Zagainova Olga

Krasnodar, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: Proslavskaya Street57,ap.22 Krasnodar 35000 or Proletarshaya Street 57, Ap. 22 Krasnodar 424000


DOB: May 10th, 1977
Reported: 03/04/05

I talked to this girl for two months and she wrote me wonderfull emails. They were nothing like the vague and stupid emails I read on that scammer site. Her pictures were legitimate looking too, not like the seductive and professional looking pics on that site. She sent pictures with her family... I still don't want to believe it, but I can only be a fool for so long before reason takes over. She wrote me poetry, specific to me and us, and she answered all of my questions.

So YES, I bought her a visa, a plane ticket, and travelers checks ($1,900 worth not including about $300 in wire transfer fees) and then I was left at the airport with no Olga coming off the plane this past Tuesday. She finaly contacted me today and told me that she was stopped in customs with this family airloom icon thing that she was bringing and she had no papers for it. She said that the customs agents thought she was a smuggler and held her up and that she lost the tickets and everything and was in big trouble with more questions to answer at the police station tonight... I just notified her of what you have told me about the bogus address. I'm dying to hear what she will say next. I can't believe this... 


see report #1 about this scammer

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Letter 1 (11-20-04)


Hello,love I am really sorry if I might have disturbed you with my letter. I just saw your profile and I liked it that instant. And so I'm writing my letter to you and I feel myself happy. I dont know what I should tell you about myself in the first place because I make an aqcuaintance through Internet for the first time. Perhaps I will start with the simplest. My name is Olga. I was born on May 10th in 1977, so now I am 27.I live in the town of Krasnodar, Russia. I've got blue eyes and blonde hair. I have never been married and have no children but I want to have them, though. I work as a seller in a toy stall at the market. I give happiness to little kids, so to say (joking !!!) I am said to be very romantic and to have a rich imagination . So I try poetry and prose. I also love cooking and some other things. My free time depends on my mood, sometimes I like being alone or with my cat reading some book or listening to the music , sometimes in a gym or in a small caffee with my friends. But no matter how I feel, no matter what time of the year it is, I always love to be in the nature. Simetimes I think that when all is bad, just look at the sky, at the river, at the trees and I understand that life is beautiful and is not over. If you got interested in me, write on my mail Please know that I am here not for entertainment and you could be the one who I need and I could be the one who you need. One more thing... we wont have problemes in communicating each other because I know english pretty well. I'll be waiting for your letters. Sincerely. Olga


Letter 2 (12-27-04)


Hello Jim                                  


Kak dela? (it is russian for How are you). Jim a ten-storey thanks for your reply . I'm happy to find someone who got interested in me. You know I felt very gloomy today but when I saw you wrote me back it really elevated my spirits. Now I see the sun, I hear and admire songs of birds(joke)..You know my Dad used to call me her sunny doll and I didnt like this childish name. But now I really feel like sun giving My warmth to the people around me.


I want to tell you straight away that I live in Russia...But what difference does it make where are you from.!!!If you really love distance is no factor..Well who care about the distance if the heart is aching if we might have that chance for the brass ring, that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you will ...TOGETHER.  I am excited and titillated at the prospect of you and me together ... at the chance to have a life with a man that means more to me than life itself.I told you  I'm using the services of Internet not for entertainment. I want to find a man with whom I want to be compatiable, with whom I want to tie my destiny. But I havent met perfect love yet. I am 27 and I think that only 18 year old girls daydream about perfect love without any sorrow, tears. I think it is silly to look at life through red coloured glasses. What I need is to find a reliable person, to create a family. What I also need is when I could look into that man's eyes , I could always see us young and happy like in the time we first met...


So this is our first computer date...I feel myself so excited so

nervous as if we had really fixed a date and here you are waitng for me with a bunch of flowers...and me...feeling very confused...  It always happens at the first date...That is really the way I feel now, I repeat it is for the first time that I am trying this new way of finding my man and I advance very carefuly so as not to make a bad mistake and lose you.  It is true, believe me.  

So lets begin our detailed acquaintance if you dont mind of course...So I live in Krasnodar, a very picturesque town near the Azov sea. As i have already said I work in a toy stall at the market as an assistant. So I sell all kinds of toys ranging from mechanical to soft toys. I like this work, it is a great pleasure for me to see happy faces of children who receive toys. This week there was a very interesting case, A young couple came to our shop They were choosing very long  what to buy for their kid as a  present. mum wanted to buy a big soft toy, and daddy insisted on a gun which shoots plastic balls, They have asked me to help them choose,they were arguing in such a lovely manner that it seemed to me that they wanted to play with these toys, The most interesting thing is that they have bought both a toy and a gun and were going to buy a railway toy.  They seem to really love each other and their  little kid. It was so fun  


If you want to know why I can speak English so well it's my university years that helped me. I love English. Besides, nowadays it is very useful to know English as it became the most wide spread language on our planet. By the way, I graduated from Krasnodar State Academy of Labor and  Social Relations, Service Technology Faculty. I cherish the recollection of my  student time especially my teacher of english. She taught me everything she knew herself. I feel grateful to her. Now I try to read original english books to improve my English. With dictionary, of course. I think I make a big progress. By the way,   What do you think of my English..? Is it good..?


So Jim now it is your turn to share your life with me... write more about  yourself please. What is your favourite kind of music?  Which films do you prefer? You know I have so many questions that I even do not know how to start..I'm just eager to know everythingn about you.

So Let's begin with these..?!!! Ahhh I nearly forget about photos..Sure we should and must sent photos to each other..  Maybe we will become husband and wife...and I want to see my husband's face on advance..

So I am sending my pic..taken this autumn..The tree behind me is a Russian birch a symbolic tree of Russia..The old people say this tree is scared and it is honored..because it is thought that a birch fights away evil .. So Jim bye for now and remeber you have enlighted my heavy heart







Dear Jim


Imagine if we met by chance not knowing each other...if I were in your

city two months ago and by chance met you near the city centre,  I would ask you " do you speak English, You would say "yes". I would say " Excuse me I am from Russia.. I am lost.. I'm trying to find this Hotel," You think for a second... That Hotel is one mile down this street, turn left and it's on the right side". I would say " thank you." If nothing is said in split second we could be like ships in the night, You get on with your busy life and I would start walking to find my Hotel. The point is we are wrapped up in our busy lives.. Who has the time or chance to talk to many people, then when you do talk with some of your local women, who opens up about who they are, what they think  feel and what they want in a soul mate,? who opens up !!


                                   no one!!

But what would happen if we met now ...I would say - do you know about

some hotel around here, but I have only a little would say - i will tell you what, why don`t you come with me, you can sleep in our kitchen! it would happen like that, because I believe if we did meet, we both will not let the other one leave:!!


How long would it take to get know each other to this point in normal

dating ? Maybe one or two weeks but we already know much about each other and my feelings to you cannot be compared to any other man who I could have met...


Sure  It may take years so that the formula  Jim + Olga = Love may have

full grounds to exist...You know we are growing our feelings towards each other through rather an unusual way...through the computer.

And to say I love you is not the same as in person to person reality

because we cant see each other but the way you and I are desperately waiting for each other's letters, the anxiety and excitement with wich we are reading and rereading each and every line...isn't it stronger than just I love you..  I think it is... The words we say are we, they represent US and the way we think and feel. Our words describe the feelings that we cannot see. WE NEED TO KNOW SUCH THINGS

... WE need to know our feelings and why and how we feel them.  In one way, growing through this medium (the computer) is much more difficult to do than in person.  HERE, we are forced to paint a picture in words...and I hope I am doing very good..


Well I just firmly believe we are on the right path..  I firmly believe

you will never hurt me...I do not want to think bad about us..



Quite an optimistical approach...isn’t it..? Yes I am optimist and I

certainly prefer the company of positive people. I try and avoid negative people because I'm sure it's infectious: That's part of my philosophy of being content with my life so far, but still aspirating to make it even better. It's the quality of life that is important, to appreciate the present and look forward to the future and never dwell on the past. You should never say "I should have done this or that", instead " what should I do now!"  Also, I dont like to close in myself when something goes out of control. When I am in stress I need a reassuring word to chase away my bad mood. But I would not ever call people any names in anger, it is not my style, I do not like to shout or argue, if there is an argument that need to be settle, I rather like to discuss it amicably till an understanding is reached. I do not like to go to bed angry because, how could I say,“I love you Jim ” and give you a kiss before going to sleep if I’m upset? But things do happen in our life when everything gets out of control, falls off your hands and you really feel nervous and at that point your soul mate's reassuring words are needed to chase away stress and anger. But there are families (I am a witness) when sweethearts quarrel just because of some misfortune at work or gloomy spirits. I also understand such

situations...,   Jim not all people can control themselves and restrain

their emotions. And in case the wrong word is said, what I appreciate is when this person has courage to be the first to come and beg pardon. Your words can be amended and the major is always in hearts. If love is

real, sincere and pure between two sweethearts they will understand, that is what is important... to be able to excuse..


I hear many western women are not like this.. they do not want to lag

behind their husbands and also want to have their own life with friends, with parties and so on and subsequently pay less attention to family.  Is it right? In Russia the situation is quite the contrary... A Russian woman is always regarded as the Keeper of home fire thart is she must see to it that all the clothes are washed, the meal is ready, the house is clean. And I think it is right. Still in Russian families husbands often abuse their position and affords too much..  They are not honest..they are not reliable..and this is what I value in men. A man must be able to commit actions and he should be responsible for what he is doing. A man must be a man. And I like to feel myself a woman. I like it when a man gives you a hand when you are getting off a vehicle, when he helps you put on your coat.  That is my point of view. Do you want to argue ?




    Jim I  have some rhymes for you.




I'll buy you a diamond ring, my friend,

If it makes you feel all right.

I'll get you anything, my friend,

If it makes you feel all right.

I'll give you all I've got to give

If you say you love me, too.

I may not have a lot to give,

But what I've got I'll give to you,

For I don't care too much for money,

For money can't buy me love.


Do you know who wrote this poem? They are John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  It is just so nice when you have somebody to  send such poems to, to talk to, to share my life with and to dream about...


      Jim in the room full of people I will find you...


                                        Your blonde hair girl





Dear Jim


Well you must remember President Reagan. You may ask why should I be

writing you about this , well without him and what his friend and our former president Mikhail Gorbachev did, we would never have had a chance to meet. They ended the cold war and sent Russia on a new path.

President Reagan asked Mr. Gorbachev to take down the Berlin wall, the

rest is History.  No one had any idea the USSR would do this or no ? Millions of people in Eastern Europe are now free.. The band Pink Floyd did a free concert in Berlin with the real wall in the back ground as it was coming down, but the wall they built as they played was the wall we all have within our minds, they knocked the wall down at the end of the concert to big cheers from the crowd , but the real meaning of that wall falling, was to bring down the one's wall in our minds. East & West can now live free, if they choose they can open up your minds to all the things one can be, don't just dream about it, do It. Is your mind free, just to dream about about life with me ? My mind is free and I see future for us..


Jim  you know, a lot of people are talking about a destiny, but they do

not understand, that it is not determined  for us, it is determined by us! one person told me,  - it is like a train, running on railroad. Most of the time we can not change the direction, but if we are smart, we can use a rail switch at crossroads to get where we want to be.

Jim  you know, how my destiny works? I make my destiny by deciding on

it, and then never giving up, until its accomplished. Nothing is impossible, only some things take a little longer.  I believe that you and me is not a tale..but from the other hand we still do not know how it is to live life without us. Little by little, we have become closer with each letter and have begun to bond with one another.  But it is no where near what it will be like when we are together..  Right now there is a need for you to be in my life ...and I hope you have the same

need as well, and that is what our letters satisfy. Remember, a

relationship is three dimensional ....we only have one dimension for now but the great secret is,that you can even go from third dimension

to another,leaving all physical behind,or at least most of it. i never

did it, at least i do not remember, but i know it is possible.


Let me tell you about my coomon day..Well before our acquaintance my

common day was like this... I woke up in the morning I said Good morning to my  parents and did the stuff which most reople do in the mornings, i. e. cleaning  teeth, washing face etc. Then I switched on my favourite music ("Cranberries" for sure) Then I made myself some Capuchino. Then I went to work ( I usually took trolleybus #5 to her work) At work I saw a lot of families with  kids who bought some toys. Sure, I willingly helped them with choice as it was my job. My working day was over at 6pm. After work I took a cup of coffee with my colleagues and then I went home or to a gym. At home I spent some time with my parents..cooked some meal in case it was not ready..  Then

I could read some book or watch the box..But now the situation is

almost the same about my daily routine but with one big exception.Now I do all my chores million times more enthuasistically and fervently. At work I am ready to abolish all prices so that kids could be ever happy..But such jokes with law are not possible I am afraid.  Jim my days are giving pleasure to me. It's all because I'm thinking about you when I'm at home, in a trolleybus, at work... I am thinking about you all the time..and in the evenings and even sometimes at night I go the Cyber cafe to receive your long waited letters and write mine in return..   


This is what I have been thinking yesterday lying on the sofa listening to Cranberries's best song Animal Instinct..  I understood that I am the luckiest woman on planet..   you know how to open your heart,and let me look inside without being afraid,and i see it is so clear and warm there, like a forest meadow in the mountains, when the first sunrays touch the grass...


Thank you for are an angel


That is about what I was thinking about yesterday lying on the sofa and

listening to Cranberries' best song Animal Instinct..It's a pity that my flow of thoughts was interrupted by my father who rushed into the room with shouts, " Olga, come to the living room The football is on!!!" You know it's impossible to tear my Daddy from the TV box My

Dad likes football and he is a confirmed supporter of Russia football

team. I am not so much of a football fan but I can't but know something about it as my Dad often says "Ugh, they lost again", or "At last, they

have won".  But he says "Ugh, they lost again" more often than "At last

, they won". And at that point I love telling something bad about our team like " Dad, why are you watching this game. They will lose anyway" Sure, my Dad gets angry and says" Please, don’t tell anything about  what you have no idea" And for the rest of the game Dad keeps silent. You know I and my Mom got used to that. Whenever there is a football on, we give the TV remote control unit to him without any  altercation. You know my Mom even keeps his company in watching a game...  she also supports My Dad's favourite football team..  She does it not because she is keen on Football but because her husband likes it..  It has happened since the wedding of my parents..They always support each other and I only can wish that such love would occur on our path with you...


Dear  Jim  now I have all grounds to say that I need you in my life...we say such words several times if it is clear that we found each other in between 6,215,000,000 other people, living on earth not just for anything..but for US.

Yes  we found each other for US.. and to feel this way is the best

reward for me...  Ah I nearly full name is Zagainova Olga...Or Smith Olga..!:) ???



                                              Your blonde hair girl

                                                     O l g a


01-29-05  Money for Visa


Dear Jim


I remember reading about people in the prison, who were there for long

years,and the only way of communication was to learn and use the

alphabet of knocks. they never saw each other,but they knew every

detail of every man`s life...our situation is similar..We also have a

wall between us but we are not prisoners..we can easily overcome the

wall..and what we have to do is to wait for our day..I will say more

it is probably easier to qualify the right person in letters because

at an intuitive level we can feel the others true heart and soul and

not be burdened filtering through the trappings of society and our

other senses. Your personality and heart are very clear to me in your




So now it is time for home truth.. You said I never played your

game...So I think it is time for me to tell you about my negatives..

Sure this step may sound absurd to you but I am not perfect and can

have my own oddities my not always positive sides.. you are the first

to whom I can devulge the meaning..If we were sitting near I wouldnt

dare to open the veil..but writing is different I think You know I

have always wanted to be saved , I even wrote a story about my vision

of the world....sure it was shrouded with a veil of mystery..


So i will type it here for you to know...


Once upon a time there lived a beatiful princess who knew no sorrow no

evil... Still she was not happy because her overcharming beaty was

fading all away in deadly loneliness she didn't have anyone to whom

she could give her heart. But on a nice heather day she met him, a

galant young warrior on a white swift horse. The image of that warrior

penetrated deep inside her soul and she set her heart on him...The

autumn sun was shining upon them kissing each other passionately

beside a purple waterfall and life was seeming beautiful... But at

nightfall the warrior turned into an ugly bloodthirsty sorcerer, his

horse turned into a poisonous snake. The princess fainted. When she

came to herself she found herself chained to the cold castle wall. The

sorcerer was standing nearby. He said'Be mine and we will rule this

stupid world together,me and you, my dark queen' But the princess

replied'NO. I cant live without this world, without its green woods,

without its fresh rivers. I'd rather perish than give my soul to YOU.

I was wrong about you but I believe the day will come when a knight of

light will defeat you and free me..." The sorcerer hollered "If it is

your last word, be cursed forever" After these words the sorcerer

vanished.And the princess was bewitched in a lonely castle waiting for




You see Jim the image of a lonely castle, the image of locked doors

became my idea fix..Well I am loving..If somebody grasps my heart I am

ready to bury my heart so that nobody else would be able to hit it.

Then I am a bit afraid to make a decision..I need an urge..Though I

may be sure that this step will be right, the idea of lonely castle

makes me pause and wait for the path to clear itself..You may think me

weird but this is my secret psychology.. Sure this could be the reason

of my Lonely Castle...because I have always awaited the prince who

will make a decision for me.. The prince appeared is you and I

think I need a kind of manipulation from your side...


You can rescue me by being here for me. You can be there when I am

hurt, be there when I fall, be there to remind me that the world is

not my dungeon.


Ok let's change the subject of our conversation.,Well I found out the

information both about the travel agency and about the Visa..For the

beginning I will come to you as a tourist.. And the most important

thing for me is to get to you. Once I am with you , we can then decide

what to do and how to do it. Actually, there is really ONLY ONE REASON

I will come to you and that is for us to be together ...We have no

right to risk... Jim the travel bureau will rid me of the necessity of

going to Moscow because I will come to you as a tourist and if I am a

tourist the travel agency is responsible for me..


Now what the travel bureau told me..Jim the most reliable travel

company of Krasnodar is "Rassvet" (sunrise in English).The

headquarters of this firm are located in Moscow and I deal with its

affiliate. The company is really reliable at least people say so. And

really I liked the service..A tour operator was very welcome and he

was very particular and understandable in describing to me all the

details of this procedure..They need the foreign

passport, my medical insurance list, photos for visa and I will have

to fill in some forms.. You know Jim there was some funny incident..The moment he began to give me his explanation I began to rummage in my handbag and couldnt find my note book very long. I even got red from confuse when I was rummaging in my much I wanted to write down every detail.. The operator told me as soon as all documents will be submitted they will be referred to Moscow Ambassy for the examination.Then within a fortnight I am to receive my Visa.. In this case I will chose the best tourist route to your country.. In this case I will have to pay for the tour..the price includes hotel accomodation, avia tickets and other services I will supposedly have. But then I told them that I have a friend in USA who will take care of me.. I said that I dont want to pay an enormous lot of money for hotels, bus tours and other tourist stuff. I said I will be met at the airport by my friend and I ONLY NEED air transportation ..The tour operator said it is Ok He explained that a tourist visa allows the applicant to come twice a year..The term of stay will be decided at the airport.. To strenghten my chances you need to write to me a letter of invitation.. So Jim you have a most important task..Please include in the letter of invitation your request about my stay for a month or more and remember to mention about my Russian rootes so that the Ambassady believed I would return..the letter of invitation will furnish me with a great percent of success to come to you..and you should give in it the following points.. Please do include for how long you want me to stay with you..but within reasonable limits of course..


Here is the example of a letter of Invitation


 In the beginning above give your adress, your full name, email


Then the know the form of the text may be free but I compiled

the following




American Ambassy                                                   RE:

Letter of Invitation for

Moscow, Russia                                                        

Olga Zagainova


Proslavskaya Street57, ap 22


Krasnodar 350000


Krasnodarskiy Kray





To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is to invite Olga Zagainova to come to the USA and be my

guest. I will be her sponsor and host… and as such, I will be completely responsible for her housing, food,transportation, care, welfare and any support she will need while here with me.




The purpose of the trip is to visit and see . The length of her stay

will be about than 60 days.  She is welcome as my guest for however long she wishes to stay. Miss Zagainova understands, speaks, reads and writes English reasonably



Olga Zagainova has no desire to immigrate to the USA .  She has strong

ties to her home and country as evidenced by her family roots.  She has extensive family in Russia.  She can document all the facts as stated.


I will be glad to supply any documentation or offer any guarantees

necessary to insure her return and to facilitate her being issued a visa.  Upon inspection, I am certain you will find the circumstances as stated being factual.  Given that, I hope you will give favorable consideration to this request and grant Miss Zagainova the visa.


Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Very truly yours,

(give your name here)


Jim you can send the invitation by post but it will be very long I am

afraid.. Send it through the Internet on my mail box..OK. if something

is not clear I will find out and let you know.ok?


Ok now the poignant side of the question.....First of all the Visa

will be done within two weeks.. Now I have all the documents at the

ready...But for one point. ..The agency wont start seeking tickets for

me until I have paid for the Visa.. Jim to start the process my

expences will take about 400 Dollars. Jim it is really disgusting for

me to ask you for money but I will not be able to afford such sums..I

know that you say you will help me Yet I feel somewhat out of

place..  Well I have no other choice..OK.


 The Visa cost 100 dollars

 The Consulate fee 170 dollars

 The agency refund 70 dollars

 The medical insurance for six month 76 dollars

 I am  afraid I will need help financially...


Jim I know about your feelings and be sure that these feelings are

reciprocical.. But I think anyone who pays attention to life in Russia

and has interest in a woman there knows that this is a fact. I feel

very good about you and about us but I also know that you are afraid..

PLEASE UNDERSTAND of the reasons why I have not told you of

these things before is MY NOT KNOWING how you will react to any or all

of this. I do not fully know YOUR CHARACTER as yet ... I am unsure of

what I think I know. I am also scared of losing you as silly as this

may sound, especially so soon. I do not want to lose you . I know we

are talking seriously about our meeting. I know it will be expensive

and perhaps you also know it.. I wont be able to pay for all that

alone..  It is too much. I might even sense your negative attitude but I have no other way out.. So what do you think..? without your help I

will not be able to cover all the expenses..


Jim believe me it is very disgusting for me to dampen our love with

this mathematics.. but I have no other choice..


ooof I have been writing to you good three hours finfers need

some well as me..I hope you are not offended...



                   I will be waiting for your reply....Your Olga




Dear Jim


Now you will read the bad English because I have no other words to

express my malcontent to the Cyber cafe services..


Jim, I am really sorry for my delay.. But it is not my fault, believe me.. When I came to that bloody cafe the day before yesterday those creeps told me that their system got a virus..  And they needed a couple of days for the repair work.. But I didn’t even thought that those assholes would be setting up the system for three days.. Gosh!! They really screwed me up.. I nearly took that bananas manager apart but he explained.. "One of the biggest problems an Internet Cafe has is that the people using the computers there surf into places they probably should not go to.  They pick up all kinds of viruses and clog up the systems with unnecessary downloads. The end result is that the computers go very slow or in some cases, become unusable.  It then becomes a serious situation because they only have a few systems....I hope you can understand...”


I told No I cant understand because my letter are being awaited in the

Far end of the Globe..  but I was not capable of doing something..  So Jim excuse for my bad language but I am really angry. So you see I am not perfect.. I can curse and very hard...But I do this because I love.. I am a woman who wants to be happy with you and who wants you to be happy with me..


Well today they settled the system and I am able to write you.. Really

I have a lot to tell you.. well first of all thank you for your letter

of invitation..  I made all necessary amendments and printed it out..

Then your money...well it is for the first time for me too to make such

a big stride in our future that is why I asked you for financial help..  Jim you know in all we can do together the subject of money is

unimportant ...When we are together who is going to count it..? I

believe we both will have far more important things to my

kisses and hugs !:) Yet money is one of the formalities that needs to

be taken into account..  So how can you transfer the money...? Well

mailing the sum is dangerous..  As for paying to the company.. well the

agency is dealing with me directly and all the payments they should

receive from me..So Jim you mentioned Western Union.. Why do you think

Krasnodar has no Western Union..? It has..  Jim you have my data so

through Western Union it  will come to me safely in the twinkle of an

eye..  I think you will need the address of   the bank....Well Alfa Bank is just OK..  It is in Krasnaya street It is not far from my block of flat..




  Here is the address...



  KRASNODAR ,   350000


Ah my address once again for the security's sake


Olga Zagainova

Proslavskaya Street57,ap.22

Krasnodar 350000

Krasnodarskiy Kray



Jim I can tell you that my parents are all informed about all my

moves..Jim my parents are just shining from inside..  My Dad is already calling me an American lady.. for a joke of course..  Yestrday, I had a talk with my parents..  So we gathered in the living room over a bottle of wine and just couldn’t believe that this is possible.. My mother is really luminous now...Jim my parents are very happy for US... You know what they told me...

  "Olga, we are old already and we have seen happiness in our life. We

gave birth to you, our treasure.  And what we need most of all is for you to be happy.”


  You are now 27 and it is about time you thought about your future.

  Jim is a good person.. It is your chance to live happily and with

  love.. We saw enough of this life and we lived it with dignity. Now                 it is your turn. You destiny is in your hands.. What we want is to know

  that you are happy and safe"


Jim, Mrs. Smith is looking forward to seeing her Mr Smith !:)


 Jim once again I say I am sorry for money.. I will pay you back in

  kisses. You will like that. Oh and hugs too.




 WE breathe the same air but I can't feel feel you breathings.

 THE same sun warms both our bodies but I can't feel your body heat.

 THE stars shine down on us both but we can only look up and dream of

 the day when we see them together.

 THE rain comes down on both our bodies it gives us water we need to

drink each day, but we can only think as we drink that one day we be able DRINK out of the same glass together.


 MY hair blows free in the wind, but you can't run my fingers through



 OUR eyes look with pleasure at each others photo's, but in time our

 eyes will shine with pleasure when we see each other for real.


 Will we see our lips as the start to our wonderful romantic pleasures,

 we both will have wait to feel the passion when they touch for real.



The Internet brought us together, will it bring US together for real ?

 Jim we breathe as one.

 Could you Feel our hearts beating as one.

 COULD our DREAM come true as we look at the stars.

 COULD we bathe in the waters of love as our DEVOTION deepens.

 Please tell me you feel the same.  Pull my body towards yours,

       Jim could 2005 year be ours after all ???!!!!


....till tomorrow

 Your blonde hair girl


02-09-05 Olga Gets Erotic


Dear Sunshine

Just imagine... When I came to the Cyber cafe today, I found its doors

Closed Something went wrong there with computers and they needed some break to fix them. This 20 minutes lasted for me forever... Really, when you know that somebody is waiting for you and you cant get to him due to some delay and you have to wait patiently, you really begin to hate patience and waiting. I was sure that there your letter for me and now that I have got to the computer at last and found there your letter I sighed with relief ...Oooofff!!!


Jim  my mind is overfilled with the thoughts about you and about US.. My Imagination plays all kinds of pictures when we are together.. you know I see everything so glamorized like in a tale ..I believe we both feel like in a tale.. All this points to our bright multicolor minds..

Jim when i was a kid. we lived in our old house and the ceiling had

many stains from old water leaks. one day my mama was with me in the bed and i started to show her all those animals and things i was seing there, created in my fantasy from the water stains. she kept looking, but can not follow me, but was so impressed by my imagination


Now you will also get blown away by my imagination.. Did I ever tell you that I am good at massaging..?  Jim let me massage your body...I think after my massage you will be passing your nights also on a water matrass !:)


...We had just finished our showers when I asked if your legs needed a

massage.. Your eyes said "yes" I ask you to pick out the cream while I

go down stairs to put some music on. I shall put on Enya, she's an

Irish lady with a very interest sound. When I started to come back upstairs all is dark and my mind knows tonight is going to be very special, for one thing the room is lit only by candle lights, ( we are both romantics)the light seems to be dancing to the music, can you picture it ? As I look towards I think you might be in the candle light, I can just about make out your outline of your body lying face down on the bed. Now I think the difference between a relaxing massage and romantic sensuous massage "Is a towel covering your bottom, No... As my eyes became used to the low light, I got the feeling the naked light was dancing all over your strong body. I must have stood there for moment or so watching the candlelight ebb and flow to the sounds of the music.  After finding the cream, I warm it in my hands before I start, first you feet and toes, now this little piggy went to school, this one went to the market, and this one ran all the way home, can you

feel your toes, does it feel good ? then I work on your ankles, next I

slowly massage your legs, I keep both hands on your white skin, do you like a little more pressure? While I ask I slowly work up to your thighs, did I hear a moan as my fingers worked away?  How does your legs now ? Now I'm doing your back, my hands glide all over, my fingers work from the bass of you spine all the way up to your neck, now your shoulders to your neck, can you feel the stress going away? did I hear you say something" ? .. then you  turn over and sit up with a big smile on your face, you pull me towards you, our naked bodies touch, can you feel my nipples rubbing on your chest as lips lock in a very passionate kiss ?


Wow. did you like my massage....Is it better now, my kitten?  Do you

like my thoughts so far, do I sense a smile on your face,  My thoughts say this would be another romantic evening, could this be in our future?


Jimmy to crown the letter (I think I really need to take a cool off

after my massage because my fingers are sticky with sweat ) I would like to send you the image of my favorite outfit.. a white top, a nice pair of jeans sexy belly,  Hope you will enjoy it..

Jim our time is coming ...Next week I am to receive my Visa and

....massages, massages, massages... a lot of them !:)


I hope that you will be my friend, lover, and life partner.


I love you




My Dearest Jim


How are you? I am “ok” I hope that you are doing well? I do really care

about how you are; I’m not just typing these words out for the hell of it. If you knew how badly I typed you’d know what I mean, my boss calls it “look and peck” I have to look at the keyboard and then I peck like a chicken at the keys… funny huh?


Yet there are some things that you should know about me that maybe you

don’t know from our letters… I have been trying to tell you this for the longest time, but have not built up the courage to do so.  You

promise you won't be mad at me ?? PLEASE!  I am not really a human at

all. I come from the planet Jimolga!  The pictures I have been sending you are pictures of a poor soul that met her fate through me. She was probed and tortured in a very polite way.  It was a must for our kind to do this because our race is becoming extinct.  It is very important for us to crossbreed with humans and we have to determine who fits our mold the best for suitable gene splicing.  When you wrote to me for the first time, I could not resist.  If we had a race of Jimolgans and that looked like us, there would never be any more wars.  Our enemies would only want there to be love throughout our galaxies.  Your face spread out throughout the universe would scream for peace and love.


I’m just kidding you !!!!! you sounded so excited in your last letter

that I just wanted to try to make you to smile!!!  I know that what we are doing is a very serious thing, I mean our meeting, but one thing is that I will always try to make you smile…make you happy… make you feel safe… make you feel Loved!!!


Jim I asked the travel agency about the price..  You know the point is

that they will start picking the route for me only after I have obtained my Visa..  They do it for securtiy sake.. Still I asked them how much it is going to cost approximitely..  well they said it depends on many things..on air line, on the class of a flight..  but I think 1500 dollars will be enough..  But Jim I am afraid your purchasing tickets for me will be of no help..  Let me explain..  as they told me..  They make my Visa..  Once it is done they will book tickets for me...  Jim I am their client not you..  They deal with me directly..  and that is me who receives Visa and buy tickets..They do not receive funds from a secondary face and thisface is you in this case..You know they are not interested why I am flying..They just make a tourist Visa for me..It is their busineess Jim and they make money out of it..I am soory Jim but if I refuse to buy a ticket it may result in quite unfavorable things..I hope you understand me...




Ok now a little surprise for you...You ask me about my other interests...Here it goes...Have you ever received messages from someone's heart? No? Try mine, then...


In true life or maybe in a dream,

On the road that winds like moonlight gleam

Stillness tries to be revived.

How are you, the Land of Light?


On the horseback to your home I'll go

Knocking down at your shining door.

I will lure you to fly with me

To a place, where glitters sea,

Where my castle stands alone,

Where the love lives on her own.


Heart of yours is made of ice.

But no matter how high is price

I will bring your fortress down.

And will hear my silver town

That the victory is won,

That my troubles all have gone.


Ice of heart melts all away.

Just believe in what I say,

"When a star is lit for you

And the sky is always blue,

I will take you to my home

Between golden sun and moon..."


Here it is. Rather humble, but sincere. Do you remember I mentioned

trying poetry..  Up to this moment I tried poetry in Russian only and I wouldnt say my verses are brilliant. My friends praised them, though, but I think they did it only to be tactful. And here is my first english endeavor. Tell me honestly, do you like it? I dedicated this verse to you. I've put into it all my soul. Maybe the result is a bit garbled Even so, this verse came from my heart. You know I didnt have to think so hard about the rhymes. They formed in my head themselves as if they had been waiting for the right moment when I would try writing a verse. So the inspiration found me itself because my heart was open and it was opened... by you. But there is one small problem...  the title of the poem is missing. Can I ask you to give a title to my my poem? Sure you may not do that but still...I ask you to. Do yuo ofen try poetry ? I am sure every person at least once in his or her life tried to compose a verse. A share of romantic is hidden in each of us.

People devote their masterpieces to nature, to stars to their beloveds.

Verses enrich our life, dont you think so?

Long ago when my parents were dating, my father also tried verses to

captivate my Mom's heart. But I got to say my father was far from being a poet. My mom gave me his poems to read(she still keeps them) and it was very amusing to read these ackward lines with rhymes hardly fitting each other. Still there was a certain charm in his poems because the

pure loving heart was deposited into them. They form may look ugly but

the major is always hidden behind lines, do you agree?


Jim we are just a step away from our happiness..  I also am dying to hear your voice for the first time, to look at your eyes to taste your lips..Well I am waiting for Thursday to come.. and then just buy a ticket and fly to you....


Now I need to go..Till next time


Ps  one more thing to say... my heart just hurts very much for many

reasons. First and foremost is that I am not there with you when I need you very badly. Second is that I need someone to talk with, to share my life and what goes on every day. Third is know your thoughts to what I say and feel I feel them and as you tell me YOUR thoughts

FOURTH is to have someone always be there to come home to ...


                            When a star is lit for you

                           And the sky is always blue,

                          I will take you to my home

                         Between golden sun and moon...


                                  I LOVE YOU...Olga



02-17-05 Money for Tickets


My dearest love,


I do love you so much!!!!!!!!! We have come to a final step...  Everything is Visa and what is more important ..we are READY..Jim now I am feeling like you.. I can be telling you lots of

things about you and me...But waht I want now is to come to you as

soon as possible.. We will have a lot of time to talk about our

feelings about everything...  Well closer to the point.. Today I have spent at the agency good two hours..  Look what I chose for us..So I am going to book on a flight on Tuesday,,so I will depart to Moscow on Sunday spend in Moscow one night and on tuesday my plane will take off..  Now the details..So I take off on Tuesday 22 at 7.09 am through the Swiss airline.. I will depart form Domodedovo Airport..Then I will change planes in the capital of Switzerland ( I do not remember its spelling in English )..Form that place I will fly to Dallas.. I will also change planes there and at last !!!! will head to Houston  George Bush Intercont Airport.. Note please the time of my arrival 17:18 pm

Tuesday 22..  We are in different time zones.. Russia is a bit ahead..  So it will be the evening time at you apparently..  Now the number of flight LX3034 ..In all I will be flying for 19 hours..  The price of the flight is 849 dollars plus airport refund..  The agency told me it is usually about 50 dollars...


So this is the information..  If we do as planned I will make a payment

tommorrow so that nothing could prevent us..  I will safely and calmaly

go to Moscow on Sunday and on Tuesday I will fly to you.. I am sorry for such a rigid letter ...I am just all excited ..besides we have little time ..We need to hasten...


Jim  as soon as I pay I will write you a most beautiful letter..

Jim I love you...LET'S MAKE IT !!!!!



02-24-05 Flight Information


Dear Jim


Airline British Airways         Flight: BA875

Departure:    28 February, 20:45,   Domodedovo Msc

Arrival:       28 February, 22:09,   Heathrow


City of change: London

The stop will last 8 hours


Airline:   British Airways         Flight: BA295

Departure:    01 March, 09:14,   Heathrow

Arrival:       01 March, 16:15,   George Bush Intercont


Overall time:   28 h. 30 min


Jim this is the itineary of the flight.. of my flight..  On the first

day of spring you will see my smile that will destroy the rainstorm...


Jim because I love you, I wrote this bit of prose, it has a secret



Onward we shall sail this love

Love forever so sincere

Gaining momentum along the way

Always hand in hand

Let all the world fade away

Of us they will write a book about the

Vision of romance forever here to stay

Ever more I will love you dear

So let me come into your arms

Joy will  find us

Ice of clouds will fall off the sky

Magically  we will share this love



Well if you read the first letter of each line downward, you will see

the secret.


                                              I love you...Olga



Dear Jim


I am in Krasnodar...  Let me explain why I haven’t flied up to you...

Jim O am so stupid..


Well from the very beginning..  Well my Mom wanted to make a surprise to you,,,  She asked me to transport with me our hereditary is

very old and my Mom believes it will bring US luck..  But it is because

of this very icon that the customs officers didnt let me in..  They

thought me to be a smuggler ..I told them I am not but sadly I had no

order for that icon..Well I am so stupid...

Now the icon is in the police station and I am to be interrogated at 8

o'clock..Jim I am sorry..  Please forgive me if you can..  You apparently is thinking me to fool you..No it is not so..I am really in the world of shit.. I lost everything..the tickets good mood and I dread to Or I am mistaken.. please tell me that I am mistaken.. So I need to go to that fucking police station..  I am so afraid,,  I will tell you about the results tomorrow

Please forgive me...


I love you

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