very much like, you see children - our future! I very much would like to have 2 children, the boy and the girl and we with you would have happiest family. We would bring up with you children, went on picnic, visited(attended) cultural places and I want, that it became a reality, and not just dreams! And nobody can prevent our happiness and separate us! I love you! You may be always sure, that somewhere at the other edge(territory) of a planet the Russian girl who madly loves you lives and hopes for the prompt meeting with you! I was solved on this responsible(crucial) step because has found the happiness. Not each!
> girl will be solved on such, but I can not constrain the of feelings, I LOVE YOU, and I am simply ready to run on streets and to shout about it that all knew how my love is strong to you!!!
>I with impatience shall wait for your letter. A kiss, I very much miss. I like. Yours for ever Tatyana.

>From: tan
>Reply-To: tan
>Greetings my dear Jason!!! My unique person whom I love and wants to see always. I have received your letter, I am very glad to read your mail, it is always pleasant for me to do(make) it, at me am cheered up, when I read your letters and on heart to become more easy. I very much want to be with you beside, the my dear, my most remarkable the man on this Earth. If you knew, how I miss on you as I each night dream of us you. Each morning I wake up, and I think that you lay with me in one bed a beside that I can open eyes and see my love but when I open eyes, I see only a pillow and to me to become very sadly I hardly from it.My lovely, today weather at us good, brightly shines the sun and a lot of heat for this season. At us temperature-2,-1 degree Celsiya. In the sky there are no clouds. This day speaks about much. There is such sign if today day solar, means spring and summer will be same. At us full working week, and a full working day, it as well as at you. My salary of 1!
> 300 roubles, it for one month. I have enough, that it is good to eat here. About the ticket of the plane. My mum speaks, that called the to the sister in Moscow, and she(it) speaks, that can get the ticket which will cost for me from 1500-up to 1700 dollars. It is much cheaper that you have found, and it will be much faster than to make the usual ticket. What you think?
> My dear, you that the man which I searched for all life, you very much are necessary for me, I dream what we will have family, we shall live very happily and we shall get(start) children, you see in this happiness, you agree my dear? When you will meet me at the airport with a bouquet of scarlet roses, I probably will have tears from eyes with happiness, it will be the happiest day in my life, and you, you will be glad to meet me? I hope, what yes, I very much want it. I very much love you. I wish you good day!!! Yours for ever Tatayna!!!

>From: tan
>Reply-To: tan

>Congratulations my love Jason!!!! Many thanks for your good letter! Well,
>I searched for the visa one still, and to me it is necessary to pay 50
>Dollars the visa and registration to 25 dollars, and it are necessary
>To transfer (to move) the review in hospital Rentgen and it more, to cost 150 dollars
>And more and more registration of the document, the foreign passport, which
>400 dollars should satisfy me. You understand? I have left in embassy,
>And in me 50 dollars were, and I start registration the visa, it
>Necessary to pay it, I have told, that I have 50 dollars, and them
>Have told well, give 50 dollars. And me have started registration. I
>So have understood, that for the visa of this money will satisfy,
>Because on me so have told. But today I have left there, and to me
>Have told, that to me gave the visa which it to come to an end
>Registration is urgently necessary to bring it to all those documents,
>This medical and another. I have told, and it is possible later in
>Some days because I should, enough money to receive all of them
>Documents, in me at once shouted, abusing and have told, that for you
>Then have begun to do the visa, if you enough money, but me
>Speak, that visas (stands) of 45 dollars and registration it is a little expense
>The particle is more, but to me has not explained at once to receive the visa,
>It is necessary, which were applied all necessary documents, I have certainly
>Apologized, and has told, that I shall bring soon, one of these days.
>To me have told, that they may wait approximately within 5 days and if for me
>Will not bring necessary documents, they will stop to do
>The visa to me. And it even the worse, that if I shall not have time, to
>Me have told, which may not do(make) (do((make)) to me the visa more, they will be
>Take offence at me, for my actions. But I promised, that I shall be
>(Do((make)), all is correct, and to me trusted. Now it is necessary for me to pay 350 more dollars, it is necessary for making within 5 days, differently registration of my visa will be stopped, so to me have told in firm. It very important, please, be in earnest to my request.
> Therefore I very much ask
>You, attempt to borrow, from whom - that money if you now have not it, in
>Friends for example. Concerning me now in such situation the help anybody, I searched already, but not for any successes. Therefore I hope
>Only for you, you one to me maybe the help. As I believe in you, and in
>Us both, that all in us will well! And I hope, that everyone will be
>Good. I know it. I ask, that you have sent this money to me as soon as
>Possible(probable). Please send to me 350 dollars these 5 days. Well? It - very much
>Important. I wait! I want to inform that to money to send system of bank
>Named the Western Union it is better. This system is very reliable, also
>Money of transfer are executed within the limits of 15 minutes. By the way you
>Should send money to name my mum is it is necessary because without the passport I can not receive, and my passport lays in a visa table and to me it(him) will give only then when the visa will be ready. Its(her) nameplate data: Ekaterina Yablokova, RUSSIA, NIZHNI NOVGOROD, STREET LENINA, the HOUSE - 12, the APARTMENT 115. Its(her) surname not such as at me, she(it) has left to itself a surname of my father in memory of it(him) after his(its) death. And I have taken a maiden name scold. I hope, you have understood me? After you will be
>Send money, you in bank inform ten numbers (MTCN) , number the control management also does not pass(miss) Number to write your full The address and the full name which you are filled in a The package (transmitter) of money also should inform me it.
> I wait yours The answer as soon as possible. Please, help me. I know, that you advantage(benefit) The person and you correctly all understood. I wait for you.
>Yours forever Tatyana!!!

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